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Dan Fogelberg - Illinois lyrics

gonna have to see me again Illinois...oh, Illinois Illinois, Illinois South California, your sun ... to the fold [Chorus] Illinois-I'm your boy Flat on the

B.o.b. - Champaign (feat. playboy tre) lyrics

One hand on the clutch, life in the fast lane Money ain't nothing if it can't come the fast way Chronic, chronic, chronic, roaches in my ashtray It's that presidential s...

Reo Speedwagon - Ballad of the illinois opry lyrics

there is around springfield illinois Are landmarks telling `bout ... i saw a sign that said the illinois opry is open tonight And the ... i want to be a star in the illinois opry now The people in the

Real Friends - Spread me all over illinois lyrics

me up And spread me all over Illinois I can't, I can't find

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Johnsburg, illinois lyrics

She's my only true love she's all that I think of look here in my wallet that's her She grew up on a farm there there's a place on my arm where I've written her ...

Raghav - My kinda girl lyrics

[Redman:] When she pulled up, I was like wow My name red and I like your style Take my number and put me on file Call me if you ain't freak in a while Yep raghav, le...

The Searchers - Farmer john lyrics

Oh-yeah, a-ha-ha Oh-yeah, a-ha-ha Oh-yeah, a-ha-ha Oh-yeah, a-ha-ha Oh-yeah, a-ha-ha Oh-yeah Mmm, farmer John I'm in love with you daughter Wow-wow-wow Wit...

Andrew Bird - First song lyrics

it was dusk in illinois a small boy, after an ... smoky dusk and nightfall of illinois and from the fields two ... the boys did in the towering illinois twilight make and into dark

Mötley Crüe - Dr. feelgood (demo) lyrics

cares? I'm Mr. Satisfier Champaign, cocaine it's all the same ... one they call Dr. Feelgood Champaign, cocain it's all the same Get

Packy (the Specktators Collective) - The campaign lyrics

She said she loves me, but she don't want a kid like me She said she needs me, but she don't wanna mess around And she knows, I don't blame her at al...

Monsta X - Coach me (san e ft. hyorin & jooheon) lyrics

Coach me I will coach you hyorin) Coach me soljikhi jal moreuni gareuchyeojullae Teach me cheoncheonhi sangsehi mal jal deureulge ireoke hamyeon johe...

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Lingering on lyrics

Lingering on They're lingering on Each of the joys that came with the love we knew Sparkling champaign A walks in the rain It's hard to forget these moments ...

The Lumineers - Sleep on the floor lyrics

yea decide on us Oh, oh, oh, Illinois, Illinois Pack yourself a

Raz Simone - 8 rangs lyrics

flags in my hood like its Illinois, I done came a long way ... flags in my good like its Illinois Still ridin on niggaz

Children Of Bodom - Lookin out my back door lyrics

got home from illinois, lock the front door, oh boy! ... yeow! Just got home from illinois, lock the front door, oh boy!

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Looking out my back door lyrics

got home from Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy ... back door Forward troubles Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy

Jim Croce - Box #10 lyrics

out of Southern Illinois Come a down home country boy ... Well, back in Southern Illinois They're still worryin' 'bout

Chris De Burgh - Long train running lyrics

Without love Well, the Illinois Central And the Southern ... Without love Well, the Illinois Central And the Southern

Doobie Brothers - Long train running lyrics

Without love Well, the Illinois Central And the Southern ... Without love Well, the Illinois Central And the Southern

Sammy Adams - I hate college lyrics

(Cause I ain't goin out like a sucka, no way) I Hate College Remix. I hate college but love all the parties, Finishing kegs and crushing bottles of Bacardi, King...

All Faces Down - Get wasted lyrics

put up your glasses, fill em up with wine I'm gonna buy the next round, let's swig some vodka lime come on, get wasted, let's have a party through the nigh...

Jeremy Zucker - Bout it lyrics

[Chorus: Jeremy Zucker] See I don't know, you at all But I'm 'bout it, if you 'bout it Don't give a f***, if you're involved Cause I'm 'bout it, if you 'bout it, yeah ...

Rick Ross - "yacht club" lyrics

your lady will, still spillen champaign, or is it merlow, f*** it its

Kingdom Come - Feeding the flame lyrics

Another day is dawning Another night, is calling my name Another tear is falling Another year, of grief and Champaign Opened my heart Right back to start So many ti...

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Dipset 2 lyrics

[laughs] kush...good kush Weezy dip dip, wayne set set And i grip techs leave em waterbed wet And i know just where to put these hollow tips His chest his chest his ches...

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - I feel free lyrics

can't get enough of her. N- champaign, I can't stop touchin' her.

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Take it off lyrics

them girls like them bad boys them girls like them bad boys i heard them girls like them bad boys (its like) shhhh... be quiet cuz ur body talks louder w...

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Diamonds never made a lady lyrics

expenses paid You drink champaign, eat caviar A colour TV in

Nas lyricsNas - War lyrics

[Chorus - singing] There's a war in the streets tonight And nobody's really feelin' alright I got a blunt for a chronic, a juice for my tonic I know now that I...

Outlawz - Murder made easy lyrics

[Young Noble] (talking) Outlaw, Outlaw Bring your mother f***ing Jersey Mob In the name of Makaveli The Don, the killa motherf***in Kadafi [Akwylah - Verse 1] Everyb...

Public Enemy - Say it like it really is lyrics

Get up Back atcha Gettin it on Still wide awake 6 in the mornin Still comin atcha Till the breaka dawn This revolution goes on and on Stop that Askin ...

Pyogenesis - Lunacy lyrics

I do have this feeling - not to stay at home wanna see some people - don´t wanna be alone Altough my town offers me places they even could be nice, I ...

Scatman John lyricsScatman John - Shut your mouth and open your mind lyrics

I've been watching your performance since I was just a boy You're so diplomatic and you're actin so coy I see you on the TV at nite when I'm in bed Can a Bli...

Luisa Sobral - I would love to lyrics

I would love toI don't like to go to fancy placesDrink Champaign and talk of cars and racesBut if you ask me toI would love toI don't like to wake up in the morni...

Blackberry Smoke - Shaking hands with the holy ghost lyrics

Spend the night like wide open I ain't got nowhere to go Yeah my baby's out and mad at me Yeah she tearing up the floor We got the Tennessee champaign And the mo...

Blood On The Dance Floor - Keys to the bakery lyrics

I'm so fresh I got the keys to the bakery I'm so fresh I got the keys to the bakery I'm so fresh to death! I'm so fresh to death! I'm always fresh to death!...

The Cardigans - 03.45: no sleep lyrics

It's way too late to think of Someone I would call now And neon signs got tired Red eye flights help the stars out I'm safe in a corner Just hours before me I'm waking ...

Chief Keef - Winnin (feat. king louie) lyrics

[Hook: Chief Keef] I can't loose bitch, I'm so loose to winnin' (Bang, Bang) F*** with my family and you are finished (Bang, Bang) And bitch we at the top, We...

Cyne - Soapbox lyrics

Akin: F*** a penny for my thoughts, here's a dollar if you can hear me hollar why they pop collar. Champaign and combosie, I press play on a RCA to bring a legend back ...

Die Antwoord lyricsDie Antwoord - Beat boy lyrics

Beat Boy Yo Dj Hi-Tek Drop The Motherf***in Beat Box Dog Bring That Next-Level Shit Uh, Yo, For Real That’s What I’m Talking About Check It Out Totally Psychi...

Erin Mccarley - Pony lyrics

You hold your head up to the sky You say what kind of blue are you? Are you? Then you ride your pony round and round It’s diggin’ a hole, right through, r...

Ghinzu - Dracula cowboy lyrics

5 stars, late night Fine clubs down town My nose full tank Few pills around Costume national suit no tie Edward Green shoes, my style Less Jekill and m...

Ghinzu - Seaside friends lyrics

I feel comfortable My life is spectacular I am free Totally free I love me I was born a millionaire And I'll die a billionaire And wind blows in the trees And...

Goldfish - One million views lyrics

a crazy baboon Late nights, champaign, I became a raccoon Follow me

Lyfe Jennings - Cops up lyrics

[Intro:] Aye yo u Still up at the hood spots Still no security, still gotta swaga like my pops Still water run deep when that coke is cheap But when that price ...

Marina Łuczenko - This is called "me" lyrics

This is how it goes Damn, this is gonna be campaign I don't wanna look, look in the mirror I don't wanna be just like you Imitation isn't what I do Damn, I don't have...

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Sin city lyrics

Diamonds and dust (home at last) Poor man last, rich man first Lamborghinis, caviar Dry martinis, Shangri-la I got a burning feeling Deep inside of me It's ...

Pleasure P - Luckiest man lyrics

I see the wind is blowing through her hair tonight, oohAnd the champaign is flowing up in here tonight, oh lordShe said I'll give you my number if you promise ...

Mindy Smith - What if the world stops turning lyrics

[Verse] What does it matter what's going on outside With or without us. It will keep going on just fine. Got a little Champaign and plenty of time. [Chorus]...

The Cramps - Jailhouse rock lyrics

The drummer boy from illinois went crash, boom, bang, The

Jeff Beck - Jailhouse rock lyrics

trombone Drummer boy from Illinois was crash-a-bam boomin' The

Krayzie Bone - Thugz all ova da world lyrics

the fine ho We f***ed in Illinois, right outside of Chicago

Luke Bryan - Suntan city lyrics

and chug a beer with Miss Illinois? [Chorus] Yea I'm sittin'

Chinaski - Everybody needs somebody lyrics

all the representatives of illinois’ law enforcement community

Common - Real nigga quotes lyrics

two one two Yo I be the Big Illinois here to build and destroy I

John Denver - City of new orleans lyrics

on the City of New Orleans Illinois Central Monday morning rail

Jermaine Dupri - Party continues lyrics

undefeated from the Chi comma Illinois My crew make more noise than

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Slow train lyrics

Well, my baby went to Illinois with some bad-talking boy she

Dan Fogelberg - Forefathers lyrics

the steel mills of central Illinois His daughter was his jewel,

Futuristic - Od lyrics

your leg in the winter in Illinois if you walking around with a

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