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Prince - The human body lyrics

Excited enough 2 thank the God above 4 the human body ... Yeah, yeah, yeah 4 the human body Yeah, yeah, yeah Can ... me ride it (Oh yeah) Till the early morn'' Can U freak me

Blood Label - The depravation of the human race lyrics

to eliminate Every trace of Life There is no salvation ... We are to blame To blame The depravation of the human race ... every mind) Nullification of moral standards We brought

Fit For An Autopsy - The consumer (ft. travis richter of the human.. lyrics

emaciated, A disgusting way of living life. Ingested ... genetic pollution. Bleed the well dry pulsing through the ... swollen veins. Wallow in the swill of the storm drain runoff, Born blistered and

Cat Power - The fate of the human carbine lyrics

of money all the time, Doing it to annoy her, ... he acts like her employer. They all come and peep through a ... hole in the wall, Keep the bastards guessing. He

The Quakes - Last of the human beings lyrics

its right down your street the animals are winning and the humans get beat they're rude and they're mannerless they rape and ... they steal they'll rip out your guts and they'll make it a meal and we're

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Lover of the human race lyrics

it all, soon we're scaling the wall together Hard hearts, ... simple minds, no thought of what We're leaving behind ... place I was a nuclear waste of space Now I'm a lover of the

Six Feet Under - Decomposition of the human race lyrics

hopeless, the terrified you're petrified, ... its time to die i vomit in the face of the faithful the ... mislead, the ignorant the ones who are truly dangerous

Dead Can Dance - The human game lyrics

dare to come disguised In the night of the human eyes As ... we begin to unravel the veil Of our visions vivid and pale ... with invisible bliss Loosing there the claim to the comfort Of deaths pre-designed

Mortician - Mutilation of the human race lyrics

Mass destruction Dead and dying Painful screaming Blood is flowing Napalm falling War is raging Cities burning Earth is crumbling Mangled bodies Flesh is rotting Life...

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - Party at the end of the world (live demo) lyrics

Verse] Life at last Into the front and out the back of ... In your mind, I'm not afraid of your condition And let go, ... and let go I'm not afraid of you, yeah [Chorus] Here

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - The power of the dream lyrics

within each heart There lies a magic spark That ... lights the fire of our imagination And since the dawn of man The strenght of ... I can!" Has brought together people of all nations There's nothing ordinary In the

Public Enemy - The enemy battle hymn of the public lyrics

selection Got us in another er****** of body part ... way past deodorant Got the masses ignorant Them dumb ... asses The whirl surrenders To the way of the beltway Created a nore

Skyliner - The human residue lyrics

weather weary face Hollow, sunken ... place A fortress made of lies How did it come to this ... One so horrified They'll place themselves beside ... you They'll brand themselves upon you They'll see themselves unto you Standing in

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The ballad of sacco &vanzetti lyrics

masses yearning to breathe free The wretched refuse of ... your teeming shore Send these, the homeless, tempest ... to me." Blessed are the persecuted And blessed are the pure in heart Blessed are the merciful And blessed are the

Confide - The bigger picture (demo) lyrics

been opened and I can see the path ahead. Tear down the ... feel alive? Can you feel the thirst? Can you feel the ... move at last. Do you feel the light? Can you feel the

Eminence - The human control lyrics

Human Control The Human Control The Human Control The ... Human Control The Human Control The Human Control The

Legion Of The Damned - Enslaver of souls lyrics

out of slavery reborn Memories ... on distant shores Invocation of the necromantic lord Calling ... for a blessing From the realm of the dead Voodoo ... drums beat And chanting in the night The body starts to

Metal Church - The human factor lyrics

my ears, some music out these days The human factor has ... set for life Stealing from others will make my future bright ... is felt much more when the human factor shows When the human

Carcer City - The truth pt. ii (everything is permitted) lyrics

only hear chain reactions in the air This body is a cage, these senses they decay The true ... nature of this place There's so much more and i want ... it all I want to breathe the stars, i want to drink the

Deeds Of Flesh - Medical murder lyrics

probing of the human body’s pathologies Sparing none ... Mengele, madman of science Divided from himself ... empithiless In a time of free barbarity Unspeakable

Simply Red - The death of the cool lyrics

greats inspire me to keep my body whole Since I’ve been the ... mas­ter of low expect­a­tions Aren’t ... you humans sup­posed to look like me? ... like “buddy I blew you up Then gave you a band aid” Pseudo

Body Count - Body count's in the house lyrics

Count, Body Count. Body Count, Body Count. (YEAH ... MUTHA FUCKAAAAAA!) Body Count, Body Count. Body ... Count, Body Count. Body Count, Body Count. Body ... Count, Body Count, nigga! Body Count, Body Count. Body

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - The pop kids lyrics

those days - the early 90s? We both applied ... for places at the same university Ended up in ... to follow our obsession with the music scene Wherever we went

Angel Dust - The human bondage lyrics

it's rising in me Discover s the feelings hidden so deep I ... I is dividing - deciphers the madness I loose myself Oh - ... The human bondage No way to control it

Bloodshot Dawn - Human void lyrics

between your lack of empathy and callous greed The Human Void dominates me ... Caught in the boundaries of my mind All emotion declines ... Set yourself free from the plague of humanity Open the

Eidolon - The oath (mercyful fate cover) lyrics

the symbols of the creator I swear henceforth ... to be A faithful servant of his most Puissant archangel ... The Prince Lucifer Whom the creator designated as his

Mercyful Fate - The oath lyrics

the symbol of the creator, I swear henceforth ... to be A faithful servant of his Most puissant arch ... angel The Prince Lucifer Whom the ... as his regent And Lord of this world. Amen I deny

Society's Plague - The human, the canvas lyrics

all worth To see or uphold The ignorant This is your life ... To prove you’re more Than another stain on the human canvas The human canvas Just believe

Alice Cooper - The great american success story lyrics

and worked his way right off the street Thumbed his nose at a ... t get no respect He's got the time, he's got the money You ... better get out of his way You better watch out

Mc5 - The human being lawnmower lyrics

ll Understand Make Way For The Killer Race, They Use The ... Millimeter Six Times Hot As The Sun Didn't Mean To Hurt ... Yeah Don't Try To Force Them To Help Them Do What They

Pastore - The price for the human sins lyrics

m Ready to Strike Against The Power Is Mine Devotion Is ... and Liars Try to Break the Silence Try to Break the ... Walls The Reason, They Can't See I Dream of a Land

Aversions Crown - The oracles of existence lyrics

the oracles of existence Watching over the ... cleansed Advocated at the signal from our brethren ... Sickened by human existence Stimulated through ... infestations Bring forth dehumanization Our presence will

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The state of the end of the millennium addres.. lyrics

nobody loves you like we do. ... making you a public fit for the 21st century. Never before ... has a governing body shown so much concern for the ... economic well-being of its subjects. Today we have

Beyond Fear - The human race lyrics

world that I see, It's not the same I look around me, and ... I see pain Do I feel sorry, the answer, no I don't CHORUS ... this place Who is to blame, the human race My mind it

Boris The Blade - The human hive lyrics

servant's crown, Wasting the flesh of man with every ... our skin. Merchants of extinction, Hatred seething ... our veins. Spawned with the darkest intentions. We

Coheed And Cambria - The lost shepherd (demo) lyrics

saves me a place at the window I'm on my march to the end of me I've buried cold ... within this heart I lost the cure, the plague, the start ... stand much) I've done all of these things for you Stain

Rings Of Saturn - Hyperforms lyrics

now staring at the face of calamity We will etch our ... Ultra terrestrials flooding the sky Inferior minds can no ... longer comprehend The reality, the vision of the

Skyclad - The ilk of human blindness lyrics

2045 they lay upon The beaches burning Insects on a ... ball of rock Upon it's axis slowly ... concrete melanomas Punctuate the hot sunrise Spines now ... by global warming Microwave their last goodbyes. For sixty

George Gershwin - The man i love lyrics

he'll come along, The man I love And he'll be big ... and strong, The man I love And when he comes ... and smile, I'll understand Then in a little while, He'll

Drakkar - The voice of the wind lyrics

Artan: Wind takes my body embracing me Receive me ... my mind now understands The wind: I am the scream of ... fight for liberty I'm in the battle for all thatâs right

For The Fallen Dreams - The human collective lyrics

Telling you what I think of you would make me happy.

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The number of the beast lyrics

to you oh earth and sea. for the devil sends the beast with ... wrath. becaouse he knows the time is short. Let him who ... hath understanding reckon the number of the beast. For it

Kamelot (usa) - The human stain lyrics

Carmine red and deep Watch the oceans rising high It’s the human stain Talk about the ... concern Don’t you think the human race is ceaselessly vain

Adam Lambert - The original high demo lyrics

got the need for speedin‘ on a hot ... and fifty just to get a rise There’s no comfort in comfort I ... need the edge But the edge keeps drifting it’s all

Master - The human machine lyrics

told you, I warned you clear the path of indescrtion ... Controlling, they'll send you strict campaigns ... of aggravation They'll drill you, until you ... follow through with their deceptions Control you,

Necro - The human traffic king (white slavery part.2) lyrics

Burn your ID's, no traces of fam relations Not even ... is, you're faceless From the streets of the Czech Republic ... snatched in public, a piece of snatch A good catch, some

Cky - The human drive in hifi lyrics

t deny it all my life It's the token of my life Something ... you would try For the best in the obscene Just ... look on the tv screen To pass away the ... if you're Red, black, or in the sack I've got my grip, I've

Dark Funeral - The end of human race lyrics

they come, the winged minions of the dark ... lord As black clouds, they block the light of the sun ... By their side, flies the king of the demon locusts The destroyer lord, and chosen

Dragonhammer - The end of the world lyrics

thousand sixty, year in the future The world is going ... People are mad without the choice To survive or die ... Destination and mistery of human life Evil corporations are

Elegacy - The sign of the hawk lyrics

the deepest darkness The Sign of the Hawk Sewn on the ... And now You can set the world on fire You can see ... in your heart Pray For the human race Shame For the

Norma Jean - The human face, divine lyrics

I don't care about the way it looks. I don't care ... t care because it is a waste of my time. It is all planned ... t sell out. It all comes to these words, a battle field

Raised Fist - The answer lyrics

we help to comprehend the limits of the human mind Can ... someone influence the media so it can control us? ... The Question is that can you -- ... Walk away Without finding the answer to that? Can you --

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - The righteous & the wicked lyrics

in war! (Righteous and the wicked, oh the war and peace) ... The righteous and the wicked, war and peace The ... killing fist of the human beast P.O.P. - Prodigies Of

Angela - The end of the world lyrics

Komorebi ga yasashikute Demo sore wa eien dewa nakute

Borknagar - The human nature lyrics

you won't leave until the future is the past As a ... product of what we call inventions, we ... we can walk As a victim of a myriad of intentions, we ... before we talk Swept in the circles of endless repetition

Sarah Brightman - The phantom of the opera (duet se stevem harl.. lyrics

Beneath the opera house I know he's there. He's with me on the stage ... song begins, I always find The phantom of the opera is there ... to me For love is blind. The phantom of the opera is now

Chelsea Grin - The human condition lyrics

else's way Don't just say the things you're suppose to say ... that right away I'm so sick of hearing people say how I ... my life and if I don't follow their rules I will suffer the

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