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Manowar - Brothers of metal lyrics

While The Iron Is Hot Steel Is Strongest So Say We All And If We All Were Not Brothers Of Metal Would We Fall? - NO - They Tried To Test Our Spirit They Tasted Steel Before We Were Done Grinding Their Bones Into The Dust Of The Past All Blown Away Like A

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Metal will never die lyrics

will never die, we promise you Metal is the law, the only for me and you Be my brother; let us sing this fighting song We fight for metal; metal is our holy alliance Nobody can beat us Together we are strong! We are brothers of metal; we will

George Strait - Brothers of the highway lyrics

on the windshield,as heaven starts to cry. In his rearview mirror, his angel waves goodbye. She knows he’s got to go, she knows he’s one of them. (Chorus) Brothers of the highway, children of the wind. That detroit diesel pirate ship goes rollin' out again, Sailin

Fferyllt - Brothers of north lyrics

you the voices of ancient Gods, Voices of battle, and clash of the swords. Axes are swinging, smashing the heads, Blood of the enemies upon shining blades. Thirst for the battle is stronger, than pain, Marching to victory through thunder and rain. Born to be winners and

Bloodbound - Brothers of war lyrics

more tears I have cried for yesterday Silence haunts me now There is no more to say Every day There’s a war inside my head I have had enough I wish that I was dead Hear machine guns fire in my dreams Tortured souls and hallowed screams Like a soldier unknown Th

Miracle Of Sound - Brothers of the creed lyrics

of Eden are on me Break through the memories History in the mainframe Eve by the apple tree Search through every enigma Answers never there Codes and canon are shifting as we Shakedown every lair And I kill for good under my white hood Zeroes and o

Ironsword - Brothers of the blade lyrics

the borders of Koth and Shem Searching the splendor of the dreaming west Crossing Corinthia, Ophir lies ahead The road of kings is ours again In the night Barbarians ride Throughout Hyborian world Zingara and Argos our final halt Adventurous life on the m

Iron Savior - Brothers (of the past) lyrics

- radiation - paralyzing fear Terrorizing demons rising - termination's here Stratospheric - energetic- drifting on the stream Agonizing isolation inside the machine Reborn in chaos and war What has it all been good for Reach out and take my hand The

George Jones - Brothers of a bottle lyrics

come over here I want to buy the next round of beer Boys name your poison, don't nobody pass We're all brother of a bottle an' glass. The happiest moment that I've ever known Was the day that she told me she would be my own But the bluest moment that ever could be When she

Cryonic Temple - Metal brothers lyrics

came to us and stole our gold They told us to fight for the mighty lord We raised our hands and we said no Co's we are free we will not go We are the ones, brothers of steel And we are proud we will not kneel We walk against you with the fists of steel Co's w

Palace - Metal company lyrics

wake up from a noise of metal and lightning A knight of steel tells me about my destiny In mental connection with my metal mates Brotherhood forever, these chains no one can break At blue horizon Thousands appear A sound of clashing metal and th

Iron Fire - Metal victory lyrics

brothers we will unite And fight for the might We are like sent from hell Born to ring the bell Of glory and faith Before its too late Prepare to fight in war Under the thunder roar The troops of steel Have heard the call The power of metal Will never die

Majesty - Metal to the metalheads lyrics

Strophe 1:] Now the storm is coming, we're riding through the night. When the thunder comes down, Brothers shout it out loud: We rise!! The power of Heavy Metal is present in our minds. We are hearing the sound our hearts start to pound and cry. [Brid

Cryonic Temple - Eternal flames of metal lyrics

afraid, alone we stand strong Our Brothers in Arms make us go on Keepers of Faith will never let go Stronger and stronger we grow, we will explode We follow the road in an unbroken line we go where nobody dares a legacy strong was born to this world By us the Brothers of Steel

Iron Savior - Made of metal lyrics

in the void of the vast Throughout the torrents of time Millenniums I had to outlast Alone in this heart of mine Built and designed to obey To keep man alive Oh, I have failed Now they struggle to survive Forever free Free from the split in my mind Now I can see

Devon - Call the brothers lyrics

right I want to hear from you Those mighty words that you used to say When life was just amazing You used to sing it full of pride Relive the days when you had found The meaning of freedom Kings will be kings Always leading the way Straight

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Heavy metal lyrics

you feel the power of this song The energy it is giving you Brothers united in mind Cause Metal is our law. HEAVY METAL is our law HEAVY METAL we are proud and standing tall / we’ll never fall HEAVY METAL is what we feel HEAVY METAL harder than steel

Adorned Brood - Sons of the damned lyrics

of Metal Your hands held high Brothers of Metal Thousand fists to the sky Side by side With iron and steel Side by side Fighting for Metal that is real Sons of the damned Together we're strong Sons of the damned Together we're one Sons of the damned Wit

Dream Evil - Made of metal lyrics

of metal, made of metal, made of metal, made of metal Can't bend what's made of metal We're reinforced with steel We never will surrender We never kneel It's true the sound of metal Makes us invincible No trends of fashions change The way that I feel - Way that I feel Mad

Manowar - Metal warriors lyrics

one of us has heard the call Brothers of True Metal proud and standing tall We know the power within us has brought us to this hall there's magic in the metal there's magic in us all Heavy metal or no metal at all whimps and posers leave the hall Heavy metal or no metal a

Majesty - Son of metal lyrics

strengh of the wind and the power of the night. They are always in me, they'll always guide. Might of steel, is what I feel. I am a rebel, my feelings are real. The power of Metal is my pride. Yes I am the chosen one. (I'm almighty and I'm so strong)

Rawhead Rexx - Metal war lyrics

a master, I’m a prodigy Don’t trust your eyes ‘cause it’s not what you see I’ll take away your pain and free your mind You will never be the last in line I promise you freedom, the heaven on earth Destroy the oppression, create a rebirth Follow my call – to the metal war Follow

F.k.Ü. - Metal moshing mad lyrics

the name of metal, in the name of mosh The hordes of evil gather for a bash Joining all together to explode as one The moshing pit is where to we all run We love the horror metal we love the sound of mosh We love the crunching riffs that defines thra

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Metal machine lyrics

have a phobia A fear of the dark Afraid to shoot strangers The animal talks Guns scare me shitless But, love, gun's my friend The sentinel's coming But is this the end? Riding on this crazy train I'm going paranoid Watch me lose my mind And break

Cage - Metal empire lyrics

the earth of old England Came a force full of shattering sound All that were living and breathing Felt it quaking and breaking new ground It mastered our minds and lit up our lives With power to fight all through the night We honor those who have

Cage - Metal devil lyrics

demon! Metal devil! Metal demon! Metal devil! Light from the darkness, a century since his demise Up from the ashes the evil machine will arise Titanium tendons and sinews of steel - this merciless master of metal 666 innocent souls will bring back the devil to life

Pantera - Metal magic lyrics

they say don't look back do what they say you gotta look ahead to a better day in a world of metal magic you need a break go forth take a chance make no mistake Metal magic metal magic metal magic metal magic they say you can't

Seven Witches - Metal daze (manowar cover) lyrics

hear the sound in a metal way I feel the power rolling on the stage ´Cause only one thing really sets me free Heavy metal, loud as it can be Baby I was born to play music I am a man with a screaming guitar There´s a light in a middle of the stage And in a minute I´ll be wearin

Bloodbound - In the name of metal lyrics

say I’m evil you say I suck My hair’s too long I don’t give a f*** I’m doing nothing out of control My music’s wrong I don’t care at all You say I’m ditry I smell like shit All dressed in black and my clothes don’t fit I’m a sinner excuse me m’am You take your mora

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Metal medley lyrics

have a phobia A fear of the dark Afraid to shoot strangers The animal talks Guns scare me shitless But love gun's my friend The sentinel's coming But is this the end Riding on this crazy train I'm going paranoid Watch me lose my mind And break the law (B

Manowar - Metal daze lyrics

hear the sound in a metal way I feel the power rolling on the stage 'Cause only one thing really sets me free Heavy metal, loud as it can be Baby I was born to play music I am a man with a screaming guitar There's a light in a middle of the stage

Massacration - Metal is the law lyrics

Ai ai ai Ai ai ai ai ai ai ai Em cima, embaixo, puxa e vai! Ai ai ai Ai ai ai ai ai ai ai Em cima, embaixo, puxa e vai! If you want to be metal There's laws you gotta obey The laws of gods of metal And that's what I'll say Woooowwwwwwww! If

Revenge - Metal rules my life lyrics

listen to me tonight! Maniacs of Metal Legions ¡Unite! Dressed in black Leather on the skin Bang the heads feed your beliefs! Go all maniacs! Gather tonight wild and banging And your hands on air Screaming loudly, your rivets shine With speed Metal With Metal Pride Shake! Shak

Riot ( Usa ) - Metal soldiers lyrics

climb aboard the eagle made of steel Get ready for another flight Another town, another city will appear Through the darkness of the night A flash of light There's thunder on the way The stage ignites when we play metal soldiers And we're marching through the night Metal S

Blood Tsunami - Metal fang lyrics

of metal, evil grin Bestial Metal Fang Nikolai Dzhumagaliev The beast from Kazakhstan Morbid, vicious misogynist Axe murderer, cannibal, rapist A se**** predator in the park Ready to attack An executioner in the dark Homicidal maniac Aggressive, mad butcher on a killing

Axevyper - March of metal rockers lyrics

you see the armies marching in the streets? Wearing jeans and leather, fighting to be free They all know the future brings another chance They will fight their way through to the Promised land 'Cause wherever they may roam They must stand against the world They have lived a

Crimson Fire - Metal is back lyrics

by fire The ultimate test of your Fear no evil Cause life isn’t just what you Hear the metal gods Calling you now to Believe me the time is right Crimson light spreads as we speak words of truth Liars they called us From fear that they have no C

Exciter - Metal crusaders lyrics

up! The end is near, it's fast and loud Shout it! Never say die! And come out alive Cry out! The sonic thunder of crushing iron Scream out! Legions of strength stand up and shout! The force of the molten mask Fears the charge of... Metal Crusaders!! The

Exxplorer - Metal detectors lyrics

sleep by the day, I live for the night Don't get in my way, no, I'm programmed to strike I'm hungry for metal and I'm searchin' for steel My power is lethal, and I do as I feel The power of metal, is driving you near No one can stop you, intention

Majesty - Metal union lyrics

call the ones of glory, the ones who always be free To stand against the world with me I heard your call my brother, among some chosen others We all do share a mighty dream Our destiny’s calling A rebellion of steel Our Metal hearts roaring Let the enemies kneel Metal Union

Manowar - Gloves of metal lyrics

the pounding army of the night The call of metal summons us tonight. And gather we on this site To behold the power and the might. We wear leather, we wear spikes, we rule the night. Off with the lights, hear the screams See the banging heads awaken to their dreams.

Manowar - Gloves of metal - germany 2007 lyrics

the pounding army of the night The call of metal summons us tonight. And gather we on this site To behold the power and the might. We wear leather, we wear spikes, we rule the night. Off with the lights, hear the screams See the banging heads

Hysterica - Force of metal lyrics

see a bright eye in front of me The world is burning around me A path of sins, a lonely cell I'm on my way to the gates of hell God's warning me; back away! But I know now this is where I belong I close my eyes and see the end I raise my hand With the force of

Last Empire - Metal might lyrics

the beginning came a sound coming from the earth and crushing steel to forge this new religion that we've come to love and protect from the wretched So scream for metal might death destruction now feel the fight Amps are blazing guitars sc

Rob Halford - Made of metal lyrics

sonic silver flying machine Made of metal racing alien beings Super sonic silver flying machine Made of metal rides a laser beam He descends from the sky And he's ready to die for the thrill When the predator falls Your fate will be called by his

Hellish War - Defender of metal lyrics

of Metal Take the sword, Kill the enemies And fight to our world, With all your courage Save the Metal, Impulse the Blade The time is short, Then you must win the battle Horses run, Togheter with warriors Ready to kill, And to destroy the

Revenge - Metal massacra lyrics

sounds blow up The limits of the night In heavy metal bars Headbangers listen the power We do heavy metal Just for Metal Maniacs We could never stop Our souls want for more Metal massacra !!! Our sound sucumb your mind At the speed o

Grave Digger - Rebel of damnation (capital of metal) lyrics

I was sixteen I had a dream To bring myself out and start to scream I am the son of Judas seen like a priest In my deepest soul lurks a beast I laugh and defy I break the strain My father a devil I had him slain Steel in my heart I´m lookin´ for a fight I´m a huma

Messenger - Metal day lyrics

the silence, Break the spirit Make them flee Into the Night Our steel shines bright - We are ready to fight! Tonight we are born again Tonight we will fly. We hold the torch To burn down The radio stations. With swords of steel, No way to flee Yeah! Hear the sound - i

Overload - Master of metal lyrics

explosions, the blower is roaring A smell of burnt rubber, the tires are moaning The Master of Metal, a god made of humans The colour is black, he’s yours and you know it The pedal to the metal, give it what you’ve got I’m picking the gears Your shield for destruction, his shel

Overload - Metal dog lyrics

the sun goes down and the city’s asleep He will crawl from the dust and rise from beneath Alone in his despair in the shelter of the night He shouts a roar of metal prepared for the fight Rapidly growing the power’s in the wind You hear the howl of the meta

Fueled By Fire - Metal forever lyrics

at the burning sky Flames of demise The earth screams of pain The birth of metal can not be tamed Winter Sun freezes the land Tornado of Soul filled with the dammed Judas rising from the abyss, Metals birth can not be missed. Metal militia sweeps across

Mean Streak - Sons of metal lyrics

embrace our legacy this is what we are In a pitch black night a shining star We rule our destiny we will never fall We will arise above it all Stand and deliver with the power in our hands Stand and deliver 'cause we are in command Hail, hail sons of metal We were born and rai

Sacred Steel - Wargods of metal lyrics

!! Reign in Blood, reign in Fire Masters of Eternity Born of Steel, born of Iron Immortal Metal Deities Give us War, give us Passion Soldiers under your Command We will fight for your Glory We will fight until the End Metalheads unite Now stand up and fight Wa

Ritual Carnage - Metal forces lyrics

riffs, chaotic leads Making my ears bleed Double bass and roto toms Headbang'n till the dawn Fight, forces of metal will fight Destroying with all our might The witching hour attack Metal forces of the black In the pit is where I dwell Thrash'n and rais'n he

Hazy Hamlet - Metal revolution lyrics

days to create this world And everything here Was in a perfect harmony What intentions had then god To spend a whole day in The seeding of humanity? (Bridge) Dreaming power Is born the first illness of world Dreaming power It has no soul.

Manowar - Kings of metal mmxiv lyrics

Manowar living on the road When we´re in town speakers explode We don´t attract wimps ´cause we´re too loud Just true metal people that´s Manowar´s crowd They wanna keep us down But they can´t last When we get up we´re gonna kick your ass Gonna

Massacration - Metal milkshake lyrics

dog Milkshake Sunday Mayday People Table Walkman Umbrella Round one Fight Final lap Start Game over Playstation Atari Playback Ketchup Brother Away Marshmellow O.K. Michael Jackson Maclaren Bacon Greatest hits Fax modem Internet Puff Me

Sacred Steel - Metal is war lyrics

quot;Marching 'neath the Banner of the Bloodstained Sword Warriors of the Oath unleash the Crimson Storm ! Disciples of the Horned God fear the Final War ! We (have) come to crush and desecrate, Metal is the Law !" "Metal is the Law METAL IS WAR !" ([TH

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