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Claps For Caroline - The feeling is always strangle lyrics

was there for you, like no I just ... in your eyes Which glow the darkest of the night You ... know that this will be the end You're not good enough ... much better When it came to the end I believe how much you

Cat Power - The coat is always on lyrics

don't sit Mother don't stand Mother don't ... send me. Sister come and lay your head on ... be so easy on me Never see his smile Never see his face. ... Father said he was gonna give me

Darren Hayes - The sun is always blinding me lyrics

top of a church on a hill To the tip of a dragonfly wing From ... seeming cold [Chorus:] The sun is always blinding me ... with her light The day is always hiding behind the night And

Pink lyricsPink - The king is dead but the queen is alive lyrics

king is dead but the queen is alive Off with his head I am ... done with his lice A fair win I have ... A clean slate after all this time A revolution and now I

Tina Arena - The flame lyrics

this the hope of the world in my hands I'll take ... this moment, to be all that I can ... Look to you to see the future Stronger and free ... will show who we are We are the earth And we're together

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - The best is yet to come lyrics

spent, the last few years pouring ... me down You know we're not the ones We can't just lose ... forever I need to lift this town I'll feel I'll cherish ... my time Forgive me now, but I've been... ... I'm burning these bridges Killing my

Jurga - The night is waiting lyrics

angel If You want it... But don't forget - The night is always somewhere around For a while ... t believe in ... A man in the sky with no parachute, ... A

Good Charlotte - The world is black lyrics

a quarter to eight You see the same damn thing it's just a ... No one really knows why this is happening But it's happening ... a different place You get the same dark feeling See the

Good Charlotte - The world is black (acoustic) lyrics

a quarter to eight You see the same damn thing it's just a ... No one really knows why this is happening But it's happening ... a different place You get the same dark feeling See the

Gordon Lightfoot - The soul is the rock lyrics

soul is the rock and the rock will not be moved ... Nothing is disputed, yet nothing is disproved And the seeds of the ... yield a better harvest than the rock was prone to grow Say

Badly Drawn Boy - The order of things lyrics

say If I could find a way Then I would find what I need to ... that you mean Birds in the sky steal my melodies All I ... know is I don't now what this means But sometimes it's

My Morning Jacket - The day is coming lyrics

that's for sure You receive, but always want more Take it for ... granted, This lifetime and what's up ahead ... But the day is coming The day is near The day is

Relient K. - The truth lyrics

I've collected all these thoughts And I'm dying ... just to lose them And if your words are true ... not I'll die trying to prove them But I'll just have to

Aloe Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - The hand is quicker lyrics

hand is quicker than the eye And sometimes the truth ... ain't no better than the lie I'm gon' tell you a ... around One day you on top of the world and the next day you're

Revive - The truth is lyrics

inside That I've tried to satisfy Many times I've wandered ... some kind of meaning In this world that's so deceiving ... [Chorus] But the truth is There is none like you Oh, the

Desultory - The moment is gone lyrics

gone I stay black to escape The grain in my eyes reeks of ... that time Try to hold on to the past, but the moment is gone ... And I can't wait for this life It's already over me

Dynasty - The time is over lyrics

to go out Looking at the time going by ( Will there ... be time for me) Oh! My time is over The life I had in the ... was trapped in my addictions But the dose is over Oh, No!

Bette Midler - The girl is on to you lyrics

think you can just use her the way you used to do. I've got ... news for you. Your fuse is out. The girl is on to you. ... pain you put her through. But the girl is on to you. She's

Neverending White Lights - The world is darker lyrics

long to see the world die I long to keep this cure inside Every violent whisper, every crash Pounding in ... violent moment it has become The cure will come, thy will be

Ricochet - The truth is i lied lyrics

left I Was done loving you But I'm fighting a feeling That ... Forget what I told you The truth is I lied I know you ... werent expectin This visit from me With my hat in my

Chamillionaire - The truth is back!!! lyrics

You hear a lot of music, but it's boring You hear a lot ... of flows, but don't enjoy 'em You hear a ... of albums, and you snoring But the truth is back, now they

Ronnie Drew - The humour is on me now lyrics

went out one morning it being the month of May A farmer and his daughter I spied upon me way ... The girl sat down quite calmly to ... and I must get married for the humour is on me now. Ah be

Hinder - The best is yet to come lyrics

While trying to get to the next base When I slipped ... past her waist She smacked my hand away Then I got a slap in the face ... a damn thing in my life Love the dumb things we do when we're

Michael Hutchence lyricsMichael Hutchence - The king is gone lyrics

came from the second city Where the ... unattached Addiction was the latest style In the faces they could not match There was a ... blue beat playing On the radio left behind And a man

Rick Ross - The devil is a lie (feat. jay-z) lyrics

Masterminds! We gon' get this forever You know whenever we ... link up, my nigga They think this shit comes from ... something Nigga, let’s get this money nigga Masterminds: ROC

Gordon Lightfoot - The circle is small lyrics

s alright for some, but not alright for me When the ... t you see that I know how it is I can see it in your eyes ... and feel it in the way you kiss my lips I can hear it in

Ablaze My Sorrow - The truth is sold lyrics

Truth Is Sold Your world does not ... hurt with some lies It is time to cast aside your ... depressed No time for satisfaction No time to lay down ... to rest Do not believe the lie The lie that you have

As It Is - The coast is where home is lyrics

Long live forgotten days The city lights that paint the ... waves The sea air inside my lungs (Oh ... Oh-Oh-Oh) The memories we made back then ... in my skin Feeling like the only ones (Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh)

Before Their Eyes - The nighttime is our time lyrics

s nights like these That we forget about ... you've ever done You are the barrel between my teeth The ... blood stains on the sheets Your everything I ... I need) Tonight's the night We'll set this on fire

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - The war is over lyrics

watch the days rush by me like a river ... I shouldn't wait, but I'm scared to touch the water ... I let the phone ring, why won't you ... answer All I have to say is You don't deserve me, you

Mistweaver - The night is my guide lyrics

walk alone in this world The night is my guide Embraced ... by darkness and shadows The moon is my bride Through the endless path to the abyss I ... am guided by the light By the light of my dark soul That

Moloko - The time is now lyrics

me you care for me You're the first thing And the last ... I feel Sunshine On a promise A day dream yet to come ... Time is upon us Oh but the night is young Flowers

Primal Fear - The end is near lyrics

battle is on When the lightning strikes The full ... moon's rising in the middle of a night Hear my ... warning See their fear Hear my warning Do ... you wanna die The end is near We better pull together

Audiotopsy - The calling lyrics

is the calling, up from the cracks, we leave Growing ... what feels free Handshake this destiny Driving nails you'll ... you in faithfully Slow burning flame It's mesmerizing

Runrig - The greatest flame lyrics

shadows on the wall you come and you go ... through the streets and the rain that falls down on our ... no more good-byes forever this way whenever the greatest flame in the world starts burning

Naglfar - The dying flame of existence lyrics

at the dying Flame of Existence. As your mortal coil withers and fades. With A sigh the ... great black opens. The final Journey is about to ... begin. Into the Night we all shall wander.

Freternia - The flame lyrics

every heart a burning desire a vision of dreams to ... come true As the colours take shape,a picture ... soul We know what we are,but not what to be We all are

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - The fire's still burning lyrics

sounds tell me it's morning The night has been so dark and ... you just gets longer While this torch I still carry just ... My tears just can't put out the flame Or drown my hopes of

Cheap Trick - The flame lyrics

believe you're gone You were the first, you'll be the last ... and head upon Remember after the fire, after all the rain I ... will be the flame, I will be the flame Watching shadows

Katana - The samurai returns lyrics

set out - side by side With the rising sun in our backs, we ... With honour, we fought for the lords of this land Against the invaders from the west, we

Mest - Burning bridges lyrics

when I decided to write this song Just me, bow wow, my ... dirty floor and all the herb is gone Everyone's asleep, but the TV is still on Debating the ... right and wrong So tell me is this world we live in all

Bellefire - The flame lyrics

believe you're gone You were the first, you'll be the last ... and head upon Remember after the fire, after all the rain I ... will be the flame I will be the flame Watching shadows

Nocturnal Rites - The flame will never die lyrics

painting is fading now The color's wearing thin Her ... eyes in the broken glass A stare that ... She cries only crimson tears The eyes are burning with fire

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - The flame lyrics

Watching shadows move across the wall Feels so frightening I ... run to you, I wanna call But I’ve been hit by lightning I ... apart Can’t see through this veil across my heart over you

Galneryus - The scenery lyrics

I'm falling down The bright of the steel comin' so ... feel Now I'm falling down The bright of the steel comin' so ... to me Now I just feel The scenery disappears I just

Chimaira - The flame lyrics

night Would she ever be the same A revelation of her own ... demise No one left but herself to blame Her ... silence only fueled the flame And now the angels Have

Dragonforce - The flame of youth lyrics

your eyes, hear the thunder and rain. Fear ... inside of the torturing pain. For the ... cries of the world and the last lives remain. Chain ... your heart, swear to the for their gain. Deep inside slowly

Mark Lanegan - The flame that burns lyrics

flame that burns Flame that burns The flame that ... burns Flame that burns The flame that burns Flame that ... burns The flame that burns Flame that burns Takes you

Richie Sambora - One light burning lyrics

alone in the dark No walls no windows ... from hell Standing out in the rain With just one shadow ... Somewhere in my life There´s one light burning I

Aimee Mann - The moth lyrics

moth don't care when he sees the flame he might get burned but he's in the game and once he ... he can't go back, and beat his wings 'til he burns them ... black no the moth don't care when he sees the flame no the moth don't care

Her Name In Blood - The rail to trail lyrics

steps to the hope unseen Picking up the ... pieces and all He grab is everything Now he just looks ... forward Now he leaves this steam Don't look back and

Astral Doors - The flame lyrics

and I try to move on Calling the shots like the king of the ... flies Hiding myself, but my art's gonna take me higher ... and famous, smoking cigars The hole in my brain, won't stop

Kenotia - The day dixie crumbled lyrics

don't want to have to say this twice, don't make me lift a ... my head I'd love to scream but I just hold my tongue. you ... don't think that I can hear but my ears are always burning.

Richard Marx - The flame of love lyrics

long I get so lonely And the nights have been so cold ... Did I go and make belive the way you touched me Was it ... playing, Tell me Was it the flame of love Or was it

Protoje - The flame (feat. kabaka pyramid) lyrics

the same Is only Jah love will remain ... Forever the same Never the fortune nor the fame Forever ... same Oh we will call up on his name Forever the same Say

Chameleon Circuit - The doctor is dying lyrics

is returning through the dark Doctor, you have met ... your mark. Your song is ending, so don't cry, When ... games tonight we fight, For the fate of all mankind. I

Sacred Oath - Beyond the edge of the flame lyrics

sun is fire The moon is ice And blood is offered As ... a sacrifice A spell is woven A trance is broken A ... man has spoken The words The season turns cold The spirit

Air Supply - When the time is right lyrics

the time is right I will come back for ... you To hold you through the night Just like I always do ... ams again Don't you feel the heat of the night deep inside

Assedium - The flame lyrics

are the warriors of the new beginning We are the ... bringers of the newborn reign! The darkness ... falls before the blade we're wielding By ... we conquer our domain! Listen to the wind, for it tells

Attic Demons - The flame of eternal knowledge lyrics

you see what I see? The fire's announcing a wicked ... escape to... ...See what the god's doom brings A new ... reality A way to show us their anger About all our greed

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