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Canton S lyrics

Browse for Canton S song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Canton S lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Canton S.

Related artists: Canton jones

Canton Jones - On the floor lyrics

Verse 1:] Looks like the party started up ... Everybody's hands are lifted up Praise Him ... let go now give it up He's the reason why you live it up ... Game done we won, the battle's won Have fun, speak tongues

Relient K. - Hoopes i did it again lyrics

liner note:] it's a typical cloudy day in canton, ohio, and the relient k boys ... are trying to score something to do. matt t. gives ... dave's cell a phone call. [*cell

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - No entiendes la onda (how i could just kill a.. lyrics

es un poquito del poder del ... grupo Cypress Hill Sabes lo que te digo? Te voy a dar ... un poquito sabor Y empiezaaaaa assii!!... ... Hey corre ese, borrate Por que viene la

Veronica Petrucci - Come on lyrics

I was second guessing myself Making bad calls like ... replacement refs I went left You went ... forgive me all I had to do was follow that light Now I'm

Indochine - Razzia (sur la schnouff) lyrics

Nicola Sirchis / Dominique Nicolas) Dans le ... port cette nuit-la Quai des brumes et serie noire Et ... voila le cargo Qui accoste vers le depot De toutes parts ils

Kid Cudi - Beez lyrics

could take a single buck, an empty cup, a stroke of luck F*** around and ... reconstruct it up to a million bucks ... In God we trust, every part of us is ... marvelous You Krusty Krab squad, ya'll will rust, ya'll

Canton Jones - Living clean lyrics

total control like a puppet master I'll be the church let ... you be the pastor And what I want man know ... I am a ask ya Throw a bless at you like a pitcher man I

Canton Jones - A mother's prayer lyrics

of your trust is in the Lord. Your habitation shall be a place where you will ... rest in his love and no evil shall befall you. I say that in ... love, you're going to find strength in that place in God.

Canton Jones - All about the kingdom lyrics

Verse 1:] Gorgeous, confident, high self esteem ... on a man to buy her things She got her own job and got her ... own car And she ain't Hollywood but I promise she's a star and She ain't

Canton Jones - Already gone lyrics

Verse 1:] I'm in a zone and I'm ... already gone, And it's already on, should've already ... gotta get get my comb Don't smoke but I still stay stoned ... high off Thank you Lord, Praise you Jesus, Hallelujah And

Canton Jones - Be healed lyrics

Verse 1:] He was wounded for our transgressions He was bruised for our ... iniquity The chastisement of our peace was upon ... Him And with His stripes we are healed Bless the

Canton Jones - Beautiful lyrics

re beautiful [x4] [Chorus:] Has anybody ever told you ... beautiful And maybe you just haven't heard in a while ... that you're beautiful Has anybody ever told you that

Canton Jones - Big lyrics

Chorus:] Cause greater is He that's within me, than he ... that's in the world, world, I, I I ... feel so BIG right now, yo, yo, yo, I ... feel so BIG right now [Verse 1:] I just feel BIG, not as an over weight I'm like a soldier king ready for the over

Canton Jones - Birthday lyrics

s your birthday shawty! [Verse 1:] I know ... you feel much lighter, so much brighter, game much ... tighter But yo game done shifted, now you spit the scriptures to the sistas

Canton Jones - Cute lyrics

Was A Friday After Church The ... Night Was Still Young So We Decided To Have Dinner ... And A Movie Out Of Ten She Was A Twelve She Was All ... That And Quite Sure I Was Pleased To Be A Man With Her

Canton Jones - Dance in the spirit lyrics

Verse 1:] Dance! I'm feelin' so ... high that it's amazin' I'm drunk in the spirit just like King David I ... m gigglin' cause it feels so good Man, I will not stop

Canton Jones - Everywhere i go lyrics

know you trippin' off of this production To preach Jesus ... To claim the death and ressurection Go get the bible if ... to take over the nation Sinners become a new creation

Canton Jones - #1 fan lyrics

VERSE 1:] You bring joy to my ... can compare to You and that's why You're a star I know ... ll be proud of Your name Cos I'm Your #1 fan [VERSE 2:] ... Ever since I've known You, You've

Canton Jones - Fix it lyrics

Verse 1:] Well, I stepped in the water, water was ... Chilled my body, but not my soul Got word early, but when ... I got old I was like a lost sheep, brought back to the

Canton Jones - G.o.d. lyrics

Intro:] Some call him Papa, some call him Jah It's ... whatever yo, He's my star so I call him G.O.D. [x4] ... [Verse 1:] It's simply amazing, all that He's

Canton Jones - Hallelujah lyrics

Chorus:] Hallelujah [x4] [Verse ... I give You all the praise And I will give You the ... Glory For the rest of my days I lift up my hands And I ... lift up my voice And I'll shout it on the mountain I'll

Canton Jones - Hater day lyrics

Chorus: x2] I'm a do sum good for my hater today I ... m a do sum good for my hater today I ... m a do sum good for my hater today ... help me with tomorrow [Verse 1:] I don't wanna be fake

Canton Jones - He reigns lyrics

Rap:] He reigns, got to tell everybody From ... to the valley low He covers the world with love And He's too good for you not to know ... Does every little thing in His

Canton Jones - Holla lyrics

gon feel this [x4] If you feelin' me ... Hay! [x4] If you say that we gon ride for one ... No matter what you'll always be my brother Hay! No ... the color Hay! We cool just don't say nothing bout my

Canton Jones - Holy ghost girl lyrics

prettiest thing I've ever seen Was a holy ghost girl ... And when she hits the scene You'll know what I mean ... 'Cause she's a holy ghost girl The prettiest Most whittiest The smartest,

Canton Jones - I am lyrics

Try to hide it but it's obvious like a comb over ... do it, can't take them chances Life is more to me than smoking and drinkin, exotic ... dances yeah Get plugged in, Jesus

Canton Jones - I believe in love lyrics

Verse 1:] I do believe in love ... [x2] Love is inspirational Your love is sensational I do believe, Oh I ... I do believe in love [Verse 2:] I won't give up on

Canton Jones - I love praisin' lyrics

Intro:] We gonna do this move!!! yeah, yeah, yeah, ... yeah, yeah. yeah [Verse:] Sometimes I like praisin ... Him cool like this Sometimes I like praisin Him smooth

Canton Jones - I'm fly lyrics

Chorus:] I believe I'm fly, but I ... can't be my flyest without you And I believe ... I shine, but I can't shine my brightest without you ... I love you [x8] [Verse 1:] Take a look at me

Canton Jones - I won't stop lyrics

Intro:] (Yeah) I won't stop [x4] [Verse:] (I won ... t stop) if they take my song off the radio (I won't stop) and if I gotta push ... records in the snow (I won't stop) Cause this music is more than a dream

Canton Jones - In da club lyrics

Chorus:] They done let them Christians in the club Oh my God! ... They done let them Christians in the club [x8] [Verse 1: ... ] Oh my God, look at all these Christians in the club

Canton Jones - Love song lyrics

made the heavens farther than the eye can see ... Placed the stars in the sky, made the moon shine ... Woke you up with the sun shining through your window Sing you a serenade every time

Canton Jones - My day lyrics

Chorus:] Today is gonna be a good day [x8] ... For some reason I woke up on the right side of the bed And YOU were ... the first thing in my head I can't

Canton Jones - My walk lyrics

time for games that's how I'm living {living} hey ... Using every gift that I'm given ... {given} hey Just the thought of your name is ... bone chilling So appealing my soul kinda got

Canton Jones - Necessary [remix] lyrics

Verse 1:] My praise is always necessary It comes first ... not secondary And I'm bold, He saved me and made me whole ... Now I love him When it comes to praise, gotta let go Can

Canton Jones - Nobody cared lyrics

God It's your boy... um I really messed up this time I'm embarrassed I'm alone... um I need ... help I made a mistake and it seems as if my ... love ones disappeared I feel and wondered

Canton Jones - On the run lyrics

Chorus:] I'm on the run and I can ... anymore No more [x5] [Verse 1:] I'm on the run right ... now I'm chasin my destiny And if you ain't runnin ... with me You best not get next to me I don't

Canton Jones - Pimp hard lyrics

know that yous a pimp and wanna pimp hard ... t pimp God I know that yous a pimp and wanna pimp hard ... God Playa from da Himalayas Asian, Spanish, White,

Canton Jones - 5 seconds lyrics

m about 5 seconds away from giving you the most ... amazingnest praise! I'm a give you 5, I'm a ... m a give you 2 I'm about 5 seconds away from giving you ... the most amazingnest praise! So I'm a give you 5, I

Canton Jones - Shake it lyrics

Verse 1:] It's sick in here and it's thick in ... here And the party got started up oh so quick in here. ... Lady's dancing, but nobody turning ... tricks in here. Take your pick in

Canton Jones - Stay saved lyrics

Chorus:] [ I'm a stay saved] 7X [Verse 1:] Excuse me Mr. men my wife was In ... front of the line dear sir. I don't think it's ... right if I allow you to skip me I just wanna keep

Canton Jones - That devil lyrics

Chorus:] If anybody see that devil tell him I'm ... after him [x4] [Verse 1:] Tell him I'm gone get ... everybody with him I can't stand you devil You done took

Canton Jones - The password: jesus lyrics

bout to snap bow wit the devil dawg ... Let the beat drop Demons tremble at the name ... There's no other name that's higher than yours Lord ... There's no other name that's higher than yours Lord So

Canton Jones - The voicemail of jesus christ? lyrics

Dial, Tone and someone's voice:] "Come on, come ... up!" [Background music and answering machine:] ... "Iam Jehovah, El Shadai Christ of Nazereth,

Canton Jones - Time to go lyrics

to go, you can't stay So turn around and walk away ... Time to go, you can't stay So turn around and walk away ... [Verse 1:] I know we say we're meant to be And one

Canton Jones - Tried it all lyrics

Verse 1:] I remember the day ... in my heart and all my old ways denied Hey and my old ... friends sayin I Wasn't the same made a change in my life ... Oh felt like a bum in the slum No control on my tongue

Canton Jones - Wcj1 interlude lyrics

CAJO radio, you know today is national hater's day, hater ... day wats this, on this day you do something good for ... today man, you know get them some shoes, flowers for

Canton Jones - When i ride lyrics

Chorus:] Worship when I ride, worship when ... drive Pull the top back, worship when I ride [x2] [Verse ... the benz, ridin with my friends We cryin, repentin for our sins Yo, we tryin to make it

Canton Jones - Window lyrics

Chorus:] I see a window over your head [x3 ... And it's pouring out blessings [Verse 1:] You've ... been in a season of difficult lessons ... Trying to do your best in this economic depression As long

Canton Jones - Worship you lyrics

Chorus:] I submit my spirit Even if it comes to ... tears I worship You [x2] I give up all ... my pride I let You come inside I worship You [x2]

Canton Jones - Worshipper - pop mix lyrics

Verse 1:] They see me smiling when I hit the streets ... with everyone I meet They see me calm when trouble comes ... my way Cause I know that it will be ok

Canton Jones - Worshipper - urban mix lyrics

Verse 1:] They see me smiling when I hit the street ... with everyone I meet They see me calm when trouble comes ... my way Cause I know that it will be ok

Canton Jones - You have my heart lyrics

Verse:] You have my heart In ... the good times and the bad When I'm happy ... and I'm sad You have my heart You ... come what may I won't be ashamed to say, that you have my

Canton Jones - You tube page lyrics

you tube page [x2] Let me see yo hands high Slide to ... I know that you wanna do it shawty gone 'head and bust a ... a church boy go and cut loose Pull out the camera throw

Gama Bomb - Last ninjas unite lyrics

dealing in murder by blowdarts tonight,.... your shogun is ... calling, order is falling,.... It's time to strap up and obey the calling.. ... ... Shinobi, cast off your farmers apparel,...

Lil Rob - Mexican gangster lyrics

[Lil' Rob] Orale holmes, this is Lil' Rob Comin ... after you from San Diego, Southern Califas Mexican ... gangster yeah that's the name of the jam And it's

Lil Rob - La cantina lyrics

s up man Nah, last night was the bomb homey We got f***ed ... But I woke up with the biggest f***ing headache Hungover ... homeboy Ha, yeah right I usually wait till Sunday to have

Lil Rob - Rolas in progress lyrics

you a selection of perfection No ... need to question why I leave these other ... vatos with manic depression Missdirection, leaving ... them guessing and leaving them stressing

Lil Rob - So many styles lyrics

you a selection of perfection No ... need to question why I leave these other ... vatos with manic depression Missdirection, leaving ... them guessing and leaving them stressing

Lil Rob - Soy chingon lyrics

phone rings] [Beavis] Uh.. hello? Who? Damnit, ... for the last time There aren't any ... Mexicans here [hangs up phone] [Sir Crown] Ey ... holmes throw on some f***in oldies ese [Lil'

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