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Oae - Fairy tail,op 1 - snow fairy lyrics

where going Hiraki zenbu atsumete Kimi no ashita terasu yo Oh yeah Kikoete no ga kakoro no koe wa Oh yeah Kare tatte sakebu kara Oh yeah Kikoeru made kimi no kokoro ga Oh yeah Oh yeah Tsuki to taiyou no haitachi Wasuremono wa nai desuka Okashii na kimi ga inai to

A Thorn For Every Heart - Things aren't so beautiful now (part 1) lyrics

the only thing she knows Waiting around can feel like forever She knows she's not there at all And everything I see repeats over and over. I, I, I can't breathe. Eyes toward the silver screen We watch it fade to black One last climatic scene. We watch the ro

A Very Potter Musical - Gotta get back to howgarts part 1 lyrics

Underneath these stairs I hear the sneers and feel glares of my cousin, my uncle and my aunt. Can't believe how cruel they are and it stings my lighting scar to know that they'll never ever give me what I want. I know I don't deserve these awful rules made by the Dursleys

Aesop Rock - 1,000 o' clock lyrics

your seatbelts, remove glasses Bright lights, bright lights I wear shoes to bed Paint teeth on my lips Trench foot, gangrened for the win Blitzkrieg Bopper Petitioned out of shit's creek proper The only inaccessible blip on the streaming doppler Screaming ‘uncl

Aesop Rock - Crows 1 lyrics

Kimya Dawson] Birds of a black Black feather stick together forever and ever and they always remember you And all of the shit you do They pass it to the baby birdies and then they remember too Little baby blue eye's eyes turn black Without forgetting the face of the guy in the

Agent Orange - Bite the hand that feeds, pt. 1 lyrics

asked a million questions, you looked so surprised forgot a million things that i had memorized yes but i confess, i never dreamed i had done my best, or so it seemed [chorus] take the time to waste a thousand years touch the face and wipe away the tear

All Ends - Area 1 (hope & fear) lyrics

the way (on the way) to your grave (to your grave) you meet hundreds of people with thousands of offers Some ignored, (Some ignored) some excepted And your forced to rely on the promises made of lies you choose to follow Life ain´t no gift,

2am - No.1 lyrics

Verse1] I'm number one! You're number one! urin moduga number one. There's no number two! nuguigeon eodieseo salgeon urin moduga number one. gaseum ttwineun isunganmankeum And so~ [Chorus] You can dance with me if you want to You can sing with me if

Amberian Dawn - Symphony nr 1, part 1 - the witchcraft lyrics

is quiet, nature listens Far is the clamour of streets Silence, the breath of wind Perfect is the timing for the gathering Living in the village Light a heart, a young girl gambols in the field Roaming, she finds an old rune Visions in blood

American Head Charge - 1.reach and touch lyrics

ve seen it turn from white to red I've heard you talk about how you bleed and it doesnt mean shit until I see some action a hint of rose and a mountain of garbage leaves me for dead and nothing drags me from breaking myself breaking myself to try to keep every

An Cafe - 1/2 lyrics

jitou Kurikaesu mainichi Dou demo ii yo tte Aki kan Kettobashite Mezasu goal wa Minna chigau kedo Te to te wo totte Susunde ikanakya muri Kotoba wa iranai Kimochi ga aru kara Yorokobi to kanashimi no percent wa chigau kedo Hito wa kokoro de tsunagatteru yo Tsurai koto K

Amaranthe - 1.000.000 lightyears lyrics

and let my mind reflect and capture my emotions Run towards the end just to appraise your devotion Steal, adrenaline is what I need to keep on moving Fight to let them now that I'll do anything to prove it You run, you steal and won't give up a fight S

Animal Collective - #1 lyrics

caught you when your line got disconnected trouble Respect the hive, it seems like days since you ejected Your mom and I will help you dance through your bad weather Young love is fine, just please respect the candles as they line (as they line) Now S

Annihilator - Syn kill 1 lyrics

kill for god, and I kill for power for propaganda, the news hour you know my cause so don't turn your back you see my anger, fear my attack assassinate kidnap and murder, I will terrify the death of an innocent, I will justify target you are now in my sight you'll

Annihilator - Schizos (are never alone) part 1 & 2 lyrics

are never alone Schizos are never alone Schizos are never alone Schizos are never

Another (soundtracks) - Another - track 1. lyrics

Another Soundtrack CD Track: #1 Artist: Kow Otani Release Date: 27/07

Apoptygma Berzerk - Love never dies (part 1) lyrics

in your arms, you said, forever in my heart My love for you will make us both climb higher Driven by the power that is burning in our hearts You know my faith in you will keep us together Forever in your arms you said, forever in my heart My love for you will make us

Apulanta - Vääryyttä!!1! lyrics

naurusi alta haistan pilkan ja petoksen joiden syntymäjuhla on koittava vielä. Joka suunnalla piraijaparvi valmis on työtänsä tekemään se on varmaa, vaikka mä niitä en nääkkään missään. Jos sä tahdot, sä tahdot pahaa. Sehän tässä on koko ajan selvää. Minä tiedän sen ainakin. Vääry

Argent - It's only money pt.1 lyrics

re paying just to breathe With every move we make For every hand that reaches out to give A hand reaches out to take Think of money It seems funny when people playing games Pay the butcher, pay the baker Pay the taxman, pay me later It's only money It's only money It's o

Asperity - The man with 1,000 faces lyrics

the darkest hour Something with mighty power comes With the speed of light The man with thousand faces Has been at many places And now he is staring at you Don't you never no don't you never Call him by his name Fire he'll becoming with the fire Liar down to hell y

Rozzi Crane - 1+1 lyrics

I aint got nothing, I got you If I aint got something I don't give a damn, Cause I got it with you I don't know much about algebra, But I know one plus one equals two And it's me and you, Thats all we'll have when the world is thru Cause baby we aint got nothing without love Darl

Ayumi Hamasaki - 1 love lyrics

quot;Soko ni ireba hana wa kareru koto naku sakitsuzukeru sa" tte Nan no bouken mo naku shigeki mo nai hoken dake o kaketa negoto ni Tsurarete nemuku naru mae ni iku wa hoshii no wa sou JUST 1 LOVE *Itsu datte nazeka retsu kara hamidashichau no g

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Jus 1 kiss lyrics

one kiss will make it better Just one kiss, and we will be alright Just one kiss will make it better Just one kiss, and we'll be flying high... Just one kiss will make it better Just one kiss, and we will be alright Just one kiss will make it better Just one kiss, and

Bauhaus - 1. david jay 2. peter murphy 3. kevin haskins.. lyrics

David Jay She blamed him for stoking up controversy In a dreamworld It's a long way down from Heaven's gate In the absence of a jury The case continues White lies Seal his bitter fate The case continues 2. Peter Murphy Take a fish And a potato Hold the fish And the pota

Sabi - You make me feel 1 lyrics

la la la la La la na na na La la la la la La la na na na [Verse 1] Girl I've been all over the world Looking for you I'm known for taking what I think I deserve And you're overdue And if you listen you can hear me through the radio In that bri

Dierks Bentley - 5-1-5-0 lyrics

since I met you girl You've been on my brain I can't think of nothing else But you all night and day It's like I've got a first class seat Up on Ozzy's train It's driving me insane 5-1-5-0 somebody call the po po I'm going crazy Thinking about you baby 5

Bic Runga - Suddenly strange 1 lyrics

inside my shoes Still walking forward but back to you I s'pose I must be stuck with you again This joke is wearing thin I know its time I know its time to go And just so you know This secret part of me never showed And when you run around like you don't care I'm sudden

Billy Joel - Opus 2. waltz # 1 lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Billy Joel - Opus 1. soliloquy lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Black Veil Brides - F.e.a.r. transmission 1: stay close lyrics

expect a battle for humanity is about to begin With an each uprising A vague sense of safety will ignite in you An unseen shadowy sliver of doubt Towards those who protect and defend you Let the thoughts slip away and remain calm Stay close to F.E.A.R. only we can

Blackfield - 1,000 people lyrics

thousand people yell Shouting my name But I wanna die in this moment I wanna die And a thousand people smile Smiling at me But I wanna die in this moment I wanna die No way to understand Why I've become the way I am When the sky is filled

Mary J Blige - Let me be the 1 lyrics

50 Cent singing] MJ, 50 Cent. G UUUNIT! This is simple. I know you understand. Another man can't quite love you girl. Like I can. Your fantasies and your dreams. Believe in me. I will fufill. Now you know how I feel. Now baby tell me how do you feel

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 1:51 (bonus track) lyrics

give me something to feel I’m waking out of a dream Never had to feel love Never had to really know Just give me some other way I’m holdin’ on to the grave Never had to realize Never had a real love I don’t need no one I don’t wa

Boa (보아) - No.1 lyrics

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Boa Kwon - No.1 lyrics

s been so long Since you were here with me Since you left me I could I set you free It's just a game Without, myself again Finally, I'm ready to confess you see Cause I did some good, and I did some bad And I know what we had was true *You still my No.1 You're all I'm thinking

Bombshell Rocks - 1.80 down lyrics

s a silent chaos I'm waiting for disorder but it's already here It's accelerating Struck by surprise, now I see it clear An on going crisis The situation is locked, the winds ain't turning We're heading for the 21st century and the rights are burning

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Untiled no. 1 lyrics

mornings she's so regal that the valley sighs In the chilly sea that killed her real slow Now we're swimming up farther with the doll by our sides Fill the cup with these sleepy souls Shimi Kapoor It's clear that some things never take Shimi Kapoor Please,

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - It's no game, pt. 1 lyrics

2 1-2-2 Shiruetto ya kage ga kakumei o miteiru Mo tengoku no giyu no kaidan wa nai2 Silhouettes and shadows watch the revolution No more free steps to heaven It's no game Ore genjitsu kara shime dasare Nani ga okkote irunoka wakara nai Doko ni kyokun wa arunoka

Br549 - A-1 on the jukebox lyrics

I started out I thought that I'd make it double quick I had that kinda confidence that I was picked to play But if you could stand in my shoes you wouldn't feel so smart 'Cause I'm A-1 on the jukebox, nowhere on the charts My Agent gives me spendin' cash, his pockets see

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