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Change In Time Johan Glossne lyrics

Browse for Change In Time Johan Glossne song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Change In Time Johan Glossne lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Change In Time Johan Glossne.

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Sleep Party People - Change in time lyrics

know all the, all the things you want But the age in time will haunt you The comfort is no longer present That you are aging Tme will haunt you The comfort is no longer

Josh Ritter - Change of time lyrics

had a dream last night I dreamt that I was swimming And the stars up above Directionless and drifting Somewhere in the dark Were the sirens and the thunder And around me as I swam The drifters who’d gone under Time, love Time, love Time, love

B. B. King - Change in your loving lyrics

s a change in your loving Strange kind of loving A change in your loving You are cold to the touch Change in your loving Strange kind of loving, baby A change in your loving Once you loved me so much You started a fire Inside of me M

Deftones - Change (in the house of flies) lyrics

watched you change Into a fly I looked away You were on fire I watched a change in you It’s like you never had wings Now you feel so alive I've watched you change I took you home Set you on the glass I pulled off your wings Then I laughed I watched a change

John Fogerty - Change in the weather lyrics

[CHORUS:] Change in the weather, change in the weather, Somethin's happenin' here. Change in the weather, change in the weather, People walkin' round in fear. Uh huh, you better duck and run, Get under cover 'cause the change has come. Storm warning, and

Addison Road - Change in the making lyrics

a better version of me That I can’t quite see But things are gonna change Right now I’m a total mess and Right now I’m completely incomplete But things are gonna change Cause you’re not through with me yet This is redemption’s story With every step that I'm taking Every day

Aimee Allen - Change in weather lyrics

hit rock bottom, Slapped and shot him, Got him black and blue He came back swingin', Didn't know I was dealin' with a devil in the things I do-ooh But not today, not today I'm gonna get a better life for me I'm singin' not today, not today A reason to live a

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Change in louise lyrics

taking pictures of people at rest, smiling at men who are never impressed, always working hard down on bended knee, who else but me can see the change in Louise? Ride Louise, ride (yeah) let me be your guide I'll take you any place you wanna go,

Blackguard - In time lyrics

time for war and a time for peace There’s a time to laugh and a time to weep A time tear down and a time to build up A time to be silent and a time to shout When it’s time to tear down Will you have what it takes to make it right? When it’s time to build up Will the f

Dog Eat Dog - In time lyrics

live just for today, now is not yesterday, tomorrow's another day in live. I heard that growth is slow, that's not the way it goes, variety's the spice of life. My life, We're not the same, growing came, Who can explain why we change?

Dj Jazzy Jeff - In time lyrics

at work Touch of jazz, collabo Take time to make time For all things work out so perfectly There is a place i often Close my eyes and drift off to Where time stands steel and it fells As if i'm floatin' on a cloud now In this place there are no b

Baek Chung Kang - In time lyrics

naegen deo neomu eoduwotdeon sigan sok gaseumi neomudo chagawojin gieok sok kkeuchi eomneun gireul geotneun deut hajiman meomchul su eobseosseo (nae sonkkeute ttatteutam neukkyeo) eonjena neon nae gyeoteul jikyeo eotteokedeun nan neol wihaeseo ir

The Black Keys - In time lyrics

do we go? And all the people, they sure don't want you to know They don't want you to know, oh Livin' in chains, the heart's rearranged You gotta lure it back, all of the time Now tell me I'm right, oh And I got a thing I really can't say You've got a worr

Demon Hunter - In time lyrics

the calling comes for the rest of us Let me help you decide But there is not much sympathy left to give For the deserted mind I have the same fear tearing the plot in two I know it’s not your fight… right? But the weight of it is breaking upon my

Fka Twigs - In time lyrics

Verse 1] In time You'll learn to say sorry And I will play tender with you In time Your hands on my body will resonate through me Like they did before And then [Pre-Chorus] I will be better And we will be stronger And you will be greater The one that I always

Jefferson Airplane - In time lyrics

time since I climbed down this mountain before Things I've seen here make me want to go running home Lean close put your lips next to my face Look further on past the surface Orange, blue, red & green Are the colors of what I feel And my mind y'know it st

Beverley Knight - In time lyrics

decisions over what I should do I see no other way for me to go through Things seem to crowd me when I need space to breathe And all I can do is fantacise over how it should be Thinking it over just makes me see That for once in my lifetime I'll do right by me Break inhib

Maze - In time lyrics

time The world will be much better for our children to live in In time A man won't be judge by the color of his skin Some day We will mend the things that tear us apart In time We'll learn to love eachother I believe this in my heart Maybe thi

Mud Flow - In time lyrics

time, everybody knows that we're gonna lose out At first we try hard to hide the sense of the time, but With make-up, lotions and styles, the eye of life, right But in time everybody looks like everybody else We were dancing in the dark (Our terrifier is a moan by) the

Abney Park - In time lyrics

the moment they met they were in love a love as deep and strong as the sea his ? fit her just like a glove and when she saw him she sparkled with glee but a curse was on them as old as time and time was running out for him fifteen years her love sublime itd die and leave

Kris Allen - In time lyrics

like forever since I felt alive My whole world was shaken in the blink of an eye And everybody's got a word That's gonna take away the hurt And make everything alright But give me just a little while Cause in time In time I'll run And in time I'll heal And in time t

Blood Red Shoes - In time to voices lyrics

on fire like a paper plane Falling down again, back to the start I built you up just like a pack of cards Walking separate paths into the dark In time to voices In time to voices Twist and turning like a Catherine Wheel It burns through everything Pulls you a

Collie Mark - In time lyrics

can hear what you're thinking, All your doubts and fears, And if you look in my eyes, in time you'll find, The reason I'm here. And in time all things shall pass away, In time, you may come back someday. To live once more, or die once more, But in time, your time will be no more

Earth, Wind & Fire - In time lyrics

in time love is gonna find its way Into you life vanishing your times of gray Baby, in time the past reveals the lessons Maybe, in time, you'll learn to count your blessings Baby, in time your fear is gonna fade away We'll march in time to a lovers' hit

Ben Moody - In time lyrics

we come so far Could we even turn back now I'd love to forgive It seems that I've forgotten how Can my heart heal now Is there time left for me It seems the grace Of God has left this place So we make amends What? Consequence We live and die tog

Roy Orbison - In time lyrics

and blue, waiting for someone like yu To come by in time This feeling is new, your love came through You came along in time In time to show which way to go For the answer to my prayer In time to give a reason to live And to know you'll always be there

7th Heaven - In time you'll be mine lyrics

One day I saw you,you saw me I said I love you,you said it was a mystery I looked at you and said "In time you'll be mine" Verse 1: I always thought that you loved me All you said was to wait and see Oh, how I got so happy Just knowing that you lo

Grey Daze - In time lyrics

why must it fly so slow Waiting, is something that's easy for you Pull the plug, send it down the drain Pain is easy to get used to What's in me, is in you What's got me, has got you And everything told, must come true Pretending to be real, forgetting who you are Sin, is a

Julian Casablancas - Johan von bronx lyrics

t forget the wrong guy in the lineup Tryin' hard to be strong always rolling over I will try to guitar out, quoting scripture Soon you won't have memories, only pictures Wait back, the time is not right (o-o-oh) The chase is much better at night (o-o-oh)

Puddle Of Mudd - Change my mind lyrics

could I believe anything you've ever said? I'm on the bottom of your shoes A little piece, a piece of shit I never wanna hear you sing You sound just like a little kid You're like a journey through the world Going the wrong direction But something just ain't fe

Jackson 5 - It's too late to change the time lyrics

Too late) (Too late) (Too late) In this automatic age We shop through the Yellow Page Gone is the corner store There's a supermarket there for you (Yeah) People give way to change But feelings remain the same And it's too late, too late to change the time

Mest - Change lyrics

said what is that you're saying today The exact opposite of yesterday It's funny how things can change And your mind gets rearranged Tell me what should I do Tell me what should I say Is there even time for change Or is it just one following another When I look yo

Billy Ray Cyrus - Change my mind lyrics

ve been talkin' to myself Thinkin' 'bout changing my mind I've been talkin' to myself Thought I put your memory high upon a shelf Well, you know I said I'd forget you You go away in time But lately I've been thinking And I'm thinkin' 'bout changing my mind Change my mind

Killswitch Engage - Time will not remain lyrics

are the days our lives will change and we will see our worlds collide Life is a journey throughout the years that pass a lesson to be learned There is a purpose to all that we encounter in this existence What builds us up may one day break us down These days, search yo

Richard Hawley - Time has made a change lyrics

I've been thinking about the chosen words you said Where nothing seems to spin outside the space that's in your head You are so dark and the space in your heart is so black You think you look forward but really you are looking back Time has made a change

Carlene Carter - Change lyrics

I stayed up all night I've been doing it for years Sleep is not my friend 'cause dreams just feed my tears So I laughed my way around I've been everybody's girl I drank for forgiveness till I drank up the world Change Nobody's here to hold me Change

Anthony Stewart Head - Change lyrics

Fitspatrick - b. vox George Sarah - synths, beats, rhodes, analogs Anthony Head - vocals, piano Change Change is the thing If there ever was a moment in your life when you turned to take a look at yourself A long hard cold stare at the person you are It doesn

The Bravery - Time won't let me go lyrics

I look back On the best days of my life I think I saw them all on T.V. I am so homesick now for Someone that I never knew I am so homesick now for Someplace I will never be Time won't let me go Time won't let me go If I could do it all again I'd go back and change ev

Angela Mccluskey - In the air (feat. morgan page,sultan + ned sh.. lyrics

you are And the feeling feels good Don’t know if you know it But I think you should Tell me it’s alright Tell me we can make this thing tonight Feeling a change, in the air Hallelujah I love you You ready? Cause I couldn’t be happier than right now S

The Killers - Change your mind lyrics

days Help me through the hopeless haze But my oh my Tragic eyes I can't even recognize myself behind So if the answer is no Can I change your mind Out again, a siren screams at half past ten And you won't let go While I ignore, that we both felt

Majesty - Time for revolution lyrics

They took our homeland, they took our fate Stealing our harvest, our pride Let's stand against them, it's still not too late Claiming our godgiven right Brothers, for...

Juanita Bynum - Change lyrics

Verse 1:] I'm so glad that trouble don't last always. I'm so glad that my burdens, they won't last always. You may be down today, but it won't last always; I feel a change, yes, I do, a change is on the way. [Verse 2:] I'm so glad that these troubles won't last alway

The Hives - Introduce the metric system in time lyrics

trying for all my life but I can't add up your subtraction. Work, eat, play then go to sleep that won't get me no satisfaction. Gotta find a way out, yeah a way out of this mess. So sick of trying to make my time last and ending up with less. I know your way

Millenium - Time lyrics

Tic Tac The time is passing by any fool can see the seconds don't lie Tic Tic Tac I wish I could go back on the other hand your wish is my command One two three it's all the same to me singing three four five you can't go back in time You an

Badfinger - In the meantime lyrics

eyes stick out in your head Make me believe it You don't need it, you don't need it You already know In time with time In the meantime You can leave it Or not believe it You're already here But in the middle of the ocean seas Things gonna be this way To speak of lov

Darkwater - In the blink of an eye lyrics

winter, ice and snow One last breath then leave forever Once more she wakes up A dream she knows well A feeling of sorrow just won't leave her side Just a block away He leaves his home in anger and dismay He leaves it all behind But nothing can erase it from his mind All can

Heather Headley - Change lyrics

tried so many times but nothing happened, It seemed the task at hand was much too great for me. I spent my yesterdays wondering if tomorrow would be the same. I underestimated Your grace. But you loved me in spite of my ways And changed me. Change That's the word that comes to mind when

Marcus Alexander - Time machine feat. twitchtv creative lyrics

would you go if you could travel back in time And could I come or would I be left behind What would you see if you could meet your other side I'd stay away cause those worlds should not collide What would you change if you could journey to the past Open your sai

At Sunset - Back in time lyrics

we go again feelings come and go yeah, She's got it going on and now im running circles, Its on my head so baby, I was thinking maybe If i go back and change things, Would this drive me crazy, The thing you said I Dont know What to say but it doesn't matter anyway I don't know w

Matty B Raps - Back in time lyrics

/HOOK// I'mma take you back in time And together we can get it right And we can set the world on fire I'll hit you with the track And I'mma take you back I'mma take you back in time Now we're moving at the speed of light And we know how to win this fight I'll hit y

Pink Cream 69 - Change lyrics

can take my soul And you can rape my mind Play the starring role So thick with fright You can smash it all For your own delight And you can sell it all For a ticket out of here You need change in your life Let the game begin For this blatent sin

Phora - In a perfect world lyrics

t nobody perfect Ain't nobody perfect Ain't nobody perfect Ain't nobody perfect See, in a perfect world it would all be so simple Sometimes simple isn't worth it Cause all the hard times I've been through Made me the man I am today And I ain't nowhere close to perfe

Insania (swe) - Lost in time lyrics

if we could travel right through time. What if we could plan our fate, our destiny. Maybe we should leave our lives behind. And reach out for the hands of time. [Bridge:] Come this way, and we might meet again. Only time can change our destiny.

The Kinks - There's a change in the weather lyrics

by Working Class Man, Middle Class Man and Upper Class Man) I'm just a simple working man Gettin' by the best I can In this crazy mixed-up muddled-up world that I live in. I'm a middle class sort of a guy I'm not rich but I get by Pretendi

Jason Lancaster - Just in time lyrics

please bring me down from this awful suspense And tell me about everything that I've missed Cause I'm wasting time every second not kissed By this girl that I've found who keeps hope on her lips And I believe the world keeps its heart on her sleeve I'd love to tell her things but

Andre Matos - A lapse in time lyrics

ve never been The ordinary man The world begin Like every story does my friend I won't come down To where i was back then And nice mirage of love Has matter single in my heart, my friend But when the white fog descends Over the meadows of light And w

Hazel O'connor - Time (ain't on our side) lyrics

t it good the rose coloured glasses Playing our games, taking our chances Time was our friend, seemed to stand still We were immortal that was until We thought we take our fill We'd time to kill The time ran out on us Time - ain't on our side Time - took

The Adicts - Change lyrics

about you Down at Gino's He said he'd seen you Fooling around with John Well what do you think That you're doing with that loser He's never one for hanging around too long Something has gone wrong And I can see the change in you I was thinking maybe I

Eddy Arnold - There's been a change in me lyrics

I was very young my mother often said I was a bashful kid my face was always red I was afraid of girls but now you see Lordy Lord there's been a change in me Then at the age of twelve I went to my first dance We played some kissin' games and then I got

Pandaemonium - Warrior lost in time lyrics

thunder and the rain are in my veins The rage of my spirit is in my sword God saves my soul From the sky of this world Give me another destiny The Dragon can fly in its sky Listen to my voice and my cry Dragon fly with me with my destiny Save me from this time Take

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