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Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Little trip to heaven (on the wings of your l.. lyrics

trip to heaven on the wings of your love ... Banana moon is shining in the sky, Feel ... like I'm in heaven when you're with me Know ... that I'm in heaven when you smile, Though we're

Everything Everything - Get to heaven lyrics

man laying down in the flames tonight Smiling to me And he ... I hear them praying We're gonna get to heaven! This party ... s in the light We're gonna get to heaven! When nothing else

Hootie & The Blowfish - Old man & me (when i get to heaven) lyrics

an old man said to me In a voice filled with ... young man Said I'm going to fight a war Gonna fight for ... hurt you Never harmed anyone But you must realize"

Brad Paisley - When we all get to heaven lyrics

the wondrous love of Jesus; Sing his ... and his grace. In the mansions bright and blessed He'll ... [Refrain:] When we all get to heaven, What a day of

Alan Jackson - When we all get to heaven lyrics

the wondrous love of Jesus; Sing ... and his grace. In the mansions bright and blessed He'll ... [Refrain:] When we all get to heaven, What a day of

Donovan - To susan on the west coast waiting lyrics

you love me so But I want to hear it in my ear You know I ... me like I'm there with you To Susan on the west coast ... Andy in Vietnam fighting To Susan on the west coast

Sarah Blaine - Never get to heaven lyrics

ll hold to your hand Kiss me to sleep, Please catch the wind ... I leave But if I never get to Heaven, will you find a way to me? And if I never get to Heaven Say you'll come & rescue

Purenrg - When i get to heaven lyrics

can have eternal life I don't wanna be without you But ... place for me And when I get to heaven Will I see you We ... re gonna have a party What are you

Caroline County - Heaven in the middle of nowhere lyrics

down the open road Let’s get as close as we can get, go as ... far as we can go Take me to heaven in the middle of ... nowhere, i Cant wait to get there Cant wait to get

Terence Trent D'arby - If you all get to heaven lyrics

you all get to heaven Say a prayer for my mother ... Words of a feather All flock together Going round and round ... Watching human motion Wasting thy seed upon the

Diana Vickers - You'll never get to heaven lyrics

a Friday nightclub, Dressed to the nines, And you’re saving ... up for your favourite song And when it comes on, your ... sight of wasted rich kids Stood at the sides of empty

Javier Colon - If i never get to heaven lyrics

1:] What Does Your Love Mean To Me Its Something I Can't ... Need Like A Bird Flying High On A Summers Day You're The ... Wind That Carries Me Away To A Place Where You And I Will

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Trying to get to heaven lyrics

air is getting hotter, there's a rumblin ... walking through the mirror to nowhere Tryin' to get to heaven before they close the door. ... would not let me be I had to leave there in a hurry I only saw what they let me see

Ice Cube - When i get to heaven lyrics

Verse One:] Listen to the preacherman But are you ... talkin' to me I can't hear you with a ... re blessed With a father, son, spirit and the holy ghost ... my whole neigborhood is comatose Lookin' for survival The

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - The closer i get to you lyrics

The closer i get to you The more you make me see ... Over and over again I tried to tell myself that we Could ... me feel Lyin' here next to you Time just seems to fly

Monster Magnet - On the verge lyrics

like snow is gonna fall And I'm just waiting ... at the station Hey there brother have you ... got the time To share a cup of radiation ... Looks like big doggie's on the move Telling the little

The Guess Who - Get your ribbons on lyrics

your ribbons on, honey Get your ribbons on We're gonna ... stomp, honey, all night long I don't want your ... Rothschild ways I don't want to be brand spankin' new And if

Eddie Money - Get a move on lyrics

t had enough How long has it been? I'd love to ... old engine But I got nothin' to put it in Money, what's money? Don't make me laugh Money got funny It's a thing of

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - Get your fight on lyrics

your fight on, get your fight on Let's take it right on Get ... your fight on, get your fight on Let's take it right on Get ... your fight on, get your fight on Let's take it right on Get

Blood On The Dance Floor - I can't get enuff lyrics

& roll Everybody lose control Shake it up, up and down ... We're gonna burn up this town We're at the party at the ... than an inferno My fashion is fresh to death I'll hit

Hit The Lights - Get to you lyrics

it seems troubled How did I get this far Now I've lost my way ... back I can't get to you I'm in a hole looking up ... it seems troubled How did I get this far Thought I was the

Pitbull - Get on the floor (feat. oobie) lyrics

Girl you better (ohh) St-Stop playin (ohh) Bitch what'cha ... waitin for Get your ass on the floor Ohh Girl you ... better (ohh) St-Stop playin (ohh) Bitch what'cha

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - Get your boots on! that's the end of rock and.. lyrics

Verse 1] Well, Frank said to Alice "Don't tell ... chicken" Let the illusion in Toronto survive And live ... beyond what is always written

Asia - The closer i get to you lyrics

can't begin to make no sense of it all ... Maybe I don't try enough But there is ... plead for our love I want to know if you're just tired of ... There is no answer, no question, no lie I'm losing count of

Evolove - On the floor lyrics

more And every minute seems to take a lifetime My mind's ... beginning to wander from the path it is on ... And I can't wait to get my body moving on the floor

The Leftovers - Get to know you lyrics

and the sand I need a girl to hold my hand If what I say ... is true then I really want to get to know you I need the ... moon and the stars above I need a

Dream Evil - On the wind lyrics

seems to me you never learn Play ... with fire, you get burnt What's the reason for ... your sympathy Why don't you leave me alone I'm ... the wind You got all reasons feeling sad You got all

Blut Aus Nord - On the path of wolf... towards dwarfhill lyrics

walked during one day in our ancient land ... Ath, the biggest raven stopped and declared in eerie tongue "Follow the wolf in ... the forest... (Beyond your reality) Follow the

Chumbawamba - How to get your band on the television lyrics

People die Same manipulation wrapped in lies Give a ... little money and play your rock and roll ... The biggest prizes to the biggest fools In ... keeping with the fashion for charity, not change Here

Cornershop - Good to be on the road back home again lyrics

To Be on the Road Back Home (T. Singh) ... And by the time that she gets home She'll re-a-lise that I

Midnight - ...on the wings of satan lyrics

mass is over the night is done Time to reap our rewards ... By Lucifer's sword Ride to hell your Lord has fell Ride ... to Hell... on the wings of Satan Now I am

Rhapsody Of Fire - On the way to ainor lyrics

our way Now a new wild path to the far plains Skylords ... quaking my soul Rage of the Heavens... storm! In me now it ... pounds your great force One more time We turn back sad

Rise Against - The strenght to go on lyrics

You fell in place Don't fall asleep They'll find ... us here I know a place to disappear As a voice ... the day we die Or till we don't have the strength to go on

Domine - On the wings of the firebird lyrics

want to climb the highest peaks of ... the Universe To reach the tallest mountains ... of the moon I set my soul on fire, transcend this world of ... nothing Imagination running mad to the extreme

Saxon - To live by the sword lyrics

follow the code of honour Die with a sword in your ... Your forefathers left on the land To live by the ... of the masters Disciples of conflict and war The blade of

Gordon Lightfoot - Heaven don't deserve me lyrics

I'm dying There'll be no one to hold my hand If there's ... Much as my old woman can I don't intend to be a martyr I don't give a damn what people say

New Kids On The Block - You got the flavor lyrics

don’t really mean to lead you on All I wanna do ... need it, girl Let’s not get fakin’ I want you to ... shake it Pretty girl I don’t really wanna lead you on

Lana Del Rey - Get drunk lyrics

do you like me now? Come on,get drunk ,you know you wanna ... I am, you can, won't tell no one bout it It's gonna be a ... ball It's gonna be a ball I am lying

The 69 Eyes - Heaven / hell lyrics

with the beast No place to hide where the creatures meet ... like a real wildchild Don't rely on walking with the ... they feast I can't get no higher than this Rising

Cheryl Cole - Heaven lyrics

you you Oo oo oo oo My heaven’s with you (you you you you ... ooo oo oo oo) My heaven’s with you My heaven’s with ... you, girl My heaven’s with you Chorus I

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - The lord's prayer lyrics

(I'm ready!) O! I'm gonna get you in the end! Getcha! Getcha! Getcha! Our father ... which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. ... sex sex Earth As it is in Heaven. O in heaven. And lead us

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Get down (you're the one for me) lyrics

re the one for me You're my ecstasy ... You're the one I need Heeey, yeah, ohhhh ... Get down, get down And move it all around ... Get down, get down And move it all around

Delirious? - The mezzanine floor lyrics

m on the mezzanine floor, never ... here before, no, no It's a lonely place, but a house full of ... grace And I'll get to heaven Yes, I'll get to heaven I

Troye Sivan lyricsTroye Sivan - Heaven (feat. betty who) lyrics

a tear down a cheek Trying to save face, and daddy heart ... Has been eating at me Trying to replace the love that I fake ... truth runs wild Like kids on concrete Trying to sedate,

Clay Walker - Heaven leave the light on lyrics

I'm only human, Yeah I'm just a man ... It don't make no difference who I am ... I've been a clown So heaven leave the light on It's ... dark and I can't see So heaven leave the light on Burn

Eddie Money - Heaven in the back seat lyrics

girl, looking to take a ride Gonna get to ... it takes all night I wanna get, huh next to you She's got ... mirror makes three It's heaven in the backseat Got the heaven in the backseat (Backseat,

Michael Hutchence lyricsMichael Hutchence - Get on the inside lyrics

m never gonna make you suffer If you ... want my better side I'm gonna give you all my sugar When ... it comes to taking the ride I will ... washed away There are oceans to be named by you Inside we

Ian Brown - On track lyrics

can't go back Ya gotta get your life on track Nor pontificate, nor contemplate your ... the dark Just pray you're gonna get to heaven's gate ... Life's no simple situation There's the added complication That the reason that we're

Jake Miller - Heaven lyrics

been on my grind for a while now I ... got my top down, music loud, ridin ... round Feel like I’m in heaven I feel like I’m in heaven ... I’m feelin come and ride along You can find me in the sky

Jes - Heaven lyrics

can get to heaven Walking out in the streets ... at night Pushing my soul into the open wind And in a daze ... been there In a daze I begin to see the way I can get to heaven Lying put in the beach at

The Mission - Daddy's going to heaven now lyrics

I've got something I need to say I'll miss you my darling ... say goodbye cos daddy's going to heaven now So say goodbye ... cos daddy's going to heaven now Remember I've no

Above & Beyond - On my way to heaven (ft. richard bedford) lyrics

I cry I’m always looking to tomorrow As you mourn the days ... gone by You always tread on my toes Look my guided hand ... where you go I’m always wrong your always right But I can

Cheap Trick - On the top of the world lyrics

re on top of the world On top of the world and you can't ... Get any higher-You're on top of the world You're on top ... of the world tonight It wasn't easy- it was

Mötley Crüe - Get it for free (unreleased track) lyrics

price I'll have you knockin' on heavens door But I, Get it ... invest in me I said I, I get it for free I, I, I, I get ... it for free Done gone, but I forgot For got what

Mika Nakashima - Heaven on earth lyrics

Sure chigau nante aru yone? demo Riseiteki sugiru ... anata no kotoba wa Wakaru keredo yurusenai ... de tsutaete Fall in love together to the sky Heaven on

Joan Armatrading - Back on the road lyrics

myself That I was fine Someone who liked my company I ... And Mr Sorrow He'd come along sometimes I never liked his ... would rather be I may not get to heaven You put me Back on the road Back on the road I

Boston - Heaven on earth lyrics

Now I can't believe I'm on my own I'm leaving on a jet ... all I can see when I'm all alone, ooh [Chorus:] Heaven on ... about it? I didn't know what to say. For what it's worth I

Sleater-kinney - All hands on the bad one lyrics

t get to Heaven in a silver spoon Polish ... except for the mark on you, you Come be the first ... in line, to shake the hand of mine Come ... be the first in line, to shake the hand of All

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Lil' devil lyrics

Livin' in a shack in a one-horse town Trying to get to heaven 'fore the sun goin' ... there, little devil Come on little devil Be my little ... angel Come on little devil Be my, yeah,

Aaron Watson - Heaven help the heart lyrics

large You strolled down Bourbon Street Lookin' for an easy ... eyes Spellbound by your long legs and your little white ... lies Oh, heaven help the heart that falls

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