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Caro Emerald Back It Up lyrics

Browse for Caro Emerald Back It Up song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Caro Emerald Back It Up lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Caro Emerald Back It Up.

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Caro Emerald - Back it up lyrics

has a groove and the floor It's almost earthquakin' Uhuh ... History out on the floor And it's just awakin' Uhuh So ... in the core Scratch that back and gimme more You know

Colette Carr - Back it up lyrics

it up, drop it down, shake it, then make it go Back it up ... drop it down, shake it, then make it go Back it up ... drop it down, shake it, then make it go Make it go

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Back it up["start it up" freestyle] lyrics

Andromeda You try to start it up But you not hard enough ... gave you bottles, you the shit now This shit costing twenty ... standing on the coach homie, sit down I'm at the bar but you

Robin S - Back it up lyrics

gonna be a fool 'Cause when it comes down to my heart It's ... down and stepped on And it's cold down on the floor And ... I couldn't take anymore (Back it up) Don't you tell me that

Blue - Back it up lyrics

It, Back it, back it, back it up Come a little bit closer ... to me (back it up) Don't it feel a little nicer to me (back it up) (ok...back it up.. ... .blue... back it up...back it up c'mon ) Back it up talk

Cali Swag District - Back it up and dump it lyrics

I need is a beat that's super bumpin! All I need is a ... beat that's super bumpin! And for you, you, back it up and dump it! O.K.! All ... I need is a beat that's super bumpin! All I need is a

Peaches - Back it up lyrics

radical, fanatical battle Sit on your saddle, and rattle, ... radical, fanatical battle Sit on your saddle, and rattle, ... rattle I like to lick it and suck it like you do I

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Back it up (feat. prince royce & pitbull) lyrics

s up, baby? It's your new boyfriend Oh ... got that dancehall feel to it Prince Royce Mr. Worldwide ... And you're making me earn it, yeah Oh, you're making me

Cardi B lyricsCardi B - Back it up (feat. konshens & hoodcelebrityy) lyrics

Cardi B Aw yeah (Hoodcelebrityy) Hey gal, beg you listen ... your smile offa Me guarantee it ah go bun yuh like lava Back ... it up for me Back it up for me, girl Back it up for

B2k - Back it up lyrics

Verse 1:] It’s 1o'clock in the morning We ... don't want to roll no where with ya’ll [Chorus:] Girl you ... need to get up on me (back it up) Don’t leave me here

Joan Jett - Back it up lyrics

hear is what you're worth With all those things you had ... All I see is what you are With all your talks you got you ... you got no couth (What is it that you're trying to prove)

Sean Kingston - Back 2 life (live it up) lyrics

) Steady, are you ready? Back to life, back to reality Back to life, back to reality ... see the light (light) Had my back up against the wall I was

B.o.b. - Back me up lyrics

Hook:] East side gon back me up, gon back me up West side ... gon back me up, gon back me up South side gon back me up, ... gon back me up North side gon back me up,

No Angels - Back off lyrics

no, hold up, wait a minute I don't know who ... think I belong to you Wake up, before I break up It's ... Insanity If you think for just a ... one to talk to You better back off, back it up I don't know

Juvenile - Back that azz up lyrics

Juvenile] Girl you workin with some ass yeah, you bad yeah ... gon' ride in the Jag yeah, with that head You could smoke ... yeah, out the hood yeah Let it be understood yeah, it's all

Method Man - Get it up (remix) lyrics

y'all ready to go up in here? Aiight, pull the ... bout to rush the door (Ah shit, hide your jewelry) I told y ... Yo everybody watch out Word up [Chorus] Get it up, huh

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Pump it up lyrics

about, girl?} Let's make it hot for the clubs {Missy!} ... make ya man wanna look (OH!) Back it up, flip it up, skinny ... my gut like "yeah, bitch what?" Yeah I

Sean Paul - (when you gonna) give it up to me ft. keyshia.. lyrics

fantasy.. Hey baby girl and it's you a di key...yo...mi go ... want me When you gonna GIVE IT UP TO ME Because yuh body ... mi horny When yuh gonna GIVE IT UP TO ME Well if a no today

Keyshia Cole - Give it up to me lyrics

fantasy.. Hey baby girl and it's you a di key...yo...mi go ... want me When you gonna GIVE IT UP TO ME Because yuh body ... mi horny When yuh gonna GIVE IT UP TO ME Well if a no today

Agnostic Front - It's for life lyrics

want to make a commitment? It's for life! If you want ... You want to make a commitment? A commitment, it's for ... Don't try to make a commitment unless it's for life

Caro Emerald - Pack up the louie lyrics

flies The cop rings and it’s half past eleven Can’t ... believe it but the time just flies Soon ... Experience that I don’t have It’s kinda scary, I’m the big

Caro Emerald - Tangled up lyrics

dutch? This is too much! With all the money in the world ... could never buy this girl Quite enough, it will be tough If ... romancing me with neons is something you

Caro Emerald - I belong to you lyrics

And I love you too I see it up above and now I feel the ... we keep The sun comes up, there is no heat Cause what ... all we dared So let it burn, it takes its turn One

Caro Emerald - Riviera life lyrics

Eh, Yeah, yeah, hit'm, ye-yeah) I'm really ... make the great escape Go on little getaway I'll go get my ... beat up motor Start it up and head for the green Of

Caro Emerald - Absolutely me lyrics

you handsome fellas Please wait for me to the right Don't ... keep me waiting Ooh, thank you for the ... drink It's quarter past eleven I'm ... Gimme something that'll light it up And make my feet go bam

Diana Ross - Emerald city sequence lyrics

EMERALD CITY GREEN:] I want to be seen ... 'Cause if you are seen green It means you got mean bread ... green Don't tell them your cupboard's bare That you gave up

Teena Marie - Emerald city lyrics

into the most familiar face It seemed they all had gone and ... at all I'm going wild in Emerald City Wild all night long I ... m going wild in Emerald City Wild all night long It was

Nonpoint - Back up lyrics

up because I'm fed you better back up. You got a bad attitude ... comin' up from inside you better watch ... punkin' out I'm just movin' up say your comments loud but

Dave Matthews Band - Ill back you up lyrics

to dance Around the world with me I'll be falling all ... steps Do as you please, I'll back you up I remember thinking ... we keep Somehow we keep up with each other I'll be

Pitbull - Back up lyrics

Yeah Pitbull Db Big star Oh, oh ... Haters in the club (back up) Gold diggers (back up) ... Broke niggaz (back up) I suggest, I suggest that ... you (back up) I'm in the club and I cut

Jedward - I like to move it lyrics

Like to Move It Like This (x4) J J J J ... Jedward like to move it, move it I like to move it, ... move it I like to move it, move it We like to move it!

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Drop it like its hot lyrics

what what what After you back it up then stop What, what, ... wha, drop it like its hot After you back it up ... stop What, what, wha, drop it like its hot Now drop it

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Back in the day lyrics

re gonna do right here is go back Way back, back into time ... Otis Redding, Etta James) Back in the day, they used to say ... Play that song, get it going, and the band played

Five Finger Death Punch - Back for more lyrics

s it get on! It's time to get in the game, ... You gotta fight 'til it hurts and then you do it ... again Let's tear it up! I'm staying straight to the ... go big or go home! Rise! It's dog eat dog Rise! Man

Ivan B - Back roads lyrics

t find your future by hooking up with your last Moppin' up ... these floors Can you see it through my lense? Hustle with this moppin' Ima trade it ... for a benz Whippin up in the kitchen You can invite all of your friends Cook it

Vybz Kartel - Back to life lyrics

frata (back to life) me wa go (back to ... reality) Me wa go (back to reality) Listen, you ... when you dead. The food a shit, bed concrete, Sunday glan ah

Maroon 5 lyricsMaroon 5 - Back at your door lyrics

in an empty room In my head it all feels the same Like ... you had wept All alone with the negligee That still ... bed I keep meaning to give it away But I just leave it

Master Blaster - Back to the sunshine lyrics

to say Pump-pump-pump-pump it up Still I fear you I don ... m at home Like I used to be with you Get your hands up, ... people Back to the sunshine of your love

Justin Moore - Back that thing up lyrics

thats ok cuz we got all day, back that thing up throw it in ... reverse, let daddy load it up, honey back that thing up, if ... learn to drive a truck, honey back that thing up. yea, yea

Skillet - Back from the dead lyrics

b-b-b-b-back-back-back B-b-b-b-b-back-back-back B ... b-b-b-b-back-back-back B-b-b-b-b-back-back-back ... all try to keep me down How it feels to be forgotten But

Skindred - Back in black lyrics

in black I hit the sack It's been too long I know glad ... to be back it commin' Rocka loose ana ... From the noose It caught anin't me commin' one ... looking at the sky 'Cause it's gettin' me high Forget the

Bubba Sparxxx - Back in the mud lyrics

2 1,2,3, let's go Back in the mud I've been in I ... He's just that country boy, city slick, pit bull temperament ... At the Pony, at the Flame, either way it's an event If it's

Joe Budden - Pump it up lyrics

p p pump Pump p p pump pump it up Pump p p pump pump p pump ... p pump Pump p p pump pump it up (Just Blaze) Pump p p pump ... pump it up We gon' do it like (Uuh, uuh, uuh) Look,

Chamillionaire - Man, hold up lyrics

- talking] Hold up, hold up If you got change for a ... your pocket right now Then it's time to exit the club If ... ve been sippin out the same cup since you got here and now

Christopher - Twerk it like miley ft.brandon beal lyrics

things that you don't Baby, it's yo party, I just wanna play ... wow? I'm tryna beat beat it up third rounds Girl, look at ... say (Pre-Chorus) When you back back back back back it up

Colt Ford - Saddle up lyrics

yee-haw and then we saddle up Get your money right then ... you add it up We grab the bull by the ... horns make him back it up We holler yee-haw and then ... we saddle up You thought your boy Colt

Jeremy Zucker - Pick it up lyrics

d you let your hair down? Is it cold outside, girl? I feel it in the air now There's ... And I've got acquainted with my mistakes You got some ... Zucker] So let's just pick it up where we left it off Hit

Sean Paul - I know you like it lyrics

an say Girl if you want it Then just come jump on the ... and ride and balance pon it You know I get it started ... Girl if you need it A 156 a me room number girl

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Back home (feat. mos def, acyde & a$ap yams) lyrics

find my way back home, I've been away to long ... Gotta find my way back home, I'm moving... War ... I go bath salt On wax, spitting heat to melt the wax off

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Work wit it lyrics

look See the way she toot it up, got a nigga stuck Zooted ... and booted up, shuttin down the club Look ... shawty's hip, once she winds it up Now rewind that back, put

Coolio - Bring back somethin fo da hood lyrics

their colour.Put on a suit and tie and escape from the ... ghetto and don't never come back.Yeah motherf***er,you can run ... Deep down in the jungle with a crack to the throat

Tino Coury - Up against the wall lyrics

Verse 1] Now you know what it is, when we in this place If ... do, do, d, do If you want it, baby come and take it What ... girl you know I wont waste it It's amazing, how your body

Deftones - Back to school (mini maggit) lyrics

run Right Right back to school Check it Look back I sift through all the ... think you know me right I switch it up Behind the walls ... What were you? Act like it's everything you got Push back the square Now that you need

Falling In Reverse - It's over when it's over lyrics

the picture and for what it's worth. I'd walk a thousand ... miles without my shoes to make it work. ... to God that I'm never coming back. Kept my faith when I was

Future lyricsFuture - Back at it (feat. maceo) lyrics

Hook: Maceo] Back in this bitch, back in this bitch ... Brought my sac in this bitch, sac in this bitch You ... we got the gas bags of the shit Nigga if you ain’t riding up

Hedley - Back to basics lyrics

I promise I can make it up when I get back We can kick it on the block, grab a drink if ... (Hi Jakey, I just got back from the brunch And I just ... day Call me when you can) It's been awhile I can't

Helix - Back for another taste lyrics

feed You got me coming (Back for more) Back for more You ... To your candy store I'm back for another taste of your ... love Back for another taste Of your

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Tear it up lyrics

Tear it up, tear it up yeah Tear it up, tear it up ... yeah Tear it up, tear it up yeah Here we go now, here we ... go So don't make me tear it up You know I don't give a

Hot Hot Heat - Pickin it up lyrics

is waiting for everybody to get out ... petty people pout Pickin' it up but then I put it back ... down Pickin' it up but then I put it back down ... Pickin' it up but then I put it back down We could have

Jurassic 5 - Back 4 u lyrics

I need from the people up top From the people on the ... bottom And the people in the back on both sides To give it up ... now Is I just want to go back a little bit with y'all

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