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Elvis Costello - Pills and soap lyrics

talked to the sister, the father and the mother With a microphone in one hand and a chequebook in the other and the camera noses in to the tears on her face The tears on her face The tears on her face You can put them back together with your paper and paste But you can't

Donots - Pills and kisses lyrics

sleepless and so sedated So black-eyed and all worn out So downcast but still not hopeless You cure me when you´re around I know you´re there I know you´ll be waiting there All the time I know you´re there I know you´ll be waiting there Waiting there for me

Hurt - Pills lyrics

takes these pills, And she moves along She takes these pills, And its better It really doesn't matter to me To live in your life and your own routine A product from ecology it seems She looks at him like he's a machine And lives with him 'cause he's a

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Pills n potions lyrics

and potions We're overdosing I'm angry but I still love you Pills and potions We're overdosing Can't stand it, but I still love you I still love, I still love, I still love I still love, I still lo-o-ve I still love, I still love, I still love I still love, I st

I Am Ghost - The ship of pills and needed things lyrics

by the sword And the millions have taken away this reward Stolen the laugh and a kiss It was burned all in grey across her tender lips Never the meek (in lust) Forget what we've done(inside) Protect what we built Never ending The ship of pills has crashed on

Off With Their Heads - Horse pills and the apartment lobby lyrics

I took some pills and woke up somewhere near your apartment. I don't know how I wound up at your apartment. I didn't mean to break the glass outside your apartment. I was aiming for your boyfriend, baby, yeah, he was my target. You try to run, yeah. You run, run away

Anne-marie lyricsAnne-marie - Boy lyrics

See I can't work it out) (Are you into me?) Oh geez, you tease, you're pretty much everything that I need Good flirt, nice shirt, I can feel I'm gonna fall head first Golden skin, cute grin, saying all the right things And then you hit me for my number, babe But

Carly Rae Jepsen lyricsCarly Rae Jepsen - Boy problems lyrics

you're gonna go then go She said to me on the phone So tired of hearin' all your boy problems If you're gonna stay then stay He's not gonna change anyway So tired of hearin' all your boy problems And I know that she's right And I should not be offended That I know what it looks

Lee Ben - Boy with a barbie lyrics

was a boy with a barbie when they teased me it was hard Just a boy with a barbie from the start Don't think it meant to break my heart I was a boy with a barbie this is beautiful and true I had a crush on every girl I saw they never knew I've never told a single soul but you

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Lil' ghetto boy (ft. snoop dogg and dat nigga.. lyrics

up, jumped out my bed Hung in a 2 man cell wit my homie Lil 1/2 Dead Murder was the case that they gave me Dear God, I wonder can you save me I'm only 18, so I'm a young buck It's a ride, if I don't scrap, I'm getting stuck But that's the life of a G, I guess Ese

Junior Senior - Boy meets girl lyrics

into my life Late one night Left the next mornin' but you changed my life You gave me a kick, don't make me sick So I tried it with another but she didn’t do the trick Your busy makin' babies, and telling guys "maybe" So if your

John Prine - Automobile lyrics

morning, my car won't start today I turned the key at 8:03 and the battery passed away Inside a' my automobile I want my automobile I want my automobile I want to drive it all around this world Bride's gettin' married in the Springtime Widow's gettin

Redman - Freestyle freestyle lyrics

in the house, ya don't stop Gilla House in the house, ya don't stop Def Squad in the house, ya don't stop Wu Tang in the house, ya don't stop Hip-Hop in the house, ya don't stop Redman gotta light that green People always say, "What the hell does that

Amen - Westwood fallout lyrics

s all falling from the ceiling Why come? We're so bored It's a shame we're so bored It's just to let you fall out It's just a Westwood fallout It's just to let you fall out Justice to stay here It's a liar born to this I'm a liar I'm just a liar I was bo

Lil' B - Cnbftbgb based freestyle lyrics

Intro:] Yeah, yeah man this is a motherf***ing based freestyle man and You already know And can't nobody f*** the Based God's Bitch man Aye based warrior this motherf***a' [Hook:] Can't nobody f*** the Based God's bitch I be in this ho f***ing with a bad bitch And these hoes

Radikal Chef - Freestyle (prod. amida) lyrics

len freestyle, dokola freestyle, idem len, žijem len, dávam len dokola drbnutý freestyle, idem len freestyle, žijem len freestyle, idem len, žijem len, dávam len dokola drbnutý freestyle. Idem len freestyle, či už je výhra alebo kríza, neriešim prí

Lil' Flip - Freestyle king award lyrics

talkin'] Nigga, 2000, Y2K Me and Ron C all in yo muthaf***in' shit nigga fo sho, ha, man it's goin' down y'all boyz need to fo sho get that cotton candy cotton mouth, all in yo' face nigga Uh huh, Lil Flipper, The Leprechaun aka Da Freestyle King Sucka Free, f***in' with that Ron C Da

N.w.a. - Automobile lyrics

Dre man, I take this bitch out to the movies and shit man we're kissin' And grindin' and shit, so we hop in the back seat, you know man, this bitch Rubbin' all over my dick and frontin' like she's gonna give me the p****, Man, and the bitch said 3 words, man : STOP NO and DON'T [

Cro - Freestyle skit (ft. dajuan) lyrics

Yeah, Cro geh' ab, boy! Wuh, Wuh! Let's Go! Cro: Jap! Ehm okay , er ist hier , du bist hier Ich bin hier, ungefähr, bei meinem 4. Bier Weiß' nicht ob's dich interessiert, doch da geht noch einiges, Tze denn meistens trink' ich so lang bis es peinlich ist Ey, da geht noc

Dorrough - She ugly (my dougie freestyle) lyrics

you ever in been in the club, And thought you seen a bad ass bitch? And turned out she not a bad ass bitch... at all? I mean she got everything, body, ass, you know what I'm saying? But when she turn around. It just f***s up your whole night. [Dorroug

Kid Rock - Freestyle rhyme lyrics

Rock, i'm gonna rock the house biatch It goes, 1 for the trebble, and 2 for the bass And the blue eyed devils gonna rock this place Cause i don't give a damn what ya label me I'm still able G, to wreck the whole town Got my cards on the table, it's a Roya

Drunken Master - Redman freestyle lyrics

Method Man on a phone] "Ayyo, this is Meth, a-k-a Johnny Blaze Word up and this is second out the Drunken Master Yeah, I'm f***ed up right now- What?!" [Drunken Master (Redman)] "Ayyo, we gon' swing it to the Jersey side, you-know-what-I

New York Dolls - Pills lyrics

I was lyin' in a hospital bed, A rock'n'roll nurse go into my head. She says, hold ya arm, boy, stick out ya tongue. I gots some pills I'm gonna give you somes. She went into my head, into my head. A rock'n'roll nurse go into my head Into

Vanilla Ice lyricsVanilla Ice - Freestyle lyrics

stylin on the mic and in the go Free stylin on the mic so let it flow Free stylin on the mic and in the go And first on the microphone Psycho Slappin rappers like hot dikes like hot nights in Vegas Disect these haters cause they f***in with the greatest (greatest) Now I'm gonna

Drake lyricsDrake - Barry bonds freestyle lyrics

s what you all been waiting for ain't it You weakly entertainin For me to get a hold of this beat Go ahead claim it I'mma bout to paint a picture You niggahs go ahead frame it Since we gettin sinfeld With that jerry and elaine shit... I flow far from medeocer And if we talking car

Vybz Kartel - Freestyle lyrics

Intro:] yo Jeffery hype dawdie, yuh nuh knw a me response fi dis and wi affi dead before some bwoy get bail [Verse 1:] The gyal dem seh mi sweet yea the snickers type plus dem seh mi sharp like scissors point ladies when mi dress everything is new

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - Freestyle lyrics

gonna do this thing? Well, come on then! River road, Chevy van, cherry classic coke can Rolling on the floorboard; Fleetwood, Macklemore Coming out the speakers, spilling on the t-shirts Getting loud like I'm standing in the bleachers Creek bank, tire swi

Kerbera - Pills lyrics

Too numb to awaken now The anaesthetic perforates A dim light is shining through But oh, the curtains weigh.. You pretend that I never loved you So I'm not the only one who can live a lie? My future is as empty As the holes you so carefully ble

Method Man - Freestyle lyrics

Redman] Microphone coming down when I have to tweak ya (Break ya) ass, blow your ass one time, peace ta Dj Twiz, I will leave your ass blind Cause the ruckus for all you muthafukas Don't you know me and Method Man jam like smuckers All you fools out there wanna test these theives

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Freestyle conversation lyrics

(Snoop talking with homey) Homey: Ai Dogg, let me holla at'cha man Snoop: Wuz up home? Homey: Word is on the streets Your beats gone be delicate since Dre did shake the spea's out, man. Snoop: Delicate? Beats? So that's what makes me now? Nigga

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - Freestyle lyrics

coming up from the alleys not like the valleys Southtown San Diego rats out here in Cali So Cal with the crew to show' em how You like me now, with the sound straight underground Putt'n it down, lift up this jewel that I have found And pass it a

Colony 5 - Pills lyrics

a singer or a song Trying to change my mind Trying to push me over One way or another To release me or to smother It's hard to remember what I want To love me or don't bother It's hard to remember what I want As a movie or a show Influencing my morals It's a feeling It i

Daniel Curtis Lee - Freestyle lyrics


Kc Rebell lyricsKc Rebell - Freestyle skit reloaded lyrics

Rebell: Ey Onichiwa du bist echt ein heftiger Sänger Oni: Danke Bruder KC Rebell: Kannste aber auch so orientalisch mäßig auch irgendwas machen? Oni: Ja klar Bruder kein Problem KC Rebell: Mach mal Mach mal Oni: Ok Bruder KC Rebell: Pack mal richtig ein aus Oni singt.

Moreno Donadoni - Freestyle i (skit) lyrics

ha, molte volte ho camminato tra le ombre, senza lasciare impronte, inoltre, lo senti o no? Mi assumo le mie colpe bro. Non mi puoi nominare come Voldemort. Vi vedo in slow motion, Wesley Gibson, faccio il vostro gioco e del gioco non faccio un vizio. Brucio la

Nana Mizuki - Freestyle lyrics

de sora wo tobu no KOKORO no KAGI wo hazushite Masshiro na HAATO no ichibu ga Anata no hane no iro no you de HONTO nitamono doushi datta ne Toorikakatta PETTO SHOPPU de Doko ni demo tonde yukesou na Hane wo motteru anata to deatta na

Mudvayne - Dull boy lyrics

work and no play makes me a dull boy... All work and no play makes me a dull boy... All work and no play makes me a dull boy... ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES ME A DULL BOY! Live in a secret Live in a lie Live in a dark hole beneath the black sky Live like a ma

Archive - Pills lyrics

days, they’re taking me down Breakout, with pills in my hand Freak out, I move with the crowd You think it’s only you It really kills me too You really got me going now It’s taking me down You really got me wanting now You think it’s only you It really kills me too (How ca

D12 - Purple pills lyrics

Uhh, yo,yo,yo,yo,yo,yo) [Chorus Eminem] I take a couple uppers I down a couple downers But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple pills I been to mushroom mountain Once or twice but who's countin' But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple pill

Fink - Pills in my pocket lyrics

2000 and i'm standing in a field you're making me reveal exactly where i stand i need more information than your precise location got ideas above my station babe, with my pink wristband coz it gets you in, to places coz it gets you in, to places got my

The Perishers - Pills lyrics

hope my smile can distract you I hope my fists can fight for two So it never has to show And you'll never know I hope my love can blind you I hope my arms can bind you So you'll never have to see What we've grown to be One may think we're alright But we need pills

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Freestyle 4 lyrics

Intro: Kanye West] This that rap god shit nigga I rip every one of these mothaf***as down Aye Rah, rah, rah Rah, rah [Verse: Kanye West] Closed eyes, see things Fire up, tweaking You in my freak dreams You in my freak dreams Bad bitch, you d

Gary Jules - Pills lyrics

ve taken all my pills But I'm still not sleepy Tried to trick myself into thinking That I'm not awake That it's only a dream Put that cigarette out Don't ask me no questions Salome dancing on my wall And the shadows on the floor Look so warm from here I've see

Angel Haze - 6'7 freestyle lyrics

up and let me talk I said shut up and let me talk I'm better than whoever motherf***er Better than whatever motherf***er Better than a better motherf***er That was better motherf***er Yeah I'm better than whoever When I step up in this motherf***er This right here on behalf of

Lil Kim - Freestyle lyrics

Ready to battle you Lyrically f*ck you up and rattle you Bitch’ll write sh*t for ya And still spit sh*t harder than the average dude what i’m saying is coming genuine is a must but you’re a opposed to that idea so in a bit i’ll have to sweep yo ass off like dust I

Primal Scream - Pills lyrics

m gonna tell you the truth, the truth about you The truth about you, you never been true You ain't nothin', you got nothin' to say Shine a light on you, you fade away Fade away (repeat chorus x4) I woke up, felt drunk, throwin' up, pissin' blood Think death, broke in, burnt out,

Primer 55 - Pills lyrics

think it's time to fade away from all the shit inside my head i go instead, to a beautiful place you know i'll find it. i've tried so hard to stay away far away from all these days that never change and with these things that [chorus] make me take those pills (oh yea) amp

Black Label Society - Stoned and drunk lyrics

pure confusion, where I'm rolling, never never knowing Walkin' minefields, all is surreal, where I'm rolling, never never knowing Walked out of my mind, don't wanna find, whatevers left Poppin' pills and drinkin' booze, smokin' everyday Stoned and drunk completely gone,

Maplerun - Pills lyrics

bring the pain into your brain Release the shame you’re hiding in You shut the door what is it for I thought you wanted to stay You didn’t want to be with me at all – you’re faking Swallow sadness and pain, all this poison in me I feel like breaking – the world around me Ne

A Pink - Boy lyrics

eum bon sunkanbu-teo nan banhaesseo haesseo michidorok feeli kkojhyeo Aesseo aesseo Piharyeogo haesseo neomu meoshisseoseo nawahneun majji-ga anhdan Georalmyeonseodo (Keunde ike mwoya nungil han beon anjune) Waeh jakku nae ape natananeunde daeche nae-ga ne-ge boigin hane

Brown Eyed Girls - Boy lyrics

naeryeool ttaemyeon eonjena chajatdeon geu baeseo neoreul bwasseo First sight, I felt love niga nal chyeodabol ttae nal bomyeo malhal ttae natge mak useul ttae modu teukbyeolhage (neukkyeojyeotji) sumgiryeogo haesseo, ajigeun josimseure chamaboryeo haedo (

Adrian Lux - Boy lyrics

cut off my red hair You need me Entertain my friends They hate you This little death of yours Don't touch me We are strangers But your jacket, face, shoes are not I said boy, oy oy I said boy I said boy, oy (Boy) Let your sweet eyes invite me The colour just strikes me

Donovan - Boy for every girl lyrics

every boy there is a girl, For every dream there is a real world. For every lip there is a kiss, For every cheek there is a caress. Take off those clothes, They're strangling you, Let out your human song. Take off those clothes. They're suffocating me, My body wants to sing alon

Koda Kumi - Boy friend? lyrics

Kataomoi doushi no you na koi majiwaranai Kokoro tsunagu sono taion Me wo samasu yokan wa Futari de iru noni hitorikiri no yoru Kanjite iru watashi ga iru anata ga iru Kakoujuu EREBEETAA no naka fui ni KISU sareta ex-boyfriend to onaji nioi Umareta toki kara kono shunkan ga idensh

Brittany Mcdonald - Boy basher lyrics

m not a boy basher not an emotional disaster it's not hard to see I'm easy to get along with I'm not a party crasher, no one of those overreactors I'm really not obnoxious As long as I get my way as long as you get, get it straight everyth

Bangtan Boys - Boy in luv (japanese) lyrics

Aishitainda Sono ai ga mou ima mitainda Aitainda Aishitainda Ima kassarau SO WATCH OUT NOW ! BABY WHY YOU sonna ni GO WAY? BABY WHY YOU sonna ni GO WAY? BABY WHY YOU sonna ni GO WAY? OH DAD! OH! DAD wa ittai MOM ni Dou yatte ai Tsutaeta no? Wakaranaku naru mou Kibun w

Culture Club - Boy, boy (i'm the boy) lyrics

that pull the trigger Fear the laughing sound Haunts you/to consider Love might turn you around To face a blind emotion Words like hey let's try Words like/think it over They just don't apply Chorus: I'm the Boy (You made me) I'm the Boy/I'm the Boy I'm the Bo

Electric Light Orchestra - Boy blue lyrics

boy blue, can’t you hear all the noise, it’s for you. All the town’s waiting there, let us go. There’s a show like you ain’t seen before. Weclome home, where you been all these years, look around. All the crowd is in tears, It’s so good to see you in the

Darren Hayes - Boy lyrics

up straight Boy Tuck your shirt Wipe your face Nobody likes a cry baby Boy Baby boy Dry your eyes Welcome to the world Boy Stand up straight Baby boy Dry your eyes (Don`t hit your sister) Don`t hit your sister Shut your mouth Wipe your hands

Bts lyricsBts - Boy in luv (japanese) lyrics

Aishitainda Sono ai ga mou ima mitainda Aitainda Aishitainda Ima kassarau SO WATCH OUT NOW ! BABY WHY YOU sonna ni GO WAY? BABY WHY YOU sonna ni GO WAY? BABY WHY YOU sonna ni GO WAY? OH DAD! OH! DAD wa ittai MOM ni Dou yatte ai Tsutaeta

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