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Drowning Pool - By the blood lyrics

see my demons at night They whisper in my ear They say ... One shot, to take away the sting And I don't care about ... dirt You will remember me By the blood By the blood By the blood on your shirt You know

Running Wild - By the blood in your heart lyrics

so bang your head and feel the music Well it's time about ... Your heart is pounding with the beat [Pre:] Pulse rate is ... [Chorus:] Like thunder from the mountains Like a storm from the sea Like the power of an

Manowar - The blood of the kings mmxiv lyrics

the battle is raging Choose your ... side Sing with us the Battle Hymns Into Glory Ride ... Hail To England The Sign Of The Hammer's our guide Forever ... we're Fighting The World Side by side On a

Manowar - The blood of the kings lyrics

your side Sing with us the BATLE HYMS INTO GLORY RIDE ... HAIL TO ENGLAND THE SIGN OF THE HAMMER's our ... Forever we're FIGHTING THE WORLD Side by side On a

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The blood lyrics

forget how it used to feel The illusion is deep Its as deep ... as the night I can tell by your tears you remember it ... all I am paralysed by the blood of Christ Though it clouds

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Baptized by the blood of angels lyrics

king of dawn is veiled by the shrouds of shadows, And the ... crown of the saint is turned into rusty ... blades of the beast Rise, my children of ... hatred, Feel the aura of the embracing night, You're the

Samael - Blood ritual lyrics

where suffering is the only satisfaction Sadness of ... against all Ritual of blood, where a human being Gives ... his life for mine Spills his blood for mine Now I will be them and they will be mine And

Acheron (usa) - The kindred lyrics

Unholy terror walks They are the creatures of the ... night A secret cult of bloodlust and death Kindred of the ... Pentagram They are the nightmares within your dreams

Manowar - The blood of my enemies lyrics

sons have I, and they Ride by my side. - The fierce, The ... black, and the wicked are their names - we ride down my ... enemies on their half-hearted flight. No

Dismember - Blood for paradise lyrics

see a storm rise in the east Forces of evil on the ... and blasphemy follows in their wake Back to the Stone Age ... Serpents of the crescent moon Cast their

Abacinate - By the righteous hands lyrics

required restitution "Blood for Blood" - Exacting ... forceful salvation accosting the wrath Unpardonable sins are ... destroyed in the flesh Covenant breaking, the

Highland Glory - Blood of the innocent lyrics

A child defenseless The ultimate sacrifice This ... play Unmeasureable hate The child you led away ... to his fate Cold blooded murder A curse for all

Discharge - The blood runs red lyrics

down by machine gun fire The blood runs red, the blood ... Hot lead rips through flesh The blood runs red, the blood

Kroda - By the hammer of spirit and identity of blood.. lyrics

and begrimed?.. Why the Ancestral Wisdom lost; Why the Blood Brotherhood forgotten ... is?.. Alas, all the Truth was gone, Truth was ... gone and the false arose!.. Clouds are gathered, covered the Sky, Ghastly

Abyssic Hate - The blood war lyrics

creatures of the light Humanity burning deep ... within their hearts Weakened beings all ... Staring into demon eyes The worthless children of God ... Visions of their painful deaths Tortured by

Kirk Franklin - The blood song lyrics

+ J. Velasquez You have the power to make the seasons ... change The river flows for You, the wind ... instead I'm safe within not by Your skin but because Your blood was red Some say You're

Esoteric - The blood of tthe eyes lyrics

for life. Slowly replacing the flesh with steel, So that I ... may carry on... Unfettered by this mortality. The air ... no longer carries favour, The water that passes these lips

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Blood of hatred lyrics

bitter thoughts I swear on the name of my rage Those who ... will now taste my hate By the blood of hatred I seal my ... for a dawn to come When the final war takes the place

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

ALTARUS:] Gaze deep into the mists with your spirit-eyes, ... [XERXES:] I see a land far to the north... a vast empire of ... enlightenment hides within the fog-swathed vales of

Graveworm - By the grace of god lyrics

day Black shadows darkened the light Destruction of harmony ... The horsemen began the sentenced In the name of god ... innocent souls A sea of blood was the price What they must

Hammers Of Misfortune - The blood-ax speaks lyrics

unholy fire forged And by inhuman hands created You ... Blessed with endless lust for blood My appetite cannot be sated ... now, You're free now When the light of the moon Is

My Dying Bride - The blood, the wine, the roses lyrics

Siren, that's her game They want to be near her. ... And I run along with them, the heaving mass, ... I witnessed lovers torn by her. Teary maidens killing

Manowar - The blood of odin lyrics

ravens Hugin and Munin. They circle the earth by day ... seeing all At night they report to him the world's ... And a spear called Gungnir They are carved with runes. His

The Parlotones - The stars fall down lyrics

this day Passion killed by the comfort of time I'm sorry if ... have to speak my mind Suck the colours from my eyes When they lose their sparkle and ... forget to shine Remember all the times you turned me down I'm

Dying Fetus - The blood of power lyrics

Conduit of anger, tools of the trade Essential supply of ... of wrath, in need of the lifeblood Never ending skirmish for ... battlefield, resupplied With the means to strike down abruptly

Debauchery - Blood for the blood god (p**** version) lyrics

for the Blood God Blood - Death - Gore For the skull ... throne Rabid bloodletting The honour of killing Forward ... rip apart I will spill your blood There is no honour without blood Killing in masses As the

The Frames - The blood lyrics

You('ve) lost your place To the girl behind With the honest ... face Ain't that the way.. Your heroes They ... pass by on broken feet With the girls they find Between the

Sinister - Blood follows the blood lyrics

staring at my misery Blood follows the blood, my fate

Chvrches - By the throat lyrics

again until you unfocus them away You know, you know, ... far I'll take this thing by the throat and walk away You

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - By the way lyrics

in line to See the show tonight And there's a ... light on Heavy glow By the way I tried to say I'd be there waiting for Dani the girl ... Singing songs to me Beneath the marquee Overload Steak

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The blood that moves the body lyrics

s the way we feel Tonight As if ... love, you know I'll react to the blood that moves my body ... Now covers the ground The blood that moves the body The blood that moves the body There

Mortal Sin - The blood of my enemies lyrics

island of death in the madness of life Where the ... are left to decay Smelling the stench of the rotting of ... flesh All the victims are left with their ... Among all those who died The blood of my enemies No need

Pharaoh - By the night sky lyrics

within the desert One race of mortal ... men The gods have given to us A rich ... with greatest splendor The dawning of a time Where all ... men pledge their honor And some pay with their lives We are a people

Bill Withers - The return of wrath lyrics

burns Brought to it's knees By the beast of war Cities are ... Nations collapse Under the reign of terror Fire storms ... raging the sky The sign of mankinds Ultimate

Satan's Host - By the hands of the devil lyrics

Descendant of Sumerian blood The Dark Lord, the Devil ... One world in revolution By the thorns of anarchy Exposing ... are brave enough Disciple’s bloodline of Satan Thus we are

Bloodthorn - The return of wrath lyrics

burns Brought to it's knees By the beast of war Cities are ... Nations collapse Under the reign of terror Fire storms ... raging the sky The sign of mankinds Ultimate

Carola - The blood lyrics

for me Way back on Calvary The blood that gives me strength ... lose it's power It soothes my doubts And it calms my ... And it dries all of my tears The blood that gives me strength

In The Woods - By the banks of pandemonium lyrics

urged for a walk in the garden on a tranquil Dawn in ... June The silence caused by man himself And chaos by the ... moon The snake was dragged In leather ... a howling dog neglected by the Captain's log and flogged

In This Moment - The blood legion lyrics

fly Tonight, it feels like the gods are alive Tonight, we ... bow down I’ll rise through the sun I’m transcending I am ... are immortal We´ll rise from the wraith We are eternal You

Itchy Poopzkid - By the way lyrics

cannot see straight Turn up the sound cause I wanna lose ... nothing to lose Sweat and blood is what I would choose ... Strings and stricks are the favorite tools Fortune

Dawn Of Demise - The blood stays on the blade lyrics

compels once more Remember the words - the rule The ... doctrine tells us The blood stays on the blade To show them who has the power The blood ... stays on the blade This killing reign is

Gateway Worship - By the grace of god lyrics

1 By the grace of God alone Heaven ... Son has come to me Through the Cross, my sins are gone He ... died the Lamb and rose the King VERSE 2 Sing for joy

Pegazus - The headless horsemen lyrics

a night of rain and thunder, the curse will live again Awoken ... from his ancient slumber, the legends comes alive The ... his silhouette, shadow in the sky As he rides through the

Sick Of It All - The blood and the sweat lyrics

through the hardships everyday I do ... what I can to fade away {the bullet has passed it's got ... it helps our pride {all the merry, it hasn't last, for

Asphyx - The blood i spilled lyrics

home after the war all that's left is a ... prisoner of two worlds the past is red of all the blood ... I spilled the future's black because there ... sacred to me i want you, father, to fall on your knees in

Debase - The blood remains lyrics

my chest he drags me in to the house of hell on the bank ... of the bloody river Still hanging some ... strange fruits in the trees blood on the roots again Were

Eucharist - The religion of the blood-red velvet lyrics

like dying eyes through the window I was still awake as ... A boy in small age embraced the velvet in which he had ... created His eyes enriched the beauty of all imaginations

Illnath - The blood is the almighty sin lyrics

comes crawling back Out of the shadows deep Comes a ... creature of the night And now the stars are ... shining bright Hunting the innocent He draws their

Anaal Nathrakh - The blood-dimmed tide lyrics

not available not available not available not available not available not available...

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - The blood is love lyrics

in a way Beyond figure out These lines of life have been ... are one, out of two Oh, my bloodshot eyes Open up your ... a ring We of flesh & blood are only carrying It's so

Arrayan Path - The blood remains on the believer lyrics

and endless fever Again The twisted lies of the deceiver ... Soul collector dealer In me The blood remains of the believer ... Am I one of the unsaved? Christ save me Am

Ash - The sweetness of death by the obsidian knife lyrics

and it's leaving tonight In the slipstream I will find my ... my way to Tijuana Beneath the stars I will escape The ... of sleep and low melatonin There's no shelter on the run

Machine Head - The blood, the sweat, the tears lyrics

yes i walk the path, that righteous Many ... Straight shackled onto the floor So welcome to the ... broken state But then i'll see There's a thing

Arryan Path - The blood remains on the believer lyrics

and endless fever Again The twisted lies of the deceiver ... Soul collector dealer In me The blood remains of the believer ... Am I one of the unsaved? Christ save me Am

Daysend - The blood of angels lyrics

better day It's never what they say It's never what they ... say It's all about the silence in-between Into a ... pain that works for me The blod of angels Behind a door

Opeth - By the pain i see in others lyrics

I'm still beneath in the soil Discard your clothes ... and have always been Say the word And I'll depart Upon ... your lips dwells nothing but the meaning of my cause And so

After All - The blood and the mission lyrics

The ice is melting down, but the ... what is wrong, or what fate they will come upon. It's ... breaking down their world, will it survive another light ? It's breaking down their world, will it survive another night ? The wolf and the hunter, they will decide

Fades Away - The remnant lyrics

poison to numb your mind. There's no time to waste in ... make it alive. Lost in the sea of factions Stop asking ... For now Goodnight (From the ashes of their idols)

Madder Mortem - The flesh, the blood and the man lyrics

smile me such promises and then you veer away and bring my ... Crack a smile to uphold the illusion of truth Close your ... or make your peace with the flesh and the blood and the

Poisonblack - The state lyrics

my darkest hour I breathe out the name and sigh I'm for her to ... of shame... and I sigh The state I ache to be in, the ... state I crave for The bringer of the night reveals

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