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Buon Viaggio (share The Love) .. lyrics

Browse for Buon Viaggio (share The Love) .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Buon Viaggio (share The Love) .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Buon Viaggio (share The Love) ...

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Jon Cozart - Share the love lyrics

girl, yeah I've liked you for a while I like your hair, your voice, your eyes, your butt, your skin and smile So even though I'm awkward most of the time I still consider you absolutely sublime Hey girl, yeah I'm really not a freak Except for thos

Cesare Cremonini - Buon viaggio lyrics

viaggio che sia un’andata o un ritorno che sia una vita o solo un giorno che sia per sempre o un secondo l’incanto sarà godersi un po’ la strada amore mio comunque vada fai le valige e chiudi le luci di casa Coraggio lasciare tutto indietro e andare partire per ric

Amanda Lear - Buon viaggio lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Share my love lyrics

here baby Just lay your body right here baby And let me tell you all All the things, I wanna do to you baby Aww, girl relax Cause I'm about to prove to you That every bit of me wants to be lying here with you All I wanna I do I just wanna shar

Kenny Rogers - Share your love with me lyrics

s an ill wind that blows no good And it's a sad heart that won't love like it should Oh, how lonesome you must be, and it's a shame If you don't share your love with me. It's a heartache when love is gone And it can get even worse if it keeps on Blinder

Leann Rimes - Share my love lyrics

always be together We’ll make it through until the end And I will always love you And we will be much more than friends I’ll build my life around you And I’ll do anything for you No walls will bind around us And show the world our love is true Share my love wit

Bag Of Toys - Share lyrics

ve got to share - Share the moment You've got to share... Share the love You've got to share Share your time together... Cuz you never know when that will come to pass You've got to love - Love one another Until it's time, time to let them go Yo

Earth, Wind & Fire - Share your love lyrics

is the light, gonna let it shine Living each day, you're sure to find Another heart that's warm and true shining the light in return to you Share your love, don't try to restrain it Love, don't need to be afraid to Love, everybody get together Let e

Dbsk - Share the world lyrics

oozora ni todoku made I believe hitotsu no ashita he hey Come on let's go everybody oh we share the music Come on let's go baby baby oh we share the one dream Come on let's go everybody oh we share the good times Come on let's go baby baby oh we share the one world

The Guess Who - Share the land lyrics

you been around? Have you done your share of coming down of different things that people do? Have you been aware? You got brothers and sisters who care about what's gonna happen to you in a year from now (chorus) Maybe I'll be there to shake your hand (Shake your hand) Baby, I'l

Nightcore - Share the world lyrics

oozora ni todoku made I believe hitotsu no ashita he hey Come on let's go everybody oh we share the music Come on let's go baby baby oh we share the one dream Come on let's go everybody oh we share the good times Come on let's go baby baby oh we share the one worl

One Piece - Share the world lyrics

oozora ni todoku made I believe hitotsu no ashita e hey come one Let's go everybody Oh we share the Music come on let's go baby baby oh we share the one dream come on let's go everybody oh we share the good times come on let's go baby baby oh we share the one worl

2pm - Share the beat lyrics

Oh Oh Oh Oh jjaritameul nanueo bwa uri 2PM Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Get Ready Share The Beat -ganjujung- uri da hamkke biteureul moa ollimpik jeonsareul wihae hamkke eungwonhae biteureul tago choegoui gyeonggi w

Dangerous Toys - Share the kill lyrics

the kill, share the kill Come out, come out wherever we are Some of us could make a fortune Some of us would just go to prison A place to end, just for accessory Entrepreneur, you'll be self-employed Victims friends & family, more than annoye

Bob Sinclar lyricsBob Sinclar - The beat goes on lyrics

Chorus:) The beat goes on Nothing’s wrong With the song We can sing it forever Hey ! look at me I’m the one Got to make the connection. The beat goes on (Chorus) Move with a turn Realize It’s a natural progression Come on

Slaves - Share the sunshine young blood, pt. 2 (featur.. lyrics

well I just keep expecting It's all a phase She said she needed space okay well I just need a change For somewhere I could let lick my wounds Sew my heart right back together Someone hand me a stitch or two Double cross me and cross my mind Harp

Newsboys - Love you tomorrow lyrics

ve walked along a sandy beach I've talked You've listened Sometimes we laughed Sometimes we just enjoyed each other I don't know why You love me I just know it's there Father, Father I have longed to know Your way [Bridge] For You have seen me With emptiness

Dru Hill - The love we had lyrics

just can't believe it girl I can't believe that it's over But I'm your man, and I'll be alright But still, the love we had, stays on my mind Verse 1 Lately baby, I've been thinking How good it was when you were here And it ain't the wine that I been drinking For once I feel my

Jackson 5 - The love i saw in you was just a mirage lyrics

you were beautiful The promise of love was written on your face You led me on with untrue kisses You held me captured in your false embrace Quicker than I could bat an eye Seems you were telling me goodbye Just a minute ago your love was here All of a su

Coheed And Cambria - The camper velourium ii: backend of forever lyrics

silent in a soft lullaby panic stirred me awakened by a ringing phone in time where and when would I see her? Crazy were the words that scribbled out your mouth I stuttered replacing your face to those words where and when would I kill her? I'll wish on this, I

Dia (kpop) - The love lyrics

changbakkui eodumi da sarajigo achim haessari nae nuneul bit chumyeon ireohge nae mameun tto seolleneunde ireohge nae mameun tto seolleneunde tteun nuneuro bameul jisaewotjyo dojeohi ijhyeojijil anhayo uriga cheoeumeuro mannatdeon nal naegen neomu sojunghaetj

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The love song lyrics

got a crush on a pretty pistol Should I tell her that I feel this way? Father told us to be faithful I got a crush on a pretty pistol Should I tell her that I feel this way? I got love songs in my head Killing us away Do you love your

Mary J Blige - The love i never had lyrics

Intro - Spoken] You know sometimes There come a time in your life When you love something You have to let it go And even though You might feel there's still something there You have to wake up Stop living in a dream Cause it's over now You got to think about you I have

Lm.c - The love song lyrics

m ready! Go stay gold! Ai yueni No more walls Itoshiki subete ni sasageru This is The Love Song Nanihitotsu nakusanai you ni kakaekonda mama ikite kita Te o nobasu kakugo ga nainara kore ijou nani mo tsukamenai Are you ready? Go! Stay gold kirameki kireigo

Neil Sedaka - The love of a woman lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Tracy Chapman - The love that you had lyrics

love that youh ad In your heart is gone Any touch of sincerity Any trace of compassion What hardened your heart? What turned it to stone? What made you forget? You were in love with someone Your hands don't reach out Your voice doesn't call me I know you've stopp

Outkast - The love below intro lyrics

say Atlanta Some say New York Some say Paris France but, who knows Where this flower,

Thomas Anders - The love in me lyrics

out the love in me Bring out the love in me I'm what i want to be Any time you're with me I know the meaning of love Our combination is sweet inspiration And baby i can't get enough You came along and you rescued me You exceeded all my

Lincoln Brewster - The love of god lyrics

You are with me surely Closer than I can say I know it well I am hidden shadowed Under Your wings always Oh where else can I turn But to the love of God In brokenness Lord I know You hold me Safe in redemption's arms And I confess You alone

Cimorelli - The love of a man lyrics

didn't want to hurt myself I didn't want to hurt anyone else I just wanted the love of a man And that's where my trouble began I didn't want to be in pain I didn't want to throw it away I didn't want to feel so insane I didn't want things to e

Elevation Worship - The love of jesus lyrics

His wounds we are healed By His stripes we're made whole Body broken for us For our sin to atone Holy is the Lord Almighty Perfect Lamb that was slain Once for all to redeem Perfect love took our place Now forever we'll sing Holy is the Lord Almighty Oh the

Karina - The love we got lyrics

heart he takes He'll always be my baby We may bend, Won't break But we got no one else to take He's the sun when my day is low Im his picture in front front row His love is the center of my attention (oo oo) See i dont know what he'd do for me That guy is my everything We argue,

Kiesza - The love lyrics

is the love Something you can feel but you can't define Can't get enough And I don't wanna leave what we can't rewind This is the love Something you can feel but you can't define Can't get enough And I don't wanna leave what we can't rewind Yeah,

Lucy Lawless - The love of your love lyrics

I lied Thought I could protect you from the truth Deliver you from evil Spare your innocence and youth That I could simply will it Was the real untruth I was wrong I wore a mask to cover my deceit But underneath it all I couldn't keep away my doubt Now I'm left

Liam Espinosa - The love has died lyrics

Love Has Died!... The Love Has Died.... How does it feel To cut me down Tell me where´s the love How does it feel To break me down Tell me where´s the love Where´s the love You´re asking me When you´re the one Controlling me The love has died Save me tonight

Lord Of The Lost - The love of god lyrics

the righteous fighters their bodies cold in unmarked graves a poor reward for faith (The love of God) No chapter called "Hereafter" no matter how you choose to pray so breathe another day (The love of God) We all have lost the love

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - The love i'm frightened of lyrics

I wait Don’t move a muscle Maybe somehow a spark will strike It’s been a long night So sincere But the message is still a struggle Knives with which we juggle While we jump through fire So maybe I’ll move on and make a mistake And see if my earth-quakes (Chorus) This

A Tribe Called Quest - The love lyrics

all vocals by Q-Tip* So many people, right now Motivated to shit Bull shit over some bull shit ass reasons But we 'bout to put it inside of a love perspective like Love it We do it all for the love y'all Yeah, we do it all for the love y'all Weither

Asbjørn - The love you have in you lyrics

tiger We started it and we will end it Every man I've ever loved has lost his way for a woman Pseudo visions Disillusions of a young heart Whether I want it not I will lose my way for a man Lose yourself to all the love you have in you No one knows exac

Bear´s Den - The love we stole lyrics

was heaving Breaths I couldn't bear to breathe in. You came running And stood there silent, summoning my sin. To let it all out now. Show the world the love that you stole. Let it all out now. Show the world the love that you stole. The love

Embrace - The love is takes lyrics

a night when Every line is a curse, I thought I'd save you, I keep making it worse. I would give everything I own for what it takes. I would give everything I own for the love it takes. I won't leave you, All you have is that spell, Cast it will you . Make me glad make me we

Etta James - The love of my man lyrics

love of my man keeps me safe and warm The love of my man protects me from all harm 'Cause I know he loves me and I love him so, yes I do And oh, the love of my man It makes my whole life worth living The love of my man makes me feel just like g

Fireflight - The love we had before lyrics

burnt the bridge that you were building But I left here feeling guilty That we couldn't see eye to eye Why can't we compromise? Why are we choosing sides? When will we realize? We don't have to fight anymore Where is the love we had before? Wouldn't the world be b

Jack Garratt - The love you're given lyrics

all of the love you're given Through the gap in the wall Seal it tight with light blue ribbon Then unlock the door But your ego won't let you love And your fear is your downfall If you won't take the love you're given Then at least let me go Please let me go, p

Good Charlotte - The love lyrics

is so sweet to me can't resist the line You and me will never be never you will be mine And I don't care, and I don't mind, 'cause she's the love I'll never find. The love The love I need And I don't care, and I don't mind, 'cause sh

Joe - The love scene lyrics

Ooh...hoo...ooh... Well, well, well, well, well, baby Mmm...hmm...mmm...mmm... Listen, baby (Take one) Baby lyin' on the bed Exotic fantasies goin' through her head (Take two) I jump into my SL6 I gotta make my way to the crib mad quick (Take three) I see my baby as I st

Klaatu - The love of a woman lyrics

need the love of a woman That's all I want in the world I need the love of a woman Yeah that's all I'm asking of you girl I hear the love of a woman Can make your world seem okay Without the love of a woman Lord I just can't face another day 'Cause I'm tired of

Tove Lo - The love (interlude) lyrics

then you freak out cause suddenly you need this person... .......... ............. ............. ............ ..... ..... .............. ......................... ...... .......... ........... ............... .......... ................ ... . . . .

Mase - The love you need lyrics

whats up? Yo I been tryin to call you all day man where you been? Now it ain't like that he been wit me all day I been tryin to call you Word, umm, really? Yeah, I got the flowers you sent me to my job that was beautiful You like that? Yeah Umm, cool, co

Eddie Money - The love in your eyes lyrics

ve reached the final count tonight I have tracked you down through the tears that I have cried Spent a long time waiting for you But that's alright now I said, that's alright I had to see for myself to believe And now that day has come I'm at peace with myself

Pandora - The love of my life lyrics

of my life,Love of my life I wanna know how Far I've gotta go 'till you forgive me I know you miss me We had a scene, Said some crazy things Don't hold it against me baby We're two of a kind so Let's stop wasting time Come to me(come to me) Ain't no mystery,

Part Six - The love is over lyrics

see , i have never thought that we would end by this way this is what i got to say so just listen Last night i thought about us about the love and about the trust girl i´m so tired of seeing us fighting sicking time of cheating and lieing now you and me in a

Rock Goddess - The love lingers still lyrics

how I cried Watching the night slip away See how I lied Wanting you here for another day See what you've done See what you've done to me But the love lingers still As my love always will What we had was real And the love lingers still What did I do? What was so wrong wit

Rick Astley - The love has gone lyrics

love has gone The love has gone, will we ever be the same The feelings wrong, the joy has turned to pain Wake up beside you, and hear you breathing And I can feel you in my arms No one can know just how I'm feeling Knowing that our love can come to no harm But as I open my ey

John Denver - The love of common people lyrics

on free food tickets. Water in the milk from the hole in the roof Where the rain came through, What can we do? Mmm. Tears from your baby sister, Cryin' 'cause she doesn't have a dress Without a patch for the party to go, Ah but you know she'll get by,

Donovan - The love song lyrics

m not very fancy in the mid of air, I'm not proud to say I am merry here. I've found a girl and I love her so, Groovy, groovy woman and she set me free. Hark awhile and listen to this love song. Give me for sometimes I wanted to Take her to the woods and show

Hanson - The love you save (the jackson 5 cover) lyrics

na, na, na, you better save me Stop! Stop! Stop! You better save me yeah, Yeah! When we played tag in gradeschool, you wanted to be it. You chased those boys, you testified, You crossed your heart, you quit. When we grew up you traded your promise For my ring. Now just like ba

Lorde - The love club lyrics

m in a clique but I want out It's not the same as when I was punched In the old days there was enough The card games and ease with the bitter salt of blood I was in but I want out My mother's love is choking me I'm sick of words that hang above my

Prince - The love we make lyrics

is the day that is 2morrow 4 those who do not know the time has come 2 whip the dogs that beg, steal or borrow From the table God set 4 His Son Wicked is the witch that stands 4 nothing All the while watching 2 see U fall Deeper than the ditc

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