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Epica - Burn to a cinder lyrics

will seethe with the danger Our laws collide not allowing another contender ... wine drinks itself, you will burn to a cinder We're fighting awaiting the answers I'll

Ben Harper - Burn to shine lyrics

To Shine Ringtone Complimentary "Burn To Shine" ... Ringtone Burn To Shine Ringtones "Burn To Shine ... quot; We made love until we cried and

Lee Ben - Burn to shine lyrics

called me early one morning And said you were glad I was ... home You were lying there flat on your back Getting drunk ... playing guitar alone Did she say She was

Forever In Terror - To burn, to alive lyrics

switch has been pulled, a trigger heats the barrel. ... Forever these words, They haunt me inside. This image has ... . Our worlds collapse, falling from the sky. To burn alone, to burn alive. And now

Scooter lyricsScooter - Burn lyrics

like the flame to set me free Just let it burn ... what's left of me I'm holding on ... But I can't breathe no more No I can't breathe no more Burn baby, burn

Naomi King - Burn away lyrics

I dont know what I should say to you I, I dont know how to get through to you Cause ... every time I try to talk to you You push me away And ... every time I try to get my message through You burn it away I, I dont know what to ask of you I, I dont

Nomy - Burn lyrics

son came in to talk the other day Say father ... when will I be on my way I dream of what I need but ... what I need is to be heard Say father what should I be in

Ektomorf - To smoulder lyrics

Sunset you're coming down and you're takin' my light away ... Like a Prayer you're name is gonna be the last I say ... I sleep like the strongest pain you're flowing through my

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - Burn the witch lyrics

hands Skipping like a stone On our way To see what we ... have done The first to speak Is the first to lie The ... children cross Their hearts & hope to die Bite

Absu - From ancient times (starless skies burn to as.. lyrics

to their pikes Turning to dust Gusting with the wind ... They (still) dream of an older delusion Reigning, ... raining Dampening the empire Their ... excursion burns with the ashes Calm lakes mirrored

Iron & Wine - Cinder and smoke lyrics

me your hand The dog in the garden row ... is covered in mud And dragging your mother's clothes Cinder and smoke The snake in the ... basement Found the juniper shade The farmhouse is burning

Blackguard - Cinder lyrics

burn this place to cinders Let’s burn it to the ground ... existence No sign it ever was With pleasure we’ll light ... the match And then well stand in awe as It all is blown away And the new life from its

16 Horsepower - Cinder alley lyrics

lovely carol sue i see the heel of the ... father crush the head of the serpent for you an' ... that beast who found his way up to your room you know the ... one the one who's colors are never true yeah you do yet

Ice Nine Kills - Cinder blocks and thank you knots lyrics

take me back to the way things were before I swear ... to God were causing permanent damage or more as I try ... (we keep drinking until we can't recall) But I can't stop

Mesmerize - The burn lyrics

said a time would come The Sun ... would start to die And grow real big, and burn ... like fury wasting everything around Eat ... Mercury like a snack Toast Venus to a cinder And then

Necro - No remorse lyrics

you with the Metallica Rip ya head to shreds like Gallagher ... s sledge hammer You're dead like the space shuttle challanger Scar slashes, car crashes, guitar thrashers Barbaric fascist, smashing you like

Feed Her To The Sharks - Shore of loneliness lyrics

to myself, you were just a dream My malice destroyed us; I ... set your heart ablaze I watch you fall to ashes, fear my ... death anxiety I perish; I descend

Kara - Burn lyrics

ye~ No.1 No.1 Party on the floor B- bring it ... on Nananana nanana nananana nanana nananana nanana oh ye~ ... Nananana nana Ibwa mwo? I sesang jimeun neo honja jyeot dago? Mwo? tto

New Politics - Burn lyrics

let's burn this down Let's burn this down let's burn it down ... Oooohhhh let's burn it down Just burn it down ... now burn it down Your white lies ... They're dripping down your face I don't give a damn 'Cause I'm your saving grace And I can care less If you

The Cramps - Burn shedevil burn lyrics

she-devil, burn burn she-devil, burn burn she ... devil burn she-devil burn burn burn she's a hootch dancer ... down underground one hot flame pot she-hellhound burn she

Lostprophets - Burn, burn lyrics

this life we're living in Market youth their uniform, make ... us all fit in But do you think, ... that we're that blind? That we can't see through all ... your lies [chorus:] Cause it's no good Burn burn

B.a.p. - Burn it up (intro) lyrics

Who’s Back TS baby Let’s Get’em Hello ... Hello Hello We Burn It Up Let’s Go Let’s Go ... moduda Let’s Go bollyumeul nopyeo ... It Up Hello Hello Hello We Burn It Up Step Up Step Up noraboja Let’s Go Go Go Go Go

The Hot Lies - Burn for me lyrics

a step back, I'm contagious. I'm just a face you ... missed for ages. Kill the light. We're ... getting anxious. Sleep all shallow and broken, And our eyes

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - Burn lyrics

into darkness The last unholy reject Burn as the ... world ends Stand accused and count this Burn out the ... stigma A murder done in portrait Burn up the fortress The

Ross The Boss - Burn alive lyrics

is the man I knew Not the filthy ... wretch that's left of you These years ... of living lies And heresy are dropping like flies Just ... take a look inside, behind your

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Burn lyrics

the stars are flashing high above the sea And the party ... is some fun 'round you and me We're gonna burn these ... morning comes We're gonna burn these disco out before the

Kara - Burn + jumping (comeback stage) lyrics

+ Jumping Burn + Jumping Burn + Jumping Burn + Jumping Burn + Jumping Burn + Jumping Burn + Jumping Burn + Jumping Burn + Jumping Burn +

Nightcore - Burn the city (no resolve) (nightcore) lyrics

it down (scream) What if I could help I could ... help you find yourself What are you looking for It's right ... front of you You know what they say How it's all been

Chris Young lyricsChris Young - Burn lyrics

take a wrong turn, drop a ball, fall short, you labor in vain You choke, miss the boat, ... bomb out, cave in, fall flat on your face Yeah that's ... everyday life But sometimes...

Block B - Burn out lyrics

BURN)OUT(OUT) buseojin mam, BURN(BURN)OUT(OUT)gaseumeun crying ... BURN(BURN)OUT(OUT) shijakdwehn ssa-um, time is up now, ... throw the dice I dont’t wanna stop that, Gonna make you

Mayan - Burn your witches lyrics

Over steepest hills Be prepared for this storm It ... won’t fail And it never will You can’t stop how it’s been formed ... When an illusive obsession turns into hate You’ve lost your mind,

Meredith Andrews - Burn away lyrics

You, only You All I need, let nothing stand ... In between, make me Yours Consuming fire ... Only You, only You All I need, let nothing stand ... In between, make me Yours Consuming fire

The Birthday Massacre - Burn away lyrics

He's out of mind They've always lived in the castle The ... frozen nights And moving lights They're ... out of the window There's a fire in the city of pictures

Deep Purple - Burn lyrics

sky is red, I don't understand, past midnight I still see ... the land. People are sayin' the woman is damned, she ... makes you burn with a wave of her hand. The city's a

Riot ( Usa ) - Burn (deep purple cover) lyrics

sky is red, I don't understand, past midnight I still see ... the land. People are sayin' the woman is damned, she ... makes you burn with a wave of her hand. The city's a

Snak The Ripper - Burn lyrics

that Lyrics Burn that Lyrics Burn that Lyrics Burn that Lyrics Burn that Lyrics ... Burn that Lyrics Burn that

Cities - Burn forever lyrics

They would kill for the fame Fire meant power They ... were hypnotized by their rays From darkened skies ... Lightning came like a gift from their gods Thunder

Låpsley - Burn lyrics

over, so turn over Running back over your shoulder Turn ... over, so turn over Running back over your shoulder You maybe be the one that I've ... chosen It's gonna burn if we get closer You maybe

Radiohead - Burn the witch lyrics

in the shadows Cheer at the gallows This is a round up ... This is a low flying panic attack Sing a song on the ... jukebox that goes Burn the witch Burn the witch We

Carcass - Burnt to a crisp lyrics

to a pimple Peeling skin and tissue Inflammable rectal ... gases Scalding your sinews Charbroiled to blackened char ... Smoked, sauted and black Blistering flaking tissue

Planet Funk - Burn lyrics

in this place I can feel your touch As I seek ... your face Showing me your love I ... Need you now Come and wash me over Your spirit reigns ... me with power Open up my heart And you will find This

Sabbat - Burn the church lyrics

m a satanist, I'm an antichrist, a war has just ... the inferno Unholy night, burn the church, burnin' away, the ... evil is the maximal ability for us mortals Unholy

Mad At Gravity - Burn lyrics

ember burns down low And with my face aglow You are ... all I know Set this place on fire Let the flames ... rise higher As they reach the ceiling At your feet I

Anti-nowhere League - Burn em all lyrics

get the fire brigade Run get the fire brigade ... Well there's panic in the city Well that's ... something that we feel We're shooting up ... on everything 'Cause everything is real Why

Filter - Burn it lyrics

] Wake wake wake just a little Skin and bones, oh so ... brittle Clean clean clean my friends Just to get all ... dirty again [Verse:] Burn burn burn a little fire Right in

Scandal - Burn lyrics

ni uso wo kasaneta manma Sore nari ni itsumo yatteita ... kedo Futoshita toki ni hiraita kizu ga Himei wo agete osoikakatta Kioku no naka de oikaketeku Ano hi no mama no

Sentenced - Burn lyrics

take the flame and burn yourself Burn the pain away ... (instrumental

Lake Of Tears - Burn fire burn lyrics

beacon fires, blow horns of doom ... Sinister ascendancy, death's coming soon We shall take the fire everywhere And all our enemies shall burn, yeah In the fire they all shall

Lord Belial - Burn the kingdom of christ lyrics

of christ and its false prophets Founded upon ... milleniums Kingdom of christ and its weak horde Living in ... lies and by written tales See through their lies-Annihilate their false prophets

Kiss - Burn bitch burn lyrics

it's out of the fryin' pan and into the fire You bent ... over, baby, and let me be the driver Just a cut of pink, wouldn't believe ... me if I told you But this time you bit

Richie Sambora - Burn the candle down lyrics

time living here is out of clear Times and reasons where you ... never had Ain't no shame in starting up right now ... Smoke confuses burn that candle down Stupefy and keep

Choir Of Young Believers - Burn the flag lyrics

away 'Cause I don't need you That's ... what I say 'Cause I need to Clear my head And let it burn Go shave your hair When tables turn 'Cause I like the

Lauren Christy - Burn lyrics

wish that I was you I wish that you were dead I wish I was alive At least inside your head I'll set fire to the past ... Park across the street And sit and watch it burn I

Hackneyed - Burn lyrics

suffocating,never peaceful, always hating,Feel the anger ... stronger Until i until i'll rape your

Jace Everett - Burn for you lyrics

I'll drink that poison down You know I wear ... that thorny crown I'll be Abel to your Cain When this ... whole world goes up in flames Baby I'll burn for you

Los Lobos - Burn it down lyrics

didn't say a word It's only destiny I heard The time had come for me to run away "Don't even ... turn around" is what they say I couldn't say a

Rancid - Burn lyrics

red and white stripes flying White ... for skin and red for dying Why can't ... i walk on through And not feel like one is in ... hell We don't need no water Let the motherf***er

Alabama - Burn georgia burn lyrics

was on fire, so was she the night he left her ... He left her there to bare her pain alone Hoping to ... return Burn, Georgia burn. Roaring of the guns feel

Farewell My Love - Burn out the night lyrics

inside, welcome to the show With hollow eyes, ... come inside So don't embrace me, never take me, don't take me alive So come inside, ... just come inside You can't remake me, never fake me,

Bill Haley - Burn that candle lyrics

that candle burnin' birght, mother I'll be ... kinda late tonight, mother There's a ... yellow moon above, mother Shinin' on the ... one I love, mother Burn that candle, night and day Burn

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