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L.a. Guns - Chasing the dragon lyrics

the dragon Chasing the dragon Standing on the edge of ... love is blue Rainbows and the moon Destiny unfolds her ... fills my tomb And I felt the sun's heat upon my wings And

Dream Evil - Chasing the dragon lyrics

day when the sun turns into black I leave ... right from wrong To fight the evil one, my heart is made ... Something soars through the sky It's the dragonfly So I

Necro - Chasing the dragon (feat. ill bill) lyrics

dancin in ya veins/ chasin the dragon dancin on ya grave ... wit bangers necro and ill mother f***in bill lace you with ... x2 >Verse 1: Necro -the satanic fistol rap/

Epica - Chasing the dragon lyrics

mind Heal my scars Erase the past Dark days to forget ... me forget And forgive There's no use To go on and ... live Show me a way To the sun Heal my scars

August Burns Red - Chasing the dragon lyrics

pray, you will look toward the skies. Look toward the skies ... his open arms. Look toward the skies. Look toward the skies ... become now, to who you were then. With a needle in your arm.

Brian Mcknight - The christmas song lyrics

we are not allowed to post The Christmas Song lyrics by ... Brian McKnight either for privacy issues or

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The dragon hunters song lyrics

all our days to come Like a dragon chasing life to burn And ... and on from stone to stone The monsters come and go And ... every one the step we follow back again

A Very Potter Musical - Dragon song lyrics

Im really not that special the Boy Who Lived is only flesh ... and bone the truth is in the end Im pretty useless ... Still manage to do well But theres only so long that can last

Anihilated - Chase the dragon lyrics

of death and destruction Chasing the dragon Burning away the ... Lingering death Chase the dragon Chase the dragon Snapping ... its jaws the dragon attacks Takes you head first

Iiris - Dragon song lyrics

a kid I had a heart, but my dragon spirit wanted to be apart. ... back, my heart was buried in the mountain top, where I grew ... dududum… So take me back to the mountain, where my heart

Hammers Of Misfortune - The dragon is summoned lyrics

am the maelstrom's deafening song The ether through which the ... fallen descend I am the frightful dance of the flames ... The pain of creation and violent ... end I am the sculptor of wreckage and ruin

Billy Talent - Chasing the sun lyrics

tried to stay young By chasing the sun You blink for too ... long The swans sing a song And all that I've lost ... When you open Your eyes and they're gone After all we've

Seven Gates - The dragon'kiss lyrics

to the ancient times Brave heroes ... of the past An old legend says ... indeed Beware of the kiss or your love will be ... gone He reaches you in the dark Smiles while you sleep

Crom ( Spa ) - The dragon's prelude + wasteland lyrics

in a wasteland Watch their chariots, watch 'em die ... For how long they waited the chosen While they lived ... beyond the black Fear the dragon's flight Fear the dragon's

Discharge - The downward spiral lyrics

Dear Mother It's Cold Tonight Like ... Every Other Every Other Night But I Never Feel ... Thoughts In Some Dream Oh Mother I Don't Know How I Got ... Happening And That Is When The Downward Spiral Begins

Saxon - Chasing the bullet lyrics

I’m not gonna stay We’re chasing, chasing the bullet We’re chasing, chasing the bullet Chasing ... vacation A little bit of therapy I’m not gonna get it

America - Chasing the rainbow lyrics

about my heart All of the places it came apart There's ... need to know Why am I always chasing the rainbow Get it get it ... get it uh huh I ran through the meadow looking for a dream

Evertale - The dragon's lair lyrics

the black Guardian of the Lair, Keeper of the crystal ... blue Once more I must unlock the door Khisanth the black ... Keeper of the lair, Guardian of the secret

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - Chasing the sun lyrics

is blurry, oh, oh It’s like the clock is always racing But ... wasting Someone else can do the chasing [Chorus] Cause ... I’m chasing the sun I’m chasing the sun I’m chasing the sun

Nightcore - Chasing the sun lyrics

So much better now I see the light, touch the light, We ... re together now I'm better So much ... better now Look to the skies, gives me life We're

Pyracanda - The dragon's cult lyrics

in the dust of the morning sun. Lies the mighty ... I can think, he has been there. Chorus: Kill the ... sleeping dragon We hold ourselves a ticking ... bomb in disguise . Kill the sleeping dragon! A virgins

Slechtvalk - The dragon's children lyrics

have we done, us children of the ancient dragon whose lives ... ended by the scythe of death? Where are our ... earned virtue, the endless feast and women? We

Emerald Sun - Chasing the wind lyrics

my wings To reach for the sky I am chasing the wind ... my heart beats Riding on the clouds I'm falling back into ... my life I am chasing the wind Seems like it blows

Elton John lyricsElton John - Chasing the crown lyrics

homes, I've burned thrones, chasing the crown I've put thorns in ... your feet, I spread plague in the streets I've sprung traps, ... confused maps, chasing the crown I'm chasing the

Hammerfall - The dragon lies bleeding lyrics

through the valley in thunder and rain the battle is raging, redeem this ... domain The Castle of Eden lies silent ... we must go I look through the eyes of the world I see there's a Stranger among us.

Brother Firetribe - Chasing the angels lyrics

where the boys run free Burning up the ... sky Chasing the angels Another restless night That's when ... voices Calling me to push the edge I wanna feel my blood

Crystal Eyes - The dragon's lair lyrics

up north where the eagles sore, beneath a ... mountain, within its core There's a treasure, you've been ... silver and hills of gold But the stories they also told about

Exxplorer - Chasing the high lyrics


Alex Kassel - Chasing the dream lyrics

turning back Come my way to the place You can follow my lead ... it's me Making love as we're chasing the dream as we're chasing the dream And now that you're

Lorien - The island of the dragon lyrics

Island of the Dragon are away in time A land of ... wonders existed It was the center of everything. ... During ten thousand years The Empire reigned on Earth.

Noble Beast - The dragon reborn lyrics

born upon the slopes of Dragonmount The ancient blood flows ... blood He's come to break the world again All the power he ... not quite yet understand By the sword in his hand He will

Mary Lambert - Chasing the moon lyrics

went out to the city in your friend's Chevy ... You and me stumbled in the backseat ready Laughing at the top of my lungs Said "I ... got lost on our way home from the city All the lights had us

Numenor - The hour of the dragon lyrics

Long years passed by Sending the black shadow wavering Along the walls of the night The ... banner sways and falls in the horror-haunted gloom A ... scarlet Dragon rustles by, borne on winds of

Mia Martina - Chasing the rush lyrics

mean a thing, You can't stop chasing the rush. I was done, I ... still I know inside, I feel the rush is on excess all night ... everything You can't stop chasing the rush. Now you twisted the knife in me Razor sharp at

Sara Bareilles - Chasing the sun lyrics

old city Stuck between the dead and the living So I ... on a graveyard shelf As the echo of heartbeats, from the ... feet Filled a cemetery in the center of Queens I

Galneryus - Chasing the wind lyrics

your love to me every time Chasing the wind I feel your love in ... is you But your soul is in the wind I'm there for you I ... leave you Do you remember the days? We lived on the edge

Mat Kearney lyricsMat Kearney - Chasing the light lyrics

figure it out As you keep Chasing the light Remember back when ... Blow up mattress down by the door 10 pounds heavier from ... we were way out of line From the moment that you popped out

Mindless Self Indulgence - The retarded song (free as a birdie) -hidden .. lyrics

like to go down to the church and drink some holy ... but I don't like it... the priest don't like it but me ... seem to help it i went to the zoo and saw some monkeys hoo

Milk Inc. - Chasing the wind lyrics

in We were living Followed the stars Halfway to Mars Too ... chance I won't let it go Chasing the wind We were living We ... in We were living Followed the stars Halfway to Mars Too

Dowd Louise - Chasing the sun lyrics

Dowd & Richard Salmon - Chasing The Sun Wake up to a dream ... green walk out and drink the light blow a kiss to the ... summer's come and we're chasing the sun shout about feeling,

Every Avenue - Chasing the night lyrics

(yeah) Keep singing along as the night gets longer. Let's ... (yeah) Keep singing along as the night gets longer. Let's ... moving, Keep our feet up off the ground. We hate to leave but

Ramones lyricsRamones - Chasing the night lyrics

here in front of the mirror Its gonna be all ... it's gonna be alright Chasing the night Its gonna be ... alright Chasing the night Its gonna be alright Chasing the night Live my life as

Sham 69 - Chasing the moon lyrics

no m.o.t. And I ain't got the money for a holiday I go ... down to the dole but I'm not a computer ... And they've only got a job that they ... time of day You can point the finger but I know the way I

Amon Amarth - The dragon's flight across the waves lyrics

he stands in the doorway His family still ... asleep Gazing at the starlit horizon And the ... When dawn comes he must leave them His home, his children and

Neonfly - Chasing the night lyrics

one looks twice at the runt of the litter An evil ... a saviour embittered The dark is stealing the light ... secret's not for sale Madman chasing the night Dead souls give

Annihilator - Chasing the high lyrics

up to face another nightmare day Blood drips ... from the mouth, my teeth decay Deep ... my crystal breakfast High, chasing the high Die, chasing the ... in Will do anything to get the sin Sunlight burning my eyes

10 Years - Chasing the rapture lyrics

tongues Are spewing them from our mouths Without a ... We're just making sounds The pride of a lion is your ... disguise But the fear of a coward's in your

Dismember - Chasing the serpent lyrics

like a dream, the outcast of any tribe is king ... and deceit, mass suicide the liberating end New gods will ... Monstrous conclusion breaks the surface all to late, heaven

Nautiluz - Chasing the light lyrics

crossed the shadows falling and standing ... find what no one could find The mysteries of life will never ... understand Till I can find the light again Oh I'll never

The Calling - Chasing the sun lyrics

her blue eyes Begin to open The storm is upon me But I'm chasing the sun And she's got me ... to crawl Through all of the winter Through all of the ... summer day I want to breathe in her air I want to crash

Havok - Chasing the edge lyrics

you searching for the real truth? Every ... I need to break it to you The old way of thinking is dead ... and gone We’re not the center of the universe Take

Alex Parks - Chasing the blue lyrics

only chase I will only chase the blue if I've seen the blue ... you're already reaching for the sky we can only dream we ... will only chase if I've seen the blue in your eyes that was

Septicflesh - Chasing the chimera lyrics

mood is like the weather it changes with unexpected ... creating a mosaic based on the antithesis of cold and warm ... shrine to pray in front of the candle of life. And its

Chicago - Chasing the wind lyrics

had a chance Now I know that there’s just some things Just ... I might as well be Chasin’ the wind Oh, I’m just Chasin’ the wind Opened up my heart

Savage Circus - Chasing the rainbow lyrics

m closing my eyes I can see The Devil is looking at me He's ... behind Give me sanctuary The darkness is pulling me Into the hole I am breaking the

Sarah Brightman - The unexpected song lyrics

I never thought I'd know The kind of love you've shown me ... appearing Like an unexpected song An unexpected song That ... appearing Like an unexpected song An unexpected song That

Tone Damli - The bliss song lyrics

open still Goosebumps from the morning chill On your skin ... stands still And life is a song about you And finally I'm ... And here it is We wake up The days just turning red We

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