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Novembers Doom - Of age and origin - part 2 : a day of joy lyrics

2 : A Day of Joy This is where I belong And it is here where I will write To scribe the tale of age and origin Where words are mine and mine alone One truth, one tale And your judgement has no effect This is mine, this subtle lie Like a God who’s hope has

Clannad - Brian boru's march lyrics

Boru, one of the greatest And coolest high kings of ireland Will have his 1000 year anniversary On Good Friday in 2014 and we're having a party To cheer him on his way. He was the "Ard Ri", meaning "High King"

No Angels - Rivers of joy lyrics

ve been around and I'm just wishing on a star I've travelled a long ways but I've never been this far I've seen the world with my eyes never did I know But I'm gonna find a way no matter what they say In the rivers of joy hallelujah joy - I believe In the

Harry Nilsson - Joy lyrics

other day I met a girl named Joy She said come here, I'm gonna make you my joy boy Well, things went good and things went bad Now everytime I think of Joy It makes me sad It makes me... sad The other day I met a girl named Joy She said Roy! I'm gonna make you my

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Joy lyrics

Talib Kweli] Wooaahh! yeah on top of the world Yeah, that's how my seeds got me feeling' right now on top of the world Yeah, you ever felt like you could do anything, (Yeah) on top of the world (?) I'ma hold y'all down for real, (Gotcha!) [Talib Kweli] It was 1996, 4th of

B. J. Thomas - Mighty clouds of joy lyrics

Them old bad dreams Been sleeping in your bed And them old dark clouds Been hanging around your head But all your hard times Will vanish in the wind Wh...

Otis Redding - Ton of joy lyrics

baby nothing but a ton of joy Children, yes she is one ton of joy My baby nothing but a ton of joy Love, love, love, love, love, lovely Lovely ton of joy The way she love me Makes me know I'm a man What she do for me You don't understand, children Baby, y

And One - Shouts of joy lyrics

saw the danger Signs in the dark Sons of the stranger Know they bite Before they bark They hunt the preacher Right next to me Come see the creatures Swinging on the highest ring I hear the creatures singing every song for me We are, we are to celebrate With

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Song of joy lyrics

mercy on me, sir Allow me to impose on you I have no place to stay And my bones are cold right through I will tell you a story Of a man and his family And I swear that it is true Ten years ago I met a girl named Joy She was a sweet and happy thing Her eyes wer

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Sea of joy lyrics

the shadows of the skies, Or are they only figments of my eyes? And I'm feeling close to when the race is run. Waiting in our boats to set sail. Sea of joy. Once the door swings open into space, And I'm already waiting in disguise. Is it just a thorn be

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - Fields of joy lyrics

s wander slowly through the fields slowly slowly through the fields i touch the leaves that touch the sky just you and i through fields of joy all trouble slowly fades away slowly slowly fades away i hold your hand inside my hand across the land throu

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - Fields of joy (reprise) lyrics

s wander slowly through the fields Slowly slowly through the fields I touch the leaves that touch the sky Just you and I through fields of joy All trouble slowly fades away Slowly slowly fades away I hold your hand inside my hand Across the land through fields of jo

Rick Ross - "tears of joy" lyrics

Rick Ross - VERSE 1] Smoking the best spliff in a brand new Benz no I'd on the track let the story begin. begin... Lookin in the mirror but I don't see much Staring in the streets so I don't sleep much Watching the snakes so they don't creep up But the way I'm gettin dis money

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Best of joy lyrics

am your joy your best of joy I am the moonlight you are the spring our lives a sacred thing you'll know I always will love you I am forever I am the one who came when you fell down I was the only one around when things would hurt you I am foreve

Black Lab - River of joy lyrics

heard you say a word it was something that wasn't clear I heard you say something that was sucked down in my ears I thought you could tell me. I got it all wrong. I hear the sound of your voice even when you are gone. it's the sound, it's the sound of the river o

Diary Of Dreams - Tears of joy lyrics

dared to believe what you said in your sleep but a master at this even lies under tears I never felt home in a life of regret Your embrace was so tight that I woke up at night I fell my tears of joy revealing my relief Finally home Finally ho

Monoral - Pocketful of joy lyrics

you think of something I'm waiting there I'm always ready for you No matter what Every single move you make Every single choice you make is right Cause I made them for you Can you see them falling? I can see them falling for you Can you hear them cr

Old Dead Tree, The - Joy happiness lyrics

friend, we can't forget you As you wanted us to do. This letter you've written... These words... Your last deed. We can't forget, we can't forget The one you used to be. But we will always smile When we'll think about... These great moments of joy and happiness. But t

Rapture - Transfixion (...for the butterflies of joy) lyrics

isolation is complete Diseases on our skin Reflect us upon the earth The light is dim and the air is dead Through delirium I realized why!) Now I draw the line To resign from the world of mine Begin from being no one Rise higher and higher to hit the ground

Bilocate - Days of joy lyrics

of Joyous Pain … Passing Alone with the Mist Ahead in my sight She's trying to understand …our life She looks with her eyes. An Innocent Smile Captures our souls… I can hear the wind in her breath I can see the look in her eyes She doesn't know ,She will never know Still

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - Hymn of joy lyrics

joyful, we adore Thee God of glory, Lord of love Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee Opening to the sun above Melt the clouds of sin and sadness Drive the dark of doubt away Giver of immortal gladness Fill us with the light of day Rejoice, rejoice! Emmanue

Novembers Doom - Of age and origin - part 1: a violent day lyrics

1 : Violent Day A vision of cruelty now burn into eyes Tortured, trapped, and mesmerized Living resistance by hand or by throat Pull me to safety, hide from humanity Gallery of the assault Escape the obscure fiend Disappear in times absurd Seal the maze whi

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Hey santa! lyrics

Santa! When are you going to Atlanta? Can I hitch a ride with you old man? Cause my gal lives in Dixie land. Santa don’t bring me any toys, Just bring my baby and a bottle of joy. Maybe just a taste for Uncle Roy, We all know Santa is a good ole boy. Cou

Mgmt - Brian eno lyrics

tired Soul searching I followed the sounds to a cathredal Imagine my surprise to find that they were produce by Brian Eno Past the gates Quite stark The roses trimmed and the windows dark I see the walls through a limestone crack Not red not blue not yellow but black And all

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