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Broken Promise New Order lyrics

Browse for Broken Promise New Order song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Broken Promise New Order lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Broken Promise New Order.

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New Order lyricsNew Order - Broken promises lyrics

I don't know why people lie And I don't know why people die Every time I see you, you shout at me 'Cause of all the things in the world that I can't see But what I think goes on in this world For a mother and a father and a boy and a girl Is that the more you ea

Miyano Mamoru - New order lyrics

s another one M&M, NEW ORDER Ready? nan demo nai imishin na smile nanika no aizu? or honey trap? shigeki suru kara now you turn me on mashite kuchi ni dasazu ni wa irarenai atarashii sekai e sou matataku ma de kimi o tsuredashitai na, nee imasugu ni be re

Elvis Costello - Broken promise land lyrics

s a place Where words mean nothing or much less Such a disgrace We got to get out of this mess Coming in under the cover of darkness How high shall we build this wall? I could've said more but it would've seemed heartless How hard did I slam that door? I swore I'd

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Broken promise lyrics

ll rise above this, We'll cry about this, As we live and learn.. A broken promise, I was not honest, Now I watch as tables turn, And you're singing - I'll wait my turn, To tear inside you, Watch you burn, I'll wait my turn, I'll wait my turn. I'll cry about this,

B. B. King - Broken promise lyrics

ll rise above this We'll cry about this As we live and learn A broken promise I was not honest Now I watch as tables turn And you're singing I'll wait my turn to tear inside you Watch you burn I'll wait my turn I'll wait my turn I'll cry a

God Forbid - Broken promise lyrics

events bring new vision The claws you wield are visible Echoes of souls you have taken Cry out; cry out in anguish I uncloak anger... my anger I have for you Broken promises, turned your back on me Surrendered my own judgment for you Fell Victim to y

Master - Broken promise lyrics

have died and they show no remorse, Chose to become victims without recourse, Madmen and fools are the children of God, Emotionless creatures an evil facade, Broken promise Broken promise, Look in their eyes they die see they're only fools, Lies and disguises that

Fragile Hollow - Broken promise lyrics

now and then I seem to forget how it will be different without you. And every time I regret I want to call you and tell why. When the nightmare starts you leave, I fear. I keep having this nightmare. When your night is dark things start to disappear, when I

Heart In Hand - Broken promise lyrics

is the last time, I put my trust in you, The last time I drop my guard, why does this hurt so much? Feels like your hands are around my neck, around my neck, lucky for me, you have weak wrists. There is no trust, So why the f*** do I care? There is n

Ataris - Broken promise ring lyrics

really wanna call you, but I know that it’s not right. I probably shouldn’t tell you but I dreamed of you last night. I guess I’m not prepared to say... Goodbye, so long, farewell, I won’t be seeing you again Until next time that he goes away. You told m

Kara - Broken promise lyrics

neuggyeodo ijen nan ooseumina ddo honja-in naega nan iksookhaejyeo. nalmada nooni bu-eunchae noonddeudeon nado deo eoptneungeol. ijeneun neo anin saramdeulgwa shwipge jal eo-oorrigo ootjidohago. neul neowa geonildeon gireul gado neol boge dwilgga dugeundaeneu

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The new order lyrics

you open the door Son I know the way Soon a flickering light Will grow Leave it to me now. Unchained Unchained Would you open the door Enter the here and now A new horizon You'll rise you'll fall And learn to live Keep the faith - kee

Rage Against The Machine - New millenium homes lyrics

people dont stay hungry for long They get hope from fire and smoke as the wheat grows strong Hungry people dont stay hungry for long They get hope from fire and smoke as they reach for the dawn Tha spirit of Jackson Now screams through tha ruins Through factory c

Royal Jester - The new order lyrics

all my lies are turning true And the gate has opened for you the hour may not he too late My voice is powerful to hear All the people will gather near To pursue my dream of hate My will shall be the law All of your strength I withdraw The ti

Real Sisters - The new order lyrics

all my lies are turning true And the gate has opened for you the hour may not he too late My voice is powerful to hear All the people will gather near To pursue my dream of hate My will shall be the law All of your strength I withdraw The time has come for justice

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - New angels of promise lyrics

angels of promise We despair We are the dead dreams We take the blame Take us to the edge of time Take us to the edge of time We are the fabulous lovers I'm a blind man and she's my eyes Suspicious minds You didn't feel us coming In this lonely crowd, i

Miracle Of Sound - Wolfenstein: new order song - resistance lyrics

into the peaceful sea In blue become a shade Years they sleep inside a moment Wake upon a blade Resist - remain Shaken from the still Resist - remain No more time to kill Breaking out through the doors Is there nothing worth saving anymore? Split the pillars of w

Mortifilia - The broken promise lyrics

cowardice, hypocrisy, lies they prefer their own goals they catch your hand, drag you into their world run away from those bastards And they cuddle you,give you all their love in the last minute rip you off all your illusions ,push you away run away from those bast

Anew Revolution - True faith (new order cover) lyrics

feel so extraordinary Something's got a hold on me I get this feeling I'm in motion A sudden sense of liberty I don't care 'cause I'm not there And I don't care if I'm here tomorrow Again and again I've taken too much Of the things that cost you too much I used to think that th

Scroobius Pip - Broken promises lyrics

is to anyone out there that's listening From anyone who ever let you down and went missing Lovers, parents, best friends, and siblings Sometimes life conspires to make liars of good men This is to anyone out there that's listening From everyone that ever let you down

Flyleaf - Broken wings 4 lyrics

you for being such a friend to me Oh I pray a friend for life And have I ever told you how much you mean to me Oh, you're everything to me I'm thinking all the time How to tell you what I feel I'm contemplating phrases I'm gazing at eternity I am floating in seren

New Found Glory - Broken sound lyrics

wake up something more than what I'm supposed to be something more than I have meant to show. how was i supposed to know that I've wanted, and I've waited. and I can be the one to show you that life's not simple enough. and I can be the one to tell you I've held this back fo

New Order lyricsNew Order - Face up lyrics

since I've seen your face This life of mine has gone to waste I was young and you were old And I always knew you were cold At the start you had a heart But in the end you lost your friend Can you see your own dark face? It's dieing in a lonely place Oh, how I

New Order lyricsNew Order - The village lyrics

a new life turns towards you And the night becomes a bay We shall remain forever Everyone who meets his way Oh, our love is like the flowers The rain and the sea and the hours Oh, our love is like the flowers The rain and the sea and the hours When the rain falls to

Shadow Gallery - New world order lyrics

day my fellow citizen I don't mean to intrude But allow me to get right down to the point We've monitored transmissions We calculate your moves Did you really think you're hidden from our sight? Your name's been added to a list that's been compiled Our age

Que - Broken promises lyrics

Q:] You promised me that you would love. You promised me that you would stay. You promised me that you would take my heart and never give away. You promised me that you would never cheat. You promised me that you would never change. You promised me you'll never leave. Promises yo

Tracy Chapman - Broken lyrics

can close your eyes And see a picture perfect life Inside of your mind Dreaming only of the days ahead Wanted and wished for more than now Or the days behind You waste your time The picture makes a promise The flesh lets it be broken The picture ma

Insania ( Ger ) - Broken hero lyrics

Hero I'm so tired of all fighting In the wars that I have been It hurts to march all over killing fields to nowhere Only sorrow you will find now If you look into my eyes I feel so disillusioned after all Hey - hear me calling - now I know Ain't no reason

Megadeth - New world order lyrics

hath the apostles gone? Joining hands with wicked ones Revelation has come to pass, New World Order will hold the mass A book written by the man Used to control and command All rights will be denied, Without the mark you shall die No confession, all is known

Hey! Say! Jump - New age lyrics

go Let go Hey mou sorosoro kidzukubeki toki sa Rise tsumari jidai ga bokura o oda asufaruto o kizamu kono step ga eiko no ID sa Hey go chukoku thank you Mr. Kedo mune no kodou ga judgement (Yeah yeah yeah Here we go! Yeah yeah yeah Ready go! Ha!) So sor

Gamma Ray - New world order lyrics

wings of tomorrow we're coming to fly Erasing the sorrow and this is the place where you die We're shaking the chains off the world of today We're coming to get you no matter what you're gonna say, This is the time of the ending It's the dawn of a new world order This i

Sail To North - New lights, lost sights lyrics

me why it's so hard to forget things, To fix my broken life, I'm still lying Tell me why it's so hard to regret things I knew from the start the end of story Keep on fighting for dreams, friends, love and nice songs When I'm just bent as a reed in a storm And I'm still ru

Q & Dawn - Broken promises lyrics

qwanell) you promised me that you would love u promised me that u would stay u promised me that you would take my heart and never give away u promised me that you would never cheat u promised me that u would never change you promised me u'll never leave promi

Gary Allan - Promise broken lyrics

m out here everyday breakin hearts along the way I cause tears to fall and some to lose it all This whole world would be Better off without me Well, I'm the saddest words you've spoken I'm a promise broken I'm the ballgame that you missed I'm the calls that don't come

Billy Ocean - Promise me lyrics

ve seen the seven wonders Of the world on display I've seen the loveliest of girls From London to L.A. Oh but nothing and nobody Compares to the beauty of you There's no-one like you So I take this time to make a pledge Of a love that will always be true Promise m

Flotsam And Jetsam - Promise keepers lyrics

full out on the streets tonight Swollen shut black eyes burning bright Folded arms hold everything she's ever owned Folded arms holding every broken bone Hard to stand on broken feet below the ground The silent face that screams a shattered sound More to the ey

Cocorosie - Promise lyrics

hearted as a heart can be 'Cause we all a ruin like broken leaves I give you me in oceans of tears up to my knees Stitched together like pants and sleeves I carry this carapace worn thin by he and she Danced to dust and dusk and Strung along the highway I found my way bell

Everlast - Broken lyrics

re the air that I breathe You're the sun when it breaks through the clouds You're all that I need But I know that you're having some doubts Down on my knees I'm praying you stick this out I'm beggin' you please girl I'm sorry I let you down I'm b

New Kids On The Block - Now or never lyrics

it up in my head like a billboard tile I want it so bad, so I gotta move fast. Been stuck in this town, spending too much time, Feeling sorry for myself, but I'm done with that. Hit the road, there's nothing left here but a broken promise. So let's go, say goodbye to fear, a

Neil Sedaka - New york city blues lyrics

and death in an alleyway Just a heartbeat away from a man Who's learned to turn his head away From the pain that drains the land. Harlem's not too far from here, You can smell the garbage, feel the fear. I hear they're gonna build a sky-scraper the

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Promise lyrics

I see it in your eyes There is a burden you cannot hide But in their arms you feel so alive And in a moment you're cast aside All lines have broken and we need you to hold on Your eyes have opened but you've got to go on I will comfort you I will stay with yo

Dot Hacker - Order/disorder lyrics

you want disorder? Well I don't believe you. I heard you order yourself around "Do this, move that." Why? Why? To left and right. Order disorder. Well I'll leave you To arrange your disarray anyway you see fit. It's cri

Down & Dirty - Promise lyrics

mistake I've made Every promise I've broken I regret every time, that you played in my way I'm lost, so lost, I'm lost to this game But I can't seem to stop 'Cause I'm loving every day 'Cause I'm loving every day Oh this one to say To leave me from

Misery Index - Order upheld / dissent dissolved lyrics

triumph of boredom in everyday life carries the wounded back to the frontline. These starving men will fill your cities and bring their broken dream to market. All done. Stuffed and overfed contained and cross- examined robbed of all crestivity Each t

Pagan's Mind - New world order lyrics

crimson burning skies Arrival of unknown existence Approaching closer Disconnecting understanding To be free Somewhere lost in time I`m dreaming And my lifeline is closing in Freed now, Unchained Echoes in time We`re left behind To understand T

Boyce Avenue - Broken angel lyrics

showed him all the best of you But I'm afraid your best Wasn't good enough And know he never wanted you At least not the way You wanted yourself to be loved And you feel like you were a mistake He's not worth all those tears that won't go away

Boyce Avenue - Broken angel (acoustic) lyrics

showed him all the best of you But I'm afraid your best Wasn't good enough And know he never wanted you At least not the way You wanted yourself to be loved And you feel like you were a mistake He's not worth all those tears that won't go away I wish you could se

Killing Joke - New jerusalem lyrics

communities Staring at their screens in silence All night surfing til the dawn Everyone´s hooked on online porn All the people indifferent to torture The media gives the thumbs up To the Gaza slaughter Shallow no attention span No empathy for the common man In Iraq a quarte

Ruby Throat - Broken machine lyrics

m trapped in the cracks Of a broken machine Rust bleeding rust To some forgotten sea But this skin is your skin A muscle moves beneath The staircase folded and mouldered away The suitcase disembowelled I'm trying to play But the weight of the weight weighs Bird shapes

Jon Anderson - New civilization lyrics

you imagine all the world Decided where we're going Can you imagine a new dance They call it syncopation Ain't it right to think the start Of anything just means there's Something going on-yeah Something going on-yeah, yeah, yeah We change our style We change

New Order lyricsNew Order - Dreams never end lyrics

promise could be your fiend A given end to your dreams A simple movement or rhyme Could be the smallest of signs We'll never know what they are or care In it's escapable view There's no escape so few in fear Give in a changing value To be given your sight Hid in

Soundgarden lyricsSoundgarden - New damage lyrics

new damage comes It's a faceless poison A new world order It's new damage done The wreck is going down Get out before you drown The wreck is going down Get out before you drown When new damage comes It's a new word for plague A new world order A new wo

August Burns Red - Broken promises lyrics

ve given up on us You've taken all I've made and all I've become You've given up on us Just another empty promise by those I love Pushing me down flat on the ground t Tying to escape the pain I needed you to meet me half way, But I'm left abandoned with no

Eidolon - Order of the white light lyrics

suffer black silence I am your God Searching for an answer What do you want me to this time? If your flowers are dying And all is lost Shout! Your plea to the heavens Pray your God to fulfill your needs Bridge: Calling for the legions Pray

Layla (uk) - New year lyrics

day of new year Nothing's changed Still feeling broken Still want the same First day of new year Brush off the past Farewell ambition You never last Hi lovers lost behind us Hi lessons we failed to learn Hi those who tried to mold us And change us for the worst You can't cov

Dropkick Murphys - Broken hymns lyrics

the fog and smoke is lifting From the fallen row on row In 1861 the prayed for God to keep their souls Jimmy left home in April That was one year to the day Writes his mother back home in Brighton But he ain't got much to say He's forgotten what his town looks like The smell

Kutless - Promise of a lifetime lyrics

have fallen to my knees As I sing a lullaby of pain I'm feeling broken in my melody As I sing to help the tears go away Then I remember the pledge you made to me (Chorus) I know you're always there To hear my every prayer inside I'm clinging to The promise of a lifetime I

New Eden - The promise lyrics

risk of the horizon is worth the aging of the mind Go and make your own.....WAY!!! Slowly moving sands of time Sheltered by the wings of Infinity Soldier of his own master plan Drifting endless, broken dreams Diving in the sea of eternity Soaring

New Years Day - Murder lyrics

re so dead to me Another broken promise and our love ends tragically May I suggest your lock your doors and hide the key somewhere deep inside your dresser drawers Hey love tell me what's that sound, Could it be that I've found you? Wont you take a look

Crash The System - Broken glass lyrics

are a talker, you are a player You are a brown-nose, yes-sayer You make the simplest things Seem so complicated (so complicated) You find smoke, but no fire You like a tacky, desire You make the simplest things So goddamn aggravating (So aggravating)

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