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Chief Keef Polo lyrics

Browse for Chief Keef Polo song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Chief Keef Polo lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Chief Keef Polo.

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Chief Keef - Sucka ft. cdai lyrics

Intro: Chief Keef] Suckas Cdai, what up ... baby GBE baby [Hook: Chief Keef] They like Sosa where ... suckas suckas [Verse 1: Chief Keef] You know I ain't going

Chief Keef - Finally rich lyrics

Intro: Chief Keef] I Love All My Fans, Without ... Bitch I'm Finally Rich [Chief Keef:] I'm a show you how to ... Bitch I'm Finally Rich [Chief Keef:] I be flexing with my

Chief Keef - Hate being sober (feat. 50 cent & wiz khalifa.. lyrics

Hook: Chief Keef] Damn I hate being sober, ... spell sober [Verse 1: Chief Keef] On my tour bus we get ... Tadoe got hoes on mollies Chief Sosa, Ballout, we high riding

Chief Keef - Winnin (feat. king louie) lyrics

Hook: Chief Keef] I can't loose bitch, I'm so ... (Bang, Bang) [Verse 1: Chief Keef] Sosa bout that gun ... crazy and see me [Hook: Chief Keef] I can't loose bitch, I

Chief Keef - Laughin' to the bank lyrics

Hook: Chief Keef] HA HA HA [x4] I'm laughin' ... HA HA' HA HA HA [Verse 1: Chief Keef] For my block, O-BLOCK, ... my RIDE RIDE RIDE [Hook: Chief Keef] HA HA HA [x4] I'm

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - I don't like ft. pusha t, chief keef, big sea.. lyrics

I don't like [Hook: Chief Keef] A f*** nigga, that's that ... to L-E-P, Jay Boogie right? Chief Keef, King Louie, this is Chi ... [Hook] [Verse 3: Chief Keef] Fake Gucci, that's

Chief Keef - Itz crackin' lyrics

loud She like ain't you Chief Keef Yeah the famous Chief Keef Bang Sosa O Block GBE ... loud She like ain't you Chief Keef Yeah the famous Chief Keef Now she wanna freak me But

Chief Keef - Kay kay lyrics

balling I'm balling [Hook: Chief Keef] Me and my niggas we ... like I'm jordan [Verse 1: Chief Keef] Bitch love me cause ... like hockey These hoes love Chief Keef They say they like my

Chief Keef - Know about me lyrics

These Bitches Know About Me ,(Chief Keeeef){x4} ( Verse 1 ) ... They Can't F*** Round Wit Chief Keef Im Gone Bitch , Dont ... Her Do A Couple Tricks Cuz Im Chief Keef ( Hook ) These

Chief Keef - Me ft. tadoe lyrics

Hook: Chief Keef] I got a bitch, she is from ... me... Or try me [Verse 1: Chief Keef] Like Tony Montana who ... know I'm flexing [Hook: Chief Keef] [Verse 2: Tadoe]

Chief Keef - Ballin' lyrics

I'm ballin' [Verse 1: Chief Keef] Rollin' up this dope ... bitch stop callin' Bitch I'm Chief Keef Every bitch know me If ... I'm ballin' [Verse 2: Chief Keef] Ride around with my 3

Chief Keef - Citgo lyrics

man Yea.. yea.. [Hook: Chief Keef] All these bitches, ... get hit though [Verse 1: Chief Keef] I’m Southside I’ll pop ... her [Hook] [Verse 2: Chief Keef] Tadoe off the molly

Chief Keef - No tomorrow lyrics

Hook:Chief Keef] I ain't worried bout you ... it's no tomorrow [Verse 1: Chief keef] I be riding foreign ... [Hook] [Verse 2: Chief keef] This man bitch steady

Chief Keef - Setz up lyrics

Intro: Chief Keef] BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG ... BANG BANG BANG [Hook: Chief Keef] Put your techs up, put ... put your setz up [Verse 1: Chief Keef] Put your setz up, put

Chief Keef - Understand me (feat. young jeezy) lyrics

Intro - Chief Keef:] Sosa baby ... bing! bing! bing! [Hook - Chief Keef:] That bitch say that ... call me Sammy [Verse 1 - Chief Keef:] Everywhere I go I

Chief Keef - Self ft. tadoe lyrics

King Sosa now I mean King Keef, It ain't Chief Keef no mo' ... by myself [Verse 2: Chief Keef] I got some niggas

Chief Keef - Trust none (feat. johnny maycash) lyrics

Myself, So What The F***? [Chief Keef] Trust None, Bitch I ... Myself, So What The F***? [Chief Keef] Trust None, Bitch I ... Some Help If You Disrespect Chief Sosaaa Bitch I'm On, And

Chief Keef - Bang lyrics

I ain't coming back And I'm Chief Keef bitch Off of Pill I ... Big propane like novacane Chief Keef bitch I'm so insane And

Chief Keef - Diamonds (feat. french montana) lyrics

Hook: Chief Keef] I swear my diamonds are so ... the whole store [Verse 1: Chief Keef] I know my diamonds

Chief Keef - Savage lyrics

my young niggas savage [Chief Keef: Verse 1] I'm posted ... my young niggas savage [Chief Keef: Verse 2] We put that

Chief Keef - Just in case (ft. gino marley) lyrics

Hook: Chief Keef] We gorillas out here, apes ... just in case [Verse 1: Chief Keef] So much loud to the

Chief Keef - Monster lyrics

face shit I gotta watch em Chief Keef Sosa I am on topic

Chief Keef - Designer lyrics

we be designer [Verse 1: Chief Keef] I got love for some

Chief Keef - F*** niggaz (intro) lyrics

Middle Fingers to shondale Chief keef I go nuts in a fast car

Chief Keef - My niggas (feat. sd) lyrics

my niggas [x8] [Verse 1: Chief Keef] I be smoking on a lot

Chief Keef - Smash lyrics

Get His ass polled See I'm Chief Keef and these bitches know

Chief Keef - Sosa lyrics

down, Catch up [Verse 1: Chief Keef] Who smoking on the

Chief Keef - 3hunna lyrics

conceited I'm sosa bitch, chief keef (sosa baby) My gun don

Mac Miller - Cut the check (feat. chief keef) lyrics

I'm a motherf***ing fool, cut the check I'm a working motherf***er need a desk shit I don't got a heart, I don't even need a chest I'm a mess, they be...

Lil Pump lyricsLil Pump - Whitney (feat. chief keef) lyrics

Bring ten bitches to the back Whippin' up Whitney, boy how you do that, ooh Bring ten bitches to the back Whippin' up Whitney, boy how you do that, ooh Whippi...

Machine Gun Kelly - Young man (feat. chief keef) lyrics

Sosa baby Reportin' live from the glo pad Gang in this bitch You know how we rockin , cut off stockings Kush in my pocket nigga, all designer Get yo' girl nu...

Chief Keef - Hallelujah lyrics

been rich ever since Say Chief Sosa broke that's a rumor ... see right through ya Bitch chief Sosa getting that mula ... raris and shit There go Chief Sosa, girl he ducking

Chief Keef - Love sosa lyrics

s and Rovers These hoes love Chief Sosa Hit him with that cobra ... foreigns These bitches see Chief Sosa I swear to god they

Chief Keef - I kno lyrics

off in that 'rari though Chief Sosa you flexing, bitch tell

Lords Of The Underground - Chief rocka lyrics

Rocka Chief Rocka Chief Rocka Chief Rocka Boom ... shaka laka yo here comes the Chief Rocka Rock it down, so jump ... under-the-sun? I'm the Lord Chief Rocka, number one, Mr. Funke

Jidenna - Chief don't run lyrics

Uweaway No the chief don't run The chief don't ... No the chief don't run Oh the chief ... don't run Oh the chief don't run Oh the chief don't ... run Oh the chief don't run Before the red

Texas lyricsTexas - Polo mint city lyrics

and round in Polo Mint City Isn't it pretty in ... Polo Mint city Round and round ... in Polo Mint City Isn't it pretty in ... Polo Mint City You took my

Entombed - Chief rebel angel lyrics

Phosphoros Lucifer Say it! Chief Rebel Angel Phosphoros

Rick Ross - Don't like lyrics

boy go cry a river [Hook: Chief Keef] A f*** nigga, that's ... to L-E-P, Jay Boogie right? Chief Keef, King Louie, this is Chi ... ! [Hook] [Verse 3: Chief Keef] (Young Chop on the

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Open letter lyrics

crime I might buy a kilo for Chief Keef Out of spite, I just

Rick Ross - Burn lyrics

me a young boy, call him my Chief Keef Truders be with extort,

Chief Keef - Almighty so intro lyrics

[Intro] Turn Up (x44) [Verse] Chopper go graa graa, run up F***ing with Almighty So get burned up, straight up If you ain't gettin' gwop by now, turn up Got 30 ...

Chief Keef - Ape shit lyrics

[Verse 1] Remember selling blows out my grandma house Now I got enough money, get grandma a house Try to rob me I'ma pull that nina out It's extended s...

Chief Keef - Baby whats wrong with you lyrics

[Intro] F***, girls fly like Peter do He ain't fly like Peter though She like "I left my weed at home" To see me, you need bifocals Yeah yeah yeah,...

Chief Keef - Blew my high lyrics

[Hook] I just spent a lot of money, now I'm tired 'member when i use to fantasize Got this nina wit me, you know she gon' ride Blow a nigga down, do or die You sc...

Chief Keef - Don't make no sense (feat. master p) lyrics

Ganja, ganja I be smoking ganja All this loss of commas And I can f*** your mama Them thorties know 'em fogs Flexing in the sauna Riding in Bahamas 24 Verlons Turn to tha...

Chief Keef - Everyday lyrics

[Intro:] She say you be stuntin bitch that's everyday She wanna chill with Sosa but not everyday Everyday Everyday Everyday She wanna chill with Sosa but n...

Chief Keef - Got them bands lyrics

[Intro:] She know papa hella rich Any bitch gone let me hit Got them bands [x2] She know I got them bands [x2] And I blow it all in france Italy and vienna I'm ...

Chief Keef - Nice lyrics

[Intro] Nice, nice, that shit nice Nice, nice, nice, that bitch be like I just got a new bitch that bitch be nice Nahh, nahh, gloin' up Nice, nice, nice, nice [Hook...

Chief Keef - Salty lyrics

[Hook] I get gwop now that bitch remember me I send shots now them niggas hearing me Step out the cut smoking like a chimney I got all these racks on me now s...

Chief Keef - Save that shit lyrics

[Hook:] She say she love me whatever that is (I don't know) Do me a favor save that shit (bitch) Like bad kids bitch we reckless Ball hard sorta like taxes He say he ...

Chief Keef - True religion fein (feat. yale lucciani) lyrics

(True) [Chorus:] Ima true religion Fein, bitch what f*** you mean [2x] Ima true religion fein [8x] [Verse 1:] I'm a true religion Fein, got them true religion j...

Chief Keef - Woulda coulda lyrics

[Hook] Dope so good, they put they foot in it, they couldn't have I'm flexing boy wife that bitch, I wouldn't have Baby say I'm handsome, girl you shou...

Chief Keef - Yesterday lyrics

[Intro] Ladada Gats go bang [Hook] I'm f***ing on these hoes, I'm swagging on these hoes Let a nigga try me, gat is gonna blow I'm nuttin' on these hoes, sp...

Chief Keef - Young rambos lyrics

[Hook] Let a bitch try to play me like GTA And she'll be on her way Could of had cake all over her face Cause I get cake like it's my birthday [Verse 1] Let...

Chief Keef - Hunchoz lyrics

[Hook] How much he got? I'm gone though Tell that nigga call my phone though Come through beating 30s like some congo's This nigga better hope my gun broke I need a ...

Chief Keef - I don't know dem lyrics

[hook:] This nigga looking at me like he want some Pistol to his face if he owe some My niggas keep them tools make em blow some OTF they ride for Sosa Riding wi...

Chief Keef - I don't like (feat. lil reese) lyrics

I don't like, I don't like Fake niggas I don't like A f*** nigga, that's that shit I don't like, nah A snitch nigga, that's that shit I don't like, nah A bitch nig...

Chief Keef - In love with the gwop lyrics

[Hook] Girl you is my baby, girl you is my baby I gotta smoke some weed cause girl you drive me crazy Man I wish a nigga try to take it 30 shots all to hi...

Chief Keef - Kobe lyrics

[Hook:] I been ballin' so damn hard I swear I think that I'm Kobe Young bull of this rap shit but I think that I'm Kobe I swear I'm dunkin on these hoes on...

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