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Bump A Dum Ba Da lyrics

Browse for Bump A Dum Ba Da song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Bump A Dum Ba Da lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Bump A Dum Ba Da.

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Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Ba bump lyrics

Uh (woo) the shit (woo) ya... Hey This is the beat that make you shake your rump That make your booty go ba-bump, ba-bump It’s that beat that make ya bump ya bump (ohh) Yea, just do what you want Up in

Lush - Matador lyrics

ba da pa ba da Ba da da da da da daaa Ba dum dum ba da da dum..........................

Redman - Da bump lyrics

Original rude bwoy... on your scene ... Haha, ha ha ha! Everybody light your blunts ... get your smoke on Hahah All you bitches drop your drawers... witcha stinkin ass

Pellek - Blue (da be dee) (eiffel 65 cover) lyrics

listen up here's a story about a little guy that lives ... in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he ... is just blue like him inside and outside Blue his house

Mark Lanegan - Badi-da lyrics

get so tired Hanging round this town Oh this ... old city life Sure brings a fella down ba da da da da da ba da da da da da da ba da da da da da ba da da I sure

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Bump it lyrics

haneureun nunbusyeotgo ... teukbyeolhal ge eobseotdeon maeil gateun nare nan eojjeom ajikdo kkum soginji allam ... soril gidarigo isseo Yeah Hold up I need my girls for

Kidz Bop - Blueda ba dee lyrics

all listen up here's a story about a little guy that lives ... in a blue world and all day and all night everthing he sees ... is just blue like him inside and outside blue his house with

Kriss Kross - Da bomb lyrics

s da bomb It's da bomb I drop bombs like ... Hiroshima It's da bomb I know you hear me ... comin here I come So you besta watch ya back It's da bomb ... I know you hear me comin here I come And I

Cheryl Cole - Dum dum lyrics

it turns me on, When the beat starts steady dancing The way it calls to me I can almost ... feel its rage Takes me to a place where I unleash my ... demons A sexy temp is looking to get

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Dum diddly (feat. dante santiago) lyrics

Na na na Na na na Na na na You know the music make me ... jump and prance The BEP's we keep you ... rocking audience Give them the music, ... make them jump and prance Dum diddley dum dum diddley dum dum diddley Dum dum diddley

Bananarama - Dum dum boy lyrics

have seen those tell tale signs I Should have read ... between the lines Such a fool for love and your lying ... eyes were Only here to waste my time but Ooh you speak

Brenda Lee - Dum dum lyrics

dum a-deedle-de dum ah-ah-ah Dum dum a-deedle-de dum oh yeah Dum dum a-deedle-de dum A ... music is sweet, the lights are low Playin' a song on the ... radio Your mom's in the kitchen

By2 - Da ren de shi jie lyrics

xi wang yi ye chang da bu yong duo kai ma ma wan ... hui jia duo xian mu tong xiao juan bian zong you ying juan you qian de hao ba ba All ... time ze me ri zi cong bu bian hua nan hai zong ai bian gua hao xiang zheng kai yan jiu

Abba lyricsAbba - Dum dum diddle lyrics

can hear how you work, practising hard Playing night and day, woah-oh And it sounds ... you improve every time you play, woah-oh But it's bad You ... re so sad And you're only smiling When

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Dum mast kalandar lyrics

Re Sa Ne Sa Pa Ne Ma Pa Ma Pa Ne Ga Re Ga Re Sa Re Sa ... Ne Sa Pa Ne Ma Pa Ma Pa Ne Ga Re Ga Re Sa Sa Sa Re Re Re.. ... . (More Vocables) Dam Mast Qalandar Must Must Dam Mast Qalandar Must Must Dam Mast Qalandar Must Must Ik Vird

Fantasia - Bump what ya friends say lyrics

love is so much better Than anything I've ever ever had ... [Verse I] There's not a better situation That i'd rather be in Sometimes we go ... you still my closest friend And although we may fight boy

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Dum dum lyrics

m a wild child, bright child, ... Knocking at your door. You though that ... you are done, But now you want me even more. Dum Dum. ... I am star child, big smile, Living in

Baby Blue - Bump lyrics

I can feel my heart beating I've been sitting on ... the floor just pleading So emotional All the ... time I said, baby don't leave me You're so cold to me,

B2k - Bump, bump, bump lyrics

] We sending this out to all the ladies all over the ... world All the ladies all over the world All my sexy ... mamas come on Come on a come on now As we proceed to

B2k - Bump that lyrics

Omari:] This is for the hunniez ... up in the club (say what) Do me a favor show me some ... luv And for the thugs off in the ... whips (said come) Do me a favor bump this remix Get

Kottonmouth Kings - Bump lyrics

creep for the kind bud OC, late night, rollin in the V-Dub, ... Sick of scrapin resin so I'm lookin for a ... sack All I've learned, I've ever burned, BSO's

Here Come The Mummies - Bump lyrics

s gonna be lewd better get in the ... mood send me a text when your kid's in bed ... better be afraid better go down and pray ... squeaky bed springs doing funky

September - Bump and grind lyrics

with a one-track mind In the land of bump and grind Stay the night In ... the land of bump and grind The weight on your ... shoulders About to bring you to your

Allstars - Bump in the night lyrics

s a chill in the air You hear a creak on the stairs You ... ve got a knock on your door Is there anybody out? [Bridge] They ... re out to get you To capture you And make you

Rehab - Bump lyrics

Hook:] I got my hat tilted sideways and brand ... new shoes I got my Alpine bumpin' rattlin' my rear view ... Lookin' at the world behind me make it bump bump bump Turn it up another

Kix - Bump the la la lyrics

s alright - knockin' me out - yeah Uh - uh - loaded up and ... comin' down She's an H-bomb baby gonna wreck this town ... Like a love hurricane, She lit my wick and she

Part Six - Bump lyrics

nine till five (I don't wanna be) livin' from day to day ... (Cos i wanna be) Out there on my way ... here the time to bounce is near so DJ rip it up kick out

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - Bump glass (feat. destorm & eppic) lyrics

toast to everyone That said we won't make it Out only a little hope We at the party ... The life of the party Now we bump glass Now ... we bump glass Now Screams getting heavy Cause it

S.h.e - Da nu ren zhu yi (大女人主義) lyrics

an you ren xing hai dong bu dong sheng qi Ji guai yi ren shi ni wo you yi ... zhong quan xin de luo ji Du li you tie ... xin she bu de qi fu ni Zhi dao yao qu na li ni mang jiu bu

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Bump dat street mix lyrics

Shit Tony Yayo, 50 Cent c'mon Bump Dat ... Niggas try to stunt on my click ... Then when I get on that shit I bring it to 'em ... where they pump at 12 Gauge mashberg No shell in the head

David Lee Roth - Bump and grind lyrics

for love in the back of a taxi Got lucky in a cheap hotel ... Hot pants, mm.. nasty. Don't bother knockin' 'cause you know damn well. ... This blind date is cash and carry Dead ringer for the big

Amr Diab - Ba'adem alby lyrics

ba'adem 'alby ah law te'balo wady Amry ka'eno lessa fi awelo el shou' da kolo 'ouly ... meen yet-Hamelo ykoon fi Ayounak yally zayey megarabo ... ana makansh el Hob Amro fi nyety w 'ana maAk ghayart ra'yey w fekrety ah ya Habeby la'et fi 'orbak farHety

Banaroo - Ba yonga wamba lyrics

b-b-b-ba yonga wamba hey Ba yonga wamba ho B-b-b-b-ba ... yonga wamba hey Ba yonga wamba ho It is hard to ... believe When we seal the seven seas Noone knows

Ivy - Ba ba ba lyrics

ba ba ba. Ba ba ba ba. Ba ba ba ba. Ba ba ba ba. You can talk all night. Why not let it ... die? You want to be right. I don't want ... to fight. Please just let me sleep I'm very

Havana Brown - Ba*bing lyrics

m a twister, I'm a typhoon, I'm a hot jet stream ... I'm a blizzard, blizzard I'm a glowstick, I'm a ... temptress, I'm a Creole bridge In the ism ... schism I'm a tiger, I'm a shriver, I'm a dj Dripping

Pantheist - Dum spiro despero lyrics

spiro despero, via dolorosa Bring me a sharp blade so ... I can cut The strings that direct my moves And like a ... puppet make me dance To rhythms foreign to my

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Dum dum boys lyrics

don't you cry Baby, I'll sing you a lullabye ... We're walking down the Street of chance Where the chance is always Slim or none And the ... intentions unjust Baby there's nothing to see I

The Secret Circle - Dum dum girls - coming down lyrics

whoa-oh I take as much as I can get I don't take any ... up something But it's just a faint taste in my mouth I ... down By tomorrow I'll be leaving By tomorrow I'll gone

Miss Li - Ba ba ba lyrics

ba ba ba ba ... Come here, please ... me now Don't know if I dare to try Come here, let me ... turn you by Don't wanna cry again Come on, let me kiss

Arash - Ba man soot bezan lyrics

man soot bezan Ba man soot bezan Ye soot bezan ba rhythm man dooset daram Olalalae Che fazie eshgh bazie ... bia too jam Ba man soot bezan Ki be kie clas nagoo ta

Jonny Lang - Bump in the road lyrics

breaker, breaker 1 9 Is there anybody out ... there? Im running this road for the first time I d sure ... like to know whats ahead I been on the wrong track

Erik Hassle - Bump in the road lyrics

you know You stick your head in the sunshine Don't ... the worst, though If a bird can sing with a broken ... wing You'll learn to bend when the wind blows

Kabaret - Bałagan lyrics

moja opaska, ciągle pyta Kaśka A gdzie moje buty teraz są ... Stoją za lodówką, tylko popatrz w lustro Buty na kaloryferze schną. Gdzie są ... wstyd Ktoś mi wszystko schował, to chyba jakaś zmowa Czemu

Kabaret - Baśka nie śmiej się lyrics

nie śmiej się, na drzewie piję wino Baśka nie ... śmiej się, bo taki zawsze finał. Niewyspany, nieumyty ranne ... mleko pochłaniałem Gdy spostrzegłem, że w

Mortimorband - Dum spiro, spero lyrics

and live in war and peace in 21st ... century Politicians and terrorists ... One fat family Towers fall in New York ... Pointless tragedy Homicide and heresy, All for money

Czerwony Tulipan - Baśka lyrics

tak patrzysz na mnie Co zobaczyć chcesz ? Ja nie płaczę , ... łzy To deszcz... Przecież sama dobrze wiesz , Wszystko ... będzie tak jak chcesz Barbaro , uwierz mi Ja nie kłamię

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Bump n grind lyrics

my body's telling me yes I (baby) don't want to hurt nobody ... But there is something that I must confess........... ... (chill) [Chorus: repeat 4x] I don't see nothing

Sigur Rós - Ba ba lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Dum chucka willie (demo) lyrics

Oom Chucka Willie) Oom Chucka Willie ... from the coconut grove He was a mean mothaf***a, you could ... tell by his clothes He wore a brown leather jacket and a hairy ass And between his legs

Piersi - Bałkanica lyrics

w żyłach płynie krew, kobiety, wino ... taniec, śpiew. Zasady proste w życiu mam, nie ... tego, czego ty nie chcesz sam! Muzyka, przyjaźń, radość

Infinite ∞ - Bump it (ft. ryu su jeong) lyrics

saneun ge wae ireokena jakku himi deuneun geonji nado jal molla saneun ge mwo geureon ... geoji amuri himi deuldeorado han beon buditchyeo boneun geoya ... hanyeoreumui nuncheoreom

Chava Alberstein - Ba shvil el habrechot (the path) = בשביל אל ה.. lyrics

רוחות חמות נשבו בינות עצי האורן ורחש ממטרות עלה מן השדות בתוך שער ראשה הלבינה הציפורן וכף ידה קטנה הלבינה בידו. בשביל אל הבריכות פסעו שלובי ידים וכוכבים נשרו למים ע...

Lube - Батька Махно (baťka machno) lyrics

Батька Махно смотрит в окно На дворе темным-темно На посту стоит монах Еле-еле на ногах Спит монастырь, дремлет село Мошки бьются о стекло Звезды светят и ...

Paradise Oskar - Da da dam lyrics

is smart, he knows each European country by heart He likes ... to sit under an apple tree on his yard And wait for an apple to fall ... When Peter is nine, His teacher tells him that this planet is dying That someone

Prince - Da, da, da lyrics

da, da, da Da, da, da, da, da (Yeah y'all, it's like that ... y'all, it's like "Bet Your ... Life") {sample repeated in song} Yeah It's

Audio Push - Da rockwilder lyrics

Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da ... Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da ... Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da Rockwilder♫ Da

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Da da da lyrics

aha aha aha aha aha Was ist los mit dir mein schatz ... - aha geht es immer nur bergab - aha geht nur das was du ... verstehst - aha this is what you got to know loved you

Iyaz - Da da da lyrics

da da, da da da You keep up coming up after lies And saying sorry, da da da Sorry, da da da, sorry ... da da da But I ain't buying all your lying You ain't sorry

Alyssa Milano - Da doo ron ron magic in your eyes lyrics

met him on a Monday And my heart stood still Da doo ron ron ... ron Da doo ron ron Somebody told me ... That his name was Bill Da doo ron ron ron Da doo ron

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