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Cryptic Wintermoon - Gods of fire and ice lyrics

caress of moonlight (a touch of stars) It keeps me strong is this curse of life The sunlight burns in my eyes (escape the day) Saved by embracing darkness Deep in the night (beyond your fears) The gate away from all the tortures to the kingdom of glory The throne is burning in fi

King Leoric - Gods of heavy metal (demo 2000) lyrics

here we are - the dawn of a new age - follow our sign We pray to our kings - the gods of the past - come into our time So here we stand - to recieve godlike power - the holy guitar So watch it rise - the Metal Empire - foreseen by the prophets

Manowar - Brothers of metal lyrics

While The Iron Is Hot Steel Is Strongest So Say We All And If We All Were Not Brothers Of Metal Would We Fall? - NO - They Tried To Test Our Spirit They Tasted Steel Before We Were Done Grinding Their Bones Into The Dust Of The Past All Blown Away Like A Shot From

Dragonheart - Gods of ice lyrics

north lands covered By snow and brave Where man cultivate the ground His arms and shields hang up in their walls Looking at cold sea The wind sings a new conquest Odim lord of Valhalla Save all the clans over the horizons I see the distant coast And high rocks of my co

Pegazus - Metal gods (judas priest cover) lyrics

ve taken too much for granted And all the time it had grown From the techno seeds we first planted Evolved a mind of its' own Marching in the streets Dragging iron feet Laser beaming hearts Ripping men apart From off I've seen my perfection Where we could do as we please

Judas Priest - Metal gods lyrics

ve taken too much for granted And all the time it had grown From techno seeds we first planted Evolved a mind of its own Marching in the streets Dragging iron feet Laser beaming hearts Ripping men apart From off i've seen my perfection Where we could do as we please In secr

Midnight Sun - Metal gods lyrics

your faith is weak, and your heart is not strong Remember where your soul belongs. Domination of your mind, is the quest of our time We'll correct you if your path is wrong We're fire, through ice, a desire to metalize We are Metal Gods in a Metal world In glory you'l

Celeste Buckingham - Gods of war lyrics

are blood and bones We are kingdom come Fight for all our souls this is a war this is a war We got fire Burning through our veins Sinners and saints this is a war this is a war We are we are the war cry and battle call We are we are we are The Gods

Masters Of Disguise - War of the gods (part i) lyrics

am Osiris, royal consort of Isis Judge of Duat, mankind hear my call Father of Horus, the Triad of Abydos Will soon bring the traitor Seth to fall I'm Seth, I'm the one Who will bring you all down! I will kill your son! Egypt! I will take your cr

Custard - Gods of war lyrics

Mr. president What do you see? A world at the corner of decay And you have the key To unlock the gates of hell Just heading for war Don't need a reason just to fight What are you waiting for? Watching at your neighbour There's more oil more land more qu

Dream Evil - Made of metal lyrics

of metal, made of metal, made of metal, made of metal Can't bend what's made of metal We're reinforced with steel We never will surrender We never kneel It's true the sound of metal Makes us invincible No trends of fashions change The way that I feel - Way that I feel Made of

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Gods of war lyrics

like it's all over, feelin' like there's no love Feelin' like it's not easy, breathin' life in the dust On a countdown to zero take a ride on the nightmare machine There ain't gonna be heroes There ain't gonna be anything Oh Here it comes, here comes the night

Bruce Dickinson - Gods of war lyrics

I was younger I thought, that to kill or be killed was a thing to be proud of Victim of chance, prisoner of hope Hanged by the neck on the end of the rope I don’t know, I don’t care Oh, one of the damned, oh, part of the plan Cry-oh-oh-oh, the gods of war

Mandowar - Gods of folk lyrics

the metal from fire and steel warriors will cry when the truth will reveal the blade will leave deep purple scars on your face no stairway to heaven a zeppelin in flames the power and glory will tell the whole story the poison is brewed, your brain will be screwed you

Amon Amarth - Gods of war arise lyrics

flees the rising sun The village lies ahead It will wake to a new day soon Soon they all be dead We came in cover of moonless night Fifty man at arms Now at first morning light The church bell sound the alarm Sacrifice to Gods of old Bleed th

Derdian - War of the gods lyrics

by day I killed my fragile life Trying to be so strong and glorious My eyes shined like the starlight But my heart now is too far from home I lose my mind I have lost my own soul I cried for my love, now I'm fighting alone Into the black night I' m searching for y

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Gods of war arise (amon amarth cover) lyrics

flees the rising sun The village lies ahead It will wake to a new day soon Soon they all be dead We came in cover of moonless night Fifty man at arms Now at first morning light The church bell sound the alarm Sacrifice to Gods of old Bleed them of their live

Billy Paul - War of the gods lyrics

time has come, for bad things to end The time has come, for life to begin The time has come for the War of the Gods Lucifer, oh, Lucifer God of evil, you're the God of hate We see you every day Father of the light Your main man died When the light

Hellish War - Defender of metal lyrics

of Metal Take the sword, Kill the enemies And fight to our world, With all your courage Save the Metal, Impulse the Blade The time is short, Then you must win the battle Horses run, Togheter with warriors Ready to kill, And to destroy the False Metal The

Manowar - Gods of war lyrics

Down from the sky into the fight Clutched full of rage!! full of thunder and glory Swords in the wind crossing the sky Lords of doom bring an end to their story Today is the day we Die in the fight None shall remain.. till last one for night now Valhal

Manowar - Gods of war - germany 2007 lyrics

obented me I ask thee raise thy hand we! the sons of Odin! await thy command Born under the sign of the hammer we stand and here we all may die! our blood on the ground the battle horns sound! Let thy Valkyries fly!! Down from the sk

Kreator - Gods of violence lyrics

shall kill, we shall kill, we shall kill, we shall kill Rise god of violence in immortal majesty The forces of separatists to arms Malicious titans and the fear their words can breed The one commandment echoes forth as clouds of drones attack We shall kill, we shall kill

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Gods of war and open sores lyrics

seeps in through the skin & soaks in the eyes,to feast on broken men & fortunes of empires,Move in for the kill, strike terror at the sight when the knife cuts the light of day. We are the gods of war,Release the plague, flesh e

Eatmewhileimhot - Gods of metal lyrics

.There are no Lyrics because there is no lyrics on the internet and I cannot really tell what half this stuff says. So yeah :} If you can find lyrics, I would love to know where ;

Mystic Prophecy - Gods of war lyrics

re born in the dust of fire The seven god's awake no one can stop His thirst of blood desire Hell and fire will conspire Take the world with false messiah From the depths of hell they rise Destruction is the price In thousands they are fallen

Last Empire - Gods of fire and steel lyrics

fly on the wings of dragons Soar onward to the twilight We sail through the skies on steeds with wings of leather Bound for the war of dark and light Sent by our gods to turn the tides of battle Doom will befall the host of hell Fly through the night to t

Paragon - Gods of thunder lyrics

last sip to kill the bottle Swallow all remaining doubts Punch the keys - eyes wide open Now's the time to let it out Take a breath your heart is pounding Press return and tear the world Dawn has come for all the traitors Standstill is the word Through the wires - through the

Manilla Road - War of the gods lyrics

the power of his spear All-Father opens the gates To the temple of Poseidon's tears Where Triton's slayer awaits As the Thunder God brings down the storm Fighting at his father's side Poseidon returns to Atland's shores To avenge his son's demise Holy gods defy the beast of f

Powergod - Gods of war lyrics

night I wake up from my sleep There's no one else around The evil river runs so deep And I can hear a sound I'm lost and alone I can feel reality And my heart turns to stone Take this pain from me There's nothing more to fear The end is coming near Gods of War And the th

Metal Church - Gods of second chance lyrics

an act of desperation, he put a gun to his head In his mind confusion, nothing but delusion, thinking he was better off dead No one to be his savior, from the vices he made Voices callin' to him, left his life in ruins, drugs have led his mind astray God, don't you hear me? God

Bathory - Gods of thunder of wind and of rain lyrics

of life. Guardian of the dead. Goddess of battle and war, All of ye watch me. My sword by my side. Proudly I sit on my horse. And I wait for the sign in the sky to appear. telling me that the moment has come For me to ride beyond the edge of this world in

Claymorean - Gods of chaos lyrics

came from dimension beyond space and time to conquer your world for we are Divine Blessed be the ones who are touched by the hand of infernal darkness that spreads through this land Blood, murder, war! Skulls for the Throne of Khorne! Kill, maim and burn! The favor of Blood God

Atrocity - Gods of nations lyrics

m the God of Gods ruler in the sky I control Gods and Man the ancient of all days The call me God of Ocean I dominate the seas Earthquakes show my anger without boundaries Catastrophes Unseen force Ancient Gods Almighty powers Born into primal chaos Fallen from the black skie

Gamma Ray - Gods of deliverance lyrics

sun goes down in the western sky The shadows are gonna return I wander alone through the back of my mind The twilight of moon starts to run How can I see beyond existence? I'm leaving in to the unknown I wander around as I hear someone scream A voice that

Running Wild - Gods of iron lyrics

screaming sirens are calling The branded victims to death A sacrifice to the gods of iron Everybody is joining the mass The blinded multitude is screaming The defenseless victim is killed Pools of blood are screaming The tribute to the gods is fulfilled Slav

Sinsaenum - Gods of hell lyrics

from the depths, manifestation summoned to cast the terror upon humanity the representation of darkness creation of all fears time to celebrate the resurrection infernal spell, bound to putrefy oblivion swallowing the light massacre, blood is running in torrents mor

Borknagar - Gods of my world lyrics

quot;The gods are great, I am the greatest" Mother of earth, mother of all Father of air, father of all Brother in flames Sister of seas Gods of my world, behold... Flame my desire To grow and to breed The wisdom I need Gather in the storms asunde

God Dethroned - Gods of terror lyrics

of the free world Dictators of the oppressed Claim to have God on their side In the battle against evil Your god is dead The devil is you Don't talk to me about values of life If you cross the line time after time Point your finger at your enemy I point my fing

Chroming Rose - Gods of noise lyrics

on, hey listen, this is the song for you forget your daily shit, may all your dreams come true fast guitars, dangerous girls, we'll have a party tonight all that we want while playing here is to get you really tight maxi wattage, light speed changes, give us

Marshall Law - Gods of deception lyrics

of deception Telling us their lies Feeding an illusion Never question why Born to serve them Damn and curse them Secret eyes are watching, hiding in the sky Evil mind conspiring, who will live or die Gods of deception Lords of deceit All who oppose them Fall in de

Finger Eleven - Gods of speed lyrics

get the call from the gods of speed I feel the rumble of the seat I'll go from here to top velocity From there it's all eternity The point of no return's in the rear view mirror I'll return to somewhere but it's not here Screaming into the sky I feel the wind on my face

Rough Silk - Gods of darkness lyrics

silent gods of darkness let owls rain down on me red roses from tomorrow renew my last dawn's key like the drifter needs the road and the poet needs the pain like the thief needs everything and the flower needs the rain all I need is a deep black sky and the silence of t

Paragon - Legions of metal lyrics

of the moment in my bloodred eyes No time to repent - the scars on my face It's waiting for you It's waiting for me Beyond the black Lies the thing that should not be ...Should not be Up from the ashes We shall arise Out of the underground Into the night United forc

Blaze Bayley - The king of metal lyrics

Trample the weak Run from the strong Smile as they laugh at my song Sociopathic thieves no sentiment or conscience It isn't personal it's business with a vengeance Describing my life as inferior a tax loss And they are stealing everything you try to give

Shatter Messiah - Gods of divinity lyrics

corruption Is your intelligent design Warping reality To spin your lies Pulling the strings of an orchestrated Dark symphony We are the gods of divinity Composing deception Defiant in your pride Spit in the face Your truth is a

Crystal Eyes - Gods of the world lyrics

the call that's striking the skyline of the world A screaming sound louder than no one's ever heard Pre Chorus: Like a mighty roaring fire Coming down from high above From the kingdom of the sky to defend the earth Chorus: We are the heroes of our time

Nina Hagen - Gods of aquarius lyrics

Gods of Aquarius are coming with UFO's They love me and they love you And what they have to say is true The good old communication with Holy Spirits of God's creation Is true but our church denies it God, when will they realize it Oh God, we need the bi

Meshuggah - Gods of rapture lyrics

feel torn apart a vile misfit fallen Deep into affliction of my hollow mind The sense of suffocation grows inside my lungs When i wake into truth i'm back among the blind The truth of lies disenchanting my eyes How can i survive i can't stand being Alive

Cemetery Of Scream - Gods of steel lyrics

know the pain of insane which comes to my soul I see the streets drowned in rain the melody of sad Flag is tremblin' in my hands I'm beatin' out the paintings in rock the picture of the dying people monuments of black tales Glaciers melted from the glow of thousands of hells forge

Axxis - Gods of rain lyrics

Loving water In a ring of fire higher praying Start the voodoo dance Dance around and cry out loud For the liquid power Holy blood from heaven sent Now fall down and... Send your hope up to the sky and shout... Let there be some rain some rain Wash away my pain some rai

Private Line - Gods of rewind lyrics

s so afraid of her own reflection She tries to hide the picture of perfection All life she holds Like the family car she once stole for that weekend There to wreck, her mind dreams, the street bends There's no end She's riping down the road with no control She just can'

Arthemesia - Of the owls, of the wolves and of the nature lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Civil War - War of the world lyrics

Insanity; society will rust Break down of the human race Common sense is lost Heaven now has turned to hell There is not a god The pain is on the street tonight It's time to join the ultimate fight Be prepared for the final call Stay calm be superior This plac

Fferyllt - Brothers of north lyrics

you the voices of ancient Gods, Voices of battle, and clash of the swords. Axes are swinging, smashing the heads, Blood of the enemies upon shining blades. Thirst for the battle is stronger, than pain, Marching to victory through thunder and rain. Born to be

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Man of war (bonus track) lyrics

of the wind Metal warriors number one Sleipnir met the king of kings Where all men play on ten It’s a wrath of Thor They are men at war The sign of the hammer’s our guide It’s a metal daze It’s the outlaws ways Return of the warlord at last Blood of the king’s defender

Iron Fire - Metal victory lyrics

brothers we will unite And fight for the might We are like sent from hell Born to ring the bell Of glory and faith Before its too late Prepare to fight in war Under the thunder roar The troops of steel Have heard the call The power of metal Will neve

Axevyper - Metal tormentor lyrics

speed is high, he's rolling like thunder Through frost and fire, 100 MPH Back from the dead, clad in crystal iron Armed to the teeth The messenger of death arrives His heart is fueled by atomic power His laser blade your soul will devour Dethrone the gods, set th

Sacred Steel - Impaled by metal lyrics

of speed and power - gather anxiously come together - sons of metal - warriors of steel celebrate our hymns of iron - shout out from the heart raise the horns - show your devotion - led the madness start now! Storm up to the front row - join your brothers in the pit get high on

Bane Of Winterstorm - The black wind of morthion lyrics

“I have come for your kingdom You will fall to your knees in agony as your sons are crushed before you” Aranon: “A war has come to claim our land From Ravenhall their legions came Take your blade, we will stand My brother; Haldir of the North Haldir: “Grant power

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