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Lamb Of God - Burn the priest:ruiner lyrics

hour? None will be left when they come to collect their blood ... rivers of blood turned the color of lucre greed Fiscal ... and we will obey [?] The fury of the sun has passed

Belphegor - The cruzifixus-anus dei lyrics

them into pieces in their cathedrals Slay them, mutilate them with fire Under the whip ... with the pedophile pope Damned got I ... m so incredolous The Crucifixus - Anus Dei

F*** Off - The priest lyrics

in the dark Confessing your sins ... Deep inside the church Don't know what he ... thinks The priest Outside in the park ... mask Beware what he picks The priest Listen what i say

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - The priest lyrics

could be the absense talking I dont think ... so I dont either Ive gotta find a new place ... is not feeling right The planets are not all aligned ... I think I'll just become a priest Decieving them with my

Milow - The priest lyrics

In 42 years of being a priest I'm at the end of my life I ... from that great voice in ethereal skies Once I was ... honest and good Did my job the best I could But I always

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The priest lyrics

priest sat in the airport bar He was wearing ... his father's tie And his eyes looked ... into my eyes so far Whenever the words ran dry Behind the ... lash and the circles blue He looked as

Senses Fail - The priest and the matador lyrics

God I Think he fell I'm the arrow Shot straight to hell ... From the bow of William Tell My body ... lies Kissing the ground Like a cross turned ... upside down A priest is rushing To my side

Letlive. - The priest and used cars lyrics

an atom bomb with the worth of one obituary If they know then they will kiss ... explode Less we forget the death of arrogance ... see it everywhere I see that there's no shelter here When

Nightcore - Burn the city (no resolve) (nightcore) lyrics

of you You know what they say How it's all been done ... means, forever Let's burn the city down We're starting ... now You can be my escape Burn it down Burn it down If

Berzerker - Burn the evil lyrics

burn and light the way to take the steps of ... Now you'll suffer, I'll burn all the memories that you've ... anticipation Blowing out the flames of life it's time Burning all your flesh I watch the

Richie Sambora - Burn the candle down lyrics

up right now Smoke confuses burn that candle down Stupefy ... and keep flavor fading out Then burn that candle down I saw ... rising, and not exactly how Then burn that candle down

Seether - Burn the world lyrics

on water, like you're the martyr You can't deceive us ... had it all But... You let the world burn down You let the ... world burn down You let the world burn down You let the

Choir Of Young Believers - Burn the flag lyrics

Clear my head And let it burn Go shave your hair When ... tables turn 'Cause I like the noise and lights Inside and ... And you just go ahead and burn And burn Burn the flag

Hypnos - Burn the angels down lyrics

down, in everlasting fire burn them into dust, into dust burn this holy shit with this ... extreme heat their calling is lost in the wind ... lost in the wind [REF:] Burn them - birds of heaven burn them - fools of god burn them -

Korn - Burn the obedient lyrics

I'm looking forward to see their faces Flat on the ground, the horror profound None of you ... f***ing fantasy Smashed on the ground in your own debris

Bella Morte - Burn the sky lyrics

light, the sky above is empty as a Lost ... cries are quiet from below the earth And I know why the ... shines I fall awake from the dreams of drowning I fall

Dethklok - Burn the earth lyrics

a Bloody fist Puking acid in the night You're diseased ... money Grabbed a flyer Paid the price Sharp injection ... blood Doctor laying on the floor Larynx bleeding in

Lord Belial - Burn the kingdom of christ lyrics

written tales See through their lies-Annihilate their false ... darkness Our black hearts is burning with furious wrath Living ... in vain Born through pain, Burn and die in flames!!!

Scooter lyricsScooter - Burn the house lyrics

the house There's a party in the place Rock the beat Move on ... up and feel the bass Big MC's gonna rock the ... Show you how to move So rock the house And come on over Big

Rebaelliun - Burn the promised land lyrics

lead the battle to conquer We bring the inverted cross to burn the ... land Behind a line drawn in the sand They're all afraid... ... this is the end! Overflowing with

Sia lyricsSia - Burn the pages lyrics

fears around, worry makes the world go round You’re ... took his t shot, and I know There’s a hungry dog tugging at ... Place your past in to a book, burn the pages Let ‘em cook oh

Keldian - Burn the sky lyrics

Earth Extensive, exclusive - There's no escaping my reach I ... - To be outbound, to rule the world Heavens fall when we ... burn the sky - We are heading out, you

Nomy - Burn the pictures lyrics

give me a f***ing name, sweetheart! Haha!) Hey you, ... call you baby Right now for the first time I wanna wake up ... with you every f***ing day Burn the pictures from yesterday

Radiohead - Burn the witch lyrics

in the shadows Cheer at the gallows This is a round up ... panic attack Sing a song on the jukebox that goes Burn the ... witch Burn the witch We know where you live

Riot ( Usa ) - Burn the sun lyrics

in the distance the engines they burn, burning through the ... that I see yeah Fire from the sky, fury from above I`m an ... of love Just watch us, we burn the sun Fires are burning

Billy Talent - Burn the evidence lyrics

a garage, beside a house, there is a luxury Sedan And for ... king when he was old Hit the brakes, hit the glass, Time ... to shake the hands of fate The mistakes of the past,

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - Burn the bridge lyrics

die in, we can't wake up and the scars we leave behind us ... to somehow free us And the tragedy between us is a ... mountain we can't climb, together We keep getting lost inside

Ark - Burn the sun lyrics

of mind Space and time The unexplained protected files ... Portraits from the other side Flying saucer shooting ... high Tours through the solar system A product of

Hatebreed - Burn the lies lyrics

re so persuasive, with their f***ing lies. Not an ... ounce of respect. They'll do anything to sell ... deception. (chorus) Burn the lies. Their words of

Coven ( Usa ) - Burn the cross lyrics

sons of God lie cold within their grave Tortured and then ... sacrificed for a God they sought to save Curse their ... souls to burn in hell Satan's wrath ... unfolds to conquer and then terminate damnation takes

Kip Moore - Burn the whole world down lyrics

song Just send me [?] From the bottom of my heart You say ... get out of this town And burn the whole world down Don't ... ain't scared to go and spend the night You'll miss my kiss,

Bandemonic - Burn the witch lyrics

in the medieval age Rumors 've been ... Ignorance was controllin' the minds The trodden was the ... just salvation What the holy fathers preached &quot

Coven 6669 - Burn the cross lyrics

sons of God lie cold within their grave Tortured and then ... sacrificed for a God they sought to save Curse their ... souls to burn in hell Satan's wrath ... unfolds to conquer and then terminate damnation takes

Crimson Fire - Burn the ground lyrics

turn to madness Can you hear the music playing? Metal makes ... seems my nightmares are all there. Burn the ground It's the little things in life that

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - Burn the witch lyrics

To see what we have done The first to speak Is the first ... to lie The children cross Their hearts & hope to ... shut Ask yourself Will i burn in Hell? Then write it down

Sabbat - Burn the church lyrics

has just begun, my mission is the inferno Unholy night, burn the church, burnin' away, the ... evil is the maximal ability for us ... mortals Unholy night, burn the church, burnin' down, watch !

Feed Her To The Sharks - Burn the traitor lyrics

watched you stab me in the back Would you break my ... f***ing neck for the price of fame? Keep your ... your enemies screaming in the grave Look into the eyes of

Mudvayne - Burn the bridge lyrics

sense No insight towards the future, no vision and no ... [Chorus:] Your greed, you'd burn the bridge around me to save ... [Chorus] Before I saw the light, I crawled through

Living Sacrifice - Burn the end lyrics


Kurt Cobain - Burn the rain lyrics

and pain Fame million From the loving of her From of loving ... From the love of rain From the loving Friends and I way

Dream Weaver - Burn the sun lyrics

re the light, you're the day, you're the fire That I ... m too blind to see In the dark of the night Wasted ... hours, noone but me You're the spear, you're the rock, you

Armageddon ( Swe ) - Burn the sun lyrics

nights, you're counting the days We're heading your way ... Waiting for the time to let it all out All ... you're wasting your time They'll never understand Here

Edge Of Sanity - Burn the sun lyrics

Mesmerized we try to find the answers we rather keep inside ... campaign Let's go where the dreams shall always reign [2 ... turned backwards Break the circle Hypnotized Insanity

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Burn the disco floor with your “2-step lyrics

Here we go! I got dumped the other day by my girl But ... of anything! Emancipate! The best moment tend to pass by

Seether - Burn the bridges (demo version) lyrics

ll keep on burning this bridges that you hold ... dear If I keep disregarding the pain That has brought me ... here I'll leave the misery out You can't keep me

Katatonia - Burn the remembrance lyrics

colours your picture hangs in the night Is this the right ... set one free and go away In the emptiness behind you I will ... you'll miss me but long live the doubt What will replace

Black Light Burns - Burn the world lyrics

my head I thought I burned the world Around me down but now ... The sound is clearly calling us ... Right back to watch them wind it up I thought you burned the world Around you down

Destruction - The ritual lyrics

make your duty Kill the new born child Fill the ... blood in the black shrine The ritual has began! Priest, priest, evil priest Hear the words ... of hate! Priest, priest, child of Satan See the

Aeon - Blessed by the priest lyrics

have for you Don’t disobey The priest or the nuns do as you ... are told that’s how they have raised you Raped a ... countless times By a priest that preach glory to life

Hitten - Rites of the priest lyrics

to tell you a story about A priest and his evil rites He said ... had an evil speech to Invoke the Black Forces "My ... rites will awake the creatures from hell And will

Dominus - The path lyrics

this path to get away From the same old bullshit We live in ... screaming, screaming where's The path that leads to rock 'n' ... Along with me I brought the demon seed I let it click,

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Disturbing the priest lyrics

s try getting to the sky, hang on or you're going ... smile watches closely all the while Don't be fooled when ... he cries, keep looking at the eyes Good life is

Destiny - The extreme unction lyrics

in fear, I must be dreaming. The judge stares with the eyes of ... a lizard. The crowd they shout: "Death to the ... " I'm searching the seven. That door isn't

Bludgeon - Crucify the priest lyrics

new life, satisfied Taste the blood, tranquilize Taste new ... life, indulge Crucify the priest Drink his blood Hail the ... beast! Arise from the grave Offering of god's

Judas Priest - Call for the priest lyrics

the pressure's too much, you know ... to get it And I'm going there right away This is one priest that I don't have to fall on ... No! When your back's to the wall come along one and all

Necrophagia - Fear the priest lyrics

flames burning Deep within her eyes The ... twisted tongue Blaspheming their faith An ornamental ... offering (Of) the child it desecrates Fear the Priest Let her die Fear the

Amici Forever - Zadok the priest lyrics

the priest And Nathan the prophet Anointed Soloman, ... king And all the people Rejoiced. And all the people (Alleluia) Rejoiced. ... Zadok the priest And Nathan the prophet

Brocas Helm - Drink the blood of the priest lyrics

the blood of the priest as it flows from the altar ... Drink the blood of the priest as it flows to the grave ... Body of Christ it lays there before you Body of Christ

Nightmare (fra) - The church lyrics

where black ravens spread the fear When clouds blacken the ... no gleam to guide your eyes There's a mourning in this town, ... found [Chorus] Break out! There's no time to waste In the

Lamb Of God - Preaching to the converted lyrics

Public wants what the public gets. Lazarus himself ... lacerations. Time to bite the hand that beats. Teach our ... children well, teach them to kill. Global jihad for a

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