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Calin Dopis\' And 1642=(select (case When (1642=7328) Then 1642 Else (select 7328 Union Select 4664) End)) lyrics

Browse for Calin Dopis\' And 1642=(select (case When (1642=7328) Then 1642 Else (select 7328 Union Select 4664) End)) song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Calin Dopis\' And 1642=(select (case When (1642=7328) Then 1642 Else (select 7328 Union Select 4664) End)) lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Calin Dopis\' And 1642=(select (case When (1642=7328) Then 1642 Else (select 7328 Union Select 4664) End)).

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Calin - Calin - dopis (feat. barber) [prod. enthic] lyrics

táto, vím, že zvíře chtěl mít doma Deset let jsem dělal hovna Jenom trénink a nic víc A víš, že, táto, za ty dva roky Co jsem si čuchl ke cashi A tos neviděl všechen respekt a ty chicks A věř, táto, že v Benzu se vrátím Do naší vesnice Kde jsme začínali a neměli my zhola

King Diamond - 1642 imprisonment lyrics

holy rites, secrecy and alter wine Black candies burning low; to the meetings again they go Picard can't wait to take away another soul Oh it's a shame, Picard was so insane In the year of 1642, it came to an end In 1642, imprisonment Sacrifice, holy rites, s

Little Brother - When everything is new lyrics

.. (Hah!) Waddup y'all? It's Phonte, I got my man Big Pooh up here with me (Yeah!) It's about 6'o clock in the Chopp Shopp, man We... y'know finally reachin the end of this album and I just wanna thank y'all, like... I was never a big fan of doin the

Razor - End of the war lyrics

I've given you orders, you've got to be ready to fight Freedom is what we're defending, because it's our God given right Living a life without violence, I know that you wish it was true Outlaws disturbing the world peace, now you know what you must do Leaders who cr

Agnetha Fältskog - When you really loved someone lyrics

searchin' Heartbroken Eyes open Some say You're only cryin' in the dark Life changes, Rearranges Time passes Some say You're only cryin' in the dark He promised you his love would last forever The day he said goodbye All you wanted Was to lay down and die When you

Elton John lyricsElton John - When love is dying lyrics

say we bruise too easily I don't know if it's that way for me I've seen 'em come, I've seen 'em go I've seen everyone I know Fall in and out of love It's just the way it goes Word is out, silence seems so loud There's no light above or below me now I've seen

Dagoba - When winter... lyrics

the great cold decides to fall Consuming hopes likes nothing before Time sweeps us away like f***in' flakes And leaves us all frozen at best. When winter falls on us all !! Fear the ultimate season approach In a ocean black cape it comes Reversing the rational

8ball & Mjg - When it's on lyrics

Verse 1: MJG] I'm just a drop top flippin', flippin' Fifth of Yacht sippin', sippin' Dope crack that's going in the strip clubs tippin' MJG ah, P.I.M.P. ah F*** a blind date, oh no, I got to see her The new millennium poet Forever show it, can't blow it If you rea

Kazzer - When it rains it pours lyrics

is a struggle when it rains it pours oh when it rains it pours Life is a struggle when it rains it pours oh when it rains it pours So here I am it didn't happen overnight I had to pay my dues like everybody else in this life So get a life is what they tell you at first you got

Krypteria - When the dust begins to settle lyrics

alone at night no chance To rest your weary head Cause i am the creator of all pain and sorrow I'm out to get your soul and once You see me all hope is dead For all your dreams there's no tomorrow Try to escape my eyes,you run But you cannot hide On your knees,go lick up t

Devildriver - End of the line lyrics

do declare, there's something in the air I'm burning the candle at both ends Bitter betrayals, skeleton keys Houses to haunt, well it's alright by me Rags to ruin, some foolhardy choices Some would say, not a ghost of a chance The ghosts in my mind, they're on

Manticora - When forever ends lyrics

that everything is lost my colours they are slowly fading I cast no shadow but another level is waiting Journey through the black abyss is only in my fevered mind Even time and space have gone - impossible to find From far beyond the nothingness - the end

Brian Mcknight - When will i see you again lyrics

t believe the daily news It's mostly bad, it's sad but true I realize how close the end is near The world is singing down so low More weaked than the days of Noah Lord we need you, that much is true Lord you said that you would come And wipe away our tears, oh

Black Majesty - End of time lyrics

t recall my memories Immerse themselves deep in my soul I breathe the air that brings me down Standing firm on this solid ground My belief is spinning 'round Learnt behaviour slowly fading out I tried to make believe So now I'm going to run So now I

Betraying The Martyrs - When you're alone (feat. kévin traoré of as t.. lyrics

you’re alone! Are you scared! When you’re alone, scared, screaming for help At your end we know just where you will turn? To whom does your mind try to speak? What do you do when you feel all alone? To whom does your mind try to speak? There is nowher

Joe - And then lyrics

ohhhhhh Damn wheres my phones? There it is Mmmmmhhhhhhh mhh Hey wassup mami Wont you let me come through and see you or something [Woman:]what we gon do? My bodys gon talk to your body And then Your bodys gon talk back to mine And then My bodys gon say

Lissie - When im alone lyrics

turned my back you were gone in a flash like you always do, you always go off somewhere else And when the phone rang and I thought it was you and I sprung like a kid who just got out of school but its almost, always never you, never you I scream like child

Michael W. Smith - End of the book lyrics

the day You were saved Heaven and hell marked you down Angels praise Devils raged Life became a battleground So when hell starts to move And the enemy marches on you Hang on, it's a fight You've been marked by the army of night You're a targ

Root - Then lyrics

depths of mysterious moors, Where rags of fog were wed with rain Dazing smell of mysterious herbs Tickle the wistful nares. It hide's deep there... Then I've set out to the very center Inward the world of Talmalion Difficult way stayed in for me I became the pilgri

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - End up here lyrics

walked in Everyone was asking for your name You just smiled and told them "Trouble" My head spins I'm pressed against the wall Just watching your every move You're way too cool And you're coming this way Coming this way How did we end

Ian Anderson - End game lyrics

m slipping into grey. And I was (in my way) good to you. And you were good for me. Bye bye my love. Going to play the end game. It's growing kind of still. You know there always will be a dream waiting for you when sleep comes around. I had to play the end ga

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - And the children laughing lyrics

..... Well, I been working up a fever trying to straighten up the mess in my mind about this place I can't contain myself anymore Can't you see it's written all over my face Why don't you get on your feet It's about time you got to think what ever

3 Doors Down - When its over lyrics

must be happy with yourself You think you're so much better than me Why do you love to see me fail so much 'cause on that day you crawl back on your knees Tell me who will save you When there's no one else around And you can't turn to me Tell me where will

Eddy Arnold - Then i'll be happy lyrics

wanna go where you go do what you do Love when you love then I'll be happy I wanna sigh when you sigh cry when you cry Smile when you smile then I'll be happy If you go north or south if you go east or west I'll follow you sweetheart and share your little l

Emblem3 - End of summer lyrics

Of Summer" My friends talk shit every time I sing about her I don't got a lot of dough but here's a little flower I'm covered in sand, Baby we can take a shower Takin' sips of her lips like it's happy hour Afternoon delight reverse cowgirl rowdy All I know is that

Feist - When i was a young girl lyrics

I was a young girl I used to seek pleasure When I was a young girl I used to drink ale Out of the ale house down into the jail house My body's salvated and hell is my doom Come mama come papa and sit you down by me Come sit you down by me and pity my case My poor head is

Relient K. - When i go down lyrics

ll tell you flat out it hurts so much to think of this so from my thoughts I will exclude the very thing that I hate more than everything is the way I'm powerless to dictate my own moods I've thrown away so many things that could've been much more and I

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - When the world was at war we kept dancing lyrics

don't forget your pearls and all of your horses As you make your way across the pond Girls, don't forget your curls and all of your corsets Memorize them in a little song Shake it up, throw your hands up and get loose Cut a rug, lean into the f***ing youth Choreo, we ju

Cocorosie - End of time lyrics

is the end of time Let's all hug and say goodbye This is the end of time We're all heavenward and weary The babes, the guns, the waste, the punks I don't need no human friends The cars, the wars, the shopping malls I can leave you all behind And I will chase my brot

The Game - When my niggas come home lyrics

Intro: Pharrell] Ain't no other nigga here real as my dude And used to throw money like this - WHOOOO! Honey what you lookin at? Ain't no need to guessin Starin over here you about to be a legend [Chorus: Pharrell] And when my nigga come home We gon' party 'ti

Hanna Pakarinen - When i become me lyrics

will make you see the stars far beyond the sun and mars If only you could wait If only you could see If i only had the time then I would be yes I would be I still wonder where you are Faith it didn't take us far I never had a chance to s

Rush Of Fools - End of me lyrics

ve always cared too much For all my careless problems Driving right up 65 I wanna leave it there to die By the roadside I finally feel alive Whoa, whoa the time is here and now Whoa, whoa the clouds are breaking Whoa, this could be the end The

Bolt Thrower - When cannons fade lyrics

the eighth offensive Frontline reformed Artillery that never ceased In overtures of war ....When cannons fade Now the guns are silenced End of hell storm The final argument of kings All earth transformed ....When cannons fade As the silen

Caliban - End this sickness lyrics

can't take it anymore I hate to see that people get chased away Just because of their sense of style I can't take it anymore Everyone is unique in their own way I can't take it anymore We all have the right to choose I can't take it anymore Everyone has

Eddy Arnold - Then i'll be over you lyrics

I try to go to sleep and know That I won't lie awake and cry then I'll be over you When I wake up in the morning and I find That you're not on my mind then I'll be over you If the time should arrive when I feel alive once again When each b

U2 lyricsU2 - When i look at the world lyrics

you look at the world What is it that you see People find all kinds of things That bring them to their knees I see an expression So clear and so true That changes the atmosphere When you walk to the room So I try to be like you Try to feel it like you do But without you i

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - When i most wink (sonnet 43) [feat. anna proh.. lyrics

most I wink, then do mine eyes best see For all the day they view things unrespected; But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee And darkly bright, are bright in dark directed Then thou, whose shadow shadows doth make bright How would thy shadow's form form happy show To

Suede lyricsSuede - When the rain falls lyrics

out tonight in the puddles Splash some love across the sky Just you and I bursting bubbles As the sky is about to cry When the rain falls There's magic in our lives When the rain falls We're happy deep inside When the rain falls It cleans away the corners of our

Billy Joel - When in rome lyrics

I see you in the morning Putting on your pretty clothes And I watch you do your make-up Like they do in all those fashion shows Then you turn to me so that I can see If you put yourself together right Then you go away and you're gone all day But I know you're com

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Then you love me (earthquake) lyrics

What if i were to leave you But then, you fell back in love with me How could you ever let me go How could you ever, ever, let me, go I scream your name across t...

Carpenters - When you've got what it takes lyrics

you've got what it takes You've got nothing to hide You've got miles of feelings And acres of pride You've got it You've really got it When you know who you are Then you live what you feel You give what you can And it's good when you've really got it And

Gamma Ray - When the world lyrics

lie around me, only shells left from the fight Victims of the ones that turn the day into the night Survivors stumble through the field, they're calling for the priest Branded with a sign, the number of the beast It's hell! I can't escape the nightmare that's here before my e

Hunter Hunted - End of the world lyrics

is a city where they know The people know the end is near In just a year from now, they'll fall Buildings and mountains disappear Outside, the children leave the school They've simple nothing left to learn Inside the bakery, the bread Is warmed for those without concern Ev

Jedi Mind Tricks - And so it burns lyrics

Vinnie Paz] You funny style to me, it's war when the beat drop Just another motherf***er gon' see Pac You the type that'll run when the heat pop The type that'll hide a gun when he see cops But not me, I'll aim a .38 at the crown Show up the next day at the wake and frown

Saigon - When will u love me (feat. andreena mill) lyrics

Intro: Saigon] Uh, I wonder Will they ever love me? (uh-huh) Will they ever? Will they ever care? (uh-huh) When? When? (uh, uh) [Saigon] Maybe after I'm dead and gone they'll get along Then they'll look back and see things that I said in my song Ho

4him - When the walls come down lyrics

long time ago Near a city called Jericho A band of soldiers All gathered around And Joshua said When it's time to go Youll be marching To the rhythm of the trumpet sound Oh there were those Who still had their doubts That they could take the town But don't

Illusion Suite - When love fails lyrics

s staring out the window As his mother leaves He opens a door in his own mind To search for the company he'd love to find This is the first time that he's left behind In Christmas time He tries to make food on the floor he lights up the firework his mom brought home Love fa

Kreator - When death takes its dominion lyrics

best minds of a generation slowly disappeared For every dream that died a fratured soul All that people fought for lost it's meaning through the years And those who stood as one turned into acrimonious foes Where is resistance? Wiped out and killed Obey discipl

Monster Magnet - End of time lyrics

tell those slobs that they got it wrong They screwed us good and gave the whole circus away Venus warm my bed ‘cause I’m coming home, now I’m crashing the ship and just walking away Somebody told me once that you were deeper than darkness A shining face

2pac lyrics2pac - When thugz cry lyrics

Thugz Cry Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my guns to keep If I die before I wake I pray the Lord, my soul to take As God as my witness When Thugz Cry Sometimes it's hard [Verse 1] Born thuggin' and loving the way I came up Big money clutchin, b

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - When i think about you lyrics

I wake up in the morning time and see the sun I say Hallelujah, thank you Jesus for waking me up today I think about his goodness and the wonderful things he's done; Forgiving me, setting me free and casting my sins away And soon as I was about to fall you stepped right in on tim

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes .. lyrics

in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes I all alone beweep my outcast state And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries And look upon myself and curse my fate Wishing me like to one more rich in hope Featured like him, like him with friends possessed Desiring this man

Alabama - Then again lyrics

could walk away now, call it over and done Say we fought the good fight and nobody won Say we're both better off that worst came to worst So we didn't last, hey, we're not the first But then again, if we give it one more try We might find the feeling can never really

Destination Anywhere - When its gone lyrics

searchin for a spot to call it resting place and sometimes you don't really belong And when you think You found your place of rest Take care of it and handle it Like your life could depend on it Cause when it's gone You beg for it and cry Cause when

Eso - When you leave lyrics

lost all faith in the reason When no reason took her love from me So I'll ask you, my friend, If the stories were pretend, You say "I love you and I always will" You invent a brand new plan for the seasons, How to turn those le

Junior Doctor - Beautiful and blind lyrics

the daylight fades, I only see the dark She lies awake and counts the stars When summer goes away, I only feel the cold She looks for somebody to hold She picks me up when I am breaking Always finds me when I am lost Her heart is built to take it My heart i

Nat King Cole - When sunny gets blue lyrics

Sunny gets blue, her eyes get gray and cloudy Then the rain begins to fall, pitter-patter, pitter-patter Love is gone, what can matter No sweet lover man comes to call When Sunny gets blue, she breaths a sigh of sadness Like the wind that stirs the trees Wind that sets the leaves t

Nox Eterna - ...and lost my will to live lyrics

feel I’m dying Can´t believe my soul lives on ‘till this day I feel like dying And I know my strength is totally drained Was free and… Was free and… Was free and lost my will to live I feel I’m loosing All the lust and love I’ve always had It seems like the en

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - When theres nothing left lyrics

there's nothing left to give I will give you more than I ever gave before When there's nothing left left to say I'll say it all again, but until then... And I'll give you my heart, say I love you Say I love you And I'll give you my heart, say I lo

Prince - When the lights go down lyrics

Friday night Another tired line Baby, U sure look good, Hey baby, what's your sign' How many ask 4 your number Before they even know your name' How many out there tired of playing This silly o-old time game' Hey, and when the lights go down And it's justa U 2 I

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