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Burden Of A Day - Oh the humanity lyrics

the shots rang out on the motorcade We felt nothing at ... happens Yeah it happens all the time With a dealer’s hand we ... We tied this up With a bow The science of rock and roll To

Van Morrison - Oh the warm feeling lyrics

feeling As we sat beside the sea Oh the warm feeling as I ... by you Like a child within the kingdom As we sat beside the ... sea Oh the warm feeling as I sat by you

Fall Of Troy, The - Oh! the casino! lyrics

just can't grasp why Waste the whole night away. I don't ... to see you smile! Waste the whole night away. I don't

Kari Jobe - Oh the power lyrics

to earth That You breathed by Your word As You ... watched the darkness come Crushed by the weight of the cost As You ... all names King Jesus, take the highest place There on the

Absynthe Minded - Oh! the longing lyrics

my time Reading between the lines I'm taking my time ... Reading between the lines Just a second Comes ... the warning Oh, the longing I'm making no

Arsis - Oh, the humanity lyrics

confession sprayed forth from the mouth of disdain What words ... What love swayed? And the mirror broken brings the ... faith of the damned to me. This is how the lost ones feel in love and

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - Oh, the guilt lyrics

to get over it She likes the sea She likes to see She ... has all of it She likes the sound She likes the sand ... seems too weak, she takes all the rent She likes the time

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - The width of a circle bowie lyrics

the corner of the morning in the past I would sit and blame the master first and last All the roads were straight and ... narrow And the prayers were small and yellow

Meytal Cohen - Breathe lyrics

choke the words I say before I get the ... to lie, you push me off the ledge before I've learned how ... t stop my anxiety through the insanity consciousness, the

Georgia Satellites - The myth of love lyrics

the myth of love Like some new ... best friend The bright promise of tomorrow ... And tomorrow without end Oh but I should know better ... Life is no wishing well Yeah there's a story here baby But it

Lucie Silvas - The longer we're apart lyrics

to fly away from you I'd rather be alone than love you like ... I do And so they say that time's a healer ... don't make it any easier The longer we're apart Why is

Earlimart - The world lyrics

s much too big to see. And the words are seldom honest So ... we never disagree. Oh, the world is all around us But ... have you noticed me? Yeah, the world has overshadowed me.

Hagalaz' Runedance - The home that i will never see lyrics

evergreen trees Foggy hills the eye can see The wind sweeps ... a valley That lies by the deep blue see A village ... from another time Awakens with the

Stan Rogers - The idiot lyrics

often take these night shift walks When the foreman's not around I turn ... my back on the cooling stacks And make for ... open ground Far out beyond the tank farm fence Where the

Richie Sambora - The answer lyrics

Rode fiery chargers through the clouds That answer scared ... me into tears And all the grownups laughed out loud ... Now the years roll on, tired voices

Rebecca Lavelle - The first touch lyrics

into the distance Tell me what you ... see Can you see the future? Are you there with ... me? Hope it´s there for both of us Hope we ... will grow and grow ´Cause the first touch of your first

Magnum - The blue and the grey lyrics

the wind calls Over the fields Of the blue and the ... grey And slowly the night falls It hides and ... conceals Oh, the blue and the grey Your thoughts of

Marina And The Diamonds - Oh no! lyrics

own self-fulfilled prophecy Oh, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh ... a test 'cause I feel like I'm the worst So I always act like I ... m the best If you are not very

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Oh santa lyrics

Verse 1] Oh, there's a bad me Our house in ... Chelsea There's a that you can get me A ... pony, a bunch of tony's Oh, the things that you could do for ... me [Chours] Oh, Santa, oh, Santa I know that you [?]

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Oh! (japan) lyrics

new sound (Tiffany: I like the way you smile) Sekai ga ... more round (Tiffany: Like the way you talk) Dance dance ... Wanna be, something new, Oh!) [Seohyun] Hey ! Otona ni

Mirah - The garden lyrics

baby Won’t you bring All the flowers you Find out in the ... garden Don’t tell me the truth That your heart has ... what you’ve done to me Oh oh Oh oh the bee does quickly

Brenda Lee - The unclouded day lyrics

tell me of a home far beyond the skies Oh they tell me of a ... home far away Oh they tell me of a home where no ... storm clouds rise Oh they tell me of an unclouded day.

My Morning Jacket - The bear lyrics

s a bad idea to go down to the pier by yourself after dark ... Bad idea 'cause they're down on their luck And they've lost touch with their ... I know I shouldn't have gone The time is near to come forward

Shakespeare's Sister - The older sister lyrics

Airbrushed to buggery, oh how lovely Oh oh, no, oh oh ... myself I groan as I pick up the ansaphone Just to hear her ... mother complain If I am nothing

Sim (silence Iz Mine) - The problem lyrics

everybody's singing "oh oh oh oh ah, let's save the ... everybody's singing "ah oh oh oh ah, smile to cover up ... already headed to hell from the first time you heard the

Alela Diane - Oh! my mama lyrics

my Mama She gave me these feathered breaths Oh my ... sang sang sang melodies Oh my Mama She did give me ... creaking floorboards Oh my Mama She took my little

The Breeders - Oh! lyrics

Last flight Get lost in the moss Oh, oh Fall in the ... down (3x) Still rolling in the stones Run to the log that's ... rotten And oh, oh Your soft belly bossing lows

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The vanishing race lyrics

Ii ou Ii Ii Ii ou Ii Ii ou Oh wagon trains rollin' along they fade from my visions and in ... space my people will follow oh oh a vanishing race Ii Ii ou

Love & The Outcome - The god i know lyrics

oh-ohhh Oh-oh-ohhh If it was all about ... it I'd never be good enough (Oh-oh-ohhh) I try to walk the ... was real Began to realize, the harder I tried The colder I

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - Oh, what a beautiful morning ( ft. billy port.. lyrics

s a bright, golden haze on the meadow There's a bright, ... golden haze on the meadow The corn is as high as a elephant ... it's climbing clear up to the sky Oh, what a beautiful

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The greenwood side lyrics

was a fair maiden lived in the north Oh, the rose and the ... linsey, oh She fell in love with her father's clerk Down by the ... Greenwood side, oh He courted her a year and

Br549 - The devil & me lyrics

the Devil and me (oh, the Devil and me) Don't have no ... secrets (Oh, the Devil and me) Oh, the Devil ... and me (oh, the Devil and me) Yeah, we're ... best friends (Oh, oh, oh) oh, the Devil and me don't need

The Cribs - The lights went out lyrics

can't I be like the one who went over? It's over ... get over, woah-oh Why can't I be like the one ... It's over, get over, woah-oh Thought it wasn't right to

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - The good life lyrics

you how to work it To find the fit that's perfect You know ... Whoa Whoa Whoa This is the good life Take a good look ... anything you want This is the good life Dining with your

Donovan - The river song lyrics

the waters flow over rock and ... stone O'er the waters blow windy wind so ... cold Oh, the rivers flow so old Oh, the ... rivers flow so old. O'er the rivers fly stately

The Dubliners - The bonny boy lyrics

the trees are growing tall and the nights are growing dim And ... since you and I have seen Oh I will make my bed And I lie ... in the cold, cold lane Oh me bonny boy is young, but he

Elevation Worship - The love of jesus lyrics

For our sin to atone Holy is the Lord Almighty Perfect Lamb ... forever we'll sing Holy is the Lord Almighty Oh the love ... of Jesus Oh the love of Jesus Oh the love of

Fred Stobaugh - Oh sweet lorraine lyrics

Lorraine I wish we could do The good times All over again ... Oh sweet Lorraine Life only ... Once But never again Oh sweet Lorraine I wish we ... could do All the good times all over Again

Declan Galbraith - The letter lyrics

time to take no fast train Oh ,the lonely days are gone I ... won't find my way home again Oh the lonely days are gone I ... time to take no fast train Oh ,the lonely days are gone I

Hunter Hayes - The trouble with love lyrics

you can't slow it down The trouble with hearts is that they're always breaking And they ... seem to like the trouble that they found Oh, the trouble with

Men Without Hats - The safety dance lyrics

friends don't dance And if they don't dance Well they're no ... we want to A place where they will never find And we can ... from out of this world Leave the real one far behind And we

Michael W. Smith - The wonderful cross lyrics

I survey the wondrous cross On which the ... compose so rich a crown Oh the wonderful cross (2x) ... that I may truly live Oh the wonderful cross (2x)

Queen - The night comes down lyrics

came to me And I could see the sun breakin' Lucy was high ... so was I dazzling Holding the world inside Once I believed ... and anyone can see Oh oh the night comes down And I get

Andrew Bird - Oh no lyrics

was thought but unsaid all the calcified arithmatists were ... doing the math And it would take a ... calculated blow to the head to light the eyes of ... all the harmless sociopaths oh arm

Bishop Briggs - The way i do lyrics

you Laid it down for you, oh Put my arms out Put 'em out ... to you Oh Lord I was reaching for ya ... Reaching for ya Oh child, reaching for ya ... Reaching for ya Oh, but you will never know this

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - The letter lyrics

time to take no fast train oh ,the lonely days are gone i ... won't find my way home again oh the lonely days are gone i ... time to take no fast train oh ,the lonely days are gone i

Die Toten Hosen lyricsDie Toten Hosen - The guns of brixton lyrics

hands on your head Or on the trigger of your gun When the law break in How you gonna ... go? Shot down on the pavement Or waiting in death ... But you'll have to answer to Oh, Guns of Brixton The money

Bruce Dickinson - The magician lyrics

am the teacher, come to reach ya, ... take the old ways back to you You ... things as I travelled through the years Through the door of ... came through water, through the oily serpent's kiss Climbed

Janis Joplin - The last time lyrics

it the last time, make it the last time Make it the last ... time, oh darling please. But I ... why you always pick the time When I’ve just talked ... every time you leave I make the very same vow That when you

Kari Jobe - The cross is my confession lyrics

my soul, the mercy seat Where's Jesus ... prayer For none can perish there Your promise is my only ... plea You gather broken souls Oh, healer ... without and fears within Oh, the cross Oh, the cross The cross is my confession Your

Kingsland Road - The kings are coming (at christmas time) lyrics

Everybody's cuddling up To their one and only Katy gets a ... message from John Silly boy left his location ... deep down she knew it That John would go out and blow it

Lillian Axe - The world stopped turning lyrics

watched you bathing in the moonlight I heard you ... crying in the wind Oh, every day is just another ... name Look up can't you hear them calling It wasn't very

Live - The distance lyrics

him come into the city let him find his lucky ... search of you I have lit all the candles, sat in all the pews ... the desert had been done before, ... in my hair I saw that... oh the distance is not do-able

Patty Loveless - The pain of loving you lyrics

the pain of loving you Oh, the mis'ry I go through Never ... knowing what to do Oh, the pain of loving you. You ... But I'll never understand. Oh, the pain of loving you Oh, the mis'ry I go through Never

Dave Matthews - Oh lyrics

world is blowing up The world is caving in The ... in that dusty chair Makes the hours easier to bare I know ... despite the years alone I'll always ... sweet song And if it's all the same to you I love you oh

Mr. Big - The stories we could tell lyrics

my name and not my story The things we’ve done and not ... what we’ve been through The road is home A run for ... A sweeter song but a taste of the Blues Look inside another

Needtobreathe - The heat lyrics

caught when are hands are off the wheel And our foot is on the ... gas Like a moth to a flame, the fire moves us We're just ... waiting on the crash Yeah, you know we

Nozuka Justin - Oh momma lyrics

time that you won't ever go Oh the whales can't swim without ... And birds won't fly without the stars in the sky I can't ... can't live without your love (Oh Momma) I cannot fall without

Overtones - The longest time lyrics

dum dum Oh oh oh oh (the longest) for the longest time ... Oh oh oh (the longest) for the longest time If you say ... goodbye to me tonight There would still be music left

Pulp - The quiet revolution lyrics

no-one wants to see my Lear Oh, the quiet revolution's here ... domestic dramas All across the nation Gifted amateurs tread ... motivation "Is this the microwave I see before me As

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