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Busa Omega Khonou lyrics

Browse for Busa Omega Khonou song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Busa Omega Khonou lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Busa Omega Khonou.

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Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Busa rhyme lyrics

Missy] Slim Shady Slim Shady Slim Shady Slim Shady [Eminem] Well I do pop pills, I keep my tube socks filled and pop the same shit that got Tupac killed Spit game to these hoes, like a soap opera episode and punch a bitch in the nose, til her whole face explodes There's t

Forbidden - Omega wave lyrics

crest of the wave is crushing human kind Rolling with ungodly force, omnipotent omega Delivering the pain, condemning one and all Eradicate the conscious stricken, everyone must die Slaves to the fear we've created out impending doom Avoiding the

Bruce Dickinson - Omega lyrics

ashes drift away, smoke of our confusion We turn our frightened faces to each other, say goodbye Waited for the sign, waited for the moment Waited for the miracle to arrive, I guess the lied Look at your future, take a look at your burning sk

Babylon Whores - Omega therion lyrics

want of an angel For all the lead that you thought you turned gold There is something that you still want to know Il Penseroso led you astray To the woods and the wild The pathless way And you followed the trail that Shelley fared Gazed on dead ki

Danger Mouse - Omega supreme lyrics

quot;Funk soul, on deck Prince of the ghetto Omega supreme Danger Mouse We do it like this" [Chorus] "Sometimes I get the feeling I got to put it on ya Surprised how I lay my beat down Same MC off of ya corner&am

Enochian Crescent - Omega nefilim lyrics

void calls us Its call is bright Silently it whispers It summons us into light The void lies to us - it lures weakest of our kind The void lies to us - with sweet yet empty promises The void lies to us - it ensnares the blind We shall be victorious This age belong

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Omega man lyrics

set the same scene Circumstances different than they Might have been People in two places can be Pulled into a scheme Never what you're fighting for Life alone Lose a lover's arms Never makes it easy when you try too hard I wish you would define what you feel Hard

Apollo 440 - Omega point lyrics

what's this? Yea, excellent I love this kind of stuff Is this your track or is this? Hey, have you just put some ? ? ? No longer any place mother nature can hide now Far from space culture Dazzling, spacial That the instant the omega point's reach

A Different Breed Of Killer - Omega lyrics

distrust in us is the omega. Seek reference in your action and succumb to what is truth. This display of harmony and dissonance is the end of all to come. This will be the end of all. When does his reign end? When does this end? You're filled with sm

Omega - Omega auto (omegauto) lyrics

ein, unser Auto fährt. Weiter, weiter wie man hört. Unser Motto ist die Phantasie und wir hoffen sie verlässt uns nie. Ja, jeder passt hinein und auch du, steig ins Auto ein. Steige ein! Fahrtwind, lass den Atem raus Strasse die man zu kennen glaubt, strahlen in einem neue

Periphery - Omega lyrics

see a flash Is this sleep? Am I in a dream? The past sees me and it won't let go Greeted by those I've killed along the way, because I am the destruction The past sees me and it won't let go A demon born out of their rite in throes This is the truth I am a demon born

Crystal Lake - Omega lyrics

will be praised for god has forsaken us all to die alone Demolition Annihilation Fell from grace We’re condemned all along Past to the present We’ve tried to hold on When future was there for ourselves to proclaim Revolution? Evolution? Mixed in with chao

Demonic Resurrection - Omega, i lyrics

was the road to the end But I fought on For what I must defend To fulfil the vow To return and avenge To slay their breed And uphold to the death What I believe In my heart I believe Victorious now I will be I see through your severed soul I

Dope Stars Inc. - Omega drones lyrics

s a horrible trip When the time is running quick It's a struggle I, the evolved machine I, the adamant who thinks I will battle What you have to convey I can't die for any strain I'm immortal I will never obey All the years I want I'll gain And will

Hate - Omega lyrics

Tears of blood I shed start to open up the skies On headless cross ask yourself if you remember Who destroyed your f***ing world divine? The time is slowing down in their dirty little hearts Hypnotic sound of sirens hasten bloody rivers They won't let you

Necrosis - Omega man lyrics

driven by no inner forces paralized moved by a mysterious will standardized caught in a electric cobweb pretified body and soul all drained and killed sucked into a one-way technomaze bound to live and die executing senseless scripts all disprogrammed I am all wired plu

Ommega - Omega auto (omegauto) lyrics

ein, unser Auto fährt. Weiter, weiter wie man hört. Unser Motto ist die Phantasie und wir hoffen sie verlässt uns nie. Ja, jeder passt hinein und auch du, steig ins Auto ein. Steige ein! Fahrtwind, lass den Atem raus Strasse die man zu kennen

7th Nemesis - Omega dei lyrics

suns are slain, As we've assassinate all of them Praise here this catharsis, Don't feel blamed Rejoice! My fellows Of this sanguinary act As we are released from this lying tyranny Infamy! This murder is not crime Felony! But ritual sa

A Storm Of Light - Omega lyrics

Into nothing Cities decay The grief And sickness Is buried Sink into the trees The age of ruin is over and we revel Symmetry returns From sea to shining sea Nightmares drift back Down that river of time To the dawn of man And I wonder what went wrong Th

Dozer - Omega glory lyrics

to share your sparkle with me, try it all alone… Maybe we will come and visit, if you’ve got a clone… Cause it’s long over due if you get it made… Cause it’s warm in the sun ‘till you get the shade… Maybe you have come from heaven, may the darkness fal

Erra - Omega children lyrics


Exlibris - Omega point lyrics

s time to let the bridges burn (no way back) Have no regrets as we go down with the sun We've reached the point of no return (can't turn back) All becomes clear when the damage is done Take me higher Let's watch heaven burn Before it falls down from th

Hdk - Omega lyrics

a skeletal wrech of man this is. Translucent flesh and feeble bones. The kind of temple where the whores and villains try to tempt the holistic tomes. Running rampant with free thought to free from in the free and clear. And the matters at hand are shelled out like lint at a l

Project Pitchfork - Ω α (omega alpha) lyrics

a child living in a dark place Being accused of being a failure Nothing is right, everything is wrong Nothing is right, everything is wrong Imagine this child growing up in a world Which pays no attention to its positive behavior Always noticing the

Rebecca St. James - Omega lyrics

amazing grace, Of the master – Jesus Christ The extravagant love of God, The intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit, Be, with you. May the grace of our Lord be with you, Now and always may you stay, Blameless till he comes. May the love o

Rwake - Omega lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

See You Next Tuesday - Omega lyrics

Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental

Steve Aoki lyricsSteve Aoki - Omega (feat. dan sena and miss palmer) lyrics

we come home, run off this path thats so low When we come home, and into the silence thats burning inside us When we come home, all of us let go When we come home, when the old life is gone we can move on (All of us let go) When we come home, all of

Sza lyricsSza - Omega lyrics

the church say, "Amen" Release all my sins at the pulpit It's the beginning (It's the beginning...) It's the beginning of my sermon You hold my hand as an infant Palms to the sky, Adonai, Ya Allah Till they all come down Till we all fall down Down

Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha omega lyrics

We the age that mothaf***ers don't care about us We just let mothaf***as know we coming It's real, it's a real mothaf***in' movement Whether you like it or not We're supportin' a real mothaf***in' movement, man It's cleveland man MACHINE GUN KELLY: I am

Arthemesia - Liber omega the macrocosm manifest iii lyrics

you heard all the lies already Are you just a puppet in the grand scheme? Are you just a grey faceless statistic In their well oiled machinery? Do you even feel ashamed When you didn't even fight back? Ride down the Omega highway Towards the obvious dead end (No point turning

King 810 - Alpha & omega lyrics

& gentlemen Welcome to the truth God made me in his image who the f*** made you You want my voice from me you can have it just know I sound like this because the Devil has my throat I make your insides shift that is my gift The sea parts and then comes th

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Alpha & omega lyrics

am the earth and sky I am the low and high I am the snowflake in the winter evening I am the birth and death I am your final breath I am the one that gave you life and freedom Choosing your own way Everything you've ever known Every seed that you have s

Rakim - No omega lyrics

m the Alpha, with no Omega Beginning without the, end so play the eye inside, no extended version Next episode be smooth as a Persian Rhyme everlastin, there'll be no part two Knowledge is infinite, once I start to draw a better picture for your third eye, if you're blind You know

Ram ( Swe ) - Terminus + the omega device lyrics

... + Ghostpilots fought and forced victories Defending an occupied zone Eden we called it and here we could in peace make our plans to return We set up some centres were we could work Made use of whatever we had To create a lab advanced enough to give birth to hu

Scar Symmetry - Alpha and omega lyrics

behind a mask of revelations Truths denied, keep the world in duality Earth trapped in a massive scheme Caught deep inside within distorted dreams Blur the sight of those who try to see All that you believe was made to deceive you Waves of confusion are flowing to

Gaither Vocal Band - Alpha and omega lyrics

Heard a great voice out of heaven saying Behold the tabernacle of God is with men He shall dwell with them and they shall be His people And Almighty God will be with them He shall wipe away all tears from their eyes There shall be no more death Neither sorrow, nor crying,

Iron Savior - The omega man lyrics

sun is up A lonely man Roams an empty city Omnipresent death is all around Riding on deserted streets In bitter solitude Silence all around Without a human sound The days passing by In dullness and pain His fatal creation Is all that remains He

Omega El Fuerte - A cualta mi gata lyrics

cuarta mi gata, y la ranger bien brilla tranquilo me monto, prendo el aire y vamo a hangea hangeo con la paca, y dinero pa gastar ya pero nada me hace falta porque todo se me da Ahi a cuarta mi gata, y la ranger bien brilla, tranquilo me monto, prendo el aire y vamo a hangea, hange

Omega El Fuerte - Lo que tengo lyrics

va a ver queloque cuando te de luz de lo que tengo te voy a dar como eh yo quiero pasarte la manoo... te quiero desnuditta en mi colchon chon chon esque yo te quiero en mi habitacion cion cion tu no te va apiar hasta que suene la campana porque ete pleito e' a doce ro

Boards Of Canada - Alpha and omega lyrics

Haha!) Alpha and omega Yellow I'm a God-darned Satanist And if I wanted I'd be in this business

Hate - Rise omega the consequence! lyrics

endless number, eternity Beyond, entwined - The surface of this universe Starlight, void, blackness as we drift through timeless abyss of fire Come void! Grant us death! We will fly heavenwards shrouded in dust Multiply the numbers of lives Step by st

Moonspell - White omega lyrics

s when we fall down on our knees To suck the mouth of each other It's when life's so precious that every moment hurts That I fear for myself From the trees our bodies, swaying Once we were the lovers, engaging below them Indifferent... Now it's the world that we

A Night In Texas - Defaming the omega lyrics

the garden of Eden that you call your own It is nothing but a f***ing wasteland beneath my feet Why can't you maggots see there is no God above you? You're all just pathetic f***ing peasants, living a lie You're all f***ing sheep I am the preacher The preacher of Satan T

Abnormality ( Usa ) - Monarch omega lyrics

Intervals I cannot recall Eliminated and replaced. With psychotic animals Obedience. Disassociation overhaul Synapses interface with cerebrally integrated protocols Slipping in and out of sentience Excruciating senses Bio-cybernetic enhancements Installed on adolescents

Azaghal - Xi omega lyrics

niin minä vapauduin vankeudesta lihan Tuhosin kahleet jotka ikuisuudesta erottivat Ikuisesti vaellan pimeydessä Varjona loputtoman kylmyyden Kävellen salattua polkua Kohti porttia kerran unohdettua Kielletyn tiedon puutarhaan Syliin hiljaisuuden Omega - Kliffoth - Aatamin kolma

Impiety - The blitzkrieg omega lyrics

Lightning Terror, tyrants assemble and prepare for war, Blazing Torment, rapidly served at every end of dawn, Punishing Onslaught, heathendom's fist of absolute pain, Witching Glory, with blood on our hands I know we have won! Command for Slaughter... Comma

Architects - Alpha omega lyrics

son of god, Hangman's pawn control our lives, With fairytales and shallow lies, You say we'll burn in hell, Spiteful preacher I know you well Desperation breathes and follows you home, Just look around, you're not alone One life and one chance, the world in front of me Intelli

Dark Fortress - Iconoclasm omega lyrics

t stand the thought to exist within a lie Katharsis unleashed, hear my call This is the point of no return Can't wait for the day Armageddon rapes humanity Nemesis unleashed, nations will pray in vain I have seen the face of death This is the end supreme I abdicate god And his

Darkest Horizon - Singularity omega lyrics

All the constants are defined Elliptic arcs have been shaped This is the point of no return We saw the fabric of the stars Following the void to the en...

Deathspell Omega - Bestial orgies lyrics

forgotten crypts and chapels Our diabolical feasts are arranged. On the dirty ground we paint the sign The great symbol of evilness. The Devil takes delight in orgies We take pleasure till death. The soul of the victim must be pure To humili

Deathspell Omega - For fire and void become one lyrics

they are, chained and hurt, The salt of diseases inlaid in their wounds. The bleakness in their eyes reveals humans no more And the barrier to Death so thin... Corruption of human essence in putrefaction When the holy balance is broken, Submit to a

Deathspell Omega - Insanity supreme lyrics

s a war inside my head, a pain beyond words. A cruel transformation of my whole dying being. This weak chrysalis... I must leave it now. The apparitions seem so real but I don't have the force to scream. Madness flows in my rotten veins, I see spikes growing on my flesh. Vul

Deathspell Omega - Seal of perversion lyrics

is engraved on our flesh, the almighty sign of evil. The symbol of extreme beliefs, the seal of perversion. We need the weak human race to give them pain and death. All that is called a sin have always been within ourselves. Decadence and sadism will be our fate

Deathspell Omega - The suicide curse lyrics

spells and rituals exist to create curses But there is one for mankind’s obliteration. Life is slowly fading as we sacrifice ourselves. The vermin prevalence must come to an end. Every year one of us must die. Our dark souls are a gift to Satan. Toni

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