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Busy Signal - Do the maths feat bounty killer lyrics

Intro: Bounty Killer & Busy Signal] Chea! Nah No Mercy! ... and glocks! Check yuh facts! Busy in da fast lane! Bullet! ... It's Bounty Killa and Busy Signal in da fast game bullet bullet

Busy Signal - Defense/bout it lyrics

wa Deh yah back an mi striking like lightening ... True mi release a nuff a dem hi left ... to Iyara Go tell di media mi sicker than Ca medial The ... Cyclopedia yo better get familiar Blast through yo

Busy Signal - Step out lyrics

Your lyrically inclined to busy signal Hey (hey) hey (hey) ... Testing 1, 3, mi nah test 2 Wat about you ... s going [Verse 1:] Afta mi step out, inna mi black Have

Major Lazer - Watch out for this (ft. busy signal, the flex.. lyrics

place a full up Sexy gal and mi can't get enough Gal a go ... and lyrics by the tons And mi high grade sent from above ... Me tell dem (Major Lazer) Flexican Watch out

Mavado - Real mckoy with a full clip (ft. busy signal) lyrics

time fi chat boy Gun inna mi hand, ya face mi shot boy yo! ... time fi chat boy Gun inna mi hand now, anway Them cya ... tabernacle get bun down If mi place before sun down, bring mi gun come Boy a chat tough

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Push and shove ft. busy signal, major lazer lyrics

No relax Boy you’re charming me, not gonna fight I’m ... me Smoke ina de place Mi a defend mi space Give mi ... food for mi plate Mi no take talk Strapped just

Busy Signal - Sweet love (night shift) lyrics

light yah She crawl up inna mi arms like a spider Body fit ... ah Den me introduce har to mi bunny energizer Love inna ... abundant she get caz me nuh miser She start sing a phrase

Busy Signal - Badman place feat mavado lyrics

Intro:] Dasaca, Movado, Busy Hell broke loose again Gun ... a go rise Anyway, anyway BUSY [Chorus:] Inna badman ... while chaslie it still a blaze Real badman place, place

Busy Signal - People so evil lyrics

Talks: Busy Signal] Trouble again I nuh know ... when I use my instincts bad-mined people fe sink dem a try ... so evil [Verse 2:] Dem smile when dem laugh while dem

Busy Signal - Full clip feat mavado lyrics

] [Mavado:] Anywayyy [Busy Signal:] BUSY casava piece pop arff ... a run out rize di gun out (busy)a true di boi dem a flip so ... long fi diss me an me fatha familage nah f***in plan fi

Major Lazer - Sound of siren (feat. m.i.a. & busy signal) lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Omi - Color of my lips (feat. busy signal) lyrics

She likes the colour of my lips She says she really wanna kiss me She likes the colour of my lips She says she really wanna kiss me Say you couldn’t talk whe...

Busy Signal - I love yuh feat alaine lyrics

seh she nah lef dis ya man Busy! And Alaine [Chorus:] I ... me Di two a we togetha Coming slowly but surely Living ... nuh matta dem Cah dem a just mi friend and mi fans And a got

Busy Signal - Born and grow lyrics

the land of my birth} Busy [Verse 1:] Jamaica which ... part mi born & grow Tings a get ... tuff weh mi born & grow Ghetto yute ... dem a suffer weh mi born & grow Times a get

Busy Signal - Hey girl lyrics

Intro:] Di gyal dem a go mad [Chours:] Hey girl a long ... a look yuh Yuh knw from wen mi really wan fi touch yuh, wan ... u wine, wen u wine Me sey mi like wen yuh wine pon di edge

Busy Signal - Agony lyrics

da agony We have the [x3] Busy [Verse 1:] Mi buy a pack ... condom up a di pharmacy Den mi tek a stoosh gyal in a de ... bush n mek de farmer see Mi nuh lyk wen informa see Well

Busy Signal - Jail lyrics

Intro:] Free up! (Busy) From captivity - Sound it ... from the leash - refugee Busy! [Chorus:] Seh wi nah go ... oh oh! You would a never see mi call mi friend fi bail again

Busy Signal - Ackee seed lyrics

a scream out caan keep up to mi cocky speed (yeaah) She tek ... wine pon di edge cause a dat mi need Nah guh hurt yuh, no ... gyal come sprawl weh Inna mi bed, mek mi wuk yuh mek yuh

Busy Signal - These are the days lyrics

weh call pon Jesus a dem commit the crimes Nuff illiterate ... drugs same ship Same Busy different hits With ... That make a DJ wanna sing Mi caan believe the babymadda

Busy Signal - Tic toc lyrics

Intro:] SSMG Gyal B-B-B-Busy Shake it My girl (ladies) ... Weh mi waan you do [Chorus:] Tic ... From she look pon the size of mi foot me have the size ten fi

Busy Signal - Come over (missing you) lyrics

my baby Hope she ansa mi (busy) Hello(female voice) ... all i need and i'm always missing you miss you miss you ... miss you miss you baby miss you miss you (x2) I need

Busy Signal - One more night lyrics

gimme one more night girl A million more nights Cause I can ... ] Alright... Cause everyday mi say Mi want you inna mi life ... Cah mi nuh want fi wake If you nuh

Busy Signal - Unknown number lyrics

Ah who dem ah pre Nuh call mi fone if you nuh wah mi fi see ... fi ah fee Feds dem nuh lef mi be Dem tops mi fone spy out ... number block nuh budda call mi Cah mi nah goh answa even if

Busy Signal - Wine pon di edge lyrics

bad [Verse 1:] Gal you somin tight yes mi love how you ... hook it baby You grip mi right, use di muscle hold it ... baby Mi call you last night have to ... right yes you somein tight Mi seh Gal you have di grip and

Busy Signal - Not going down lyrics

u say or do. Cause it just might happen to u. When u work ... u say or do. cause it just might happen to u. when u work ... when di bills dem lick me, mi call pan the fada quickly busy (busy) [Chorus] We not

Busy Signal - Tempted to touch lyrics

way I'm tempted to touch, Busy The dress you wear, your ... I'm tempted to touch Baby! Mi need you, badly The dress ... and I, let start it oh, oh Busy Hot head Now am gonna make

Busy Signal - Summn' a guh gwaan ft. bounty killer lyrics

a fi knock SUMMN A GUH GWAAN MI GENERAL. Them kidnapp the ... pitney from school mi son fi kidnapp. WELL ME ... buy anything the yout no fi smile the cops a fi yam the

Elephant Man - Signal de plane lyrics

Bogle, Keeva, Stacy) People smilee again (Sadiki and the ... [Verse 1:] Dancing a Jamaica middle name Visa fi go a ... England a strain Immigration a call out yuh name

Busy Signal - Hold me lyrics

and a hold me Come here mi gal ... wine pon the sauce ... kick off a bed so bruck out mi gal, you no old mattress

Busy Signal - My world lyrics

informer get shot in dem dominion Squeeze trigga 'til ... finger fi get numb mi dun warn you Man wi corner ... informer get shot in dem dominion Squeeze trigga 'til

Medial Banana - Busy lyrics

it when my music makes me busy When my music makes me busy ... main thing Poky: Man ah busy with mi lyrics Man ah busy ... with mi tunes Man ah busy with mi chalice Man ah got

Diana Vickers - Mad at me lyrics

baby's so mad at me I didn't get in 'till ... you but you weren't home No signal on my phone (on my phone, on ... heat I couldn't resist I promise it was just one kiss baby

Say Anything - Signal the riflemen lyrics

slottersyphanies in our minds, this college cattlefault, ... grab it around her start dreamin the way you do, the future ... away, dont waste time being mad at everything, freedom is

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Mad love ft. sean paul & becky g lyrics

that Love me, give me some mad love [Ref.] Watch the ... tempo Love me, give me some mad love [#2] Baby girl cau' ... yet flop I know I see weh mi wah fi attack Mi eye deh

Anvil - Az 85 lyrics

no set bail Beat the rock AZ 85 Alone in a cell A self ... Now he's done his time AZ 85 Beat the rock Close

Cruadalach - Signal fires lyrics

our course Siren's song of misty lands Echoes among the ... The Day comes to its end Signal fires lighten our path ... bound... With our lives Signal fires lighten our path

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - Mad (ft. devon baldwin) lyrics

Verse 1: G-Eazy] Yeah, I swear I fall in ... for the chase Never poor mistakes Always sure to win ... so bad My love, you drive me mad [x2] [Verse 2: G-Eazy]

Hires Matt - Signal in the sky lyrics

Your temporary ghost Familiar words bid you farewell ... the sun so you can see Put a signal in the sky for me Don’t, ... ghost A temporary ghost Familiar words will greet you well

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Signal to noise lyrics

qwalli section send out the signals deep and loud and in this ... reassure me with a touch, a smile - while the cradle?s ... that it destroys turn up the signal wipe out the noise nusrat

Sinister Realm - Signal the earth lyrics

it's too late Tell them to signal the earth, you must let them ... the answers Silent transmitting waves of my thoughts ... shapes in the night feed my mind with their thoughts like a

The Crystal Method - Busy child lyrics

I guess I didn't know. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child. Get Busy Child, get busy, get busy... (I guess I did-

F(x) - Signal lyrics

radio, stay tuned I’ve got a Signal eoje kkume nareul chajaon ... huimi hadeon jageun shinho ... he eona From 9 to 5, 5 to 9 michyeoga eojjeomyeon dashi

Jon B - Az u lyrics

Not that the trip to the plaza Spend a couple hours by ... great But soon as they're coming down your legs I'm thinking

Eagles lyricsEagles - Busy being fabulous lyrics

LYRICS "Busy Being Fabulous" I ... And you were just too busy being fabulous Too busy to ... don't know what you were dreaming of Somehow you forgot

Ace Wilder - Busy doin´nothing lyrics

am, not made for working overtime And ... to five I wish all those lazy days were everyday And you ... any other way Although some might say I throw life away I

Elvis Costello - Busy bodies lyrics

tell me that you don't care Busy bodies getting nowhere Ev ... rybody's getting meaner Busy bodies Caught in the ... several Service stations Busy bodies Very busy Getting

Battlesoul - Signal the storm lyrics

form Banners on the hills Signal the storm Battered with

Kat-tun - Signal lyrics

Hey girl Oshiete donna yume mite Hitori bocchi yoake matta ... no? Hey boy Hitomi ni kakuretemo shouganai ... now What's going on? Chikazukuto Just moving on

Olly Murs - Busy lyrics

by Saying that we’re crazy We spend all our time ... really something Getting busy doing nothing We spend all ... really something Getting busy, doing nothing No magazines or DVD’s we both got

Snow Patrol - Signal fire lyrics

words never crossed my mind, ´cause there was nothing ... I felt every ounce of me screaming out, But the sound was ... the aftermath, You are my signal fire, The only resolution

Laura Jansen - Signal lyrics

I hear they're broadcasting a signal we all should hear They

Jonezetta - Busy body lyrics

at you now on your way out, busy body Look at you now on your ... way out, busy body Your loneliness is all ... at you now on your way out busy body Look at you now on your

Butterfly Boucher - Busy lyrics

could be so fun I might just like it I might just ... love it I might get busy I might get lonely I just don't ... This is so This is familiar this is so This is so

The Pink Spiders - Busy signals lyrics

re begging me to stay The busy signals compromise Your ... to blow Woo-ho, it's a chemical reaction, The acids and ... re begging me to stay The busy signals compromise Your

K.d. Lang - Busy being blue lyrics

talk But you know I’m too busy bein’ blue I’d have time ... long But you know I’m too busy bein’ blue I’d have time ... cried But you know I’m too busy bein’

Ayumi Hamasaki - Signal lyrics

ga donna basho demo ikinuite miseru yo isshou ni ichido no ... ni naranai dakedo ima ni mirai ga kateru wake ga nai sa ... de ii sukina mono wa nokosazu ni tabetsukushite shimatta

Exist†trace - Signal lyrics

ore wo shinjiru no sa senaka azukete nemurou Saa doko e ... kiku no sa Kono uso ni michita kuuhaku no yasuragi no ... Koe wo karashite sakebe Kimi no sugata kitto mitsukeru

God Is An Astronaut - Signal rays lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not avail...

Catchingyourclouds - *signal lost* lyrics

live like this And I am screaming at the top of my lungs

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