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Claig David Am Walking Away lyrics

Browse for Claig David Am Walking Away song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Claig David Am Walking Away lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Claig David Am Walking Away.

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Craig David lyricsCraig David - Walking away... lyrics

m walking away from the troubles in my life I'm walking away oh to find a better day I'm walking away from the troubles in my life I'm walking away oh to find a better day I'm walking away sometimes some people get me wrong when it's something I've said or done

Craig David lyricsCraig David - Walking away (italian version) feat. nek lyrics

at the door, but knows i want you girl to stay, but we both knows i gots to walk away we’ve been here so many times before can’t take the arguments no more so many night just get a little night away so I’m walking away from the troubles in my life I’m walking away oh

Craig David lyricsCraig David - Walking away (italian version) feat. nek lyrics

at the door, but knows i want you girl to stay, but we both knows i gots to walk away we’ve been here so many times before can’t take the arguments no more so many night just get a little night away so I’m walking away from the troubles in my life I’m walki

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Walking away lyrics

I make you laugh and tell you things You start thinking this is more than what it really is You're beginning to dream and maybe someday You could be the angel that could make me change But all I see is a storm that you'll get lost in Cause if it feels t

She Wants Revenge - Walking away lyrics

feel her slipping away, I've done the best that I can There's nothing more left to say when it's over. I call her friend for advice, she says, "I'm sorry," I ask what she means, She says she told her we broke up. Why am I the last to know my

Amy Grant - Walking away with you lyrics

calls me to the darkness. He tries to put some hardness In my heart, Pulling us apart. He tells me that he needs me, But lies are all he feeds Into my life, Day and night. When I'm losing my sense of direction, And I'm needing some strength and prote

Monrose - Walking away lyrics

I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life I'm walking away, oh to find a better day I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life I'm walking away, oh to find a better day I'm walking away Sometimes some people get me wrong, when it's something I've said

American Authors - Walking away lyrics

walking through fire That used to burn higher It's getting hard to feed this flame A year's worth of heartache A radio mistake I don't want to feel this way again I'm stuck in my head I'm running in circles Heaven's not as close as we both thought I

Sick Puppies - Walking away lyrics

mean everything to me, don't you know? You're the thing that brought me back to life I put you on a pedestal You said I do, I said you will Now tell me do you wanna Keep any of this alive? (Alive?) Didn't I didn't I love you? Wasn't I good enough for you?

Ian Van Dahl - Walking away lyrics

sleepless night I open up my eyes I found the reason why I feel the time has come To make it on my own I'm heading for the sun I'm walking away To find a brighter day I'm walking away No reason left to stay I'm walking away [x4] I still feel safe and sound But

Lifehouse - Walking away lyrics

sun goes down as the city lights Pave their way through the darkest night. Rain drops fall as an old man cries, Never thought to ever think twice. Of all he had, of all he lost, A selfish life I guess comes with the cost. Hey remember me, I remember you walking away

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Walking away lyrics

Away down in a hole there are so many ways to find yourself some light it' always the miracles keep waiting all you like ain't got no time to waste i know the end is near and if i run away i'll always end up here... walking away from th

Smile Empty Soul - Walking away lyrics

another lonely, Just another lonely day You don't even know me anymore, And I don't even know what to say This is getting so old, This is getting so hard to take Imagine that we used to be so close, But now that seems so far away Breaking out from the inside Breathing air fro

Phantom Blue - Walking away lyrics

t know where I've been Or what I had to gain Sometimes I wonder Was I to blame? Four walls surround me In a world that seems so cold Still I keep trying To get my story told I can't wait no longer It's time I move along I've waited so long Why keep hanging on? (C

Jonny Lang - Walking away lyrics

can cry But don't cry for me I can't take it no more That's the way it must be You can't lie You're way back in Back into my heart I won't let it be broken again I took a tumble I started to stumble That's when I fell Into a love A thought

Sibel - Walking away lyrics

through the crowd i didnt think of the night hit me by surprised no way to deny down im broken into the open memories of beauty like a strange in my heart i have to rearrange to get out of the dark waited to long i gotta move on without you im walking way from pa

Brother Ali - Walking away lyrics

Intro:] I'll go ahead and wager that you never listen to another song of mine I can't say I blame you either 'Cause if you made records you ain't gonna catch me listening to that shit But if you do I just want you to know, I didn't make this to hur

Kix - Walking away lyrics

sit and watch her pass my window Every morning And then I think and wonder why I'm alone again When I go out in the evening To the night clubs And I get my head just right I need a come on for her heart I need a come on in the dark I need a come

Lovex - Walking away lyrics

mistakes can´t be unmade Bad ways can´t be replaced Now I know that it is hard to believe but the one who takes the bullet is really me yeah the river´s running dry and I know that the moment´s arrived I´m Walking away I´m leaving but I need you

Journey - Walking away from the edge lyrics

the sun come up Like I've never seen it before I've been gone for a long time There's no place to hide anymore I feel the light on my face Touchin' me down to my soul Waking up from a bad dream Something I had to let go Can't blame anyone For all of the damage I've done I had

Kerli - Walking on air lyrics

s a little creepy house In a little creepy place Little creepy town In a little creepy world Little creepy girl With her little creepy face Saying funny things that u have never heard Do you know what it's all about Are you brave enough to

Barque Of Dante - Walking alone lyrics

am walking And watching All the people surrounding me But I’m walking Alone I am walking And looking At the people passing by But I’m walking Alone Alone I walk but your spirit is with me Though I am bound to this earth I am free Alone I walk through th

Jackie Boyz - I'm sorry but i'm walking away.. lyrics

don't really gotta tell me he's gone Cause I been waiting here for so long Tell me baby where your going Where we're going to be baby Can't stand to see you like this How could you be so heartless Now I think it's time to make a change Said I'm never gonna chan

New Volume - Wasting away lyrics

the key out the door and lock me away for hours and hours Watch the years passing by, remind me I’m not getting younger, I tower I was only 17 now I feel more 63 I am just wasting away, I’m growing tired of being afraid I don’t want you to know where I’ve been, now

Flying Colors - Better than walking away lyrics

learn to lead from your father But you blamed yourself when he walked off You hold your child like the last one But then you find yourself trying to stay gone Rage is a game for the lonely Love is the mercy we need It's better than walking away It's better than walking awa

A Camp - Walking the cow lyrics

to remember, but my feelings can’t know for sure Try to reach out, but it’s gone Lucky stars in your eyes I’m walking the cow I really don’t know how I came here I really don’t know why I’m staying here Oh oh oh oh... I am walking the cow Try to

Alan Jackson - As she's walking away lyrics

She's Walking Away We never spoke a word But every thought she had I heard From across the room We were standing face to face I couldn't find the words to say Gimme one more move I don't even know her name I guess foolish pride's to blame

In Fear And Faith - No chance (of walking away without a scratch).. lyrics

I am Above the world Sitting here waiting for nothing I'm on my way No day to lose, I can see Everything from you Around the light, Stars shine so bright And now they end, In one last breath Bite my lip, And close my eyes Save me, I'm

In Fear And Faith - No chance of walking away without a scratch lyrics

all can't be innocent. So please don't make me tell you again. Changing the rules, just so you can win. Fool me once, it won't happen again. I called you my own, my better half. I've been betrayed Now there's no chance to save our past. I now know As hard as may, t

My Own Story - Away from you lyrics

s get ready for the board I don't wanna have support I don't need anybody Why you break down everyone I don't wanna spend more time I don't need anybody I'm ready I can take I am flying away Flying away from you And now I want erase these days I am flying away Flying away

Gummy - The person walking away (저기 가는 사람) lyrics

me Help me jebal nae taesheene magajweoyo nareul chagapge peoreen chae kaneun jeo saram jeegeum naege kkok teryeowa jweoyo Help Me Help Me jebal nareul mollado teureojweoyo jeogee jeo saram eopseumyeon mot saneun seulp'eun nae yaegeel teureoyo paran keon hanado eopseottjyo keuj

Deine Lakaien - Away lyrics

groaning on the floor slight clicking out the light gentle squeaking of the door i am off in the night away away nothing's left to say i am far away kicking empty cans just around the corner maybe you look on me as a lonesome mourner whil

Scooter lyricsScooter - David doesn't eat lyrics

you all ready now Prepare for the ride Dropping on the bass now And do it all night Gotta get down, gotta get a move on You gotta get down, gonna turn you on You gotta get down, gonna feel the heat Keep em high - David doesn't eat! I'm walking the path, I step

Passenger lyricsPassenger - David lyrics

quot;David" Well I met him outside a hostel door He said I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours I know you think it's shifty for a man in his fifties To be sleeping in a hostel dorm But I used to be a welder by trade Used to work by the water

David Lei Brandt - David lei brandt - there goes my baby lyrics

goes my baby. (Oo girl look at you). You don't know how good it feels to call you my girl. There goes my baby. (Oooo) Loving everything you do. Oo girl (Look at you). Bet you ain't know that I be checking you out, you be putting your heels on. I swear y

Dream Girls - Tears are also beautiful lyrics

duo hen hen di bei tian yan mi yu chong guo Cai hua le xie shi jian ba huang yan du nong dong Wo yao ni gei jie shi jiu dai biao huan you jiu Dan ni que ba ji hui lang fei zai zhao jie kou Yan jing sha sha di bei yan huo lang man gan dong Ba xu huan de mo shu gei dang zhen le Zhi

Madilyn Bailey - David guetta feat sia-titanium(cover) lyrics

shout it out But I can't hear a word you say I'm talking loud not saying much I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet You shoot me down, but I get up I'm bulletproof nothing to lose Fire away, fire away ricochet,you take your aim Fire away, fire away You sh

Charm City Devils - Walk away lyrics

don't, it's not news I'm sick and tired of all your bulletproof. You're out, I'm alone Tell me why you ain't with me home? I know I've made some mistakes, I know I've caused you hard pain What goes around, comes around again. You're not breaking me dow

Sharp Bree - David duchovny lyrics

s Sunday night, I am curled up in my room The TV light fills my heart like a balloon I hold it in as best I can I know I'm just another fan But I can't help feeling I could love this secret agent man And I can't... Wait any more for him to di

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Underground lyrics

one can blame you for walking away Too much rejection No love injection Life can be easy It's not always swell Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl 'Cause it hurts like hell But down in the underground You'll find someone true Down in

The Kinks - David watts lyrics

fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa I am a dull and simple lad Can not tell water from champagne And I have never met the queen And I wish I could have all that he has got I wish I could be like David Watts Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa And w

Rancid - David courtney lyrics

all you motherf***ers, criminals will be suckers, If you don't step aside for David Courtney, Well, all you motherf***ers, criminals will be suckers, If you don't step aside for David Courtney! If you're feelin' bold, And you must be told, Yo

Craig David lyricsCraig David - Warm it up lyrics

ve seen some girls in my time, but you're simply amazing Can't keep my eyes off of you since you stepped in the room Maybe it's all of these drinks, got me feeling so wavy But all I know, all I know, tonight I'm with you, yeah She had me from the go,

Lena Katina - Walking in the sun lyrics

hearted, empty handed Feels like no way out Tangled thoughts have left me stranded Spinning me around Yesterday is killing me, Taking me down Holding my heart to the floor Tearing me twisting me over, but now I'm stepping out that door Today I'll be walking in the s

Cut Copy - Walking in the sky lyrics

am a man who's walking in the sky Please understand that I'm walking in the sky I'd take my seat but I'm walking in the sky I'd have belief but I’m walking in the sky You gotta live your life today Tomorrow is a world away You gotta go and free your mind Cause life is of

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - David's song lyrics

me now, I think I might be dying I'm not ashamed to say that I am frightened Hold me now, I used to heal like lightning Are yours the last eyes that i’ll ever see, staring into me? Was I just because, a mistake in love Two people who stopped trying, enough

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - Walk away lyrics

swapped my innocence for pride Crushed the end within my stride Said 'I'm strong now I know that I'm a leaver" I love the sound of you walking away Mascara bleeds a blackened tear And I am cold Yes I'm cold But not as cold as you are I love the s

The Jam - David watts lyrics

am a dull and simple lad Cannot tell water from champagne And I have never met the queen And I wish I could have all he has got - I wish I could be like david watts And when I lie on my pillow at night I dream I could fight like david watts And lead the school team to victory

Macabre - David brom took an axe lyrics

took an axe And then attacked And away at his family He began to hack His dad wouldn't let him Listen to a hardcore band So here comes David With an axe in his hand David Brom killed his dad His mother and brother and sister He took an axe to their heads D

David Hodges - Reason for love lyrics

here in the dark i don't know what went wrong but it's over now wish i could be where you are but some things should never be said out loud come save me unbreak me cuz i just cant forget you take me so far away from this place where my heart can breathe somewhere

Facebreaker - Walking dead lyrics

wounds Starts decomposing Infected flesh turning gray Waking up Infected by the virus Slowly turning dead Reanimate The already deceased I smell the human flesh Vomiting My guts on the ground My body feels no peace My body feels no peace In my blood A terrible dise

Jacquie Mosley - Walking in love lyrics

step I take is ordered by you You're in everything I do Guiding me by your righteous hand Trusting in you with all that I am That kind of love just takes my breath away How you love me let me love the same way Walking in love love is the key Learning how to love each

Sophie B. Hawkins - Walking on thin ice lyrics

take away from me All these things I do not need Use me to keep your conscience clean Show me what to do To sacrifice for you I gladly give my life to you I've wandered far enough to never have given up too much and now I'm offering you everything I a

Dark Half - Walking to my grave again lyrics

Damien] We know you bitches hate us But still wanna imitate us Quick to degrade us But never will you fade us Haters tryna makes us lose it Saying I'm not a killa, boy I prove it Doing in an instance ripping through deck stance (?) When I get the stress

Everything But The Girl - Walking to you lyrics

met your boyfriend on St. Martin's Lane and he said, ''Fancy running into you again''. We talked a minute or so, then he turned to go, and I walked into the crowd again. And the morning was a different place, in every passerby I saw your face. Love leaves

Alexz Johnson - Walking lyrics

t stay with you, but I'll miss you Soles on fire, I can't see through All the smokey, smoking higher And I don't know what to do See the shadow, it stays beside me In my dreams, it never likes me Oh, it's a long road that I've created I've got it

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Opening titles including underground lyrics

s only forever It's not long at all The lost and lonely No one can blame you For walking away Too much rejection No love injection Life can be easy It's not always swell Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl 'Cause it hurts like hell (echo hurts lik

Marc Cohn - Walking in memphis lyrics

Cohn, Marc; Put on my blue suede shoes And I boarded the plane Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues In the middle of the pouring rain W.C. Handy Won't you look down over me Yeah, I got a first class ticket But I'm as blue as a boy can be Then I'm walking in Mem

Atb - Walking awake lyrics

far far away Standing at the interstate Misplaced memories All my thoughts are lost at sea Only half the sacrifice Only half the life Far far far away This is where I came to stay Cause we are, never walking We are, never walking awake, awake Never

Roger Daltrey - Walking in my sleep lyrics

'round at all the faces I can see they're all the same Drifting shadows on the sidewalk Slowly walking in the rain The moon shines down, she sees, she knows And I follow, through rain and sun But you see I'm walking in my sleep (can't you se

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