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Freda Payne - Bring the boys home lyrics

lovers are all alone Mothers are prayin', send our sons ... 'em 'bout it) You marched them away, yes you did now, on ... war facing death in vain Bring the boys home (bring 'em back

Ben Harper - Bring the funk lyrics

it's on the one You know the funk's begun When you are ... down and out There is no doubt You need the ... funk Just bring the funk Bring the funk Bring the funk

Smashing Pumpkins - Bring the light lyrics

I learn It's light To bring the light I fought with all ... my might With light Oh bring the light Light Bring the ... tonight You'll never need another sound Oh bring the light Bring the light to me Here and

Manafest - Bring the ruckus lyrics

with my past If you want it Bring the ruckus Turn it up a notch ... Carry you, out of my face is the scenario, Telling you to ... come and bring the ruckus, You can try but

Rascal Flatts - Bring the family lyrics

dozen of us Like to get together and party Take a little ... time, say goodbye To the week, down by the creek bank ... sweet harmony When you hear the sound, turn around and just

Kingspade - Bring the crowd lyrics

like this (That's right) Bring the crowd from the back to the front (That's right) Bring the crowd from the back to the ... front (That's right) Bring the crowd from the back to the

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Bring the rain lyrics

all that I've gone through The question just amazes me Can ... life has changed Long before these rainy days It's never ... oh Lord My only shelter from the storm But instead I draw

Riot ( Usa ) - Bring the hammer down lyrics

docile man has his limit The point beyond which he can't ... not expect him to explode There comes that moment One must ... fight to survive Bring the hammer down Strike with fury

Dubioza Kolektiv lyricsDubioza Kolektiv - Bring the system lyrics

System Down: Fightin' with the wisdom For Bosnian kingdom ... Pointin' the gun man, Got a gun man, But ... shoot noone Why can I deny the fight Can I deny the fight

Devildriver - Bring the fight (to the floor) lyrics

tales from the rats, They're filled with disgust I'm ... s my friend And who's riding the coattails 'til the end ... Sure as shit There's nothing that will change

Disciple - Bring the heat lyrics

a peace (John 16:33) stop the disease the Spirit sees I ... me to (Deuteronomy 30:19) bring it to me bring the heat bring ... it to me, bring the heat (Matthew 3:11) open my eyes (Psalm

Extreme Music - Bring the fire lyrics

and your back against the wall You can't be Don't ... you play Extraordinary's the only way Bring the fire ... And be what they can't be Light it up And

M.i.a. - Bring the noize lyrics

you gotta spit it out! Let the bottom two, let my wisdom ... work it out Big on the underground, can’t knock me ... I Sleep in my tent and then I stand by it too I can say

S Club 7 - Bring the house down lyrics

the night draws in Let the game begin It’s a groove ... movin’ So let’s run away The mood can’t be that hard to ... reach The night will just take us there

Beady Eye - Bring the light lyrics

bring the light You get to see You bring the love It's ecstacy I ... m talking you drinking I get the car, you're getting up I'm ... re gettin up, gettin up I bring the light You get to see

Live - Bring the people together lyrics

was lost, I am found All the buildings are burnt to the ... Do you see your son down on the street? Is that a gun or ... just the father that he needs? Do you cry,

Nightcore - Bring the fire lyrics

oh oh oh oh ohoh oooh Bring the Fire Tonight (2x) Let´s ... sneak in the back Gettin´in for free ... it up, do it up, do it up on the floor Aye ah, aye ah, and Bring the Fire Tonight Do it up,

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - Bring the boys back home lyrics

the boys back home Bring the boys back home Don't leave the children on their own No, no ... Bring the boys back home Bring the boys back home Don't

Hammerfall - Bring the hammer down lyrics

flag, one world united Under the sun the powers came alive The sound of our cause, the ... and let it all come out Bring the Hammer down Slam it down

Hon - Bring the runes out lyrics

hook] I bring the runes out (4x) More than a ... ass at bitch I'm thunderbringer can't you see me grippin my ... I'll stomp your nuts to the beat, you better roll 5 deep

Quench - Bring the summer in lyrics

summer carpet 'tween the trees No longer smothered by the leaves You bring your sun to ... light the days The summertime lightens my ways ... Though the rain is falling fast The

Snak The Ripper - Bring the thunda lyrics

Bring The Thunda The Bring The Thunda The Bring The Thunda ... The Bring The

Raven - Bring the hammer down lyrics

boy, you can't break free The arm of the law giving you the ... my pay Gonna lose control by the end of the day Heads are ... tonight Hear my blood boil, the end's in sight With all your

Dyslesia - Bring the sunlight back lyrics

asked me what's wrong with the world No one will answer but ... the master That's sit on the highchair And watches the ... reasons you would kill All the people around you without

Heaven Shall Burn - Bring the war home lyrics

I threw my useless life Into their wars and riots For the ... ideal To serve the ones I love Yes, all too ... And men like me are not the butchers I brought justice

Anthrax - Bring the noise lyrics

go? Death row, what a brother knows Once again back is the incredible The rhyme animal ... The incredible D, Public Enemy, ... never had a gun But it's the wax that the terminator x

Disciple - Bring the dead to life lyrics

wandered my way in the darkness I feel lonely, ... I can’t get out Been pushing the blame where I wanted But I’m ... I need you Jesus So let the grave burst open wide Cause

Can't Stop Won't Stop - Bring the funk lyrics

Can't Stop Won't Stop, it's the top shelf Top dolla - all ... Now if you like this funk, Then put yo name on it it's like ... buzzards when it stunk they get all up on it And we bringin it here, the purpose is

H.e.a.t - Bring the stars lyrics

than right here in your arms the love I feel the hunger for ... inside our dream You make the stars start falling baby bring the stars we will make all

Mindless Self Indulgence - Bring the pain lyrics

tell ya now i came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain ... monumental methods, im not the king but niggazz is decaf i ... stick 'em for the cream check it just how deep

Mindless Self Indulgence - Bring the pain (new wave) lyrics

tell you now I came to bring the pain Hardcore from the brain ... monumental Methods I'm not the king but nigga's is decaf I ... stick 'em for the cream, check it Just how

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Bring the pain lyrics

Chuck D] "Are we on the air?" [beat from ... Man's original "Bring the Pain" starts ... ! [Missy] And I came to bring the pain, hardcore to the

Paragon - Bring the hammer down lyrics


Candiria - Bring the pain multiple incisions lyrics

in flames Infliction the devices Resting on the ... An act of true emotion Burn the styrofoam remains Multiple ... incisions A puncturing of the many senses A lack of truth

Carpark North - Bring the lights lyrics

wasn't anyone to fight There wasn't a soul in town No ... no one to turn me down But there was hope the day you came ... open my eyes I can see the bright lights And they are

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Bring the exodus lyrics

bust open wide as the furies swarm in anger.We're ... coming from the sky in a fire storm of ... Welcome tonight,welcome to the exodus. People are melting

Saigon - The invitation (feat. fatman scoop, q-tip) lyrics

this metropolis I represent the poor and proper-less caught ... in monopolies The pessimists out-numbered the ... optimists on the block and it's coppers that

Crystal Viper - The spell of death lyrics

on... Barefoot and scared, they throw her in the snow, Her ... where she'll go... Will the moon see her blood tonight? ... Around her all those who bring the death. It seems to be the end.. [Sarah:] &quot

Right Said Fred - Bring your smile lyrics

your smile Bring your lips Bring those sweet ... words I can sip Bring your heart Bring your beat ... That always brings me to my feet 'Cause you

Lostprophets - Bring 'em down lyrics

dont be so sure, I've seen them come, I've seen them go, They thought they'd win, but now they know, You aint the first to ... come and try, Wont be the last to say goodbye, Through

Nonpoint - Bring me down lyrics

it rain on you. I'm gonna bring the pain to you. Put you ... you can You're never gonna bring me down You're gonna fight ... gonna win You're never gonna bring me down You really think

Honey Cocaine - Bring it all to me lyrics

as f*** I’m watching all the things that you do See here ... I am, and this is not the shit I’m used to But do you ... have plans? I’m going to the crib, won’t you come through

Jim Lea - We’ll bring the house down lyrics

hysteria We'll bring the house down We'll bring the ... up loud Earthquake through the crowd Come on, head down, ... shake, come on We'll bring the house down We’ll-we’ll

Lordi - Bring it on (the raging hounds return) lyrics

I am me, who the hell are you? I bring the ... word from the dead This is the day they shall re-animate ... And get their claws on your necks A ... are howling Awaken from their sleep of sin Hail to the

Sia lyricsSia - Bring night lyrics

night, bring the night on Bring a little bit of dance, bring ... a little bit of song, yeah Bring night, bring the night on I ... day has felt so long, yeah Bring night, bring the night on The music cuts into me and I know

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - We bring the shake lyrics

names, we come to you We own the game we run to you We bring the blazing sun to you We bring the blazing gun to you We are ... contempt we mock you now We bring the shake to rock you now

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - The boys lyrics

Any closer and you’ll feel the heat (GG) You don’t have to ... look will make it hard to breathe (T.R.X) B-Bring the boys ... out (Yeah, You know) B-Bring the boys out (We bring the boys

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - The boys (kor. version) lyrics

nawa bwara jom! (T.R.X) B-Bring the boys out (Yeah, You know) ... B-Bring the boys out (We bring the boys out! We bring the ... boys out! Yeah) B-Bring the boys out sunrie majchwo

The Monkees - You bring the summer lyrics

ll bring the chips and the dips and root beer Even ... When you come around you bring the Summer I'll lay the ... out neat Even though weathermen say there'll be sleet

Scooter lyricsScooter - We bring the noise! lyrics

mental shouts to the crowd This is the sound of the underground! Yeah! Now the ... can see a swelter Switch on the lights Jam's hot on the mic ... We still rock the nation That's our reputation

Slade - We'll bring the house down lyrics

woh-oh Woh-oh, woh-oh Turn the megawatts way up loud Send ... an earth tremor through the crowd C'mon, ya heads start ... c'mon I said Chorus We'll bring the house down We'll bring the house down We'll bring the

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - Bring da ruckus (demo version) lyrics

Intro:] [Rza] Bring da bring da muthaf***in' ruckus! En ... style [Chorus: RZA] Bring da motherf***in ruckus Bring ... da motherf***in ruckus Bring da mother, bring da motherf***in ruckus Bring da motherf***in ruckus [Verse One:

Lil' Flip - I came to bring the pain lyrics

with deep voice] I, I came to bring the pain, pain I, I came to bring the pain, pain I, I came to bring the pain, pain I, I came to bring the pain, pain I came to.. I,

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - Bring da ruckus lyrics

Shaolin shadowboxing, and the Wu-Tang sword style If what ... you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang ... Tang style Chorus: RZA Bring da motherf***in ruckus Bring

Krypteria - Time to bring the pain lyrics

the hunter, you the prey, I got you in my sight ... Licking my chops the wait is over and the time’s ... let’s go Time for me to bring the pain - venatrix

Prince - The everlasting now lyrics

That breeds a fool But the ones that teaches Men aren't ... it 'round And tossed in2 the deep blue underground No ... longer lead by the ways of men He looked 4 the

Domine - The messenger lyrics

rays of dawn, I rise up by the cold morning light, And I'm ... on my way Soon the sound of my horse will be ... breaking the silence of a brand new day ... can see my face as I hide in the dark of my jet black cloak

Samain - The fire of doom lyrics

m coming back out of the spellbound city you'd left a ... million years before the time has come I'm filling the ... Of Lore' Try to remember the wise and peaceful age when

Angel (us) - I'll bring the whole world to your door lyrics

love you. I'm yours 'till the sun falls from the sky. ... 'Till the birds forget how to fly. It ... wanna hold you tight, 'Till the mornin' light. C'mon and

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The ninth wave lyrics

dark night embraces We are the nation I will cleanse all ... thoughts We will cleanse them all Now, my children For the sake of our nation Let us ... dark night embraces We are the nation Be my fellowmen We

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