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Etienne Sin - Carved by ships, built for hearts lyrics

high up, I am here Far away from everything I fear I'll ... fade right into you I'll bury into you ... Just suddenly You carved right into me Into my heart, Into my heart You make

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - Heart attack lyrics

d do 22 states and half a mile Just to see your face ... before I die I don't care if all the lights are red I've ... got a wild horse running right ... through my head Well jeez Louise now don

Eternal Reign - Into my own hands lyrics

darkened room, prayers go out like silent cries ... I'm asking for truth, all that's offered are lies Demons haunting my soul, laughing at me ... I'm down in a hole, it's no desperate dream

Molly Hatchet - Heart of my soul lyrics

how we used to play, laughed and fought the days away, But ... now those days are gone and I still fightin', For the heart of my soul, Summers never ... seem to last, childhood days are in the past, But memories

Lacrimas Profundere - My chest lyrics

these times I want to forget And all these tears can't help ... me do that And all the lessons I have learned ... From you 'till now Can't heal a thing in me or help

Amberian Dawn - My only star lyrics

a day turns into a night I will light up my ... light in the sky Don't shed a tear on the ground I once laid Cause I'll be here From ... your tears I'll make a crystal necklace To surround my heart and my chest I'll be up

Little Boots - Tune into my heart lyrics

is never simple Especially when it's you that's on ... the receiving end As memories start to fade I ... know the road it takes no prisoners The only ... thing that comes between us is distances More and more each day

Shinhwa - Into my heart lyrics

ja ool myuh seul puh ha myuh nuhn hang sang weh ro wo hae ssuht ji neul uhn jeh na ... weh ro wo ha myuh hon ja man eui seh sang eui nuhl doo ... uht ji na kyuht eui na reul uhn jeh na pi ha ryuh go

Angelzoom - Into my arms lyrics

feat. Roedernallee] My steps within three feet ... elsewhere They say: don't dare, don't leave that square My will, their will, can move, ... stand still My part, no heart, I must fulfill Like a

Deine Lakaien - Into my arms lyrics

Three feet, elsewhere They say, don't dare Don't leave that square My will, their will ... Can move, stand still My part, no heart I must fulfil

Austin Mahone - Heart in my hand lyrics

Let's go back to the day When I saw your face For ... very first time Let's go back again When I held your hand And stared into your eyes ... 'Cause I knew you were the one

Nick Cave - Into my arms lyrics

don't believe in an interventionist God But I ... know, darling, that you do But if I did I would ... kneel down and ask Him Not to intervene when ... it came to you Not to touch a hair on your head To leave

Mr. Mister - Into my own hands lyrics

night I had a desperate dream, I was standing in the ... winter rain Footsteps close behind me, ... somebody called out my name, ohhh No magic mirrors can erase, these lines of

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Into my dreams lyrics

standing here all along knowing just what to do ... I´m always moving closer dear out of love for you Now you ... tell me that it´s time to find something ... true But I´ve never really seen quite the likes of

George Jones - Into my arms lyrics

tonk, the lonely songs they play Comin' through my window, ... 'cause I live not far away There tempting me to come back to the things we used to do ... But the honky tonks and lonely songs I left behind

George Jones - Into my arms again lyrics

tonk The lonely songs they play Comin' through my window ... 'Cause I live not far away There tempting me to come ... back To the things we used to ... do But the honky tonks and lonely songs I left behind

Charlie Daniels - Heart of my heart lyrics

sin kept my life in a whirl Lust, greed and money and sensual pleasures Mark the ... boundaries of my narrow world I was headed for ... hell but as far as I fell Your Spirit still

Olly Murs - Heart on my sleeve lyrics

think you've heard this before I'll try to say it differently As long as ... it come naturally to me It's been making ... me sad 'Cause I can't find a better way To speak the

Silver Dust - My heart is my savior lyrics

snow is falling In the dark of night And this silence ... is scaring me The red dictator Devore my soul The ... spirits dancing in the air and asking me Who is your savior? My heart is my savior!

Bloods - Into my arms lyrics

My Arms . . . . . . . . .

Blue - Heart on my sleeve lyrics

Verse) Don’t act so surprised, we knew from ... the beginning Your love is a prize and I just wanna win it ... bout your soul, the way you seem to know when I’m

Ferry Bryan - Heart on my sleeve lyrics

wear my heart on my sleeve I'm not afraid Say ... what I mean Mean what I say Set myself up Let myself ... down I may be a fool Spread it around But I Just want to let you know Sometimes

Mary Lambert - Heart on my sleeve lyrics

me be your porch light Your favorite star on the best night ... A good year, a good fight (let me be) Let ... me be a night walk Locked eyes in the midday ... sun spark Good love your whole life

Airged L'amh - Heart of my kingdom lyrics

sword is filled with blood searching for a lost victory Flags are waving on top of me, ... estruction all around me Never ending race, ... created just for me Enormous

H2o - Heart on my sleeve lyrics

see me on the train, there is no need to explain, I'm not what you think I am, I'm just like you, with tattoos! Cuz I wear my heart ... on my sleeve, my appearance may be deceiving, it doesn't matter what you think, because

K.will - My heart cries (my heart is crying) lyrics

ma-eum-i bu-leun-da- da-si bu-leul su eob-neun i-leum ... nae du nun-i mot gyeon-di-go un ... da- nae ga-seum-i bu-leun-da- neo-neun deul-eul su eob ... neun no-lae- nae ga-seum-i tto a-pa on-da

Andreya Triana - Heart in my hands lyrics

thin line between love and hate Battle with myself and war ... on my own How much of this can I take Can't blame no one ... else, I did it all alone Where have I been, who's

The Cruxshadows - Heart on my sleeve lyrics

eyes They often lie And leave me feeling Misunderstood ... Our tragedy Plays out like a symphony A breath and a ... whisper Are your clues Inside we shake

Idina Menzel - Heart on my sleeve lyrics

be some Florence Nightingale Her thresholds invisible ... but she'll hang on like hell Yeah, she may ... be transparent She's got no defenses to ... speak of But she'll stand here before you with no

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Heart upon my sleeve lyrics

- Heart Upon My Sleeve (Album Version)

Atreyu - A letter to someone like you lyrics

Sometimes this beauty is choking me but at least ... it's your hands at my throat Your lashes brush against my cheek coupled with your breath on my neck The world around you falls away and I

Black Tide - Into the sky lyrics

night I pray for a dream You star in And every ... night I pray for a chance You'll be there when I wake. The truth of it is ... Nothing I do will bring you back So I'm waiting for my ride

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - 's' on my chest lyrics

feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman) I Walk Around Like I ... Gotta S On My Chest I Walk-Walk Around Like I Gotta S On My ... Chest I Walk-Walk Around Like I Gotta S On My Chest I Walk Around Like I Gotta S

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - My heart beats for love lyrics

ve been stranded on a lonely street Got lost in ... the shadows Fell hard in the battle Heard crys and the suffering Walked ... through the darkness Left broken and heartless I'm calling out, can

Emily Taylor Kelso - My heart beats for love lyrics

ve been stranded on a lonely street Got lost in ... the shadows Fell hard in the battle Heard crys and the suffering Walked ... through the darkness Left broken and heartless I'm calling out, can

Jeffree Star - Heart raper feat. lucian walker lyrics

and Jeffree: I’m a Heart Raper, When you cry it gets me ... high. Lucian: If only I had a heartbeat, maybe you can haunt me when you die. I know ... that I scarred you, No I didn’t want to,

Keri Hilson - Heart attack lyrics

s a feelin I can't express and it isn't pain Palpitations ... in my chest that I cant explain (Baby you the cause and ... Your the medicine for the state I'm in my love prescription

Dj - X - My soul cries your name lyrics

woman built like you, was built to serve my needs. carve intials on my back, wrap ... your arms around me. with your lovin' please, you're as good. i hurt you

Butch Walker - Into the black lyrics

walk around in circles, just like a ... dog with vertigo, As I go insane. The sun shines all around me, on the world, and ... somebody, while I'm in the rain. 'Cause it's you that can break me and keep me on my back. 'Cause it's you that can

Mental Discipline - My madhouse (feat. carved souls) lyrics

long years in the darkness and cold With so many ... problems that cannot be solved Every day I ... try to cure my madness inside But still I’m ... stuck in a mad house that’s called my life Hold me

Angelmaker - Into oblivion lyrics

have this dream where I’m in a field Flowers and sunlight, a place so surreal And I can ... see you standing just out of reach And as I meet your embrace you always sink beneath Molded

Ocean Jet - Into the storm lyrics

had an oath - I can not bear But it's been holding us safe I knew I could, until you ... dared Just to be true to ... yourself I always thought that I'd do my best

The Amity Affliction - Fight my regret lyrics

ve been there I've done that I'll probably be back My heart pounds my chest hurts - It ... I've been there I've done that I'll try not to go back

Mest - As his black heart dies (my mistake) lyrics

actions speak nothing But lies, intoxicated eyes And lonely hearts Are held accounted for Disease eats inside Nothing left ... to hide The sun starts to rise As his black heart dies As his black heart

Now, Now Every Children - In my chest lyrics

have it all figured out in my head, in my head you have ... buried a hole in my chest, in my chest, in my chest, in my, ... in my chest, in my chest, in my... you have kept it

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Heart lyrics

borderline psychotic Sensational recreational narcotics ... lost it but I found it Temptation marches along till I'm ... Inspired by fire the sensual illusion Caught between the

Divided By Friday - My white elephant lyrics

Trees are up The lights are glowing The gifts are wrapped And now it's finally ... snowing But all the mistletoe and cheer, They only serve to make it clear That I'm a widower

Pharaoh - Heart of the enemy lyrics

me barely beats A heart that's poisoned through Filled ... with this death disease No chances left to lose What doesn ... t kill you makes you stronger for a time

Lissie - On my chest lyrics

s an abstract place Where I hold you And ... relief I felt gets confused And I have cried A couple of ... times when i'm wondering About you... And the

Blood On The Dance Floor - Ima monster (heart on my sleeve) lyrics

LET'S GOOOOOO. OH NOOOO. Can't stop the tickles. They call me Dr. Giggles. It's o-o-o ... Fo' shizzle dizzle I'm bangin' with the b-o-t-o-dizzle ... With wiffles 'Cause I dribble like I'm rubbing

I Killed The Prom Queen - Slain upon my faithful sword lyrics

here I stand, breathless and waiting for nothing Peer into my chest, see if this things ... still ticking Anouther victem to the power ... noone gave you Standing all alone, Ive relised, Im not

Avion Roe - Into the rest feat. kellin quinn lyrics

you bury me Are you there with me Where ... twilight ends the violence And your scared to leave with ... me What I feel inside How do I ... confess Push your habit into me And your fear into the

Davey Suicide - In my chest is a grave lyrics

said I'd never survive, dreaming kept me alive Every step ... of my life Skipped confirmation day, 16 a runaway Living ... this nasty dream Shrinks try to tell me I

Hypocrisy - Carved up lyrics

My only crime was being born. RAPING! The ... only thing I really enjoy Tie her down to ... bed, Pillow on her face, Pick up a knife and start to... CARVE! Desperate,

Matty B Raps - My oh my lyrics

time, all I could think was My oh my, I’m in love for the ... First time, tonight, tonight My oh my, oh oh my oh my, Oh oh ... first time tonight Tonight, my oh my It’s calling crazy

Atreyu - Someone's standing on my chest lyrics

searching this barren wasteland Trying to grasp being this ... alone Pleading for a breath of fresh air, someone’s standing on my chest Dying I’m asphyxiating myself Break myself slave to my weakness

Now Now - In my chest lyrics

have it all figured out in my head You have buried a hole ... in my chest You have kept it all in your head ... instead But i have made a mark outside of your hand And i

American Authors - Heart of stone lyrics

now you never come around And then you're spacing out ... tonight I bet I feel it in my chest The visions in your head they're all lies Oh ya it ... s true Oh ya it's true Well I I need a

Trip Lee - Heart problem lyrics

sex and power, are good What? You want me to listen to ... like Trip Lee when he first came out Now I'm feelin' like ... he be actin' like money is a sin or something I don't

Silent Force - Heart attack lyrics

little closer, just look in my eyes Start noticing all of ... the signs Such deep affliction, you want to know ... why? I'm changing face all of the time You'd throw away all that's dear and

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