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Michael Franti & Spearhead - Madness in tha hood (free ride) lyrics

ride free ride Madness in tha hood keeps trying to kill the ... we shall never die Wake up in the morn unlock the store ... hookers on Leavenworth closin' up shops cops, lookin' like

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Christmas in hollywood lyrics

Funnyman as Santa Claus] [Tha Producer and Charlie Scene] ... [Chorus:] It's Christmas in Hollywood Santa's back up in ... the hood So meet me under the

Nightcore - Christmas in hollywood lyrics

Funnyman as Santa Claus] [Tha Producer and Charlie Scene] ... [Chorus:] It's Christmas in Hollywood Santa's back up in ... the hood So meet me under the

J-k Won - Welcome to tha hood lyrics

make every muf***er in this bitch do tha wop, it's ... the new improved hood hop I make every muf***er in ... this bitch do tha wop, it's the new improved hood hop I ain't tryin to

Lumidee - In it for the money lyrics

Big Shnoop D.O.Double G With Tha Home Girl Lumidee An We In ... It 4 Tha Money, In It 4 Tha Money Hey Cheese I Wake ... Up Every Morning Gotta Get It Cause Am

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Christmas in harlem ft. cam'ron, pusha-t, tey.. lyrics

Hook: Teyana Taylor] Christmas in Harlem Right after autumn ... falls Soakin’ it all in Then we go hit the mall ... Even though we ain’t ballin’ Feels like we bought it

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - In my hood lyrics

they don't want beef I cock that, aim that shit out the window Spray, there ain't a ... shell that bend my heat Ya'll niggas ... hit with a K round, ya ass ain't gon' make it You niggas

Far East Movement - Christmas in downtown la ft. mnek lyrics

MNEK Oooohhh, yeah yeh Christmas in Downtown LA Yeah, ain't ... any better than LA on ice The palm trees ... all light We celebrate in like the late 'Cause in

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - In the hood lyrics

to see, occured along the main training root, on the border ... thought, huh What you thinkin' bitch Are you stupid son, ... is wrong, it's the Wu bitch Ain't got a clue bitch, tie ya

Colbie Caillat - Christmas in the sand lyrics

love Christmas in the snow But Christmas in ... sand don’t end I tell you that’s where it’s at Hawaian ... Tropic on my skin A candy cane of peppermint,

Ray Charles - Christmas in my heart lyrics

nights, twinkling lights And snowflakes falling to the ground The air is ... filled with Christmas Santa’s sleigh, kids at play ... It’s that magic time of year When

Abigail Breslin - Christmas in new york lyrics

year, and I've changed, that's what I feel. I was just ... starting to like who I was, Now I'm ... of a few years ago sitting underneath the tree. I was ... smiling wide, laughed as my brothers

Pat Benatar - Christmas in america lyrics

s Christmas in America There's carols in ... the air The snow falling on the ground There's holly ... little brighter It seems at Christmas time It's Christmas in

Rolf Harris - Christmas in the sun lyrics

in the sun Come on down and join us for a Christmas in the sun ... sand And let the world go by Christmas in the sun Come on down and ... join us for a Christmas in the sun Underneath the summer

Irish Rovers - Christmas in killarney lyrics

you've ever seen It's Christmas in Killarney With all of the ... to kiss your beau While cuddlin' under the mistletoe And ... our joy tonight It's Christmas in Killarney With all of the

George Jones - Christmas in the mountains lyrics

s busy making her own decorations Papa's ... cutting down a Christmas tree And the children are ... all lookin' for old Santa And everybody ... s waiting for the Christmas jubilee. I'm going home,

Alabama - Christmas in dixie lyrics

now in New York City. There's snow ... on the ground. And out in California. The sunshines' ... falling down. And maybe down in ... Memphis, Graceland's all in lights. And in Atlanta,

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Christmas in my heart lyrics

we say goodbye There's something breaking deep inside I ... tried to hide my feelings to keep myself controlled ... I can't deny what's deep inside my soul I've been

Gramatik - In my hood lyrics

My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My Hood In My

116 Clique - In ya hood lyrics

all done messed up and let us in ya hood To preach the way ... the truth the life in ya hood Forget the 'lac with the ... steering wheel made of wood It's ... we see the truth of Christ in ya hood [Verse One] Aww

Anne Murray - Christmas in killarney lyrics

picture you've ever seen Is Christmas in Killarney With all of the ... to kiss your beau While cuddling under the mistletoe And ... To click your heels And join in the fun Of the jigs and reels

Kenny Chesney - Christmas in dixie lyrics

now in New York City, there's snow ... on the ground And out in California, the sunshine's ... falling down And, maybe down in Memphis, Graceland's all in ... lights And in Atlanta, Georgia, there's

John Prine - Christmas in prison lyrics

was Christmas in prison And the food was real ... on my tongue And her blood's in my stream. [Chorus:] Wait ... Old mother nature's got nothing on me Come to me Run to me

Ray J - In tha mood lyrics

real get to know you on the inside Lets get higher ... (ride it) ride it like u sittin on crome every day i wanna ... u girl cuz ur the sweetest thing ive ever known see your lips

Big Sean - In tha morning- yg ft. k.r.i.t. & ty$ lyrics

I wake up in the morning With my face to the South ... high (repeats) Wake up in the morning For my bit*h ... could probably hear her mumbling Get the neighbors up

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Christmas in jamaica (feat. shaggy) lyrics

ll be having fun Under the golden sun Christmas in Jamaica here we come We ... just sail Lovers frolickin' Playin' in the sand Got my ... Coppertone Getting on my tan Exotic setting

Oh My Girl - Christmas in summer lyrics

o neoreul ilheobeorin naui du nunedo eonjenganeun ... o neoreul ilheobeorin naui du nunedo eonjenganeun ... baljaguk heuryeo jinji imi oraejiman neoegemaneun

Kypck - Рождество в Мурманске (christmas in murmansk) lyrics

gets up A wasted day brings us an endless night His ... crucifixion repeats itself in my dreams Nevertheless I ... of flesh crumbles under the sin This dream rips my

Dorrough - I want (hood christmas) lyrics

it lyk dis. need a pretty, fine, yellow bone, thick. To ... hair [? ]. All I want for christmas is a bunch of bitches under ... my baby momma. Oh I want [6x] that's all I want. I want Keisha

Eazy E - Boyz n da hood [g-mix] lyrics

Verse One:] Cruisin' down tha street in my '64 Jackin' tha ... freaks clocking tha dough Went to tha park tah ... out there come shootin' some hoop A car pulls up

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Tha block is hot lyrics

off the black gold, nuts in my hand, trustin no man Got ... my glock cocked, runnin this thing, ya understand We ... be steamin, blazin, nines pumped in caves and Cali

Cassidy - Tha problem lyrics

) Cassidy (Man, tell 'em again) Caissidy (Man, where ya ... to' em talk to 'em) Bottom line I'm a problem, y'all (I ... to tell 'em, man) Bottom line I'm a problem, y'all (I

Lil' Flip - Money in the bank (freestyle) lyrics

{Scarface}:] Im Tony F***in Montana You Want A Piece Of ... Haha Its Southern Smoke Mothaf***a You Know What It Is ... Right I Got Money In Tha Bank 60 Dollars In My Tank

Flo Rida - In the ayer (feat. lyrics

this is my jam Keep me partying till the A.M Yall don't ... , make me throw my hands In the ayer , ay , ayer , ayer , ... you understand What's pumpin in my CD player (player) Party

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Tha blues lyrics

come on, come on, come on Ain't nothin' nice or sweet (Huh? ... dump their mothers Now they findin' niggas everyday slumped in gutters I come through on

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Hottest in tha city lyrics

Hook: x2] Hottest In The City [x4] Ain't no body ... [Verse:] Meek Milly I'm flammin Hotter den da whip I came in, ... harder den da pavement Droppin on dese niggas back to back I

Juvenile - Tha man lyrics

Juvenile] I'ma stay thuggin, how I came is how I leave ... When I say somethin, best believe that's how it ... I mean it Bitch was dressed in gangsta and switch, wodie, I

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Tha doggfather lyrics

put down more hits than mafioso made And Lucky ... Lucianno 'bout to sing soprano And I know, I know ... baby bubba we gon' keep it on tha real Just to get you caught

Dorrough - Hood song lyrics

city (Dallas, Texas) From yo hood to my hood (say) Right now, I ... hand Cross my heart Want nothing see me apart From my home, ... is You can take me from my hood But you can't take my hood

Keke Palmer - Hood anthem lyrics

Know What It Means To Be Hood. They Think Ur Just A ... Ur Up To Know Good. They Think These Brothers Don't Know ... Nothing Else But Bling And White Tees. And They Think That All These Women Can Do

Maino - Hood love lyrics

it when I come through Rollin' like a thug dude, top down, ... glidin' in some new I got 'em like oh, ... oh, oh I get hood love, oh, oh, oh, hood love ... They see me in the hood and everywhere I'm good And

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Christmas island lyrics

snow Let's make a break some Christmas, dear I know the place to go ... How'd ya like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island? How'd ... sea? How'd ya like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island? How'd

Dorrough - Hood chick fetish lyrics

up Say, I admit I got a hood bitch fetish Lil' mama got a ... tat and a ring on her belly I love the way ... she talk Yeah, she from the hood, but she sure got class She ain't really got titties, but she

Lil' B - Still in the hood lyrics

I do what I do but I'm so into you I can't let go You ... see me in this trap, you see me in the ... Trapville, we kickin it '65 Still in the hood, ... still in the hood Still in the hood bitch (You f***in

Jibbs - Hood lyrics

up in da hood where the streets are cold ... or they pay u a visit Comin up in da hood where the ... gon' keep yo family po? Comin up in da hood watchin my

Phil Ochs - No christmas in kentucky lyrics

shoppers shopping on a neon city street ... Another Christmas dollar For another Christmas treat There's satin on the ... pretty dolls That make the children glow

Lil' B - Beez in da hood lyrics

Intro] Hey bitch turn that music down bruh, we listening to that Bitchmob shit bruh. ... Hey, go into the other room and tell that little nigga to turn that

The Cheetah Girls - 6. christmas in california lyrics

the beach now They're getting cold We're getting pool ... seats now Yeah, we're surfin' through the holidays bustin ... out some candy canes (hot in the sun) Yeah we're

Compton's Most Wanted - Hood took me under lyrics

how a black nigga was born in hell. And right then and ... And when its black on black, that makes it sh*tty. Can't ... survive in the Compton city. And fool thats bet. Cause when you grow

G-unit - Catch me in the hood lyrics

rap shit plays a major part in my life She looked for jack ... but realize that i got the ride Well send a ... muthaf***er at ya tonight G-Unit ... And i aint sleepin till my click pop em swimmin

Jamiroquai - All good in the hood lyrics

but you're cherry picking love grenades Throwing ... them at me again Don't let me see you with ... Don't wanna see ya Smashing up all those dreams That's

Lil' B - Hood played out lyrics

f*** they bitch I'm like Skinny Pete, I'm on that gangsta ... the clique, f*** if you think I'm bitch You could toss ... I'm a go rob you back I'm in Memphis, I'm a go to the hood

Juicy J - Deep in da hood lyrics

be deep in da hood, standin' the cuts Come through with ... your shit up We be deep in da hood, standin' the cuts ... plucka Nigga f*** your hood, nigga f*** your set I'm

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Busted in the hood lyrics

way back, when I was a teen In the hood, on the corner, ... slangin dope to fiends Had the ... little stash that could serve your need You ... but I got weed for me Ridin for my fam, tryin to hit a

Of Montreal - My favourite christmas (in a hundred words or.. lyrics

you remember that one Christmas when we Didn't think we'd be ... the snow Right up to your window and smiled cause I Was so ... fire and opened the presents That we'd gotten for each other

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Every soldier in the hood lyrics

Yo, yo, yo, yo Not moving, soon Don't stand over ... there Shaolin over here, chill, chill, ... Raekwon] To every soldier in the hood, go in To every ... real nigga holding, keep your ones on folding

Elton John lyricsElton John - Cold as christmas (in the middle of the year) lyrics

times And the warm wind in the palm trees Hasn't helped ... to change our minds It was the lure of the ... tropics That I thought might heal the ... a love burned out by silence In a marriage minus heart And

Kendrick Lamar - Hood politics lyrics

Every time I call, it's going to voice mail. Don't tell ... shit, nigga. No socks and skinny jeans and shit. Call me on ... phone [Hook:] I been A-1 since day one, you niggas boo boo

Capricorn - Mob in the 'hood lyrics

when the sun goes down Getting loaded. my mind all stones ... I Feel so good With the mob in the 'hood Paradise wasteland ... wasteland And the mob in the 'hood No remorse for

Neil Sedaka - A lonely christmas in new york lyrics

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