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But Next Time I Will Make Her Mine lyrics

Browse for But Next Time I Will Make Her Mine song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed But Next Time I Will Make Her Mine lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to But Next Time I Will Make Her Mine.

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Mayer Hawthorne - Make her mine lyrics

I may not drive a new Mercedes But I’ll ... chauffeur my girl, to the edge of the world I may not wear a golden watch ... now But I’ll be right on time, for a woman so fine I

Dan Fogelberg - Next time lyrics

too many days I've felt forgotten And one ... too many nights I've slept alone And every time I watch the fruit turn ... rotten I tell myself I'll try a little harder next time Oh, next time Sacred are

Lola Ray - I will make you mine lyrics

into my eyes There's nothing left inside The problem with these kids is that they lie ... They break into your heart And take what ... they can find I'm sorry, but I'm taking back what's mine

Junior Doctor - Perfect girl (make her mine) lyrics

set of whites that have caught me in a ... trance I don't recall anyone affecting ... me like this I mean, I don't know anything at all ... Except how badly I would love just to hold her

Ruff Endz - Will you be mine lyrics

Love, I think its time now to share with you ... these feelings that I'm feeling now its been three years since I've known you nothing but happiness since I've found

Diggy Simmons - Make you mine lyrics

gonna be mine, Your gonna be mine (girl) I'm a make you mine, ... I'm a I'm a make you mine (girl) Baby I knew it from the first time that I met you girl

2am Club - Make you mine lyrics

looked her right in the eyes, right in the eyes but I couldn't see It burned ... when I looked, I burned in my heart, my words wouldn't ... work I listened to you loud and clear

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Next time you see her lyrics

s got everything a man could ever ask for. ... She is lovely, brighter than a morning star. ... She is so beautiful, portrait of a sunset. She got ... everything, including my old car. [Chorus:] Next time you see her, tell her

Elvis Costello - Next time round lyrics

I stepped out upon the landing my heart was already down ... the stairs She's in the bedroom with that boy of ... hers Though her face is creased and her eyes seem

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Next time i'm seventeen (bonus track) lyrics

Mercury was gone And Nevermind was playing on our radios ... We were only 17 I would park out on your street ... Wait for dark to see you climbing out your window Something's gone wrong with the weather There's a storm out in the

Peter Cetera - Next time i fall lyrics

like a road that never ends how it leads me back again to ... heartache i'll never understand darling i ... put my heart upon the shelf till the monent was right and I

Gladys Knight - Next time lyrics

wish I could have given you Everything you need ... The power to believe The stuff that sets you ... free I wish I was the answer to everything ... Shelter from the storm, somewhere to belong It's not easy to make dream come true I know So this much I wish for you before

Fabolous - Make u mine lyrics

Yeah..Uhh.. I know I make u wanna leave the one you with, But I aint lush your ... Ramon, Im the kid that they rush to blamin', ... for the crush they claimin', Who can make em' blush

Jason Mraz - Make it mine lyrics

How can you sleep at a time like this Unless the dreamer is ... the real you Listen to your voice The one ... tells you to taste past the tip of your tongue Leap and

The Audition - Make it rain lyrics

run and tell all the neighbors Go run and tell ... everyone There's a storm that's coming for her This type of rain will make her fall in love This girl's

Chumbawamba - Her majesty lyrics

majesty's a pretty nice girl but she doesn't have a lot to say ... Her majesty's a pretty nice girl but she changes from day to ... day I wanna tell her that I love her a lot, but I gotta

Joe Jonas - Make you mine lyrics

eyes are on ya You got something all the girls want And I ... to get to know ya Don’t quit, keep this going on all night Shake that, hey that ... body’s so right, oh You got something all

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Her majesty lyrics

Majesty's a pretty nice girl But she doesn't have a lot to say ... Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl But she changes from day ... to day I want to tell her that I love her a lot But I

Boy George - Next time lyrics

time I sing a ballad And they say that ... I'm too pop What the hell If it gets me to the top Next time I'll be handsome Or pretty ... at least I will have big muscles I'll lay on the

Harem Scarem - Next time around lyrics

time around Nothing can compare To our state ... of affairs Was it all a lie With our love in repair I ... commit emotional Suicide So I'm on the run And

Heather Nova - Make you mine lyrics

re the one I think about time after time You're the one ... that comes to me, visions in the night I want to complicate your feelings I want to ... heat you up inside Yeah yeah yeah, I wanna make you mine I'll be your sun

George Strait - Make her fall in love with me song lyrics

or Honky-Tonker, Pull-Her-Up-Closer,Slow Romancer, Make Her Fall in Love with Me Song ... The room is Swimmin with perty women, But how's a ... get close to 'em? The band is rockin, the joint is jumpin,

Jim Reeves - Not until the next time lyrics

until the next time Will I cry all night for you Yes, I ... ll stop loving you Until the next time. Here I am the way ... you left me With a heart so full of pain As

Vanessa Hudgens - Make you mine lyrics

You Mine (Target Edition Bonus Track) (All I want ... to do is stand close to you) (All I ... want to do is stand close to you) I'll ... be the one to tell everyone I'm gone I've fallen in To a

Modestep - Make you mine (ft. teddy killerz) lyrics

eyes take me in like nothing else Cause I've never ever ... Your style sends me to a different place That I've never ... turned me over to the dark side Where there's not another

Disciple - Next time lyrics

Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me Because He has anointed me to preach the gospel ... to heal the brokenhearted Bring freedom to the captives ... Bring sight to the blind Break the chains of the

Best Coast - Make you mine lyrics

ve been friends for a long, long time but I don't know how to make you mine So I'll try, yeah I'll try, ... To make you mine, all mine We've been friends for a

Jim Croce - Next time, this time lyrics

you get to feelin' all alone When your good time friends have all got up and ... gone Don't come knockin' around my door Because I ... ve heard your lines before And there ain't

Kina Grannis - Next time lyrics

I believe in a land A land where fairy tales await Where kisses hang on hooks like bait ... And swing slowly back and forth ... of two lonely souls This land which I'm singing of

Jaded Heart - But i'm still holdin' on lyrics

go - love went astray The fire's still burning - one ... desperate Heart is all that remains You past ... me by - it's always the same You leave ... me cryin' - in the Rain I thought it was love - but it

Lit - Next time around lyrics

I'm dreaming 'bout a Cadillac And a girl that I used ... to have But I know that I could never go back To the ... we took a photograph That I'm holdin' in my hand I can't

Kid Cudi - Make her say feat kanye west common lyrics

Kid Cudi) I make her say (Lady GaGa) Oh ah ah ... oh oh ah oh oh (When I) Pa-pa-pa poker (poke her) ... face Pa-pa poker (poke her)face (I make her say) Oh Ah

The Leftovers - Make you mine lyrics

little girl if you knew About all the things I'd say to you Would you ... stay or change your mind Cause I gotta gotta make ... you mine And all the things that I would say Would

Nina - Make you mine lyrics

baby boy you caught my eye think about you baby all the time ... now i got you on my mind can't wait till you are mine time after time i know ... you caught me lookin' are you that fine? now

Billy Currington - Next time lyrics

there's somewhere you gotta be Well, I sure ... hate to see you leave I'll break my grip, but babe, ... you need to know Next time I might not let you go I

Mando Diao - Make you mine lyrics

you stand in front of me with another guy? Did you know ... you just awoke the lion? So I tried to scream your name ... You don't know who I am I'm just gon' take you away

First Blood - Next time i see you youre dead lyrics

cannot forgive, what I cannot forget... that day ... to my chest. Because of you I'll never trust. Because of ... you I'll never heal. You ... represent a time and place that I wish to

Emiliana Torrini - Next time around lyrics

came question and it was about time The answer ... came back and it was long The house it was ... built by so men in rhyme But whatever came of his talented ... son Who wrote me a dialogue set a tune Always you

Anita Baker - Will you be mine lyrics

has come over me A feeling I can't explain The love I lost ... I found again My broken heart you came to ... mend But it still seems as though We are miles and miles apart The very

Mudhoney - Next time i get next to you lyrics

ve been thinking of you Yeah, I've been thinking of you Tell ya what I ... m gonna do next time I get next to you I'm gonna love you ... I'm gonna love you Next time I get next to you, that is

The Drums - Make you mine lyrics

baby, I don't know what to do with ... myself Oh honey, I don't know what to do with ... myself I'm sleeping in the kitchen (Sleeping in the kitchen ... I'm eating in the bedroom (Eating in the

Breakbot - Make you mine lyrics

Come on Lets have some fun Girl I like the way you dance ... Tonight Just give me a chance Don't wanna ... be without you baby Just wanna ... feel your arms around me I wanna see you going crazy I

Little Joy - Next time around lyrics

your worth To seek your weight in gold Sat by the ivory sill The further out you ... look The further out you'll be It's not ... enough to set the terms If nothing ventured, nothing

Ragers - Time lyrics

I do not have time for you you're too young ... and have a million times to say goodbyeto you guys but I do not want to walk your Do ... not look in the mirror as if you were ugly youare beautiful but too young I'm sorry but next time haha because you

Estelle - Make her say (beat it up) lyrics

see that you want it I already know Impatient to ... show me Your love below Livin in lust like I just wanna ... see Come a bit closer Here, take a peek [Hook:] Make my p**** say (eeeh eeeeh eeeh

Alesana - Better luck next time, prince charming lyrics

dance around me as I race alone I will never rest ... until she's in my arms So close and yet so ... far away A simple kiss to bring her back, to make this ... story end Not all knights in shining armor can make your

Foghat - Linda lou lyrics

now they call my baby Patty, But her real name, her real name, ... her real name is Linda Lou. Well they call my ... baby Betty, But her real name, her real name, her

Mike Jones - Next to you lyrics

I gotta be next to you [x2] I'm waiting, ... anticipating for you baby (cuz I gotta ... be next to you) And I'm wanting You cuz you got me Boy ... you got me (cuz I gotta be next to you) Baby you on my mind As long as we spending time girl (cuz I gotta be next

Michael Bolton - Next lifetime (feat. liz sharpe) lyrics

t know why I never told you There was something in your eyes ... breath away And every word I meant to say Now I know I'd ... give my soul to you Take you ... back in time and hold you Just for one

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Next in line lyrics

next in line will be someone who loves you ... The next in line is me, 'cause it's my time Now ... how long will it be till you end my misery? You ... better be prepared to linger when you get to me The

Dropkick Murphys - Until the next time lyrics

the time has come for living For here now we shall ... We were so glad we could make it But so sad we gotta run ... Well, it might be a long time 'Til we raise another

Akon - Time or money (feat. big meech) lyrics

Big Meech from the richest black motherf***ing gang ... in the world My nigga always say, there's only ... two things a nigga can do for you You either ... got time or money, can't have em

Ally Hills - Next to you (acoustic demo) lyrics

say I matter So why don't you try ... and shattered Every piece of me I know it takes two ... But you know I can't be here with you That's all I wanna ... be I said I'm sorry But I just can't get enough Cause

Meat Loaf - Love is not real / next time you stab me in t.. lyrics

have been many sightings Of love in truth The ... skeptic in me longs for To see of love ... proof Only for you does this happen Only for you do I ... care Love is not real Love is a hoax It's just a dream I

Iced Earth - Diary lyrics

is pure darkness It is as blackness is Damn the light which comes from You as a ... moth to flame I burn In the twilight of morning I ... my weary eyes For the benefits of the nights bounty were

Pink Cream 69 - Till you're mine lyrics

s a girl from the far side of town I tell you man, ... she's all I've been missing got some bucks and her ... feet on the ground she's so fine, I can't get her off my mind I've got the time, she's

Lydia - Take your time lyrics

never want to go, I never want to leave here ... Darling take your time, yeah take your time I say ... we go stumble through the city I could make you mine, I

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - This time lyrics

think about her all the time She's my fantasy An image ... burnin' in my mind Callin' out to me While my imagination's runnin' wild Yeah - ... things are getting clearer This time

Famous Last Words - I'll get you next time gadget lyrics

lie to soften the fall It shows you never cared at all ... The burn it still flickers inside The fire that will ... never die My soul needs to breath ... heart needs to scream A shivering cry I'm empty inside

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