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The National - Start a war lyrics

something Something better than before We expected ... something more Do you really think you can just put it ... in a safe behind a painting Lock it up and leave?

Fozzy - Do you wanna start a war lyrics

you wanna start a war? Start a fire Start a roar Do you wanna take a stand? Take ... control Take command Do you wanna start a war? ... Start a fire Start a roar You can't take it anymore

The Exploited - Lets start a war lyrics

start a war said maggie one day With the unemployed masses ... we'll just do away They won't mind, like ... us, they'll never know Lets start a war said maggie one day

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - How to start a war lyrics

thought we were meant to be Thought it'd be you and me Standing together at ... end of the world I guess that's not what you want Guess ... that I should just move on But

Emmure - War begins with you lyrics

I pull the knives out of my back. And give them right back ... to you. This is the way I choose to cope. My only ... escape. And you will get what you deserve. I hope you’re

Tarrus Riley - Start a new lyrics

how she look so? Dark glasses, a nuh she And how she a ... walk so? Yuh know seh mi a go ask har Hey there, what ... s wrong woman Looks like your feeling

Birdy - Start again lyrics

wave, tidal wave Take it all, take it all And I don't care anymore You can lie, all ... you like All it's done is make me fight And shake the ... Keep my beliefs suspended Cause underneath I'm starting

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - A rush of blood to the head lyrics

said I'm gonna buy this place and burn it down I'm gonna put ... it six feet underground He said "I'm gonna buy ... this place and watch it fall Stand here beside me baby

The Exploited - War lyrics

sometimes i want to borrow watching ... violence, after fights can she go to war tomorrow to ... guarantee his rights War war we don't need a war [repeat] you must be mad that

Adorned Brood - A war poem lyrics

me at night and kiss me at dawn kill my flame with your tears Light my hate with your fears Feel my heartbeat in your ... you tight - you hold my chains This is war I hold you

All That Remains - A war you cannot win lyrics

so long, we stop believing Can't tell what's right or what ... stop feeling when violence, and coercion. are their tool ... Then you must stand scream No, hell no. Won't

Question Mark - A scream for change lyrics

big mouth politicians create a mess, by acting on what they ... think is best, complaining about things they want to re-arrange, no knowledge just a ... scream for change! The environment is on

Centinex - A war symphony lyrics

inside my tomb and my heart of black I am calling thy ... demons of war and let them all come to me I have tasted ... the chalice of hate from the mighty legions

Metal Church - A war never won lyrics

permanent disguise hid within the ... eyes Paint a vivid picture of our lives ... We look into the future and kneel to one knee We plea ... for absolution and judgment to be It's not

Banners - Start a riot lyrics

will march down an empty street like a ship ... storm No surrender, no retreat I will tear down every wall ... Just to keep you warm Just to bring you home I

Black Lab - Start a fire lyrics

can hear half-remembered lies Allusions ... to our history You can’t hide anymore Are you dissatisfied With my second person ... songs Wishing for a girl to strike a match And start a fire Start a fire Start

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Start a fire lyrics

Wayne - Start A Fire Lil Wayne - Start A Fire Lil Wayne - ... Start A Fire Lil Wayne - Start A Fire Lil Wayne - Start A ... Fire Lil Wayne - Start A Fire Lil Wayne - Start A Fire

Reo Speedwagon - Start a new life lyrics

is the end here It's been a long time decidin' But I ... the right end. You're gonna go away, start a new life ... Forget today, start a new life Start a new life.

Chronixx - Start a fyah lyrics

never warn mi, forever burning An' ... you see when the tables turn Mi seh a love I an' ... I preaching So every land of hate will burn I was ... there when the ships came An' chastise I inna Jesus name

Margaret - Start a fire lyrics

is to win? Temperature is running high Let me ... know I got a tiger's eye You'd better ... for the prize You're gotta make some noise Let me hear you ... voice Let the passions and dreams make it right And

Passenger lyricsPassenger - Start a fire lyrics

was born a baby boy a long time ago Back when the ... hillsides were green and the water would flow But nights ... they fall and settle like snow I watched

The Posies - Start a life lyrics

I even try to be simple When all I find Is everything ... complicated When I left home I ... the holes in my pockets My parents smiled They didn't know ... I was frightened Try to start a life Try to make a point

Rae Sremmurd - Start a party lyrics

lobby Bust it open like piñata Beaucoup bottles on the ... counter This is how you start a party This is how you start a party This is how you start a party Tell a friend to

Brad Paisley - Start a band (feat. keith urban) lyrics

never was a straight-lace, straight A student teacher's pet ... or child prodigy I wasn't gonna get rich throwin' a ... football It take too long to get a law

Jetta - Start a riot lyrics

the fire Feeding the lions roar Breathe in the silence And ... we bring it alive Oooh Stealing the dark Erasing the shadows We're leading the stars

Gun Barrel - Start a riot lyrics

burned Leaving burned roads behind I'm no more No ... more slave to the grind I never ... Never though there'd be the day When I regain my faith And ... I'm back on my trail The animal inside me Rears it's head to break free Gotta let

Audio Adrenaline - Start a fire lyrics

think it's a cold, cold world and I think we need to heat it ... light it up like gasoline when a match's thrown ... down in it so go ahead and strike a match, a passionate heart is needed so throw a

Pigs In The Living Room - Let´s start the war lyrics

start the war in my memory i sweat blood ... in my soul one f***in way one f***in theory i will ... not be back never more I want back our stars return us ... our sky the earth doesnt belong to anyone

Martin Hall - War lyrics

anyone stop the noise That's inside my head a voice That keep telling me things, ... horrible things about you And I remember what they used ... to say, you should count to ten And then you take a deep breath

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - War baby lyrics

was born in a war So they call me a war baby I was born ... in a war And it don't make me war crazy And the ... guns start to roar As the fire sweeps the street

Game Over - War of nations lyrics

you fired the gun of mass hysteria? Rapidly felt the ... tension within their heads Did you put the trigger ... without any fear? Ready to slash the flash out of our bones

Arallu - War of the genii lyrics

Of The Genii As I sit alone in time Days of darkness ... come The new war is here The war of the black - Souls !!! One servant of evil lord We see flames

The Cab - Angel with a shotgun lyrics

I'm an angel with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun, An angel with a shotgun, ... ..) Get out your guns, battle's begun. Are you a saint ... or a sinner? If love's a fight, then I shall die,

Majesty - War for metal lyrics

of the fire, have you heard the call Black wolves are ... howling our names Hawks are rising higher, flying for ... us all The kingdom is covered in ... flames Hail to the chosen defenders March 'till our kingdom is free

Nightcore - Angel with a shotgun lyrics

I'm an angel with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun, An angel with a shotgun, ... ..) Get out your guns, battles begun, Are you a saint ... or a sinner? If loves a fight, than I shall die,

A Perfect Circle - Let's have a war lyrics

s so many of us, So many of us, So many, there's so ... many, there's so many Let's have a war, So ... you can go and die, Let's have a war, We could all use

Hellyeah - War in me lyrics

war Life's too short, to be ... power Live, my life, inside a hangover The war in me ... I'll raise the dead up from the grave I'll break the rules and jump the claim

Anti-flag - A new kind of army lyrics

BACK... on history, nothing much ... has changed THOUSANDS... of soldiers of all ... countries, all marching the same Every nation's leader says ... that our side is right Every nation's leader says the time has come to fight But they use

M.i.a. - Boyz lyrics


Powerman 5000 - How to be a human lyrics

how to be This is how to be a human They like to drink ... like to smoke They like to eat And when they eat it's 'til ... to fight They like to steal They like to lie and cheat

Casketgarden - A grief history lyrics

this anger... Our hate crawls flesh to the bone Enough ... to look different and one shade of other will open a cause ... for a war No wonder it's our fuel ... fire and food A warfare instinct spiral [Pre

Cannibal Corpse - A skeletal domain lyrics

beneath rotting remains A slow decay of life takes its ... form Withered death and bone emerge From ... cemeteries of the earth Replacing all that is known from

Mystic Prophecy - War panzer lyrics

comes out to fight Crawling death trough the haze ... of the blackened night Fighting in the ... name of dead of the holy land We are the signs of ... violence For the war forever condemned We are

Lefay - War without end lyrics

tons of armored death still is rolling onward ... through their trenches damnation bell is tolling a war ... survivors destruction is at hand morbid mad mutations walking desolated land in the

Morgana Lefay - War without end lyrics

tons of armoured death Still is rolling Onward ... through their trenches Damnation bell is tolling A war ... survivors Destruction is in hand Morbid mad mutations Walking desolated land In the

Dilated Peoples - War lyrics

Iriscience] War is life and war is death War's a vaccum but ... war's a breath And war is a war that can never be won But war is the way Johnny got his

Bob Marley - War lyrics

life has taught me I would like to share ... with Those who want to learn... Until the philosophy ... which hold one race Superior and another ... inferior Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned Everywhere is war, me

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - War (the process) lyrics

a war breed Get the head your soul needs Crystallize at light speed Dis the ... lies that they feed Cultivate a war breed Get the head ... your soul needs Crystallize at light speed Dis the lies

Chiara Hunter - War (embody remix) lyrics

me darling I'll be with the white ... smile Chillin' on the dark side, yeah When I open ... to get my So don't wake me, I'm sleeping Someone ... getting lost in the dreaming They won't break me,

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - There is a war lyrics

is a war between the rich and poor, A war between the man and the woman. There is a war between the ones who say ... there is a war And the ones who say there isn

Gothic Knights - War in the sky lyrics

earth is barren sky is burning up with ... crimson red Heavens angels cry for glory swinging ... swords of pain Soaring voices rip the silence angelic bolting rage The end

Hall And Oates - War baby son of zorro lyrics

a war baby son of zorro He’s a war baby son of zorro War baby Been through momma, the ... bomb and ’nam He’s a war, he’s a war He’s a war ... He’s a war baby He’s a worn baby, born in ’45 He’s a torn baby, but he’s still alive Ate puffed wheat, x-r

New Medicine - It´s a war lyrics

someone smacked me, I started breathing, Then I took a ... look around, (Yeah I took a look around). Dying strangers, They surround me, I ... looking down. One, two, ready, go. I'm really not ready for this, I'm not ready,

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - War over me lyrics

over me I'm standing on front lines, I'm ... fighting for my soul I've walked the self-destructive ... lonely road I read the warning signs but I was to blind

Cage - War of the undead lyrics

graveyards all have been emptied The earth ... disturbed from the mist Humanity caught in the middle Of a pestilent paradigm shift Breaking our from their coffins And pouring out from the

Falconshield - War machine lyrics

that a dream? I'm awake, sitting on the forest ... floor Looking out, can't recall the thing I used to be ... before I may be rust and steel But there's simply

Fightstar - War machine lyrics

of us will die alone. Some of us will never ... reach the end of the road. It isn't enough. Some of ... us will never know the meaning of trust. Some of us ... will feed off all the people who give. It's

King 810 - War outside lyrics

here goes another gift for this world ... This world that keeps filling my body with ... holes My scars they itch and I pick my scabs and I grow ... While they all try to cut my throat

Mad Max - War lyrics

is a true story The names have not been changed To ... innocent There's nothing rearranged This is a true ... story The story of war When the war is over There

Ash - War with me lyrics

this our final destination? Bide my time, that's my ... situation Caught up in your personal battles Your desires, your ... you could see things more clearly Through the chaos I wish

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