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No Gravity - Butch lyrics

knock wasn´t Spock, it was a butch, not Spock Suck my cock (2x) ... Stupid whore (2x) This butch with a nitch, kiss my ass, ... Make her fly (2x) She`s a butch and I`ll scratch that itch

My Morning Jacket - Butch cassidy lyrics

Defeat just hangin' around Butch Cassidy, I could've been your

Illy - Long story short (feat. cisco tavares) lyrics

There's more to life than getting leg up and foot in the door I mean, I'd love more money, wouldn't we all? But putting cash over loved ones couldn't be more I coul...

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Rockstar 101 (butch clancy) lyrics

I'm a rockstar Hey baby I'm a rockstar Hey baby Big city Bright lights Sleep all day Up all night Hey baby I'm a rockstar Hey baby I'm a rockstar Hey baby its.. ...

Butch Walker - Bethamphetamine (pretty, pretty) lyrics

Hey little party girl Where do you wanna go I didn't come from your scene So many people i should know Like every door guy in this city Only looks at you 'cause you're ...

Butch Walker - Dominoes lyrics

Sitting with the dog Trying to clear the fog of a Memory of the last time That i saw her face 50 yrs of time an accident Would take my mind and shortly After t...

Butch Walker - Hot girls in good moods lyrics

I got a girl that lives at the mall She dances on the dark side of the disco ball Drives a silver mercedes Made in the 80s Swears and stares at the buckhead ladies S...

Butch Walker - Ladies and gentlemen "the let's go out tonite.. lyrics

I'm tired, i'm bored, Where's the cocaine Things don't get started til midnight In my brain Called up marie, that had sex for free I asked her to give back all my re...

Butch Walker - Paid to get excited lyrics

And the sky is falling upwards On a summer desert night While kids in school are forced to sing The battle hymns just right And the extras paid to get excited O...

Butch Walker - Rich people die unhappy lyrics

He looks up at her to find she staring back At fingerless gloves, with fingernails black There's a permanent frown That's etched in her skin Designer ...

Butch Walker - Song without a chorus lyrics

Well there's sand in my book From writing on the beach Trying to find a song for you That the ocean can only reach And this beach is getting wider Than my train of ...

Butch Walker - Summer of 89 lyrics


Butch Walker - The taste of red lyrics

Well i tripped and i fell Into a hole i know so well And i don' tthink i'll be Leaving for awhile And this lump beneath my skin Is the home i let you in Al...

Butch Walker - This is the sweetest little song lyrics

I can only keep this feeling for a minute Can only stare at a polaroid so long Before the chromofilm blurs and the smiles On our faces are gone I crossed ...

Butch Walker - Too famous to get fully dressed lyrics

That was a helluva party last night I cant believe i helped you break up a fight Trust fund kids should stay away from clubs I remember my first beer too I coulda use...

Butch Walker - We're all going down lyrics

Burnt to a crisp i cant sleep from the sound Of the train of thought inside of me So i grab the keys as the clock It starts to smile 5 in the am seems so surreal Where...

Butch Walker - When canyons ruled the city lyrics

Laurel was a girl i knew, Made of dirt and stone Pretty hip in younger times, Now she sits alone With a hundred thousand, Beat up architectural disasters She ...

Capital Cities - Farrah fawcett hair lyrics

Frank Tavares] Support for Capital Cities ... good shit Oh yeah [Frank Tavares] Solar Energy Nutella

Lil' Flip - U neva know lyrics

feat. Butch Cassidy) [Intro: Lil' Flip] ... ha ha I'm in here wit my dog Butch Cassidy Check me out, check ... at a player (yeah) [Chorus: Butch Cassidy + (Lil' Flip)] Cause

Kurupt - Bitches lyrics

feat. Butch Cassidy, Roscoe) [Chorus ... X2-Butch Cassidy] A bitch ain't ... t my concern [Chorus X2-Butch Cassidy] A bitch ain't ... ya dig? [Chorus X2-Butch Cassidy] A bitch ain't

Nowhere Nothing - Nothing,nowhere. feat. oilcolor - full nelson lyrics

in A Perfect World] Butch: Sure you have. Whattaya' ... this is? Phillip: A car Butch: Yer' lookin' at this thing ... when i’m not as close [Butch and Phillip in A Perfect

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Meek mill - f*** you mean feat. lil boosie lyrics

the seems boy You got my old butch took my new botch out your ... the seems boy You got my old butch took my new botch out your ... the seems boy You got my old butch took my new botch out your

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Right side of wrong lyrics

side of right And just like Butch and Sundance we'll ride until ... side of right And just like Butch and Sundance we'll ride until ... side of right And just like Butch and Sundance we'll ride until

Knoc-turn'al - Let's all roll lyrics

ride with me - ) [Chorus: Butch Cassidy] Let's all roll, ... the gangstaz roll [Chorus: Butch Cassidy] Let's all roll, ... and until that time - [Butch Cassidy] Let's throw it up,

Kurupt - Cant go wrong lyrics

I got, I just [Chorus: Butch Cassidy] Can't go wrong, ... colossal, I [Chorus: Butch Cassidy (Kurupt)] Can't go ... get, c'mon [Chorus - 2x: Butch Cassidy] Can't go wrong,

Manic Street Preachers - Sepia lyrics

And just like that moment in Butch Cassidy And the Sundance Kid ... And just like that moment in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid ... And just like that moment in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Annakin Slayd - Stay gold lyrics

the wind at our backs, stayin Tavares, stayin Perry We'll take it

Big Star - September gurls lyrics

girls do so much I was your butch and you were touched I loved ... girls do so much I was your butch and you were touched I loved

Mc Lars - Six degrees of kurt cobain lyrics

Nevermind" Produced by Butch Vig of Garbage not Sublime Butch toured with U2, who wrote a

Going Quantum - Dirty electro mix & bassex guest mix [ep.21] lyrics

- X Men [PLAY ME FREEBIE] Butch Clancy - Boogie Knightsbutch ... Katherine E - I'm Alright (Butch Clancy Remix) [FREE] Brains

Anal Stench - 8 kilograms of meat without bones lyrics

sandwich" is Uncle Butch, here is your big, blunt

Anthony B - Fire pon rome lyrics

But mi a bun fire fi di one Butch Stewart Who buy out di plane

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Candidate lyrics

Any time?" Tres butch little number whines &amp

Lil' B - Bad bitch hunna based freestyle lyrics

a loner, Happy Halloween, butch, I f*** you in the corner.

Common - It's your world lyrics

daddy Raised by niggaz named Butch through the bay bay With

Ian Hunter - Noises lyrics

up in the slime A New York butch becomes a blond, while

The Game - Cali boyz lyrics

AMG Ra Ra, H.O.P. and Butch Cassidy All my fallen

Le Tigre - Viz lyrics

on my back, I find another butch, hat cocked, and we -- We

Amanda Lear - The stud lyrics

he's too lough for love too butch to cry he's a stud, a stud,

John Cougar Mellencamp - Taxi dancer lyrics

Street And sometimes an old Butch Will slip a quarter into the

Melvins - How about lyrics

what happens? Speak up, Butch, please. Well he goes on

Nate Dogg lyricsNate Dogg - I don't wanna hurt no more lyrics

comin down [Danny "Butch" Means] How can I

Nate Dogg lyricsNate Dogg - It's goin' down tonight lyrics

down tonight [Danny "Butch" Means] It seems like

Nofx - Liza lyrics

ll find a bottom young and butch She'll tell her "I won

Ruff Ryders - Jigga ma nigga lyrics

the mind capacity of a young Butch Cassidy Niggas get fly, let

Anti-nowhere League - Branded lyrics

die We see the bitch with a butch in the city lights Their

Butch Walker - House of cards lyrics

This house of cards you've built Has finally fallen down Expect me to come scrape Your ego off the ground Cause everybody talks Everybody talks And I ca...

Butch Walker - Sweethearts lyrics

What if we became sweethearts? (sweethearts) After we got back to America (ooh) We could start over with a clean start Nobody'd have to take care of us So I'd get ...

Butch Walker - A song for the metalheads lyrics

One nine six nine Press the tape recorder let's get this all down real fast Before the insignificant thought goes by There's one more slow song left to write for th...

Butch Walker - Alicia amnesia lyrics

She drives a black Iroc with hot pink leather. Got a good butt, but can't remember whether she's a good girl or she's bad, or count the sex she's had. Comes home lat...

Butch Walker - Answering machine girl [bonus track] lyrics

I'm in love, love, love With the girl that's on my voicemail And I think I can't give up Even though she dialed the wrong guy I believe in something up ab...

Butch Walker - Atlanta lyrics

Born from hippies back in '69 I was bored by 1992 I walked into a recruitment office a year before that Said 'son we've been waiting for you' Discharged ...

Butch Walker - Be good until then lyrics

Always know the road you're riding on Always know the words to your baby's song Try to make the most of Friday nights when they come Maybe turn a stranger ...

Butch Walker - Best thing you never had lyrics

Hello how you doing? What's it like to ruin all my self esteem Let me blow off some steam For 5 years I've waited, So why am I jaded to get back at you What ma...

Butch Walker - Bodegas and blood lyrics

Walking into a Bodega while she's cleaning out her nose Stuck here in Kenmare square without a place to go And it's a beautiful day And she's a beautiful face An...

Butch Walker - Canadian ten lyrics

Sunshine, you heal as much as you hurt With regret in my veins and blood on my shirt Sure must have had myself a personal best It takes filling my lungs up with s...

Butch Walker - Closer to the truth and further from the sky lyrics

Ribbons are flying out the window. As we drove down the interstate. Sex was something so brand new, It was hard as hell to wait. She made faces at the g...

Butch Walker - Closest thing to you i'm gonna find lyrics

California girls they have a way Of moving their mouths just a certain way Saying things that always seem so right But when the shine wears off at the end of...

Butch Walker - Day drunk lyrics

I got day drunk and watched as my city got younger On the steps of the ford lofts across from the theatre Where I was a contender now none of that matter...

Butch Walker - Days months years lyrics

I took a shot of morphine just to smell the fear in my heart and I felt the rush of hesitence, scared to commit from the start So I kissed a man in reno just to watch h...

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