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Chamber Of Echoes - Our differences lyrics

OF ECHOES “Our Differences” Songwriters: Korolenkov,Klaryssa Oh you, why'd you look so sad? Keep your head held high It ain't all that bad Don't change Always remain the same Claim your fame, claim you fame Own up to your name You're one of a kind And in time I hope you fi

Alice Deejay - Celebrate our love lyrics

I can see the sun's already shining It's gonna be a perfect day. Hand In hand we're gonna party Till the music fades away Yeah,yeah,yeah celebrate our love Yeah,yeah...

Empire Of The Sun - Celebrate lyrics

the simplest fact Girl you cheated through the breakin way Fall through the love like I never loved Soberer than I’ve ever been Call me, hard to emerge yea Sittin on the fire and waitin All the things I have changed and I’m afraid you Crossed an inch away We ce

Shola Ama - Celebrate lyrics

celebrate our love tonight Celebrate our love tonight Celebrate, celebrate our love tonight Celebrate our love tonight I've been looking for a way, boy To let you know What You mean to me. oh I wanna let you know That we don't need a reason To let

Doro Pesch - Celebrate lyrics

celebrate our love for rock and metal We raise our heads as we salute Tonight we share our love for rock and metal There's nothing more we wanna do It was a long, long road but we've made it through For a long, long time I've been with you When the times got hard and some los

Jordan Pruitt - Celebrate love lyrics

up the candles dim all the lights Now let the magic begin There's peace in our hearts as we feel the love from within Good friends of Gavin loves in the air Everyone's singing a carol or sayin a prayer So lets Celebrate love in this season of giving Let's ma

A-ha lyricsA-ha - Differences lyrics

your voice Give us hope Make us whole Save our souls We have failed so many times Our attempts in steep decline Promises we could not keep Differences that run too deep We're afraid of ourselves For a while Keep us safe Love is such a b

Mitchel Musso - Celebrate lyrics

see you and me Cruisin down the freeway in my AMG Top back with my muffler Screamin' look at me I like my subs to hit that high Velocity (Tonights gonna be tonights You're gonna see) Lovin' and laughin' This night isn't over Let's keep on dancin'

Skyy - Lets celebrate lyrics

celebrate Loving each other, needing each other Let’s celebrate Loving each other, needing each other You got all of my life You got all of me And all we need is each other And that’s all we need, all we need You got me feelin’ high Fee

Hezekiah Walker - Celebrate lyrics

Jehovah Jireh, my provider, my strong tower, my everything. Through the hurt and pain, He's my relief; celebrate His name. Chorus: Let's all celebrate, let's all celebrate, let's all celebrate, Jesus, our Lord and King. Let's all celebrate, let's all celebrat

Fields Of The Nephilim - Celebrate lyrics

the moment's right Only moments rise For the lesser blessed It's all promises When the daughters rise From their comas rise For a lesser blessed It seems honest here Celebrate give love and praise Celebrate For our lesser days Obsession

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - Celebrate (with jordin sparks) lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh Everybody's been so uptight And forgetting to live the life Let all the problems get them down Till they make you wanna shout See everybody's been down in luck Now finally things are looking up The sun is chased all the rain a

Pitbull - Celebrate lyrics

Mr. Worldwide Let’s celebrate I just wanna celebrate I just wanna celebrate Tonight we’re making history I just wanna celebrate [Pitbull] We’ve been around th...

Lolirock - Celebrate/planete pop lyrics

me, Tell me you wanna get away. Tell me, Tell me now what you wanna say. Magic's in the air, set yourself free Take a trip with us, that's the way to be. When you're out of breath, no need to despair. You can count on us, we'll be always there. We can make

Illy - Our country lyrics

this track is dedicated to the indigenous people of Australia And the soldiers and the fire-fighters who protect it yea Yea the strong stood silent much harder men wept Polies broadcast live from the parliament steps City slickers watched on Bush cousi

Sandra lyricsSandra - Celebrate your life lyrics

can never say good-bye Any special way Everything i left behind Will keep on callin' Can't take an' understand This masquerade Look back look back Who's to blame For puttin' out fire Like a moviestar I would dream so far An' you You celebr

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Celebrate the future (ft. enrique iglesias) lyrics

future is coming You got to catch it if you can The magic’s unfolding When you can hold it in your hand We can touch tomorrow today To make some memories that never fade away Put your hands on the future There are dreams together around the world With the voice from ev

James Durbin - Celebrate lyrics

say that love is just a matter of time You've gotta search high and low, or you can never find It took some time to fix that piece of my mind But I'm thankful everyday for the love of my life I wanna celebrate, celebrate my life with you, Celebrate, Ooh baby, I just gotta c

Ingrid Michaelson - Celebrate lyrics

Everybody cele-brate Celebrate Oh everybody everybody celebrate Sitting in my mom's old minivan Radio up haven't called me back Living up the days of the "never gonna change" Didn't stay like that Hate to say its been too long Old school d

Kenny Loggins - Celebrate me home lyrics

for the holidays, I believe I've missed each and every face, Come on and play my music, Let's turn on every love light in the place It's time I found myself, Totally surrounded in your circles Whoa, my friends Please, celebrate me home, Give me a number, Please,

Corbin Bleu - Celebrate you lyrics

oh, oo oh .. aah Everyday is the right day It’s easy to understand ‘Cause you get the chance and you take it Make it the best you can make it Why should you hold back? It’s the time of your life You don’t want him to stop On right here and now There’s so

Maino - Celebrate lyrics

Maino:] Just when I started to feel like there was no more hope-is when hope presented it self. And just like that my life changed. Man, so I guess tomorrow really did come. Yeah, tomorrow's here Ohhh! Yea, look at me now! That's right I'm hap

Levellers - Celebrate lyrics

the sound and lights On a table with friends Everybody's fine They're all drinking wine, yeah Was there you fell in love In a crowded room Not for the first But for the thousandth time, yeah So you celebrate, you celebrate you celebrate your Love With a little hous

Midnight Panic - Celebrate lyrics

times are what you make of them My friends are tight like family I've started to see We walked on all these busy streets Looking for something we can do I'm feeling bored again One wrong turn, and you're cruising out on a stretcher Why is life this

Mika lyricsMika - Celebrate (feat. pharrell williams) lyrics

want the whole world to celebrate I wanna come home To the only place I know Where the trees I planted grow I wanna come home Once I get up I feel better Then I pull myself together I remember those two letters It will be OK Everyone says now or never I say

Mblaq - Celebrate lyrics

yojeum manhi gominhaesseo modeunge geojitmal gatasseo Aryeonhi jinan sigancheoreom nuntteumyeon sarajyeobeoril kkumcheoreom Cheot nun gateun seolleimeul seonmulhaejun neo(neo) Huin nungachi hayake useojuneun neo(useojuneun neo) Neoman saenggakhamyeon tto ttwig

Punchface - Celebrate lyrics

Come to the jungle, Get out the city Leave all you're trouble, bring none of it See, we came to party. Come in a hurry Forget the madness, no time to worry We love to sing and we love to dance So come sing along and fall in a trance Kick off your shoes and get to the floor G

Simple Minds - Celebrate lyrics

Act of love Is a luxury The suit he wears Belongs to me The road is long Seven thousand miles Soldier talk And uniform We can live I can live Celebrate Celebrate We ca...

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Celebrate lyrics

Celebrate, every night and day Celebrate, never runaway Celebrate, wake up it's not a dream Celebrate, This life is for free When you've got the key to reality Let...

Dj Cammy - Celebrate the summer lyrics

re my hunnybun, sugarplum, Pumpie-umpie-umpkin, you're my sweetie-pie, You're my cuppy-cake,gum-drop, snukkum-snukkum Snort, the apple of my eye, and i love you so And i want you to know that i'll always be right here, And i love to sing these songs to you

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Celebrate youth lyrics

I can see the older man Looking at the younger man I can see the younger man Looking at the boy Other there the older woman Is looking at the younger woman I can see the younger woman Looking at the girl Cause every man sees In the younger man the hope Every woman s

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Another star lyrics

quot;Another Star" La la la la la la lala la La la la la la la lala la La la la la la la lala la La la la la la la lala la For you There might be another star But through my eyes the light of you it's all I see For you There might be another song

Kid Rock - Celebrate lyrics

things that most can’t see Fads and fashion never meant that much to me Ain’t worth askin’ girl we could have it all Shotgun blastin’ havin’ ourselves a ball I know it’s late but your daddy’s not done yet So let’s rock this spot till the sunset I

Mantas, Mia Marijonas - Celebrate basketball lyrics

my head to my feet I see the people going crazy on the streets Tonight Let me take you for a holiday, that you won’t forget (for a holiday you will not forget) http://lyricmv.com/marijonas-mantas-mia-celebrate-basketball-lyrics.html ‎ And if you’re ready

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Celebrate lyrics

Na na na na na Na na na na na Na na na na na nana na na na na Na na na na na Na na na na na Na na na na na nana na na na na Let´s celebrate and have a good time We...

Dubioza Kolektiv lyricsDubioza Kolektiv - Celebrate the riot lyrics

t breath, heart attack, falling into coma Can’t see light at the end of the tunnel One shock, two shock, starting to choke Looking for a way out, everywhere is locked Loosing my grip, no strength to rewire Admit defeat, is it time to retire? Hear no sound, is it blast of a bomb? Try

Bethel Music - Wonder (spontaneous) lyrics

we never lose our wonder May we never lose our wonder Wide eyed and mystified May we be just like a child Staring at the beauty of our King [x3] Ooooh oh oh Fill us with wonder May we never lose our wonder May we never lose our wonder Wide eyed and mystified May we

Earth Wind And Fire - Celebrate lyrics

change, they rearrange So why can't you and I - say why Thoughts we find, are so unkind We often have to cry - but why [Chorus:] Celebrate, change your thoughts to love Celebrate, what you're thinking of Time ain't long, soon we'll be moving on, Moving on... Nature's way fo

Earth, Wind & Fire - Celebrate lyrics

change, they rearrange So why can't you and I--say why Thoughts we find, are so unkind We often have to cry--but why Chorus: Celebrate, change your thoughts to love Celebrate, what you're thinking of Time ain't long, soon we'll be moving on, Moving o

Ginuwine - Differences lyrics

hey... Oh, yeah, oh, yeah To you Mmm...mmm...mmm... Oh, yeah, babe My whole life has changed Since you came in, I knew back then You were that special one I'm so in love, so deep in love You make my life complete You are so sweet, no one competes Glad you came into my lif

Her Name In Blood - Differences lyrics

the rage There is no more room for lies No turning back to hear your cry This is the way Hell ya Gather round Listen to the battle cry Get up Don't need a reason why To the edge And off the ledge This is the road I chose until the end Your mad

Klangkarussell - Celebrate lyrics

just want to celebrate I just want to celebrate I just want to celebrate Celebrate another day of

Da Buzz - Wonder where you were lyrics

heee eh heee heee) (wonder were you are) I see you go again to escape from the pain shouldnt left you alone (no) but baby listen to me i cant help how i feel theres an end of my love you can run you can cry but look deep in my eyes our love must be

Meredith Andrews - Wonder of wonders lyrics

painted sky, the sparkling sea They whisper who You are The distant glow of galaxies Radiate Your heart There's a song among the stars You are the Lord of lords The wonder of wonders God of the ages, all of creation It beats with Your heart You are the Lord of lords

Lucky Dube - Celebrate life lyrics

re living in the world With alot of crazy people We're living in the world With psychopaths Everyone of them wants to rule The world Some people have the front row seat At the top of the world Some people have nothing but just a life Problems are there left and right Liar

Emeli Sandé lyricsEmeli Sandé - Wonder (feat. naughty boy) lyrics

can beat the night, I'm not afraid of thunder I am full of light, I am full of wonder Wo-oh, Wo-oh, I ain't falling under Wo-oh, Wo-oh, I am full of wonder Though our feet might ache The world's upon our shoulders No way we goin' break Cause we are full of wonder

Naughty Boy lyricsNaughty Boy - Wonder ft. emeli sande lyrics

can beat the night, I'm not afraid of thunder I am full of light, I am full of wonder Wo-oh, Wo-oh, I ain't falling under Wo-oh, Wo-oh, I am full of wonder Though our feet might ache The world's upon our shoulders No way we goin' break Cause we are full of wonder Wo-oh, Wo-oh,

Paddy And The Rats - Celebrate lyrics

1909 on a vernal day A child was born near Dingle Bay In the thick of smashing disarray His life start was hard as we say But that's why he does't know a stay Try to beat him but it doesn't pay No dismay against ending, nay He's eager for the fray We gonna sing out, G

Lesley Gore - Wonder boy lyrics

boy, wonder boy That's what they call you at our school But I think you're just an educated fool Wonder boy, wonder boy If you're so smart, how come you don't know I love you If you're so smart, how come you don't know I care Your nose is always stuck i

The Moody Blues - Our guessing game lyrics

in the sand Thinking of things Adventures in my mind Tall ships that sail Across the ocean wide They won't wait for me See the way they glide Away so gracefully And with tomorrow What will become of me? They leave me so much to explain That's the start of our guessing

Michael W. Smith - Wonder lyrics

wants to find a way Everyone needs to know There's a reason we can trade our pain And replace it with a rush of hope Everybody with a weary heart Can fall and rise again on grace And when we're searching for a place to start The broken still can say You'r

Dan Black - Wonder lyrics

somewhere up in your loft MTV with the sound off We lay down at the edge of town, oh On and on we're drifted Our eyes opened and twisted We lay down at the edge of town, oh But have you noticed Summer comes and disappears From a mirror like a

Jack Savoretti - Wonder lyrics

my stories to the ones I love Hide my fears from those who don't I've been tryin' to change my ways for days You keep sayin' that I won't Old songs on a late night There's just too much on my mind My love is a true love, but my hearts as cold as ice

The Glitch Mob - Our demons lyrics

wonder you're so stubborn Nobody ever made you dig deeper No wonder you got demons Everything you ever did is coming back around I can't help you if I'm weaker You took the honey from the queen bee keeper No wonder you have demons Everyone's got a choice this time

Groenland - Our hearts like gold lyrics

tried to take off on time because we care The animals were awfully kind to lead us there They felt us near, the way was clear Even when you think you know where you belong How can you expect to grow when you stay home Your feet are gold, get off the road We s

Poison The Well - Celebrate the pyre lyrics

ve lived my life without direction Holding on to a gift given long ago Because of this I'll pay for my mistakes the rest of my life Dragging my body along the black expanse I can smell the burning trail left behind I'm not a failure I'm not alone As this comes to a close

The Beloved - Celebrate your life lyrics

Where is the hope today And where is the passion? It seemed just like yesterday Love was in fashion A rumor that was spread around All the answers had been fo...

Anna Tsuchiya - Wonder woman (namie amuro ft. ai and anna tsu.. lyrics

let’s go… Jakuniku kyoushoku no world to be sure kirinuketeku you're so independent you never ever fear makezugirai no seikaku ga ii kedo egao no sukima just one second mite shimatta tears no, no I can't let it go shirasete yo (hey) sono S.O.S. i'll be your wonder woman

News - Wonder lyrics

know what I'm saying? I mean you can get it on babe Kept you waiting huh? We are Fantastic 4 koko kara hajimaru wonder land orera tobikiri joutou na hunter da Sou number one tsukamu! konkyo wa No need!!!! Show time No No motomeru no wa fake janai

Avanna - Wonder lyrics

some reason things seem different Not anymore do I sleep well I don’t see the same as you do The world’s so much darker right now I wonder, I wonder How long until all of my blood is drained, blood is drained I wonder, I wonder How long until my life com

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