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Cigarette Daydreams Cage The Elephant lyrics

Browse for Cigarette Daydreams Cage The Elephant song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Cigarette Daydreams Cage The Elephant lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Cigarette Daydreams Cage The Elephant.

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Cage The Elephant - Cigarette daydreams lyrics

you stand there all alone? Oh I cannot ... night Looking for answers in the pouring rain You wanna find ... peace of mind Looking for the answer Funny how it seems

Cage The Elephant - Free love lyrics

She move so quick She make the good times last She said ... that even in the morning said you know It's on ... Even in the morning (CHORUS) Free ... to go She said that even in the morning said you know that it

Cage The Elephant - James brown lyrics

around the corner Fell asleep in the ... sun You had to move into the shade Before you fire the ... someone to bleed You sealed the deal before the dawn You let

Cage The Elephant - Back stabbin' betty lyrics

You're a no good lazy motherf***er Gotta a shit job you ... worthless motherf***er You're a, a dead beat ... feel sorry for your mother If I had time I’d trade you

Cage The Elephant - Ain't no rest for the wicked lyrics

was walking down the street, When out the corner ... a little company? If you pay the right price Your evening ... what she said, "Oh, there ain't no rest for the

Cage The Elephant - Back against the wall lyrics

wears a cloak of Persian leather Behind the TV screen I've ... I'm stuck here in-between The shadows of my yesterday I ... my teeth in deep Burn all the evidence A fabricated

Cage The Elephant - Drones in the valley lyrics

bullets shower the earth We turn our heads and ... our faces Now flames devour the sky And i hear these words ... in the back of my Mind Here we ... stand at this fork in the road We got no time to waste

Cage The Elephant - In one ear lyrics

say that we ain't got the style We ain't got the class ... We ain't got the tunes that's Gonna put us on ... in disguise Tryin' to make the radio I'm an anti-social

Cage The Elephant - Judas lyrics

proved And can't you see all the flowers diein all around you ... Got your hands in the devil's pockets got ... And so you lash out To crush the ones below Or all the ones

Cage The Elephant - Lotus lyrics

before the morning sun I found it ... tucked beneath the hills I sat and watched it ... rise It hit the sky and burst to flames The ... s Got me thinking bout the way we live I've got this

Cage The Elephant - Soil to the sun lyrics

when I woke I was weeping The vision i saw danced around me ... And my heart saw the things that my eyes couldn't ... see Oh the sun crashed down to the ... ground The moon rose up to the sky blood red All the dead

Cage The Elephant - Tiny little robots lyrics

got you movin’ to the city Oh my, you think you're ... lookin’ pretty But they’ve got their pistols too ... Tucked down beneath their shoe It’s a new sensation

Natalie Merchant - The blind men and the elephant lyrics

much inclined went to see the Elephant Though all of them ... much inclined Well the First approached the Elephant ... "God bless me! But this Elephant is very like a wall!"

Clutch - The elephant riders lyrics

ll Keep Pulling On The Towpath. You Keep Floating ... On The River. Yeah, Until The Day Is Done. Keep On Keeping ... On The Low Road, Chesapeake And ... Ohio. Because On The Higher Ground You Will Find

Battleroar - The tower of the elephant lyrics

darkness falls on the city of the thieves and starlight kisses ... the golden domes He walks the streets of Arenjun Through the shadows of the Maul Beyond the temples of richness filled

Adelitas Way - Cage the beast lyrics

feel it deep inside With all the pain & lies I know just ... you send me off You can't cage the beast, There's no break ... in me You can't cage the beast inside of me I feel the rage, And all the the pain

Elton John lyricsElton John - Cage the songbird lyrics

in the morning light Things look so ... much different To how they looked last night A pale ... flying high above her head The cellophane still on the ... flowers The telegram still in her hand

Razor - Cage the ragers lyrics

I'm unchained, got the hiss of a rattlesnake Point the finger, then you incriminate ... than you realized Roam the streets, double dealer born ... all you got, lethal juvenile Cage the Ragers: once assassins

Cage The Elephant - Mess around lyrics

No, she don't mess around The heat is rising and only

Cage The Elephant - Cry baby lyrics

it's pretty strange Watching the passersby Crawling all over ... one another Trying to get ahead in life ... something to hide House in the desert, top of a mountain

Cage The Elephant - Indy kidz lyrics

just like you. I've got these pictures keep on rolling ... my head. I want to hang them on the wall above my bed. ... and walk in line like all the rest. But IQ never did that

Cage The Elephant - Rubber ball lyrics

love and gonna Give it to the people then they'll See, then they'll see Spinning the ... tops as the tables they turn Made some mistakes ... couldn't learn Riding the tracks but I was fine Got

Cage The Elephant - Japanese buffalo lyrics

One two three four five six There was a guy, and his name was ... Johnny B. The loudest man in the land Alright Ok ... How many more times you cross the line Run for days with

Cage The Elephant - Punchin' bag lyrics

And she won't put up with another brood who only wants to ... bruise her Take her love and then abuse her She won't take ... Heaven help ya I'm telling the truth Heaven help ya she's

Cage The Elephant - Sell yourself lyrics

But now I'm stuck here in the middle Got this scalpel in ... Cause your name was on the table Let's talk about me ... what you wanna do And if the money's right You think I'd

Cage The Elephant - Always something lyrics

in the morning rise to meet the sun work so hard to feed ... to show her lovin' and in the madness of the evenin with ... early caught her with another man its always something

Cage The Elephant - Black widow lyrics

and wait Till I climb into the web you made I'm an animal ... Every time that you walk in the room girl I'm hypnotized by the way that you move It's the

Cage The Elephant - Sabertooth tiger lyrics

the other side of town lives a ... s just dying to meet you On the other side of town lives a ... Runaway runaway runaway from the beast Got a bullet in your

Jimmy Nevis - Elephant shoes lyrics

Verse 1:] I thought I won the lotto, when I fell for miss ... blind But I loved her with the deepest part of my soul But the feeling wasn't mutual Three

Mewithoutyou - Elephant in the dock lyrics

stocks at the gallows tree dock the crowd ... grew impatient the clouds threatened rain Elephant arrived at the Constable's ... his Honor presides," the Judge took the bench to the

Iggy Azalea lyricsIggy Azalea - Elephant (feat. yg) lyrics

hoe Rest in peace, Martin Luther had had a dream in this hoe ... And what happened is that elephant grew big as a bitch And that ... motherf***er said, "Take a

Suede lyricsSuede - Elephant man lyrics

down And people wish that they weren't around When we all ... fearful, piercing screams The kind you find on cinema ... screens And if they're fit to burst at the seams

Letlive. - Elephant lyrics

I never really got the point in you (You say) You ... you (You say) Yeah Now the elephant has filled this ... whole room And there’s no room to stand. Now

Cage The Elephant - Flow lyrics

a sunset Softly trampled by the rain [Chorus] Way too ... hiding place Climb up to the tree tops Watch it all just

Cage The Elephant - Halo lyrics

lost my halo. Take me by the hand and still remember all

Cage The Elephant - It's just forever lyrics

you till we decompose And the skin falls off our bones ... Ahhh Maybe we can die together Laying side by side Even ... in the afterlife Girl you'll still

Cage The Elephant - 2024 lyrics

time You can write on the sidewalk yea but you fine to ... now you're walking through the door Just like 2024 Said ... see Someday you'll see that there's something more That there's something more That's

Cage The Elephant - Around my head lyrics

I don't know why I got these feelings, yeah, I just can ... You-ooooooh? Are you on the flip side? You know I took the long way round Cos all I ... Paris Lay my cards down on the table Ooh ooh ooh ooh Ahh

Cage The Elephant - Cold cold cold lyrics

I've been breathing air but there's no sign of life Doctor the problem's in my chest My ... cold, cold inside Darker in the day than the dead of night

Cage The Elephant - Spiderhead lyrics

am the one you left for dead, (Say ... you wanted to) You are the bullet in my head, (Ah) And ... Tell me it's okay) You pause the lips upon my face. (Ah)

Cage The Elephant - Take it or leave it lyrics

our breath I step to the right, you move to the left ... When there’s no one else I’d rather ... already gone Watching the flames wither and fade

Cage The Elephant - That's right lyrics

Take your problems, leave them behind You got your ... But as for right now where's the party at? We'll stay up all ... night waiting for the sun to shine, sun to shine

Candlemass - Elephant star lyrics

from the prison planet I fell inte the 13:th sun Way beyond all ... Our love will live inside the elephant star They took me ... to the titan mother A dream away from yesterday

Cage The Elephant - Aberdeen lyrics

time) (Chorus) hold the phone hit repeat you got ... me foamin at the knees Saw the flame tasted sin You burned ... me once again Cut the cord, shes a creep

Cage The Elephant - Come a little closer lyrics

shakes, found you at the water At first you were my ... father, now I love you like a brother Earthquakes shake the dust ... Come a little closer, then you'll see Come on, come on

Cage The Elephant - How are you true lyrics

little prayer Out of bed to the bathroom where I take a look ... here And I try to find the will to carry on Wonder how ... longer I can carry on Cause these days they take so long, yes

Cage The Elephant - Hypocrite lyrics

Bleeding from the holes in my face But I don't ... give it away You did it for the family name Crashed collide ... color red I guess that I'm the hypocrite You're not

Cage The Elephant - Portuguese knife fight lyrics

life with you, oh yeah Well the look in your eyes says you're ... feeling the same way too, oh yeah The ... Cutting me through, yeah the feeling is true I really

Cage The Elephant - Right before my eyes lyrics

shakes these trails they all derail Phony, false ... Right before my eyes I saw the whole world lose control The whole world lost control ... eyes uh-huh I fell through the floor I couldn't take this

Cage The Elephant - Shake me down lyrics

knows now, Softly laying on the ground, ooooh Not a lot ... have seen, People walking to the sea, Just to find memories, ... Plagued by constant misery, Their eyes cast down, Fixed upon

Cage The Elephant - Sweetie little jean lyrics

high and low And your mother's worried sick Dearest ... daddy lost his grip While the whole world's watching ... being held in silence On the channel four And they've

Cage The Elephant - Teeth lyrics

I think I'll take it out to the streets Somebody please stop ... me Call the doctor but don't call the ... police Are you into the beat? Are you into the beat?

Cage The Elephant - Telescope lyrics

t think you'll understand! There's nowhere left to turn ... Time is like a leaf in the wind Either it's time worth ... t waste it Afraid of what the truth might bring He locks

Cage The Elephant - Trouble lyrics

were at the table by the window with the view, ... I don't know if I spoke the truth. Got so much to lose ... I come to pass or will I pass the test. You know what they say

Cage The Elephant - Too late to say goodbye lyrics

my sweet glowing light From the moment I first saw you I was ... were trouble by design And the echo of my mother's words, ... quot; I was always playing the part first love only set by a

Flunk - Cigarette burns lyrics

you're gonna rise above of the occasion Hurt - you know it ... it comes like this I guess the pills don't work and the ... drinks don't work In the morning it hurts like cigarette burns The summer's daft and

Karmia - Cigarette lyrics

still smoke the same brand It makes me feel ... are here I still think of the days we spent together I ... still carry the memory of that spring inside ... (Though you left me to wither) Every step I take is another step away from you and us I

Fall Of Troy, The - Whacko jacko steals the elephant man's bones lyrics

seen you before. (Wake Up!) The clock strikes twelve. Can ... your hear the bells, these Hearts kiss and tell!!! ... up my time... Time Lost the evidence. Mindless, like I

Emiliana Torrini - The dirty dozens lyrics

it fast If you can't shake the shimmy, shake it yes yes yes ... yo cousin And you mama do the lordylord You're to go ... with pop and runnin' round the field Slippin' and a-slidin'

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