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George Strait - Brothers of the highway lyrics

on the windshield,as heaven starts ... got to go, she knows he’s one of them. (Chorus) Brothers ... of the highway, children of the wind. That detroit diesel

Miracle Of Sound - Brothers of the creed lyrics

Eden are on me Break through the memories History in the ... mainframe Eve by the apple tree Search through ... every enigma Answers never there Codes and canon are

Ironsword - Brothers of the blade lyrics

the borders of Koth and Shem Searching the ... splendor of the dreaming west Crossing ... Corinthia, Ophir lies ahead The road of kings is ours again ... In the night Barbarians ride

Iron Savior - Brothers (of the past) lyrics

- energetic- drifting on the stream Agonizing isolation ... inside the machine Reborn in chaos ... Reach out and take my hand The children must life, the ... killing must end Brother - you must awake Brother -

Aquaria - Son of the sky brothers of the earth lyrics

the shadows of the dark Far away a morning star ... Is rising with the light Cities now won't be the same There's no reason for the pain Please evolute your

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - The birth of the blues lyrics

are the blues Nothing but blues ... Oh, they say some people long ago ... for a diffrent tune One that they could croon As only they ... can They only had the rhythm They started swaying

Bloodbound - Brothers of war lyrics

Silence haunts me now There is no more to say Every ... day There’s a war inside my head I ... Like a soldier unknown There’s a bond that can’t be

John Michael Montgomery - Brothers 'til the end lyrics

was the drummer in the band But those sticks would ... doubled as his chair They handed down the genes we ... to wear That's how me and brother Edrow learned to sing We

Louis Prima - The birth of the blues lyrics

They say some people long ago ... a different tune, One that they could croon As only they ... can. They only had the rhythm so They started ... swaying to and fro. They didn't know just what they

Mean Streak - Brothers 'til the end lyrics

would mean betrayal We're brothers 'til the end Nothing will ... ever divide us Brothers 'til the end Destined together ... through bloodlines Brothers 'til the end Well I am

Manowar - Brothers of metal lyrics

While The Iron Is Hot Steel Is ... All And If We All Were Not Brothers Of Metal Would We Fall? - NO ... - They Tried To Test Our Spirit They Tasted Steel Before We Were

Cowboy Junkies - Brothers under the bridge lyrics

it was all gone The same coke machines as the ... canyon we come walking along the ridge Me and the brothers ... under the bridge Campsite's an hour ... s walk from the nearest road to town Up here

Fferyllt - Brothers of north lyrics

you the voices of ancient Gods, Voices of ... battle, and clash of the swords. Axes are swinging, ... smashing the heads, Blood of the enemies upon shining ... blades. Thirst for the battle is stronger, than pain

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - The sun will be shining lyrics

is forever, hold tight The sun will be shinin' so bright ... forever, forever and ever The sun will be shinin' Esta ... noche a al playa Come to the party at he baya No more

Beholder - The ancient prophecy - the oath lyrics

is near, I will ride the sky My dreams will come ... My sword is ready to destroy The black emperor to save All the brothers of the reign, They ... will forget the pain And when the light

George Jones - Brothers of a bottle lyrics

come over here I want to buy the next round of beer Boys name ... t nobody pass We're all brother of a bottle an' glass. The happiest moment that I've

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Brothers under the sun lyrics

had a dream - of the wide open prairie I had a ... dream - of the pale morning sky I had a ... on golden wings And we were the same - just the same - you ... your heart - little child of the west wind Follow the voice -

Gangstarr - The meaning of the name lyrics

meaning of the name GangStarr, well I'll ... can excel to a greater type of thought, brought by the ... and combine with a sense of confidence Accomplishments,

Manowar - The blood of the kings lyrics

your side Sing with us the BATLE HYMS INTO GLORY RIDE ... HAIL TO ENGLAND THE SIGN OF THE HAMMER's our guide ... Forever we're FIGHTING THE WORLD Side by side On a

Manowar - The blood of the kings mmxiv lyrics

the battle is raging Choose your ... side Sing with us the Battle Hymns Into Glory Ride ... Hail To England The Sign Of The Hammer's our guide Forever ... we're Fighting The World Side by side On a

Debauchery - The horror of the forest lyrics

kill for fun You soot at my brothers and sisters You shoot small ... your skin Hunt - Kill The hunter's predator Human life ... collecting my harvest I am the horror of the forest Ich

Anihilated - The burning of the southern cross lyrics

curses all beneath the cross The symbol ever-changing, same ... ethos See the southern sky, it is burning And ... A single race ruling all others And hold the whip of death

Dark Miror - The eye of the storm lyrics

dream Is reality Look me in the eyes I am not afraid ... our dreams Now I’ve seen the truth never look back Always ... inside this magic force The eye of the storm blows me

Seven Kingdoms - The long night lyrics

We shall die tonight! The demon hordes are coming here ... They need our blood, they're drawing near Ride and ... fight! The end comes this night! We ... is our stand Boys and men of elder years Women and

Grave Digger - The dark of the sun lyrics

your steel brothers We must fight Hakon ... Islands We must defend Their number's too great we can't ... a sign Kneel and pray - the sun turns black God with us

Requiem - The tower lyrics

power Guarding the rising tower A monument of ... misery Alliance of the night gathering Nations ... divided Lead astray by hand of the chosen ones Ooh, ooh

Behemoth - The dance of the pagan flames lyrics

cursed profanated thougths of glory return to me receive ... you stronger than sounds of bells primeval instincts ... will wake pagan brothers of our blood professing to the

Closure In Moscow - The church of the technochrist lyrics

in the eye Jetsam on the tongue You’re lost in your ... flesh, you covet the impermanent No sisters, no brothers No fathers, no mothers No ... and no sons If you shed the substrate you will find the

Dark At Dawn - The voice of the gods lyrics

finally on the way Strong winds will take ... obey But our gods all alone The oars are gliding in The ... nordic sea And driven by the wind The waves we must

Folkearth - The voices of the dead lyrics

legions march Hunting down the enemy See them curs on the ... no one but one One to tell the tale Of our fearsome array ... One to spread the word That blood and honor

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - The last of the real ones- pennywise parody lyrics

Pennywise the dancing clown, Now we both ... I can´t wait to bite on you, The hungers over due, Let´s make ... I wonder why so many kids of Derry go missing, It´s cus

Bob Catley - Children of the circle lyrics

tall, we worship the night We cry the tears The ... question unspoken The sacred form, a bronze ... day, a God forsaken right The passing dawn The heart of the sunrise We hold the dream

Forgive Durden - The oracle (feat. danny stevens of the auditi.. lyrics

mess you fools have made of this. The soul's filled ... vacancy. You've spoiled all the crops and seed. This was a ... gift. You daftly wasted it. The dust and dirt will stain your

Primordial - The song of the tomb lyrics

the north to the south From the east to the west All that ... waits for me is the grave I have been where my brothers lay fallen And my kind are ... yet unbowed I sing a song of the tomb Of the cold and heathen

Seventh Seal ( Ita ) - The ways of the world lyrics

the earth to the sky Make this scream get so ... Nothing's lost 'till the end Blind are the eyes of ... Every day we leave our brothers Outside the door We let them die And we don't care about

Crystallion - The bravest of the brave lyrics

am the brave, the rider in the storm I am the rear of the ... elite Under the sign of freedom I was born Faith is ... a dream, our nation's free The veils of death, embracing me

Domine - The song of the swords lyrics

the magical Shade Gate, they arrive Elric, the Pale King ... Yyrkon the Tyrant, to fight Ther in a chamber, hanging in ... a time no man can recall They finally find the swords

Mali Music - The glory of the lamb lyrics

s just me, But I found it profoundly important, That ... If we can return to a place of worship everything will be ... And we'll sing songs to the Glory of the Lamb Let us

Manowar - The spirit horse of the cherokee lyrics

trail of tears began for all the Cherokee The white men came ... to trade borrow But then they would not leave Some of us ... boat And died at sea Those of us who lived were sold to

Rebellion - The sons of the dragonslayer blood eagle lyrics

the Dragon Slayer, king of sea and land When people ... spot your sail They fear the sword that's in your hand I ... born your son And with my brothers I sailed out To feed the

Seven Kingdoms - The bloody meadow lyrics

Bloody Meadow I am the king of rhymes I'll choose the songs you will hear tonight ... up your wine and think not of tomorrow's fight So I take ... you far away to times of old and maidens fair as day

Hammerfall - The way of the warrior lyrics

get ready fight Sisters and brothers in metal unite The dreams ... had are about to come true The voice of the warrior is ... will make you see This is the way we want it to be This

Rhapsody Of Fire - The march of the swordmaster lyrics

.. die... sacrifice! Along the river of bloody tears the ... hands we march and honor our brothers victims of Kron's evil plan ... We cross the lakes of the holy woods to reach the

Despite - ...of the end lyrics

Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not...

Angela - The end of the world lyrics

Kono sora no iku hate ni Mada mienu mirai no nami ga ari Ikite iru ikutsu mono unmei o koete yuku Dare ni osowari dare ni koute iru no darou Hito wa tsukiru inochi no ...

Dark Fortress - The arcanum of the cursed lyrics

instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental......

Iu - The night of the first breakup lyrics

Meonghani amu ilgo hal iri eopseo Ige ibyeorin geoni Jeonhwagi gadeuk chan neowaeui meshijiman Hancham ilda ilda Neoeui moksori machi deullin geot gata Juwireul ...

3peace☆lovers - The new world of the world lyrics

Mada hashiritsudukete Nagai tabiji wo tada yume oibito wa isogu Zenzen GOAL nante mieyashinai kedo Boku no hitomi wa mae ni aru kara Zutto doko mademo ikeru ...

Big Boss - The end of the world lyrics

No place to hide, no placy to cry, no place for future, no place for presence, no place for war, no place for win, no place for sun, no place for moon, no place for ...

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