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Foreigner - In pieces lyrics

I am in this place again Its not where I wanna be, ... a thousand times Now I think we've crossed the line Don ... it seems so clear I'm asking you - Where do we go from

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - In pieces (deluxe edition) lyrics

the sound of my own breathing It makes me miss you more ... when it's over after the ending When the damage has all ... I bleed Just leave me here in pieces, in pieces I can't

Entrails - In pieces lyrics

acts, horrid deeds Digging up corpses, newly entombed ... And make sure there's no one in sight A lust of the wicked ... lust for the vile Repeating unspeakable acts Obscene

J Majik-wickaman - In pieces lyrics

me in pieces But I can't let you go ... You pull me in Like the tears through a ... straw I know I can't win, no Twist me around Spun in ... yeah I was shocked to find out But the truth is that I

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - In pieces lyrics

you hate There's truth in your lies Doubt in your ... lay to waste There's truth in your lies Doubt in your ... Be the one to leave this In pieces And you You will be alone

Hüsker Dü - Broken home, broken heart lyrics

house I wonder what goes on inside When you have to cry ... to sleep at night A broken home, a broken heart When ... of them will have to part Broken home, broken heart Now you

Fates Warning - Pieces of me lyrics

m lying broken under jagged pieces Of burned out bridges ... Suffocating I can't breathe No ... direction I'm scattered in the breeze Living on ... I look As far as I can see Broken promises, broken promises Pieces of me... I'm drowning,

Gary Allan - Pieces lyrics

ve been broken, torn and scattered I've loved holy, I've loved ... sin I was rolling on the wind It didn't matter I was ... and every tear It was all mine, it was all me Chorus: Pieces of my heart Pieces of my

Nightcore - Pieces lyrics

m here again, a thousand miles away from ... you, a broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am, I tried ... I see your face, I know I'm finally yours, I find everything

Red - Pieces lyrics

m here again A thousand miles away from ... you A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am I tried ... ll see your face I know I'm finally yours I find everything

The Kinks - Scattered lyrics

is sewn All the children are scattered By a breeze that is blown ... Now the crops are all scattered We are torn, we are ... we gathered Are overgrown in weeds and in tatters Through

Rascal Flatts - Pieces lyrics

regret My memory for keeping you around Girl I thought ... that you were mine But my broken hearts been shattered One ... when you're gone I'm certain that I've given and oh how

Flyleaf - Broken pieces (apocalyptica) lyrics

answer. I need to pack it in. I can't pull your heart ... And as the light with you in dark I saw you turn to ... once you loved But I'm losing this And I'm losing you

Apocalyptica lyricsApocalyptica - Broken pieces (feat. lacey sturm) lyrics

answer. I need to pack it in. I can't pull your heart ... And as the light with you in dark I saw you turn to ... once you loved But I'm losing this And I'm losing you

Lil' Mo - Broken heart lyrics

a hit and run. I can't think right. I can't see straight ... Ain't got no appetite. Been having chest pain. May need some ... Because of all the pain. Some type of remedy. I'll

Andre Nickatina - Pieces of a broken man lyrics

Of A Broken Man -Andre Nickatina i got a habit like a crazy ... lady ive been an addict since the late 80's i got tha ... game i would hang like the chain on your neck man you see the pieces of a broken man they say that

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - Broken lyrics

these words, there's no meaning anymore. You can take away ... everything leave me lying on the floor, all those ... I feel your touch, I'm broken. Shattered all the pieces of

Drew Sidora - Broken lyrics

all alone oh My heart is beating but it's torn on two Deep in this cool mood all I know it ... the clue was you I'm so broken Tried to put the pieces back

Adam Lambert - Broken open lyrics

pieces, break into me So imperfectly what you ... Don't wanna see you back out in the cold Air you're breathing out fades you to gray Don't ... run away, find me I know the battles of

Authority Zero - Broken dreams lyrics

you don't try? Does everything just fall apart and leave ... you Stranded standing on the side? Now questioning whats right in front of your ... won't be alright That everything is a waste I can't believe

Aviators - Pieces of me lyrics

and waiting For a chance to shine ... Fighting, concealing These demons of mine I'm ... innocent but I'm hardly a saint Fighting and living ... without a complaint Feeling those feelings That I can

Patty Loveless - Pieces on the ground lyrics

this broken body In pieces on the ground My spirit's ... My world's been crashing down The weight upon your ... Got so heavy they just gave in Till could not lift my head

Freak Kitchen - Scattered lyrics

up in pieces On Monday noon I´m a burdon ... it was time to quit But only in my mind Guess you don´t know ... your own kind Guess I failed to walk ... tactics were just wrong Only in my mind I´ll make it the

David Byrne - Broken things lyrics

are broken things In my house There are broken ... things In my house Some are twisted ... they snapped There are broken Things in here There are broken Things in here Things in pieces Things in knots Things

Bribry - Pieces lyrics

heard my cry I woke up hugging air My father walked in thinking his son, was still in ... 'Cause no one knows I'm in pieces I've enough weaknesses ... without a broken heart But I can't lie around

Bry - Pieces lyrics

heard my cry I woke up hugging air My father walked in thinking his son, was still in ... 'Cause no one knows I'm in pieces I've enough weaknesses ... without a broken heart But I can't lie around

Bethel Music - Pieces lyrics

unrestrained Your love is wild Your ... You don't give Your heart in pieces You don't hide ... us Uncontrolled, uncontained Your love is a fire Burning bright for me It's not just

Mandisa - Broken hallelujah lyrics

before You Lord My heart's in a thousand pieces Maybe even ... more Yet I trust in this moment You're with me ... now When all that I can sing Is a broken hallelujah

Bush lyricsBush - Broken in paradise lyrics

the future Where it was all mine This must be the sound ... must be the space Everything is possible When you made ... we all been saved She’s broken in paradise The furniture is

Kate Alexa - Broken beautiful lyrics

fall apart and I run in from anywhere Like cameras ... at an accident Staring eyes I wonder why I care ... I'll be frightened by the pain But watch your tragedy again

Hall & Oates - I'm in pieces lyrics

J. Allen Why do I go all to pieces When you breezin' by My ... to `Cause I've been a fool in love Over and over again hey ... hey You gotta know I'm in trouble And I'm all undone

Saliva - Rest in pieces lyrics

perception must be off again 'Cause this hurts deeper ... time It just shot down my spine You look so beautiful ... tonight Reminds me how you laid us down

Ella Henderson - Pieces lyrics

s alright Right when we live in pieces But pieces fall apart ... A part of you is missing Mr. Done with thinking I ... think we went too far Now ... we kiss It ends up being a mess You say that it's

Hall And Oates - I'm in pieces lyrics

do I go all to pieces When you’re breezin’ by My ... to `cause I’ve been a fool in love Over and over again ... You gotta know I’m in trouble I’m all undone Got

Onslaught - Rest in pieces lyrics

world of peace A morbid fascination Intravenous cobalt eyes ... chemical persuasion An agonizing slow demise Seasoned to ... the screams of pain Extermination with disdain With

Six Feet Under - Rest in pieces lyrics

drive you to hell the coffin opens, you're dead on the ... table i prepare the pieces for burial brain removed as ... i stick in the needle to drain out the pus, blood, and bile

Chicago - Heart in pieces lyrics

I can never hide From the pieces of my heart that fall like rain from the sky. [Chorus:] ... you hear the sound of a mountain crashing down, It's just my

Quorthon - Coming down in pieces lyrics

from start I judged everything by my damned heart I ... walked unprotected 'gainst the blows How was I ... to really know When you think you know what's the right thing to do And you find you

Kacey Musgraves - Pieces lyrics

from lie to lie And I'm a train wreck on the the inside I ... wish I could be but I think I am Over you and up again ... I live in pieces Everyday makes a hole an

A Life Divided - Pieces lyrics

room Hope is hard to find Sense of guilt's tearing ... mission a mistake Got nothing good to do Hide away I ... away My way Please cut me in pieces Hide away I'll find a

Gruntruck - Broken lyrics

words, broken heart Broken lip, broken jaw Broken house ... broken heart Broken hip, here come the cops ... and stare at the sun Chokin' words, chokin' thoughts

The Posies - Broken record lyrics

record, broken record Sunny day at the ... mumbles "You're screwing it wrong..." "You ... re screwing it wrong..." Like a broken record, broken record Like a

Atrophy - Rest in pieces lyrics

your ass off every day Nothing do you own Sold your soul ... to the system Another f***ing clone Never ask for nothing ... Ambitions shattered Another mindless slave [Chorus:] You

Danny L Harle - Broken flowers lyrics

like showers There's nothing I can see Lying awake for ... I thought I was free Lying awake for hours With just ... your broken flowers Teardrops feel ... like showers There's nothing I can see Lying awake for

Brenda Lee - Broken trust lyrics

trust makes a jealous heart. Injured love slowly falls apart. ... t right, Above the lies of a broken trust Young love is such a ... special thing, It spoils the heart for

Broken Iris - Broken inside lyrics

me I dare You to cross the line again Because deep down inside there's something that ... waits to be.. Broken inside Feeling alive Forced to ... Who casts me aside I'm waiting to be Broken inside Losing

Anti-flag - Broken bones lyrics

bones and broken glass, Broken hearts and broken heads. Livin’ the life. Close my eyes ... got no chance A freight train racing set to crash. Broken bones and broken glass, Broken hearts and broken heads. Livin’ the life. ohhhhhhhh Broke

Jeffrey Lewis - Broken, broken, broken, heart lyrics

broken broken heart When will you just go ... away You just hurt hurt hurt inside of me Every minute of ... all I do is try try not to think Not to think of anything at

Demilich - And you'll remain... (in pieces in nothingnes.. lyrics

backyard you see a white stain Nevertheless, looking unreal ... like a tiny passage to emptiness Thinking of touching ... the thing you kneel over it Interest exceeding carefulness

Finger Eleven - Broken words lyrics

s the one who saw my words Broken, Torn at the seams And broken words were all she heard Now ... she's walking away from me Some never ... but now All I see Is everything she meant to

Mystic-force - Broken heroes lyrics

wonder Armor clad pulses rising with the sun Facing death ... not really knowing why A victory that's lost in their mind They journey ... command Conquered at their final stand Broken heroes

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Broken man lyrics

by a broken window Up in a back room swallowing wine ... Gazing down a backstreet garden ... With my bed chair table and wine Looks like I'm going no ... I'll always be a backstreet broken man Oooh broken man, oh yeah

Liam Espinosa - Broken heart lyrics

All this time I've been tryin to find myself The way it ... hurts inside of me It kills me from ... within Please save me Please ... I Could heal and save this broken heart I can't go on Feeling mutilated My soul is gone

Manilla Road - Rest in pieces lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental

12 Stones - Broken lyrics

again again alone Patiently waiting by ... the phone Hoping that you will call me home ... The pain inside my love denied Hopes and ... swallowed by pride Everything I need it lies in you

Tracy Chapman - Broken lyrics

see a picture perfect life Inside of your mind Dreaming ... more than now Or the days behind You waste your time The ... promise The flesh lets it be broken The picture makes a promise

Mxpx - Broken hearted lyrics

broken hearted, broken hearted for you So don’t get ... gonna do You’ll break it again I know I can’t win You’ll ... just break my heart again You chose the words you

Jess  Glynne lyricsJess Glynne - Broken lyrics

broken, so broken Sometimes when I fall down ... don't let it show But you find me Sometimes when the day ... I've done wrong It's something that I'll never know How

Digga - Broken lyrics

was whole (The player thing) (I let it go) (Thought ... our life was set in stone) But it wasn't and I'm ... here alone (Nothing is in front of me) (I feel I can't

Dj Ironic - Broken lyrics

Spoken) I didn’t ever think it would come to this day, ... Broken, Its hard man, I hope you ... cuz I learned so much I think I was blind, My boys ... say that I’ve lost my mind, I feel so cold, I’m in

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