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Call The lyrics

Browse for Call The song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Call The lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Call The.

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G Girls - Call the police lyrics

Got my heels so high in the satellite Got me tip toe ... walking on the moonlight Who's there, who's ... me, with me Better walk, hit the lights, finger-licking good

Katy J - Call the sun lyrics

call the sun 'cause I've fallen again ... why Someone please call the sun I've been loving ... so cold... Someone please call the sun Someone please call the sun I've been tattered, I

Sleater-kinney - Call the doctor lyrics

want to socialize you They want to purify you They ... you can't make it (Look out they want what you know) In a ... a kid, break a heart, steal the show) I'm your monster I'm

Lee Harding - Call the nurse lyrics

the nurse Call the nurse I'm in pain, I'm in ... I'm high on fever Now ain't the time for chasing beaver I ... I think it's time Time to call the nurse Call the nurse Call the nurse Cos I need drugs

Metal Inquisitor - Call the banners lyrics

light years far from here The sound of wolves is getting ... of witchcraft of rising fear The screams of whisper: they are ... coming nearer One by one, they have an oath to swear Titan

J.j. Cale - Call the doctor lyrics

call for the doctor, I think I'm sick Ain ... fine but my body feels weak Call the doctor, I think I'm sick ... t know but I've had my fill Call the doctor and tell him I'm

Holy Mother - Call the ghost lyrics

of hope When in doubt, I'll call the ghost If I'm flying with ... knows Now everyone has got their own direction for my life ... grow My people hide behind the hidden secrets you don't know

Busta Rhymes - Call the ambulance lyrics

yeah, yeah, hah, huh Now motherf***in case closed The shit ... low Spaz out because I motherf***in say so Before I blow ... Thick in cock diesel, that's the way we roll Big truck shit,

Heather Dale - Call the names lyrics

the names of the foemen who've fallen Let them be carried like seeds on the ... wind Call the names of the kinsmen who've followed Let them be jewels in the crown of

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Call the man lyrics

the door Shut the world away All the fight's ... this wounded heart Across the floor Dreams and shadows ... Like wind blown refugees Call the man Who deals in love

Girls Aloud - Call the shots lyrics

tone on the phone, I'll be breaking ... something better, babe All the names that you called out in ... blind I won't cry for all the hunger in my heart, no I won

The Moffatts - Call the doctor lyrics

My head is always pounding The pain is blinding My mind is ... unwinding I call up her machine Just to hear ... hear her voice [Chorus] Call the doctor, she's in my head

Rob Hustle - Call the cops lyrics

This is what happens when you call the cops (x3) You get your ... cuffs tasers and Glocks They like serial killers acting ... Forget what you're taught These cops have got a license to

Silver Dust - Call the nation lyrics

shouldn't be Can you see the real side Call the nation ... like a soldier Be the one to save my heart Save the nation, turn it around And ... see now the place to be So you know,

Cinderella Effect - Call the ships to port lyrics

billion words ago the sailors disappeared A story ... for the children to rock them back to sleep A million ... A thousand generations the soil on which we walk A

George Jones - Call the wrecker for my heart lyrics

called the wrecker for my heart This ... just have to tow me in. They call the man up on the phone ... I don't know how to start So call the wrecker for my heart.

Mario - Call the cops lyrics

met her right outside of the club, Her conversation got the best of me when she said she ... up, back up, shorty back up) Then her body started movin' ... mama put it on me (early in the club) [chorus] Girl wat

Lil Rob - Call the cops lyrics

coming out Puto what'chu calling it? Featuring Lil' Rob the way you sell the mother ... f***er Check the bar codes the one with scan well you ain't ... got those Cause of The wrong mind you cross the

Covenant - Call the ships to port lyrics

billion words ago the sailors disappeared a story ... for the children to rock them back to sleep a million ... a thousand generations the soil on which we walk a

Outkast - Call the law lyrics

and Rooster under peachtree They K-I-SS-I-N-G Wow first came ... he love Now then comes the marriage 1-1-1 baby 2 baby 3 ... oceans versus mountains) Call me the poor girl cause I love

Devon - Call the brothers lyrics

sing it full of pride Relive the days when you had found The ... will be kings Always leading the way Straight to the light ... Drinking up till the last drop Feeling like a god

Off With Their Heads - Call the cops lyrics

used to be Try to get together, try to talk I know I'm ... walk all night Because you called the cops on me But I don ... t mind. It doesn't bother me When we scream, we cry

James Morrison - Call the police lyrics

me wonder where i buried all the dreams i had. all I see, ... truth god help me, before the devil buries me. yeah i ... every word you say. when the shit comes down, you'll be the first to walk away.

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - The sidewinder sleeps tonite lyrics

here is the place I will be staying. There isn't a number. You can call the pay phone. Let it ring a ... If I don't pick up, hang up, call back, let it ring some more.

Akon - Call da police (feat. busta rhymes) lyrics

'em, call 'em call 'em Somebody better call 'em ... call 911 Call da police for me, tell them ... song boy, emces get murda Call da police for me, tell them

Nina Hagen - Let's call the whole thing off lyrics

say "either" and I say "either ... quot; You say "neither" I say "neither ... quot; "Either" "either",

Harry Connick Jr. - Let's call the whole thing off lyrics

say either and I say either You say neither I say neither Either either, neither neither Let’s call the whole thing ... I say creole tomatah Let’s call the whole thing off Oh, if

Ella Fitzgerald - Let's call the whole thing off lyrics

flat, For you like this and the other While I go for this ... that, Goodness knows what the end will be Oh I don't know ... must be done: You say either and I say either, You say

George Gershwin - Let's call the whole thing off, lyrics

flat, For you like this and the other While I go for this ... that, Goodness knows what the end will be Oh I don't know ... must be done: You say either and I say either, You say

Sam Cooke - Let's call the whole thing off lyrics

say either, I say either You say neither, I say neither either, either neither, ... neither Let's call the whole thing off You like ... tomatos, tomatos Let's call the whole thing off And

Kraftwerk lyricsKraftwerk - The telephone call lyrics

(has been disconnected) (The number you have reached) ... to get a connection on the telephone line You're so ... close but far away I call you up all night and day

Mickie James - I call the fight lyrics

Its a dirty game we play and the punches sting Jab left, jab ... Even if it means we die I call the fight Im gonna lay my ... Get up, walk away Baby dont call my name Gonna find a love

Peter Aristone - We call the past lyrics

in a dark shades building the world where we cannot talk ... All the dried lakes miss your soul ... that you wrote to reach the light they will fall, we call the past Looking for a

Rhapsody Of Fire - The mighty ride of the firelord lyrics

to black ash but I'll move the moon I will light your evil ... all my crying wasted land I call the rage of my dead I call the black angels' tears Also

Bart Baker - Call me maybe parody ft obama lyrics

rock hard Wish you’d lose the bodyguard, so I could lick ... soon be having sex inside the Oval Office Your totally ... away And stole your boxers They smell good, don’t they?

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Call of the wild lyrics

final hour, you can't hide There's nowhere now that you can ... your fears from hell It's the call of the wild Calling you ... cry and turn to dust before the moon Many spirits are lost

Call The Cops - Room 410 lyrics

It takes glue to stick together And I never meant to make ... was worth it Still all the while we lived a lie And I ... my lady's going out with other guys Acting like you're

Killswitch Engage - The call lyrics

Whispering voices that slither into our ears, As ... and beckons us to fall Under the skin, the blood begins to ... crawl Rush to the heart, drain it from the soul

The Saturdays - Last call lyrics

sun goes down And that's the time when it hurts so bad I ... feel the weight of the love we had I can't move ... I would wait all night Just the thought of you before I close

Sam Cooke - They call the wind mariah lyrics

out west, they got a name For rain and ... wind and fire The rain is Tess, the fire's joe ... and They call the wind Mariah O no, Mariah ... blows the stars around And sends the

Jeans Boys [Джинсовые мальчики] - Звони на 916 "call the number 916" lyrics

ЗВОНИ НА 916 1 В тишине, возможно, много спрятать столько И потом жалеть от боли можно долго сколько. И нелеп такой расклад. Кто-то был прав, а кто-то был р...

Krisiun - The extremist lyrics

fury revealed inside of me The electrifying surge of a ... Impulsive disorder, I bring the fuel to burn Exalting the ... bloody maelstrom As I passed the gates to a ruthless mental

Primitai - The cannibal lyrics

morning has come to splinter the night You slip from your ... hollow to rejoin the light Caution is taken by ... Greetings extended and now they retreat Your kin have

Scooter lyricsScooter - 999 (call the police) lyrics

insane Pack my bag And hit the next plane Lift your hands ... it out loud Even when the sun is blocked by clouds It ... finds its way though Even in the darkest of the nights I will

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - The queen is back lyrics

walks into the room And everybody knows It ... see her She's Back Look in the mirror and you wanna be her ... She's Back From the beginning it's a long career

Fabolous - The wake lyrics

all Drama's fault, I been had the mixtape done He's like, yeah ... s cool but I'm 'bout to go to the Bahamas Bahamas? Nigga, we ... do We gotta finish killin' the f***in' competition We can

Run Dmc - The school of old lyrics

Run] Now the things I do to make me a star ... are [Kid Rock] Like a bum on the corner big boy in the car ... (car) see the ki ki Kid Rock with the ... s like that [Run] and that's the way it is [Kid Rock] Beats

Arch Enemy - The zoo lyrics

job is done and I go out Another boring day I leave it all ... do Is walk around to catch the thrill On streets we call the zoo We eat the night, we

Bay City Rollers - The disco kid lyrics

town Brooklyn there's a party goin' on, If there's a party he'll be dancin' ... all night long, The Hi Fi Sky Fly Playin' music ... in his soul, The Disco Kid keeps dancin' on

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The zoo lyrics

job is done and I go out Another boring day I leave it all ... do Is walk around to catch the thrill On streets we call the zoo We eat the night, we

Sathanas - The beast of revelation lyrics

spoke of the end Battles emerge from the ... abyss Beasts of war from the Styx Forsake the Disciples ... of Christ I will call the storms As I fall from grace

Eminem lyricsEminem - Role model (curtain call: the hits) lyrics

I'll strangle you to death, then I'll choke you again And ... You beef with me, I'ma even the score equally Take you on ... ‘Cause when I smoke out I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono

Ancient - The pagan cycle lyrics

we call upon the east wind Notus, we call ... upon the south wind Zephyrus, we call ... upon the west wind Boreas, we call the north wind Spirit mother ... mon reveals a new dawn (The) dark king transforms to

Blitzkrieg - Call for the priest lyrics

British Metal, Defenders of the Faith, A Leather Rebel, Hell ... Patrol, Beyond the Realms of Death, They'll ... Deal With the Devil, and call the Saints in Hell, Between the Hammer and the Anvil, the

Framing Hanley - The fold lyrics

re at the climax now It's no suprise ... you back down I've heard the stories, This is where you ... shut tight, But you left the door wide open. And you know

Eminem lyricsEminem - Just don't give a f*** (curtain call: the hit.. lyrics

Woah! A-get yo' hands in the air And get to clappin' 'em ... thought it wasn't It be's the brothers representin' the ... Dirty Dozen I be the F-R-O, the double G And check out my

Bombshell Rocks - The wakeup call lyrics

Five down, five people dead The country wakes up after 50 ... years asleep And the flag has got a slight touch ... of red Blood on the ground There's a new war

Acuff Roy - The house of rising sun lyrics

is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun It's ... been the ruin of many poor boy and me, ... Go to tell my youngest brother, not to do as I have done

Dave Thomas Junior - The hardest part lyrics

in truth soon as it started there I was Trying to figure out ... the place the sky would fall And I wonder ... if it matters now at all Call the future by another name

Naughty By Nature - The shivers (featuring chain gang platune) lyrics

msayin'? F*** all you motherf***ers that wanna call the ... when we tryin' to get our motherf***in' loot youknowI'msayin' ... first nigga to swing Place the call, make you fall, we can

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