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Bros - Cat among the pigeons lyrics

Nervously feeling fear on the street. No moving traffic ... Only the odd wing in the air A shaft of light A ... time No time to despair. There's a cat among the pigeons There's a pain in her chest

Caliban - Among the living (anthrax cover) lyrics

disease! spreading the disease. With some help from ... captain trips, He'll bring the world down to his knees. ... Power, yes power! he'll show them all his power. It pulses

Geezer - Among the cyberman lyrics

Tell me who lies dead among the Cybermen How long can they ... Tell me who lies dead among the Cybermen How long can they ... Tell me who lies dead among the Cybermen How long can they

Ross The Boss - Among the ruins lyrics

lives must change From the cradle to the grave So turn the page And glory to the brave ... alone My face turned to the storm I stand alone ... Forever I'm alive among the ruins A brand new day In

Sodom - Among the weirdcong lyrics


Decadence - Among the fallen lyrics

one sees the raven inside my soul It ... I do always turns out wrong The fallen I was placed among ... will be left because I'm the one Been chosen to stand in the flames While you are

Decadence - Among the fallen (original version) lyrics

one sees the raven inside my soul It ... I do always turns out wrong The fallen I was placed among My ... will be left because I’m the one I’m the one standing in the flames While you are

Anthrax - Among the living lyrics

Disease Spreading the disease With some help from ... Captain Trips He'll bring the world down to his knees ... Power, yes Power He'll show them all his power It pulses

George Jones - Among the few lyrics

railroad track And a well in the back will do Though few may ... of love Was built for one another And we're so lucky we're among the few. And if we had

Mob Rules - Among the gods lyrics

I don't complain about it - there ain't no way aside Just ... count the days, ignore all when they ... life so ride on and hear me, the prayer, A legend of thoughts

Bonded By Blood - Among the vultures lyrics

away by my brothers Stripped of all I know ... at my flesh Walking through the desert They seem to know my ... me Slowly picking me apart Among the vultures Is where I will

Embryo - Among the living dead lyrics

spending all the time on chasing to homologize ... Each other thoughts, each other empty minds You’re lying on ... as All you want I’m alone among The living dead Your

Celesty - Among the dreams lyrics

I was walking towards the light, and there I saw my ... child And you were there with him, you didn’t see me ... you withdraw more and more Then you did turn to watch me you

Tim Armstrong - Among the dead lyrics

homes Broken kid’s living in the jungle It’s about seven in the east bay cold as hell middle ... of the summer Me and Jesse Matt and ... Dave Mello was the drummer My momma said you

Funebrarum - Among the exiled lyrics

slips away Plunging into the black Your plummeting soul ... awakes... Dashed upon the rocks Your corporeal form ... sensing pain Dusk falls on the shores of the Styx The

Skylark - Among the clouds lyrics

Of The Light: White Warrior? ... White Warrior: This is the time to realize. This is the ... way to go. Riding The Ivory Stormwind. I will ... penetrate the fog. The Divine Gladiators: We'll

Kimaera - Among the dead lyrics

inside of me Waiting for the loss of time To unfold her ... mystery Before the tomb of my crime The ... Im hanging upon doubt And these smiles can be so saddened

Cenotaph - Among the abrupt lyrics

in a fire sky dominating the howl dark billowing of the ... mind Freezing the time between my illusions they cross the frigid than mist ... my uncontrolling feelings Among this violent dimension

Sig:ar:tyr - Among the ruins lyrics

we stand, at the shattered remains of a ... was For when severed from the well-spring that breathes ... a people... a nation... And they whose thirst is slaked by the mirage of the modern world

A True Story - Among the dead lyrics

I know that everyday will be the same I've been driving all ... night And there's no one in sight Because ... home I'll drive through all the street lights Through all the empty roads (on the empty

Conception - Among the gods lyrics

new victim Another foe Soldiers pitch for the ... for god One more dying and the peace will be near You ... face the sky Before you die This war ... will be a fight for the sacred Too late to cry

Infest - Among the fallen ones lyrics

More and more No feelings, they are torn apart, when blood ... Merciless is what I became the first time I tasted blood! ... started to be an obsession in the first line of the front!

Iced Earth - Among the living dead lyrics

promised you Pathogen's upon them This creation out of ... control They've come back to life Their ... hunger is unrelenting The flesh will ease their pain

Pj Harvey - Cat on the wall lyrics

heard our song on the radio It wasn't long before ... I think of you Can't get the sound outta my head Don't ... I saved your voice from the telephone I play it back on the message machine It really

Red Rider - Among the ruins lyrics

ll be here when the lights go down And there's ... to see I'll be here when the shadows die And there's ... nothing left to fear When the lights go down and the

Amy Jo Johnson - Cat in the snow lyrics

she does not speak down in the valley of trials and

Rwake - The cat and the snake lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Cadacross - Among the stars lyrics

to see how it ends? Gaze the comets that scrape the sky ... a wish? Don't you pray for the stars to fall? Eternally ... chaotic brightness Further from our galaxy Where

Adultery - Among the flowers lyrics

the sunshine shows through the leaves and brightens the ... gree lawns, it is the sign of beatiful day and ... up my mind's power ! I utter the spell, let the forgotten

Freedom Call - Among the shadows lyrics

in a bygone life Fear the emptiness in heaven But love ... time Where hell will cross the heaven Where angels fly ... Am I in Heaven or Hell With the spirit and spell Take me

Primordial - Among the lazarai lyrics

moon Perditious souls danse their danse Winter withered ... Listen, such angels of the end do weep As knowledge ... watch ever Wrapped beneath the boughs of fateless sleep

10.000 Maniacs - Among the americans lyrics

to the sun a kiss to the earth embrace a stone ... come the small black book come the ... cask one strange disease the well worded paper signed by the drunken hands of thieves

Pretty Maids - Snakes in eden lyrics

are the lust behind the lie You are the hate that ... and mystery You are the cycle of my pain The never ... ending strain And bring out the worst in me And black is

Waltari lyricsWaltari - Pigeons lyrics

the thousand white wing pigeons spread their wings and raise ... to the brave rise towards the cloudless sky, my faith for ... Sane I will be drowned by the pure feelings, beatings

Natalie Imbruglia lyricsNatalie Imbruglia - Pigeons and crumbs lyrics

to you Where’d it go , the bluebird I should follow ... line Don’t believe a thing they say , today Seems we all ... get lost amongst the pigeons and the crumbs All alone

Page France - Pigeons lyrics

joker sprung the flower jaw The pigeons peeled the colors off ... a kid through flaming doors The colors sprung the rooster ... crow The fire who surround us both

The Hollies - The mighty quinn lyrics

You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn Come all ... You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn Everybody's ... Some are building monuments, others jotting down notes

Aiden - Walk among the dead lyrics

is for the godless and vilified This is ... for the faithless soul The last of human kind This is ... for gutless and terrified The end of the human race To

Neil Diamond - Lost among the stars lyrics

in the night We can burn like the ... brightest sun Out in the night There's a place That ... Forever one Lost among the stars I saw you there And ... mattered You and only you Among the stars And nothing else

My Morning Jacket - Spring (among the living) lyrics

roam Out of our holes Then we spend all Spring Looking ... for the next one to go down ... [Chorus:] Among the living Among the living again Out in the

Germs - Cat's clause lyrics

to the feline den I crawl to join the feline force that waits I ... a sort of katsy stance as they look into my cat-like face ... From behind their sable masks Not a purring

Elvis Costello - Down among the wines and spirits lyrics

among the wines and spirits Where a ... He starts to speak and then he falls to pieces Down among the wines and spirits Where ... what he merits Lives with the echoing words of their final

The Chordettes - Down among the sheltering palms lyrics

among the sheltering palms Oh honey, ... we've got a date Out where the sun goes down about eight ... yearning To be down among the sheltering palms Oh honey,

Artrosis - Among flowers and shadows lyrics

different blood This is not the same Differently I feel ... blows far between I scarcely catch up with waves Whose shape ... my hands Be! Be by my side Then everything will start again

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Out among the stars lyrics

in Texas Closing time another day is done When a boy ... walks in the door and points a pistol He ... confrontation That he lets the old man run out in the street

Gordon Lightfoot - Race among the ruins lyrics

think you had the last laugh Now you know this ... can't be true Even though the sun shines down upon you now ... you must feel blue You make the best of each new day You try

Fallulah - The black cat neighbourhood lyrics

black cat neighbourhood Licking, ... licking on the street Licking, licking on the street You know you're not ... succeed in becoming part of the neighbourhood The black cat

Godgory - Walkin' among the dead lyrics

my head You are now walking among the dead Memories of you ... t believe in good or evil The only thing I believe is in ... my head You are now walking among the dead When I close my

Cold Driven - Worthy among the worthless lyrics

at the crossroads between a life ... And the needles end And there’s no turning back once it’s ... dreams And you can’t stop the cravings It’s always one hit

Alice Cooper - Gutter cat vs. the jets lyrics

met an alley cat P****footin' around Till the break of dawn Found me ... had to stay I couldn't get the blood off my hands She ... for a month Meow House cat You really got it made

Kroda - Falcon among the cliffs lyrics

Blood… By the Hot Blood – To bewitch the ... Flames Of Fire… Kroda exalt the sparkles of Pyre Towards ... Celestial Heights, Where they dwell at that moment,

Omnia - The well lyrics

grows the lily oh Right among the bushes oh A gentleman ... a drink As he was dry At the well below the valley oh ... Green grows the lily oh Right among the

Orden Ogan - Deaf among the blind lyrics

crumbles, our little place in the abyss Where blind men - are ... shouting ...and where the deaf men show how To find ... a path out of the darkness We're gone

Bury Tomorrow - The maiden lyrics

stop this and refuse To pay the price for time it takes To ... Before I die Holding back the truth Will take over my life ... would be better saved for another day Who am I to say? Who

Carnifex - Among grim shadows lyrics

before the dawn when cold winds offered ... comfort, a darkness hangs in the air a seething for the night. ... The screams of fallen angels. I ... love it here. This is where the dark and hate await. My name

Labrat - Rest among the silt lyrics

I'm alone I cry for peace but they won't go. And this is ... I drown - I cannot float And they keep pushing me the rope ... you'd never want me To be there - And if I made you

Saxon - The preacher lyrics

hand Do you think he sees the promised land Holy fire, ... holy water Anoint the faithful break the sacred ... bread Will the message get inside your head

The Kills - Cat claw lyrics

to stand up our fingers from the bell Tell me sugar how you ... I wouldn't give a f*** but the love here is such a long walk ... Got my hand caught in a cat claw, scream! On everyone's

Ark - The hunchback of notre dame lyrics


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