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Infernal - From paris to berlin lyrics

Paris To Berlin, and Every Disco I Get In, my Heart Is Pumping For Love, pumping For Love, 'cause When I'm Thinking Of You, and All The Things We Could Do, my Heart Is Pumping For Love, you Left Me Longing For You from Paris To Berlin, and Every Disco I Get I

Cannabis Corpse - From wisdom to baked lyrics

the reach Of our modern day carefree living In complete isolation Lived a family of sick backwoods cretins Drug induced retardation They had no money for fertilizer To use to feed their precious plants That's when this story gets absurd.... A strange urban le

George Jones - From strangers to lovers to friends lyrics

m really glad that you called me I'm unhappy you found someone new I've been looking myself and if I'd find someone else First so I'm telling is you. We're better off to have known love We're more than we might have been How many can say they w

Jackson Browne - From silver lake lyrics

you see our brother He was here the other day But he only came to say that he was leaving Did you see his lady She was looking where he'd gone But she wasn't letting on that she was grieving She's bound to go Perhaps she'll find him waiting for his b

Nerf Herder - Vivian lyrics

drums and synthesizers Angular haircuts and black eyeliner We'll start a new wave band And then I'll make you mine You'll play the keyboards And everything will be alright We'll show the soc's We'll show the jocks We'll show the heshers We can't be stopped Come on Vivi

Skepta - Lyrics lyrics

off the stage! Move! They don't want to hear you! They don't want to hear you! What, is that what you think? Is that what you think? Oi blud, calm, calm, calm Lyrics for lyrics, calm Yeah, hear me on the radio, wah gwan? See me on the TV, hi mum Murk

Jamie Lynn Spears - Hey now lyrics lyrics

x3] Hey now, hey now What's the matter with you? Girls just wanna have fun now Come on... I come home in the morning light My mother says when you gonna live your life right Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones And girls they want to have fun Oh girl

Behexen - By the blessing of satan lyrics

lyrics not available] [lyrics not available] [lyrics not available] [lyrics not available] [lyrics not available

Century - No way out lyrics lyrics

could take a journey down memory lane Where would it really go? I already know you We could write it out awhile Playin it by ear But how could you play it ohhhh You hardly ever listen And there's no way out, way out Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh And there's no way o

Sean Maguire - Love by candlelight lyrics


Pouya - Pouya - billy mays (prod. by getter) lyrics

Underground Underdog BILLY MAYS LYRICS [Hook] Up to 5, kill them flies Tell no lies on my guys On the rise, tidal wave Billy Mays, Billy Mays Up to 5, kill them flies Tell no lies on my guys On the rise, tidal wave Billy Mays, Billy Mays [Ve

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Q-Tip] Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) uhh Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) ahh yeah, c'mon Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) yeah yeah Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) Goin on and on to the rhythmic variation Wakin in the morning I still represent t

Drew Tabor - Wallflower (original by priscilla ahn) lyrics

you see me standing there in the corner I was alone, I always am at these big parties Watching you, watching everybody Wishing I was more outgoing Wishing I was dressed up pretty Wallflower, I'm not here, no one sees me Wallflower, I'm by myself, please

Angel City - Angel of the city lyrics lyrics

hard day in the city Sweat pouring down oh it ain't to pretty Working your fingers to the bone Trying to get blood from a stone Whip it cracks just like thunder Some survive her, most go under Dancing this ball and chain around It ain't no dirt to be found (Angel of

Divided By Friday - Disappoint: surprise lyrics

ve been reaching for your hand, But you're never there to help me You'll never understand, Nothings what it seems Yeah it's been a long time tell me but I think I got this right, Girl you do me wrong but do we really have to fight Oh though you had me fooled, You always knew I'd c

Janis Ian - From me to you lyrics

m leaving by night I'm leaving alone I'm leaving it lie When you waken I'll be gone I would not beg for me As I would not beg for you Though I'd like to be the one To see you through Every step you have taken Disappears with the tide You're torn up and shaken With changi

Anna Tsuchiya - From a distance lyrics

a distance the world looks blue and green, and the snow-capped mountains white. From a distance the ocean meets the stream, and the eagle takes to flight. From a distance, there is harmony, And it echoes through the land. It's the voice of hope,

Immortal - Frozen by icewinds lyrics

Lyrics: Demonaz. Music: Abbath, Demonaz] A Whispering Cry Heard From A Cascet Of Stone Sorrow Reap The Windscreen I Am Here All Alone Shades Of Grey Cast To The Sky In The Deepest Night Icewinds Tears Drips On My My Unbeloved Soul Coven Of Black Mist Sing For Me C

Akanishi Jin - From her mama lyrics

stutta' Stutta' stutta' Girl why you waiting Cause I've been craving far too long No contemplating Tell me where you got it from She get it from her mama She get it from her mama She get it from her mama She get it from her mama She get it from her mama She g

Austrian Death Machine - Lyrics to all of the songs sound the same lyrics

of you are starting to complain. Whats wrong guys? you think the songs all sound the same? Of coarse they sound the same, because they all sound BRUTAL

Austrian Death Machine - Lyrics to rubber baby buggy bumpers lyrics

s go Waaa-yeaah! How about this one? How about this one? Rubber baby buggy bumpers, yeaah Rubber baby buggy bumpers... Yeaaah! How about this one? How about this one? Rubber baby buggy bumpers, yeaah Rubber baby... Rubber baby... Rubber ba

Hooverphonic - Lyrics to identical twins lyrics

wants him he's so popular I wish you were him you're the next best thing you're the shadow of what I know I never gonna get when you say love, I hardly know the difference it's close enough I can forget the distance hey identical twin I know you won't be the s

Highland Glory - From the cradle to the brave lyrics

Music : Larsen, Grefstad, Olsen / Lyrics : Grefstad). Born in a land of corruption and war Sworn to give peace and a justice for all Without a fear in his heart he will fight Memories of slaughter and screams in the night Bridge : He gave us hope t

Drowning Pool - By the blood lyrics

see my demons at night They whisper in my ear They say everything will be alright Burn with me, don't you feel no fear! One shot, to take away the sting And I don't care about one damn thing! One shot, may whatever bring And I don't care about one damn thing!

James Cottrial - By your side lyrics

up it's time to shine Don't worry you'll be just fine Believe me, believe me. Keepp your head up Stay on your toes No one knows How this world goes It's easy It's easy So don't be scared Of what's ahead Just remmber what I've said I'll be there By y

Cage - From death to legend lyrics

the dawn of his death we thought the war came to an end With his last breath no one would listen again The new world was weak, his passing was part of their plan Now as we speak he's becoming much more than a man Lost alone and forsaken Surrounded by bodies

Emphatic - By my side lyrics

call your phone just to hear your voice And say: Hello, I miss you baby And it's driving me crazy How are you, it's been so long I can't believe that you are gone Have you found somebody new? No one said that it was easy Two hearts beating And no one said that it was

Sloppy Seconds - Thing from uranus lyrics

s an old man lying dead, in the doorway to the head. There's a rotten smell of death, just like sulfur and bad breath. And the morgue is really filled, but not one drop of blood is spilled. They were killed by the thing from Uranus. They were killed b

Coronatus - Flying by alone lyrics

twas noontide of summer and mid-time of the night; And stars, in their orbits shone pale, through the light Of the brighter, cold moon, lightning in the sky Star beams on the waves passed me flying by From childhood's hour I have not been As others were; I have not seen As oth

The Flobots - By the time you get this message lyrics

the time you get this message I will be behind the wheel Watchin' dotted yellow hexagrams Stretch into the dark Left hand surfin' on iced tinged winds Chewin' up a cardboard box Singin' at lung top, one stop Left 'til I meet you in the conco

The Game - Just beginning (where i'm from) lyrics

I wonder Man, how long is it gon' be for my people to come out Man we strugglin, it's hard sometimes, but Tomorrow's better than yesterday, uhh [The Game] I was, born in the slums, struggled from day one Ray Charles vision, blinded by the light from the sun No navigation, no

Illnath - By the hands of violent winter lyrics

the hands of violent winter, his fate was sealed Crawling on the icy slopes with limbs frozen cold Memories of untold torture, in his mind Waking from the endless slumber leaving him numb Creeping worms they eat his mind Feelings blind this clouded time

George Strait - Amarillo by morning lyrics

by morning, up from San Antone. Everything that I've got is just what I've got on. When that sun is high in that Texas sky I'll be bucking it to county fair. Amarillo by morning, Amarillo I'll be there. They took my saddle in Houston, broke my leg in

Allister - From the ground up lyrics

built this up together on a shaky ground Before too long it started crumbling down So I got out before the whole thing hit the floor But you knew better I'd be back for more And when I finally did it was strange to see That you rebuilt it with no help

Bloden-wedd - By my side lyrics

m all alone, I hear your voice from far beyond, the stars Tears in my eyes, the winter is fall, I'm waitng for the angels call I'm fading away, through the rain I walk without a guiding light Remeber my life, I can't feel anymore, it's time to say goodbye [chorus] By my sid

Jim Brickman - By heart lyrics

me close, baby please Tell me anything but that you're gonna leave As I kiss this fallen tear I promise you I will be here Until the stars fall from the sky Until I find the reason why And darling as the years go by Until there's no tears left to cry 'Til the angels

Disciple - By god lyrics

bring out the best in me Which is nothing less than Your holiness Manifest Your power in me And I’ll be a vessel of Your glory I lay me down, let it rise up in my soul I’m falling down, so You pick me up again God tear it down, the walls That the enem

Gwydion - From hel to asgard lyrics

secrets are kept by this timeless being? How much weight their branches have still to endure? With a dense foliage it Hides a cumbersome truth For inwards is a burden of nine worlds! Descending from the heavens To the top of this giant tree

Iniquity - From tarnished soil lyrics

awaken from tarnished soil Resurrected, infected degenerate toil No longer restrained by corporeal chains Soul charged, but cold, numb and stained Sworn into a perilous quest Plundering the pure on request Entranced by primal sorcery An eventide of

Rebecca Lavelle - By my side lyrics

can't keep my heart from breaking When you're not here Don't want another night of waking Without you near Can't face another day without you Don't wanna face it alone I need to look deep down in your eyes And know you're home Gonna throw my arms around you A

Nomy - By the edge of god lyrics

really tried it now* To stand this life But now you don't need to It's really hurting me When i think of you I'm waiting for answers So i ask you My savior What do you want from me now Because i gave all To keep her You put me here just to fall And

Pharaoh - By the night sky lyrics

within the desert One race of mortal men The gods have given to us A rich and fertile land Adorned with greatest splendor The dawning of a time Where all men pledge their honor And some pay with their lives We are a people like none were before A civilization that d

Rae Morris - From above lyrics

t get too close to me I'm not likely to be someone you want To be around when they're in love Don't get too comfortable You're not even the slightest bit of one I need to open out my heart Lost track of time and I saw it in my mind I love you from up above True b

Severed Savior - One by one lyrics

from the burnt sky Jaws of Hell open wide Falling from the sky, they suffer Burning angels claw at unheavenly skies Darkness eternally growing One by one, they will fall To the lake of fire, the Pagan Messiah Destroys the altar Ascend unto thy winds, rising above The boiling oce

America - From a moving train lyrics

ve seen the Ides of March And I've seen the fall of Rome I've seen all kinds of stuff But I never see my home If my life-line is These million miles of track One thing I know by now There is no turning back From a moving train From a moving

Ancient - From behind comes the sword lyrics

final traces of the sun have been eradicated as the earth has seen the coming of our black domain The lands are shrouded by the lunar shine that now will be perpetual successor of the radiance of the past The world turns to black Our army stands tall Disp

The Backwards - From me to you lyrics

da da da da dum dum da Da da da da da dum dum da If there's anything that you want If there's anything I can do Just call on me and I'll send it along With love from me to you I've got everything that you want Like a heart that's oh so true Just call on me and I'll

Bane Of Existence - From soiled heart to infected tongue lyrics

spoken hymns from mouth Divine Spoiled words from your heart to mine Bittersweet blood of the cancerous kind Spilled ever flowing from my lips to thine Unforgotten lies acknowledged with a glance like love and hate locked in eternal dance Eye for an eye, hand in hand Lost in the

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Purification by fire lyrics

burning An omen reborn Embrace the torture Purify the soul Bathe in red hot coals, dripping skin become a pleasure Face begins to melt, liquid from the head rewarding Eternal burning Sanctified with flames Unholy recourse The demons are here Unl

Cauldron Born - By this axe i rule lyrics

Exile of Atlantis My tribesmen turned on me They said, I could slay in war but not in mercy They tied a girl to a stake to be burned alive My dagger found her heart mercifully she died I fled into the sea Sailing toward my fate I the Barbarian King They try

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - By the rivers dark lyrics

the rivers dark I wandered on. I lived my life in Babylon. And I did forget My holy song: And I had no strength In Babylon. By the rivers dark Where I could not see Who was waiting there Who was hunting me. And he cut my lip And he cut my heart. S

Deicide - From darkness come lyrics

take his name in vain and devastate; disgrace his sacred dove, Then raise my glass, to god and drink thy blood, Jesus I hate your guts. If all believed, what then? Where would this end, a world to live as one? They hail the cross, then kill, for ho

Devin Townsend - By your command lyrics

command! My dominion! Memory, heart and all opinion, Hide me, guide me, Dry my tears, Slowly taking back the years, By your command, By your command, BY YOUR COMMAND, No, I know, All I am and, We are not, We are not to blame, For all I have learned

Deviser - From the starry voids lyrics

the formless fears of nightmare the cold stars gleamed down under the slim horns of a crescend moon wave a magic wand and bring order out of chaos Sakkuth the king - Sakkuth, king of night The star-god cursed by the ancient prophets worshipped by sorcerers and savages

Ben Harper - By my side lyrics

t you get ahead of me and I won't leave you behind if you get unhappy show me a sign there's no love like lost love no pain like a broken heart there's no love like you and me and no loss like us apart promises promise is only a word and when softly spoken is

The Hellacopters - By the grace of god lyrics

girl, you'll land it. You've got supplies if they demand it. You've got the looks, and the glamour, Cut by the chisel and beat by the hammer. They're naive so they'll believe it, and they will act like dogs when they recieve it. Through the darkness, and the haze, a

James Vincent Mcmorrow - From the woods!! lyrics

the woods, from the woods They are coming from the woods Riding horses cloaked in gray Make their way, to my door Lay their boots upon the floor Wash their hands and start to pray But I am gone, I am not there I have followed mountain bears T

King Diamond - From the other side lyrics

don't know if I'm dead or alive All I know is I'm running out of time Oh, I'm leaving my body... Oh, leaving it behind From the other side, looking down I know that it's me From the other side, looking fown it's the devil I see Someone down there

La Roux - As if by magic lyrics

from my world Imagine living in a box And I won't come out Until I've broken all the locks Slurring all my words Until something sticks But in this smoky universe My mind keeps playing tricks And although You're the only home I know As i

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - By myself lyrics

do I do to ignore them behind me? Do I follow my instincts blindly? Do I hide my pride from these bad dreams? And give in to sad thoughts that are maddening? Do I sit here and try to stand it? Or do I try to catch them red-handed? Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness, Or

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