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Slot - Net lyrics

uronit ljeto v osjen Zimnim vjetrom zakrichit v nochi Razbudit (Kto to smjelyj pronikajet v mjenja ) zhjestoko (Kto to vidoizmjenjajet mjenja) Rassvjetom utro tjanjet poldjen I glotajet skolzkije luchi Pod vjechjer(Kto to prosto otkljuchajet mjenja ) s vostoka (Kto to, dovjerjaja, p

Lil Kleine - 43 lyrics

Intro: Bokoesam] Deze fles 43 die gaat never nooit op Deze fles 43 die gaat… [Bokoesam] Deze fles 43 die gaat never nooit op Die gaat never nooit op Dus ik geef het aan die bitches en ze drinken het op Ey, ey, ja ze nemen het op Deze fles 43 die gaat never noo

Lil Debbie - Slot machine lyrics

Verse 1] All this cash on me But you gotta shake that ass for free All that ass gotta add to [?] I'm about to pull that slot machine Jackpot, jackpot right out the crackpot Toys like match box Do It like Now you hittin' that spot Baby, do it to me like we are on

Django Django - Default lyrics

thought you'd set the bar, I'd never tried to work it out We just lit the fire and now you want to put it out You gave it all you got, and what you've got is not a lot Why don't you hand it over, time is up, you've had your shot Gather once again, disasters in

Atoms For Peace - Default lyrics

slipped my mind And for a time I felt completely free Oh what a troubled Silent, poor boy A pawn into a queen I laugh now But later is not so easy I've gotta stop The will is strong But the flesh is weak I guess that's it

Montgomery Gentry - Free ride in the fast lane lyrics

I come from in Kentucky There was an old grey headed man The day I left he said, Sonny Well, I know you got some big plans Round here we all think you're something But out there that doesn't mean nothing There ain't no free ride in the fast lane For ev

Fear Factory - Default judgement lyrics

Your intention to scar me Discrimination Your a suspect penalty I suffer! Spiteful resolution By your sentence we must fall Spiteful resolution Bitter thoughts destroy us all We suffer! Suffer! Your final judgement stands Made by your wil

Patti Smith - Free money lyrics

night before i go to sleep Find a ticket, win a lottery, Scoop the pearls up from the sea Cash them in and buy you all the things you need. Every night before i rest my head See those dollar bills go swirling 'round my bed. I know they're stolen, but i don't feel

Sammy Hagar - Free money lyrics

night before I got to sleep Find a ticket, win a lottery Scoop those pearls up from the sea Cash them in and buy you all the things you need Every night before I rest my head See those dollar bills go swirling all around my bed I know they're stolen

Bazzookas - Net zo leuk lyrics

vriend heeft altijd een goeie grap en om jouw vriend ligt iedereen altijd slap hij zegt ook alles met zo'n warme stem sjonge jonge, wat een lul hij kijkt je aan je bent verkocht terwijl je eiglijk mij graag mocht was ik maar net zo leu

Hello! Project - Singly - 43. seishun collection lyrics

no youfuku ni kigaeta Konna hi wa nandaka Machi ni dete arukitai Kaze fuite maegami midarete mo Sore demo maa ii yo ne Watashi ni kawari wa nai Samishii yoru ni tsunagaru Himitsu no basho ga aru woo yeah Sou watashitachi no kizuna Kagayake! Yume

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - 43 lyrics

hemorrhage f***in' folding chairs in the hallway crucified, paralyzed, you laugh, I cry calculating my miscalculations what is the sign for I'm choking to death? There's something caught in my throat could it be something I've said? Sighted blind,

The Dubliners - Net hauling song lyrics

s busk ye, me boys, get you up on the deck, And take up your stations for hauling the nets. And mind up all together lads all through the night, And shaking your oilskins until it's daylight With a heave and a haul and the shaking of nets. It's

En Vogue - Free your mind lyrics

wrote a song about it Like to hear it? Here it go We don't mind I wear tight clothing, high heeled shoes It doesn't mean that I'm a prostitute, no no I like rap music, wear hip hop clothes That doesn't mean that I'm out sellin' dope no no no Oh my

Q Strange - Buy my friggin album bitch! lyrics

Verse 1] Buy my CD or I'll break your f***in' head I got 15 hundred copies in boxes under my bed Heard what I said, buy it, shit at least try it This shit is dope as f*** don't make me pull your ears with pliers Ain't no one buyin' my album it should've been p

Jebediah - Slot car racing lyrics

don't want to sit next to you I don't want to sit next to you Don't care what you say or what you want to do I don't want to sit next to you Best friend caught you lying Ooooohhhh It don't matter what you say We're not going to go away I don't want to fight with you B

Natalia Kills - Free lyrics

got some money in my pockets and I wanna go shopping And go buy me some things I like I saw some kicks up in the mall that I just gotta be rocking I love to rock them things I like I’m no material guy, I just wanna look fly Cool suits, dope boots,

Leningrad - Net i eshyo raz net / Нет и еще раз нет lyrics

ржавеют, потому что из стали, Стали ни к черту - меня достали! Но я в сапоги заправляю клеша! Хуй меня сломишь - жизнь хороша! …жизнь хороша! …жизнь хороша! …жизнь хороша! Хуй! Хуй! Хуй! Хуй! Хуй! Хуй! Хуй! Хуй! Будьте добры, подстригит

Marina And The Diamonds - Buy the stars lyrics

bought a star in the sky tonight Because your life is dark And it needs some light You named it after me but I'm not yours to keep Because you'll never see That the stars are free Oh, we don't own our heavens now We only own our hell And if you don't

Marina & The Diamonds - Buy the stars lyrics

bought a star in the sky tonight Because your life is dark And it needs some light You named it after me But I’m not yours to keep Because you’ll never see, that the stars are free Oh we don’t own our heavens now We only own our hell And if you don’t kno

Shining Fury - Net love lyrics

a mail you can revel with me surfin' my net you can talkin' about our lifes, so, tell me again, what is a real love for you? I don't know why, my heart burns in fire, my blazing mind now is darker than night: her eyes will be my new light Watching her smile, can you dr

Haujobb - Net culture lyrics

too old to see not enough memory for being here golden ages transform higher quality net culture juggling with stock options diamond age in brilliant light private eye high energy updated sources more memory no human difference one only terminal velocity time shortening access no

Powerman 5000 - Free lyrics

s go! Everybody needs to start their own fire Everybody needs a riot of their own Everybody needs to be something that they are not Everybody needs to go it alone Because! Living so free is a tragedy When you can't be what you want to be Living so free is a t

Jello Biafra - Buy my snake oil lyrics

m getting tired of being legendary and broke And I'm too damn weird to hold no straight job My checkbooks feeling unfulfilled Being an old underground die-hard Won't pay the kid's dental bills My Dad sez I got to learn to compromise So I figure now's

Chris Janson - Buy me a boat lyrics

ain’t rich, but I damn sure wanna be Working like a dog all day, ain’t working for me I wish I had a rich uncle that’d kick the bucket And that I was sitting on a pile like Warren Buffett I know everybody says Money can’t buy happiness But it could buy me

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Buy a heart (feat. meek mill) lyrics

Meek Mill] Anybody wanna buy a heart? Anybody wanna buy a heart? Anybody wanna buy a heart? Cause I don't use the shit anyway But okay, I guess it's my fault Westside shorty, with an eastside nigga They say it's levels to this shit, I'm a G5 ni

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Buy for me the rain lyrics

for me the rain, my darling, buy for me the rain; Buy for me the crystal pools that fall upon the plain. And I'll buy for you a rainbow and a million pots of gold. Buy it for me now, babe, before I am too old. Buy for me the sun, my darling, buy

Rebellion - Free lyrics

the dragon cuts the waves Strong winds take us east Like the wings of a beast Salt on my lips again I put my face in the wind Oh, let the the saga begin Let the saga begin Heading where brave have traveled What eyes have never seen Miklagard we're on our way

Scanner - Buy or die lyrics

has planned her shopping day She takes the bus, goes downtown She'll have to give all her money away To buy all the nice things around See em on a shopping tour 30 elderly ladies Blankets and pillows and pills for the brain Other little somethings No matter how you pay Ca

Abney Park - Buy the captain rum lyrics

A captain's life seems elegant With far more booze than regiment. He's required to provide For all the crew aboard. When provisions are running short, And if the ship is far from port, The Cap himself must sacrifice For all the crew aboard. There's no rum in the captain's b

Ajr - Buy you a rose lyrics

been out walking By the shore The air was still And still the water cold And I want you to know I'm thinking of you This kind of chill It helps me cope I was so young to leave you all alone And I want you to know I'm thinking of you All the pretty girls t

Randy Rogers Band - Buy myself a chance lyrics

I've been watching you stare at the floor That guy's got two left feet I may be wrong but you must be bored You look like someone who I'd like to meet I could walk over and say hello But I think I need one more drink Looks like you might be getting ready to go Be

Crass - Buy now pay as you go lyrics

now, pay as you go, Buy now, say hello. You can put a mortgage on your life To enter Shoppers' Paradise. A trade-in for your dignity A lovely colour console T.V. To watch and cherish as the days slip by, And dream of the things that money can buy . Brus

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Buy you a drank lyrics

ya fingers do the step You can do it all by yourself Baby girl What's your name Let me talk to you Let me buy you a drink I'm t-pain, you know me Konvict music Have every boy like ohh wee I know the club close at 3 What's the chance a you rollin with me Back to the crib Show

Middle Class Rut - Free lot lyrics

there a genuine phone left around here Yea, I'll let you know what I find Well I can't think too much of it I don't expect something from nothing Because what you said, and what you meant, and what you meant to say I guess I'm losing feeling Well I don't mean

Richard Ashcroft - Buy it in bottles lyrics

come on, come on down And love please don't make a sound Let nature strike a chord 'Cos nature is the Lord that I depend When you learn to cut it loose All the things that've been drowning you Let 'em slide from your hands The foolish demands from the people round y

Kenny Rogers - Buy me a rose lyrics

works hard to give her all he thinks she wants three car garage her own credit cards. He pulls in late to wake her up with a kiss good night. If he could only read her mind she´d say: Buy me a rose ,call me from work open the door for me

Sleater-kinney - Buy her candy lyrics

don't you wanna Run and call her name If I buy her candy Will she know who I am She's a famous She's the best I cannot lay My heart to rest She is selfish She is kind No one can say She is mine Like water like spring Fickle fancy fickle girl Come down from the sky

A Hero For The World - Free forever lyrics

in world’s so far away Born into a brand new day Once in world’s so far away Taken to another land Brought into a whole new world Taken to another land You’re free forever You are free when all is said and done Now fly on angel You will still be flying when I’m gone Fr

Accept lyricsAccept - Free me now lyrics

he thought the world and just the law was just a lie Free me now - free me now - free me now Can't you hear the laughter of the devil in the night Sure there must be soldiers have no fairer place to fight Free me now - free me now - free me now

Alexander Klaws - Free like the wind lyrics

fights hard, will he reach his aim? He'll survive for his friends He is like a crying wolf tonight He's the winner in the end He is proud and he'll take his chance He is fighting for his last friends But his freedom Oh, it's not for free But he feels, he will survive

Alexander Klaws - Free like the wind (new version) lyrics

fights hard, will he reach his aim? He'll survive for his friends He is like a crying wolf tonight He's the winner in the end He is proud and he'll take his chance He is fighting for his last friends But his freedom Oh, it's not for free But he

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - Free at last lyrics

North American Slaves Spiritual Chant Gospel) Julia Yasuda : Way down yonder in the graveyard walk I thank God I'm free at last Me and my Jesus going to meet and talk I thank God I'm free at last On my knees when the light pass'd by I thank God I'm fr

Joseph Arthur - Free freedom lyrics

see you here Locked outside I want you in Come inside I've been lost A scattered ghost No kind being A shadow host You my guest I haunt you now You the best Still here somehow Love and light and sin again Our limitations Breathe us in And breathe us out Swal

Asia - Free lyrics

into the distance, you're living in a cage A fire burns inside you, that fuels all the rage You're thinking of the outside, and dream of the past The gates to freedom lie within your grasp They're changing the system, rewriting the laws Renaming religion, re

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - Free to decide lyrics

s not worth anything, More than this at all. I'll live as I choose, Or I will not live at all. So return to where you come from, Return to where you dwell, Because harassment's not my forte, But you do it very well. I'm free to decide, I'm free to decide, And I

Rozzi Crane - Free fallin' lyrics

s a good girl, loves her mama Loves Jesus and America too She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis Loves horses and her boyfriend too It's a long day livin' in Reseda There's a free-way runnin' through the yard And I'm a bad girl, cause I'dont even miss him I

Bag Of Toys - Free lyrics

I need... To get outside so i can go and Feel the breeze... Blowing through my soul Until I feel at ease.... & Disappear into the distance Oh man, whatchya gonna do this time Stuck inside, cuz you can't hide, for your whole life Dig down, way down dee

Barbie - Free lyrics

my life I've always wanted To have one day just for me Nothing to do and for once nowhere I need to be With no lessons, lords, or lunches Or to-do list in the way No one to say when to eat or read or leave or stay That would be the day All my life I've always wanted

Fantasia Barrino - Free yourself lyrics

you don't pay me no mind You act like you don't love me no more Maybe you need space or some time Your attitude is uppredictable and I don't want to make you unhappy If your not happy then your free to go on cuz I don't want you stayin around if I make you so Miserable

Dierks Bentley - Free and easy down the road i go lyrics

of boots and a sack of clothes Free and easy down the road I go Hangin' memories on the high line poles Free and easy down the road I go Free and easy down the road I go Ragweed's rockin' on the radio Free and easy down the road I go So I keep rollin' like an old banjo Free and ea

Black Lab - Free lyrics

your hair up I can't take it when you let it down I can't stand it Can't keep my hands off of it My eyes are like spiders on you I'm creepin out of my skin And into yours again Have mercy, have mercy There's already somebody Sleepin in my bed I know y

Mary J Blige - Free (interlude) lyrics

on ya'll Let's get free You feel me See I've seen a lot of things Seen people come and go Seen people die Seen people hurt and cry See cause life is a journey In this journey, I'm learning to love me So I can get free You feel me Free, I just wanna be free I wanna b

Book Of Reflections - Free my soul lyrics

am I feeling this way Seems like I'm caught in a trap How come I've lost my own will Ain't got no power to rise Tell me now who you are Tell me! Darkness inside of me Why don't you take a hike Why don' you leave me alone for good Free my soul Remove

Sarah Brightman - Free lyrics

do you still touch her like you do? Kiss her all over in the way I kissed with you? And when you sleep with her, do you sometimes think of me? Not if you love her the way that I see I had to be free Had to be free It's all that I wanted I wanted to see Wanted

Emma Bunton - Free me lyrics

with you Longing for something to happen Biting my tongue Hoping to get a reaction Atmosphere's tense Heavy with anticipation Don't leave me here With only my imagination Free me [Chorus:] Now Free me let me loose to love you Yeah how i long to seduce you oh Fre

Lil' B - Free my life lyrics

all my niggas today Free all my niggas today Free all my niggas today Free my OG, Free my nigga out there in the streets Free my old bro, Free my young nigga, free the bro bro Lock down old dough Free my young boy, free my young nigga Free my hoe, free

Cary Brothers - Free like you make me lyrics

me a story Tell me the violence And were there noises? And were there sirens? It'll be ok And I'll make it right 'Cause I know what's coming And I know why Because tonight is far too Perfect for your pain Because the secrets That you told To me I'll take you

Cipes And The People - Free me lyrics

seemed to fly away today I woke up in the mornin' and things don't feel the same No way But at least I got my dogs Least I got me friends Least I got my soul Our love never ends For cryin' out come back to me For cryin' out loud Hear my plea Whoa

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