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Sam Smith lyricsSam Smith - Midnight train lyrics

you enough But I give another piece of me away Every ... that I’m with you Am I a monster? What will your family ... think of me? They brought me in, they helped

Smokie - Midnight train lyrics

on board at the city line Head up north on the 45 Live for the weekend It ... friday night Summer nights they come and go Just kids going ... hard earned all night long Gonna leave our worries

Kelly Groucutt - Midnight train lyrics

of town This crazy situation has to end And if I stay you ... ll drive me round the bend I'm leavin' I'm ... leavin' on the midnight train I'm headin' down the track

Indigo Girls - Midnight train to georgia lyrics

proved too much for the man (too much for the man) ... t make it) So he's leaving the life he's come to know (he ... What's left of his world the world he left behind Not so

Kid Rock - Midnight train to memphis lyrics

was hiding from the sun once again I was running from the time my friend I've lost another war So, I poured one more ... drunk again She was up when the key hit the lock And the

Morandi - Midnight train lyrics

Train, take me away! Midnight Train, just find a place ... for me to stay! Midnight Train, I'm leaving just the way I ... came. Take me away from all this pain. Midnight train, Take me away!

Charlie Daniels - Midnight train lyrics

train, roll on Midnight train, roll on Clear them tracks ... blowin Take this stranger on to Santa Fe It seems like ... here tall dark stranger all along the way Well the train was

Joan Osborne - Midnight train to georgia lyrics

A. proved too much for the man So he's leavin' the life ... what's left of his world The world he left behind not so long ago He's leavin' On that ... midnight train to Georgia Said he's goin'

Neil Diamond - Midnight train to georgia lyrics

A. proved too much for the man (He couldn't make it) ... So he's leavin' the life he's come to know [He ... what's left of his world The world he left behind Not so

Lyfe Jennings - Midnight train lyrics

Verse 1:] Take the kids Your heart And twenty ... Take a plane A car And don't worry about how you look ... Cause I don't care I see more Than ... physical I am here Waiting on you Your beautiful

Chris Stapleton lyricsChris Stapleton - Midnight train to memphis lyrics

me forty days Instead of the fine that I could not pay ... "Walk right, you'll soon be home Cross the line, you ... ll be on your own" Forty days

Hard Target - Midnight train lyrics

at night as she dances above the water I lost my heart some ... time ago If I hurry up soon I can catch me the midnight train to Georgia I walk that line on down that road [Verse]:

Human Nature - Midnight train to georgia lyrics

LA, it proved too much for the girl (Too much for the girl) ... She's leaving (Leaving, Ooh) On a midnight train to Georgia ... (Leaving on a midnight train to Georgia) I said she's

Domine - The midnight meat train lyrics

York by night,terror in the subway bodies are found out ... razor virtuoso professional slasher he's got a job to ... do,tonight could be your time But ... him when he's prowling see the clever it's time to die on the... [chorus] Midnight,Meat

George Strait - Carried away lyrics

don't take my whiskey to extremes ... Don't believe in chasin' crazy ... My feet are planted firmly on the ground But darlin' ... you come around I get carried away by the look by the light

Monogram - Carried away lyrics

don't take my whisky to extremes ... Don't believe in chasin' crazy ... My feet are planted firmly on the ground But darlin' when ... you come around I get carried away by the look by the light

Cage 9 - Carried away lyrics

my intentions running far and wide. Need the resurrection of the child ... inside. Need to feel the joy, the love the pain and the agony. If not just for a

Cigarettes After Sex - The night train lyrics

Thinking it's good, That's the way it should... Standing in ... the rain Waiting for the train 'Cause i miss you honey ... it anymore Going next door Gonna find out What it's all

Primal Scream - The 99th floor lyrics

I go Everyone I see Say "what's the ... Oh I know I got something wrong with me There's a hole in ... baby used to be Birds in the sky Dogs on the ground Rats

Enuff Z' Nuff - The love train lyrics

along, come along, There's a party tonight. Have a ... laugh, sing a song, Ain't no critic in sight. ... Any time of the day, Yeah it's always ... alright. You can bring anyone, It's an open invite. If the world's got you down And you

Acid House Kings - The saturday train lyrics

it still on your mind? Of course, it won ... t let go You could be doing the right thing Maybe he doesn't ... to know But, you have done wrong And you want to make

Ian Brown - The gravy train lyrics

a little baby wraps the hand around your finger ... Sunshine on your face in the first dawn light Way she ... waits to let the moment linger Way the future ... s always gonna bring surprise It ain't

Jethro Tull - Skating away on the thin ice of the new day lyrics

back in the year one, When you belonged to no one, You didn't stand a chance ... son, If your pants were undone. 'Cause you were bred, ... And sold to society One day you'll wake up, in the

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - On the turning away lyrics

the turning away From the pale and downtrodden And the words they say Which we won ... t understand Don't accept that what's ... Is just a case of others' suffering Or you'll find

Inkubus Sukkubus - Away with the faeries lyrics

and lay down in the meadow Rest your head amongst the flowers Come and sip ... the sacred poison Fly away on the wings of madness They ... were once known as angels from the

Neil Sedaka - On the road again lyrics

me to stay But I gotta go away, on the road again. Guess I ... m kinda like the sun, Spend the day and then I run, on the ... road again. There's that open highway

Manfred Mann - On the run lyrics

re on the run from the Law You weren't happy, had ... to have much more Now the heat is on The heat is on Don't look back Hideaway You ... keep going, just another day 'Cause the heat is on The heat is on You know you

Seventh Seal ( Ita ) - Midnight train lyrics

me the way to the station I'm going to go away I've ... A ticket to find my way Midnight Train Is riding across the ... s running its fate I'll get on by the rail Not even a devil

Ferry Bryan - Midnight train lyrics

Train rolling down the track Taking all my dreams, ... never coming back The way you look, the way you ... hold me tight Midnight train where are you tonight? Oh

First To Eleven - Carried away lyrics

t let you go Wanted to be one of you, wanted to be known ... me, I wanted to be seen I don't want to feel invisible, no ... not anymore I'm not carried away Even though you might,

Manilla Road - Midnight meat train lyrics

Big Apple's subway I slept upon the midnight train I woke to ... What I now call end of the line The Butcher's here ... The bodies hung and all fileted

Brainfever - Midnight train lyrics


Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Carried away lyrics

me loving you could be so wrong and right And it's gonna be ... a lonely night I turn to you You ... turn away You're looking at someone ... suddenly you appear I'm carried away I'm carried away To be

Axehammer - Midnight train lyrics

Are you ready to finally take the Trip to leave your past ... ticket in your hand To move on down the line Pre-Chorus 1 ... It´s new day the sun Is shining bright It´s

Icon For Hire - Carried away lyrics

I won't be carried away, I won't be carried away, I say, I ... Yeah! This is as weak as they come, this is as far as I'll ... run I'm growing ill with the cure, you're just as hungry

Hear'say - Carried away lyrics

in storyland I'm slippin' away Understand Just to escape I ... to hope Still light years away I'm sinking in the sand I ... m gonna take your hand you gotta

Charlie Daniels - Midnight wind lyrics

blew in town at midnight and he didn't mean to stay ... her just at closing time at the Alamo Cafe And the way he ... smiled and carried on it kinda made her day So by the time that she left he left

Johnny Burnette - Midnight train lyrics

left my gal sad and lonely Left her standing in the ... rain I went down to the railroad I caught myself a midnight train I beat my way into ... myself into trouble I shot the county sheriff down, oh Lord

Passion Pit - Carried away lyrics

No I'm not as proper, my money's in copper Ripped down ... from the brownstones to the street Listen, I'm your ... friend (don't quote me) But not a friend

Shinedown - Carried away (demo) lyrics

wrong with you I see Your eyes ... my arms you pushed aside Wondered if you'd ever be ... and try to fix Whats goin on inside of you There's no

Clou - Carried away by your voice lyrics

white that night in 95 As the snow came raining down Your ... story filled the car with waves of laughter ... turned to me and I could feel the heat From my face down to my

Meat Loaf - The promised land lyrics

Norfolk, Virginia California on my mind I straddled that ... rode him into Raleigh And on across Caroline I had motor ... Downtown Birmingham Right away I bought me a through train

Gehenna - The chariots that carried her to the grave lyrics

Sarah can you hear me? When they killed you did you cry ... every dream I dreamed When they carried you off the birds ... flew away can you tell me why? All the

The Kooks - Carried away lyrics

people have told me about the world and its ways, I never ... believed them at first and I cursed 'em I ... threw myself to the wind yeah, And then my mind ... finds you in Venice Remember the good old days? We had a

Crucified Barbara - The midnight chase lyrics

s time for the midnight chase, I can't hide any longer, it's in front of me It's ... time, to rise and shine, I'm on the front line now, gotta let ... tryin' to hunt me down I won't let no loser steal my crown

Aa (double A) - Midnight taxi lyrics

Oh Oh Eh Oh Oh o geudaeyeo oneul bam bamimyeon bam mada oneun shigani aniya o geudaeyeo ... nagaji jigeumi animyeon eonje chaja olji molla shilhji

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - The changeling lyrics

I live all around I had money, and I had none I had money, and I had none But I ... See me change I'm the air you breath Food you eat ... Friends your greet In the sullen street, wow See me

Johnny Horton - The first train heading south lyrics

know Now I pack my bags and then I'll go And catch a first train I see headin' south. If I ... that snow And cought a first train I saw headin' south. If I

Tom Rosenthal - The boy lyrics

head, and he’s thinking of the path that his ancestors did ... and as he’s dreaming of the future a mist does descend, ... and he wonders if this is the beginning or is this the end.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - The midnight special lyrics

you wake up in the mornin' You hear the work ... bell ring And they march you to the table To ... see the same old thing Ain't no food ... upon the table Ain't no pork up in the pan But you better not

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - On the train lyrics

s got the best of me, collar's so tight ... seems there's no air to breathe Mamma gave me dancing legs, ... oh Mamma my, Mamma don't cry I'm sure I got short

Hank Williams - The log train lyrics

you will listen, a song I will sing About my daddy ... who drove a log train Way down in the southland, in ... We lived in a place that they call Chapmantown. An late

Shriekback - Midnight maps lyrics

are marching on the midnight maps We are looking for a ... perfect world Anywhere in the universe Anywhere they'll ... take my cash Anywhere the wind is outside (outside) I

The Hollies - Midnight shift lyrics

'Cos Annie's been working on the midnight shift. Annie ... puts her hair upon her head Paints them lips a ... tight Starts staying out to the middle of the night. Says

Buddy Holly - Midnight shift lyrics

'Cause Annie's been a-workin' on the midnight shift If Annie ... puts her hair up on her head Paints them lips up ... Starts stayin' out late till the middle of the night Says to

Cigarettes After Sex - Woman with a crow (the last train) lyrics

a crow Hides a sleeping potion in her eyes I'm feeling low ... Never know Now that you're gone I'll leave a note Woman ... a crow Hides a sleeping potion in her eyes I'm feeling low

Mt.desolation - Midnight ghost lyrics

midnight ghost is roaring on its way Goes through ... California up to Oakland and the bay My traveling can be lonesome but I'm happy 'cause I'm ... bound For the bright lights and the harbor

Catch 22 - On the black sea (1924) lyrics

again In an age of revolution, restitution we sought You ... were the spark, we were the fuel and we burned bright as the sun Those were the days we ... could have fought Anyone anywhere on anything And

Depresy - The forest below the midnight shadow lyrics

fear the light, I was always loving ... night Thus don't douse the stars for the piece of ... morning Dark night-the muse of my words I walk ... through the sombre forest with her, robed

Molly Hatchet - Moonlight dancing on the bayou lyrics

into a gypsy woman workin' on the bayou A red silk scarf on ... in New Orleans Been around the world five times over, wish I ... see half she's seen Moonlight dancin' on the bayou

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