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But When You Leave It Puts Me In A Bad Place Slow Dancing Down The Hallway lyrics

Browse for But When You Leave It Puts Me In A Bad Place Slow Dancing Down The Hallway song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed But When You Leave It Puts Me In A Bad Place Slow Dancing Down The Hallway lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to But When You Leave It Puts Me In A Bad Place Slow Dancing Down The Hallway.

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Eso - When you leave lyrics

lost all faith in the reason When no reason took her ... love from me So I'll ask you, my friend, If the stories ... were pretend, You say "I love you and I always will" You invent a

Eddie Money - Leave it to me lyrics

blue what are you going through I heard some things ... I hope they aren't all true When things get tough just keep on ... looking up And if you need some help now girl You know what

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - When you come back to me again lyrics

s a ship out, on the ocean At the mercy of the sea It's ... been tossed about, lost and broken Wandering aimlessly ... And God somehow you know that ship is me 'Cause there's

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Slow dancing with the moon lyrics

little cherry blossom, blooming before her time Moving her ... lips to her favorite song, cherishing every rhyme ... Swaying her hips to the rhythm, humming along with the tune Lost in her own little

M4m - 当你离开我 (when you leave) lyrics

Bin]Hey, zuijing hai haoma? tianqi zhuangliang le, keneng hui ... you dian feng take care I miss you [Vinson] ... Wooooooo woahhh [Alen] Tian mengshang yipian hei sinian yazhe beishang haolei Fengye huanman zai bankongzhong weiwei

Megan Landry - Dancing with the dark lyrics

m not afraid of the dark, I'm afraid of what's in it, Stayin ... up all night talking to the monster in my closet, Mama ... checked under my bed, she said it's all in your head

Confederate Railroad - When you leave that way you can never go back lyrics

remember waking in the morning To the sound of the ... rooster's crow Mamma cooking in the kitchen Arthur ... Godfrey on the radio Me and Dad were just like strangers We never did see eye

Alina - When you leave numa numa lyrics

a-he Mai-a-hoo Mai-a-ha Mai-a-ha ha Mai-a-he Mai-a-hoo ... Mai-a-ha Mai-a-ha ha Hello, solute, it's me, your babe And I made something ... that's real to show you How I feel Hello, Hello, It

Antonio Barreto Morales ----------- Junior - But if you leave me - junior lyrics

more sleepness night Still can't get things right I don't ... think you see How hard this is for me Knowing you ... re leaving Can't we talk things through The way we used to

Rosanne Cash - You won't let me in lyrics

m staying in your house I'm sleeping in your ... bed I'm walking through your dreams I'm dancing through your head I'm calling from the ... streets I'm crying like the wind 'Cause you are there And I

Panic Channel - When you lie next to me lyrics

Seems like it 's organized Against me But I, victim of gravity Can fly When you lie ... next to me I feel so strong I feel ... so safe Lost puzzle pieces Fall in place When you lie next

Brett Dennen - When you feel it lyrics

got to worrying because her boy left home in a ... hurry again Her photographs are fading, she keeps a box in the closet full of negatives ... Well, I left a note on the floor in my room I've always

Aubrey O’day - Love me when you leave lyrics

Door Slams And the Fear sets in Already awaiting your call ... I never know quite where I stand Until we're both here alone Why am I a secret? When our love can speak so loud Am I in denial? Is my heart the only sound? Love Me when you leave Love me when you

Edyta Górniak - When you come back to me lyrics

that I've found you, The feeling won't leave my heart. Holding on without you, Alone here in the dark. And I hope you're ... dreaming of me, The way I dream of you. And I pray each

Dan Fogelberg - When you're not near me lyrics

you’re not near me The time don’t seem to move as easy When you’re not near me The sun ... don’t seem to feel the same The days don’t shine as brightly

B. B. King - You put it on me lyrics

say there ain't no woman that a man can trust That they all ... use juju, and goofy dust But I don't argue baby And I ain't gonna make no fuss 'Cause

Shaggy - Leave it to me lyrics

Now this one goes out to my lady I want me and you to go on ... wonderful love rondezvous Ha ha ha ha One on one Give you a little love escapade, You

Nina Gordon - When you don't want me anymore lyrics

is not a dream I am not asleep This is not a game that ... I'm playing here Somewhere in between what's real and how it seems I find myself forgetting how to speak And it's

Jona Lewie - You will always find me in the kitchen at par.. lyrics

m no good at chatting up and I always get rebuffed ... Enough to drive a man to drink I don't do no washing up I always leave the stuff piled up ... A-piled up in the sink But you will always find him in the kitchen at parties Me and

Neil Sedaka - Do it like you done it when you meant it lyrics

me baby what's come over you You never try to satisfy me ... like you used to do. I don't seem to ... reach you any more I wanna know, where did the feelin'

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Slow dancing lyrics

s late at night and we're all alone With just the music of the radio No one's comin', no ... one's gonna telephone Just me and him and the lights down ... low And we're slow dancing, swaying to the music Slow dancing, just me and my guy Slow dancing, swaying to the music

Lindsey Buckingham - Slow dancing lyrics

night time filled with the cold winter chill The rain ... is music on my window sill The days are short, the nights are long Won't someone show me ... where I belong I turn around when you walk by You're

F.o.b. - The hallway to nowhere lyrics


David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Dancing with the big boys lyrics

s going on in society (Dancing with the big boys) You chew ... your fingers and stare at the floor (Dancing with the big ... boys) One wrong word and you're out of sync Talking bout a hands on policy (Big boys)

Cold In May - Dancing on the glass lyrics

up me tonight Asking me all stupid questions Things I ... need to know I decieve the light When I haven't signed ... Last obsession hiding in my soul Want to will your

Marvin Gaye - It hurt me too lyrics

could have left and said I told you so (Told you so ... I could have told the whole wide world And leave you sad and blue (Sad and blue) ... Said I could have left and said it's good for you, yeah now But I know when it hurt

Cold In May - Dancing on the glass (elite rework) lyrics

up me tonight Asking me all stupid questions Things I ... need to know I decieve the light When I haven't signed ... Last obsession hiding in my soul Want to will your

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - (you got me over) a heartache tonight" (feat... lyrics

t say we're lovers, can't say we're friends Don't even ... know if I'll see you again But against your warm body I felt ... so alive And you got me over a heartache tonight My heart

Oasis lyricsOasis - Hung in a bad place lyrics

can go where I wanna Be who I wanna be now I can ... sleep underwater Never worry what I'm gonna dream now Yeah the times ... come and gone And I know where I'm from I can

Keith Richards - Hate it when you leave lyrics

m on my way, it's you I have turned to How many days have I to love you? I got to ... say this is inside me yeah I've got to have someone to ... guide me. Hate it when you leave, hate it when you leave Hate

Pretty Ricky - Leave it all up to you lyrics

It All Up To You Girl Am I hitting it tonight Ima Leave It All Up To You Girl You Gotta ... Break The Ice Leave It All Up To You Girl It's Gun Be ... Worth Those Nights Ima Leave It All Up To You Girl It's What You Wanna Do Lets Make Sex A

Br549 - Leave it alone lyrics

me, tell me, why ya gotta spoil my day You smile at me and point a finger to the ... error of my ways You can't leave it alone Why don't ... you leave it alone You can't help makin' everybody's

Marina Kaye - Dancing with the devil lyrics

fire beneath the ice An inevitable demise Standing on the ... edge jumping into hurt Time and time again I will never learn And I should cut all the

Air Supply - Dancing with the mountain lyrics

sun as warm as the kissing of the wind Footsteps in perfect ... time Heartbeat as loud as the whisper in the wood Hold me ... this dance is mine The dance is mine We are alone, your love excites me You are the earth moving inside me I

Alice Cooper - Bad place alone lyrics

m a creature of the street And I rip off all the money I ... was kicked in the teeth Shoved face first ... through a window I got a gangland name And a teardrop tattooed eye They call me Little Caesar in the brotherhood

Dash Berlin - Leave it all behind (feat. adam jensen) lyrics

the lights down low For a minute now I wanna see your face ... In the breakdown We are in this thing together We will ... both stay young forever Stay with me Underneath the

Janet Devlin - When you were mine lyrics

me would of any kind Hold me cause I thing I'm going blind All the bridges are ... burned All the pages been turned There's nothing you can say Or do Cause I

Big Star - When my baby's beside me lyrics

t need to talk to my doctor Don't need to ... talk to my shrink Don't need to hide behind ... door I don't need to think 'Cause when my baby's ... beside me, I don't worry When my baby's beside me, all I

Foghat - It hurts me too lyrics

said you were hurtin', you almost lost your mind, The man ... you love, he hurts you all the time, When things go wrong, ... wrong with you, it hurts me too, yeah. He loves another woman, but I love you, But you love him, I don't know what

Elton John lyricsElton John - Turn the lights out when you leave lyrics

bags out on the bed Your closet's all cleared out You say you're goin' to Jacksonville 'Cause our love's all worn out You're searching in my eyes To try and find a tear But the well of my

Smokie - You don´t care lyrics

day I went away was a day to remember The call of ... freedom's voice sounded sweet in my ear My head was in the ... clouds on that rainy September day A tear was

Craig Mack - The wooden horse lyrics

Frank Sinatra sample] So any time you're gettin low, ... 'stead of lettin go Just remember that ant.. [Chorus x2: ... Frank Sinatra (Kids)] Opps there goes another rubber tree plant (Opps there goes another

Patrick Wolf - The magic position lyrics

let the people talk This Monday morning walk Right past the ... fabulous mess we're in It's gonna be a beautiful day ... So do the bluebirds say As I take your hand And you take my kiss And I take the

Semi Precious Weapons - Leave your pretty to me lyrics

her love you the only way she can With bottles and ... her momma's cigarettes Let her love you the ... only way she can She poses and blows up again The only

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - When you know lyrics

love mediocre sex Didn’t care who’s coming next Nights ... spent rolling out for danger Days spent waking up with strangers Leave, You’re ... not as strange as me Drinking drugging Rock n Roll Appliances you put in holes Super

The Hellacopters - Leave it alone lyrics

mon and leave it be Just try and you will see If you leave it alone Alone it will be ... Don't try to make things right You'll only end up in a fight Just leave it alone

Lord Of The Lost - Shut up when you're talking to me lyrics

f***ed your girlfriend in the washroom I am her lover, her ... sinner, her killer and her priest She even masturbates to this tune But ... isn't that the way you wanna be pleased Do you love me

Saga - You look good to me lyrics

covered by the water I know where they are ... close your eyes and you'll see further looking good ... so far Take a picture , full exposure one ... more day goes by eyes wide open,

Joan Armatrading - When you kisses me lyrics

m trying to set Your heart on fire I wanna be Your ... one desire 'Cos when you kisses me Make me feel so ... nice inside Make me feel so good I wanna tell the world I'm glad I found you

Good Charlotte - If you leave lyrics

you leave don´t leave now please don´t take my ... heart away promise me just one more night then ... we´ll go out separate ways we always had time on

Nickel Creek - When you come back down lyrics

got to leave me now, you got to go alone You got to ... chase a dream, one that's all your own Before it slips away ... When you're flyin' high, take my heart along I'll be the harmony to every lonely song

Cult To Follow - Leave it all behind lyrics

Chorus) x2 Suffocate everything They complicate everything They seal your ... fate everyday but you can't believe it Take yourself ... far away from nothingness A million miles from emptiness

Joe - It's me lyrics

I had a choice to wake up next to someone Of ... course it would be you When I close my eyes And blow out the candles I'm wishing we wasn't ... through You should be here with me, baby To miss I, miss all

Melanie Fiona - It kills me lyrics

yaahh I've got trouble with my friends Trouble in my ... life Problems when you don’t come home at night But ... when you do you always start a fight But I cant be alone ,

N-sync - It makes me ill lyrics

I was hanging with the fellas Saw you with your new ... boyfriend, it made me jealous I was hoping that I'd ... never see you with him But it's all good, 'cause I'm glad

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Leave it behind lyrics

burns can't push it aside now Can't forgive this ... grudge is alive now All the rage eats you up inside Can you ... leave it behind To leave it behind What a surprise --

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - If you leave lyrics

you leave, don't leave now Please don't take my ... heart away Promise me just one more night Then ... we'll go our separate ways We always had time on

Pity Sex - When you're around lyrics

did I get so depressed? I wasn't born like this. But when ... you're around I'm bored and faking it. Yeah, when you're around I'm stoned and full of ... shit. Your sweet nothing Ain't nothing but steam. Like

Savoy Brown - It hurts me too lyrics

said you was hurtin', you almost lost your mind The man you love, he hurts you all the time When things go wrong ... Lord, lord so wrong with you It hurt me too He loved another woman, yes, but I love you But you love him, and stick

Ofenbach lyricsOfenbach - You don't know me (ft. brodie barclay) lyrics

me to the place I used to run Remember the ... house where I was born But baby, you don't know me But baby, you don't know I'll ... show you all the stars I used to hide No one

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