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Hillsong United - Soon lyrics

and very soon My King is coming Robed in righteousness and crowned with love When I see Him I shall be made like Him Soon and very soon Soon and very soon I’ll be going To the place He has prepared for me There my sin erased My shame forgotten Soon and very soo

George Gershwin - Soon lyrics

the lonely nights will be ended. Soon, two hearts as one will be blended. I’ve found the happiness I’ve waited for, The only girl that I was fated for. Oh, soon..... A little cottage will find us safe With all our cares far behind us Da da da Dee dee dee

Pallalon - 8)top new electro-house and trance music mix lyrics

Drivepilot vs. GSUS vs. Blaster - Crucifix Stuntman (Nasty Dope Bootleg) 2. K12 & The Noisy Freaks - Snowflakes (Original Mix) 3. Midnight Conspiracy - Discord (Original Mix) 4. Skanek - Cosmos 5. Ryan Enzed - Skyscraper (PrototypeRaptor Remix)

Captain Hollywood Project - More and more (underground mix) lyrics

and more and more, I don't know where we're going to More and more and more, there's so much we don't wanna do 'Cause without we cheat and we learn from each and every heart affair It's without we cheat and we hurt till somebody's in despair Boom, ke

Moby lyricsMoby - Very lyrics

we will make it Inside, oh inside Love, you won't be alone Inside, oh inside Hey It's cold out there So come inside So come inside Hey It's warm in here So come inside So come inside Now we will make it Just you, you and me Soon we'll take it Ju

Leann Rimes - Soon lyrics

Baby I will cry my last tears, soon, yeah I will be over you Soon darling all these tears will be here Soon yeah You know that I will be over you soon One night, baby, you won´t be in my dreams One night, yeah, I´ll finally make it through One night darling I won´t call out your nam

Devendra Banhart - Soon is good lyrics

is good, sooner is best Under evil doorsteps The end of May, of May Of May, of May Mid July, the middle of June Evil Elvis, good afternoon Soon is yours but soon to be mine Prize beats puzzle everytime Well, end of May, the middle of June They'll be coming home soon

Da Brat - Keepin' it live lyrics

oh o, uh uh o, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Uh oh o, uh uh o, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah [Verse One:] Bringing more noise than pg-we true and flew in life Leave us-JD and rock a party all night tight nigga One, two, three, four, five, six, seven I can rap like hell but make it sound

Canton Jones - Already gone lyrics

Verse 1:] I'm in a zone and I'm already gone, And it's already on, should've already known Act accordingly, you're in Rome Game gotta nappy head, gotta get get my comb Don't smoke but I still stay stoned Ain't high off chief and budda I'

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - Very ape lyrics

am buried up to my neck in Contradictionary flies I take pride as the king of illiterature I'm very ape and very nice If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask someone else first I'm too busy acting like I'm not naive. I've seen it all I was here fir

A Thousand Falling Skies - And still i try lyrics


Jem - And so i pray lyrics

is brewing in the air tonight So many pressures on my mind Want to escape just wanna run away But it's not an option I have to stay And so I pray I wish that all these things would go away To disappear if only for a day Know I can't go but I don't wanna st

Elliphant - Ciant hear it [sonar cousin remix] (trap mix) lyrics

drippin' spirit comin' up Comin' from the deep he's comin' closer don't stop One more day after the day Gritty memory now come to hunt down me na Down down anger bang anxiety Swimmin' in a freakin' sea of shitsponsibility Sister dropped her coke now All over me w

2pac lyrics2pac - Brenda´s got a baby lyrics

s got a Baby Brenda's got a Baby I hear Brenda's got a baby Well, Brenda's barely got a brain A damn shame Tha girl can hardly spell her name (That's not her problem, that's up ta Brenda's family) Well let me show ya how it affects tha whole community Now Br

Tupac Shakur lyricsTupac Shakur - Brenda's got a baby lyrics

Intro: Dave Hollister] Brenda's got a baby [Verse: 2Pac] I hear Brenda's got a baby, but Brenda's barely got a brain A damn shame, the girl can hardly spell her name "That's not our problem, that's up to Brenda's family" Well, let

The Hollies - Listen to me lyrics

to me I'll sing a song to change your mind Have you ever wondered why Whenever thing goes wrong Nobody stops to lend a hand Nobody seems to care When she looks you in the eye And suddenly you're strong And very soon you realise That you didn't care about love L

Brenda Lee - Christy christmas lyrics

s got a brand new helper, you're the first one to be told. He wears a hat that's trimmed with fur and his boots are made of gold. His name is Christy Christmas, he's cute as he can be. He's made of wood cause Santa carved him from a Christmas tree Christy Christmas is loading Sa

Freddie Mercury - Love me like there's no tomorrow lyrics

had to kill the conversation You always had the upper hand Got caught in love and stepped in sinking sand You had to go and ruin all our plans Packed your bags and you're leaving home Got a one-way ticket and you're all set to go But we have one more da

Bob Marley - Mix up, mix up lyrics

Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord, yeah Well its not easy (easy) Its not easy (easy) Speak the truth, come on, speak it ever ...Judge it wisely He who he who had a wrong idea Surely did the wrong thing still (Ooohhh) Get in the studio of.. studio of time and experience (Aaahhh)

The Hollies - Very last day lyrics

s gonna pray On the very last day When they hear that bell Ring the world away Everybody's gonna pray to the heavens On the judgment day Well, you sing the great king David And you preach about the wisdom of Saul But the judgment falls on all mankind When the trumpet sounds are

Poco - Brenda x lyrics

she don’t change horses in midstream She got but one heart and one dream She had a feelin’ I was runnin’ scared In the face of trouble we took a dare To be one, to be two Way below this burnin’ sun I swear there isn’t anyone but you Don’t have to tell nobody just how we feel

Salt´n Pepa - Beauty and the beat lyrics

baby, I like the sound when The switch is on, and you start poundin' Out my radio and pretty soon Salt and Pepa will boom into the room Clap your hands now people, clap hard Clap your hands now people, clap your hands Clap your hands now people, stomp your feet

Eilera - Keep our heaven lyrics

human taste for destruction has been trapped by his own perversion The machine that is out of control she will eat us all And the Water the Trees the Sky the Air the Breeze the Mountains the Seas the Life verywhere The LIFE ... And ve

Hyuna - Very hot lyrics

hot very very hot (Hot) Very hot very very hot (Uh) Very hot very very hot Hot hot hot hot hot seukejul kkeutnago jigeum siganeun 1-si ban ssit goseo nuwotji hyangcho kkaji kigo geunde domuji jami anwa riwonege katog haetji jami ojil anha haneun mal ppeonhaji mwo dang ja

Block B - Very good lyrics

[B-Bomb] Show time hwanhowa gidae soge cheot deungjang No doubt namdeulgwa chabyeolhwadoeneun sungan Nagal muneun eobseo, neon neogsi nagage dwae Getcha getcha ya y...

Block B - Very good (rough ver.) lyrics

[B-Bomb] Show time hwanhowa gidae soge cheot deungjang No doubt namdeulgwa chabyeolhwadoeneun sungan Nagal muneun eobseo, neon neogsi nagage dwae Getcha g...

Lhasa De Sela - Soon this space will speak a lonely fire (lha.. lyrics

is a story about my father because my father is a very philosophical man This is a story about my father because my father is a very philosophical man and he always has an idea going around around and around with mind and each idea that he has it's argued with

Peter, Paul And Mary - Very last day lyrics

Everybody gonna pray on the very last day Oh when they hear that bell a-ring the world away Everybody gonna pray to the heavens on the judgement day. Well you can sing about the great king david And you can preach about the wisdom of saul But the judgement falls on all man

Queen - Good company lyrics

good care of what you've got My father said to me As he puffed his pipe and baby B He dandled on his knee Don't fool with fools who'll turn away Keep all good company oohoo oohoo Take care of those you call your own and keep good company Soon I grew and happy

Funkist - Very cold lyrics

eto tsuzuiteru, kono sora ni mao koda yuki Shiroi iki shiroi yuki shiroi machi de bokura wa surechigao Dare mo ga kisoi au nodesu sono kuse shosha nanka inai nodesu Itsumo wara teru hito no hitomi no oku hodo nai teru no ga kanashii nodesu Itsuka wa ashimoto sukuwa

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Ten guitars lyrics

have a band of men and all they do is play for me They come from miles around to hear them play a melody Beneath the stars my ten guitars will play a song for you And if you're with the one you love this is what you do Oh, dance, dance, dance to my ten guitar

Dbsk - Very merry xmas lyrics

yuku yo yorokobi no kotoba hitotsu nozomu nara yuki wa shiroi mama de furisosogi kibō o tsumorasete ganbatteru hito mo kuyashikatta hito mo Very Merry Xmas Very Merry Xmas suteki na ichinen ga otozureru yō ni Very Merry Xmas Very Merry Xmas Ah ah ah Happy Xmas Ah ah ah

Björk - An echo a stain lyrics

touched My arm And smiled One of these days Soon Very soon Love you 'til then Love you 'til then Feel my breath On your neck And your heart Will race Don't say no to me You can't say no to me I won't see you Denied I'm sorry you saw that I'm sorry he did it

Carlsson Magnus - Mix lyrics

One way ticket Choo choo train tuckin' down the track gotta travel on it never comin' back Ooh ooh Got a one way ticket to the blues. Bye bye love my babe is leavin' me Now lonely tear drops are all that I can see. Ooh, ooh Got a one way ticket to the blues

Epic Music - Mix 20 best lyrics

22 - SkyWorld - Two Steps From Hell 3:19 - Kara Kul - Mark Petrie 4:15 - For The Win - Two Steps From Hell 5:46 - Tree of Life - Audiomachine 7:41 - Becoming A Legend - John Dreamer 11:11 - Destiny of the Chosen - Immediate 13:16 - World Without End - Brand

I.o.i - Very very very lyrics

neomuneomuneomu neomuneomuneomu neomuneomuneomu neo~muneomuneomu neomuneomuneomu neomu johahamyeon geuttae malhaejwo naega jakkujakkujakku jakkujakkujakku jakkujakkujakku ja~kkujakkujakku jakkujakkujakku jakku tteooreumyeon geuttae bulleojwo namjadeureun ttokgatdae mitji

Lil' Keke - Mix it up lyrics

Talking:] Uh that's right, we back in the building nigga Young Fever Presidential, 1-8-7 Presidential H-A-Dub, courtesy of Ghetto Dreams nigga uh We got diamonds, the size of you niggaz eyes this time It's VS2 Clarion on this one, we bout to f*** the club up [Hook: x2] Go

Laura Mvula - That’s alrigh lyrics

will never be what you want and that’s alright, Cause my skin ain’t light and my body ain’t tight. And that’s alright. But if I might, I must stand and fight. I will never be what you want and that’s alright, I play my own damn tune, I shine like the moon. And very so

Anthony Green - Big mistake lyrics

is a big mistake And very soon you'll know Why your whole family Told you not to go Where everybody said to stay How could I ever think that I could feel the same caution as you When I know it's not true It's in my thoughts at times I love the empty Just how dedicated you

Brownstone - Pass the lovin' lyrics

know what I want Come here Nah, closer Check it Pass some lovin' baby You're lookin' rather tasty I never take a small bite Got to last me all night After dinner we can see Just how long you'll be with me Slide that, real good, lovin' on I n

Going Quantum - Dirty dubstep mix & brown and gammon guest mi.. lyrics

- Throne of Ravens 12Gauge - Murder Death Kill (Nicksn Remix) [Dubplate] AAA - Bang Bang (Original Mix) [Play Me Too] Addergebroed - Zodiac [Tsunami Audio] Centra - Whaaat [Dubplate] Cyberoptics - Geisha VIP (Cyberoptics VIP) [Play Me] FS - Get Up Ninja [Pl

Hey! Say! Jump - Very very happy lyrics

wo nobashite mireba kimi no te ni fureru kurai sugu soba de aruiteru Mirai chizu kimi to hiraku daisuki na jikan Umaku ikanakute tachidomaru toki wa muri ni sora wo miagenakute ii kara Boku no te wo hanasanaide kimi wo tsureteku You are my special totteoki no k

Koharu Kusumi - Very! berry! strawberry! lyrics

mada yume no naka Asa wa sonomama BUREEKU FAASUTO Fuku mo kigaete yatto mezame Machi ni tobidasu yo Kirakira hikatteru MERODI Kibun wa sora wo tsukinukete Yeah ! Kimi no moto he saa kimi no moto he mukau kutsu narashi Dokidoki mune ni shinkyoku shita (OK !) Hora KYUU

Loudblast - Arrive into death soon lyrics

down, weakened by the modern plague The organic system reduced to pieces Life ebbs away Obvious misery The bell tolls again Louder this time Disease or punishment Arrive into death soon ! Blinded by knowledge Into death soon, into death soon Sickness or punishment ?

Scandal - Very special lyrics

special wo kimi ni Kimi wa dare ni? Tonikaku waraeba ii ja nai Ashita ga aru ja nai Atarashii kutsu wo oroshite Suminareta kono machi aruku Itsumo ooki na koe de hoetekuru inu ga Kyou wa sukoshi dake yasashii na Very special wo kimi ni Kimi wa dare ni? Toyakaku itte mo imi

Ella Fitzgerald - Soon lyrics

my dear, you’ll never be lonely, Soon, you’ll find I live for you only. When I’m with you who cares what time it is Or what the place or what the climate is? Oh! soon, our little ship will become sailing Home through every storm, never failing, The day you’re mine this world

Bob Marley - Soon come lyrics

I call, they tell me that you're soon come I call you at your home, they tell me that you're soon come I don't like hanging around or to be pushed around I've got feelings for you know I don't like the soon come I call you on the phone, they tell me that you're

Queen - Coming soon lyrics

x n Oh Oh Oh x n I get some headaches when I hit the heights Like in the morning after crazy nights Like some month in law in her nylon tights They're always They're always They're always They're always Coming soon, Coming soon, on the outside, of the tracks, You take 'e

Alexander Rybak - Tell me when lyrics

day is near and now it's snowing All the kids are sleeping in their beds Santa Claus is falling down the chimney While Rudolf's feeling tired and overfed But I can't get no sleep 'cause I am thinking I'm thinking of the girl I like the most Tomo

Sia lyricsSia - Soon we'll be found lyrics

along it is the break of day Surely now, you'll have some things to say It's not the time for telling tales on me So come along, it won't be long 'til we return happy Shut your eyes, there are no lies in this world we call sleep Let's desert this da

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Wasabi lyrics

like toffee, sip like coffee Wake up, change your mind and drop me Love to hate me Crazy, shady Spit me out like hot wasabi Lick me up I'm sweet and salty Mix it up and down my body Love to hate me Praise me, shame me Either way you talk about me Oh-oh, I love the way

The Dubliners - Navvy boots lyrics

I am an old navvy and I work on the line And the last place I worked was Newcastle-on-Tyne Well, I'll tell me misfortune it happened in fun Oh, it happened one night I'd me navvy boots on One night after supper I shaved off me beard For to meet me fair Ellen I was well prepared Fo

Hudson Mohawke - Very first breath lyrics

us back, bring us back Bring us back, bring us back To our very first breath, very first breath Bring us back, bring us back Bring us back, bring us back To our very first breath, very first breath Nothing’s been the same since we’ve been through Walking in the rain,

Mother Mother - Very good bad thing lyrics

is a shame to see this go But with a dig in the grave Diggin' the black hole. It was insane, the way we'd roll You know the world at large Is like a little rag doll We were the big, bad pitbull Try to get out but we just keep stickin' around Cuz it is a very good bad thin

Fugatta - The last wizard lyrics

is coming and very soon a warrior Will combat against me You're almighty but I'm not the only one The magic force is here You're killing my people without a right But as for me now you will die You're killing my people without a right But as for me now you will die With the

Seventeen - Very nice lyrics

moningkol pilsudeon naega oneureun beonjjeok beonjjeok nuni tteojineunga deiteu narira geureonji eoje kkumdo joheun kkum kkwotji sae sinbareul singo (hyeongwanmuneul yeolgo nagamyeon) oneul nalssin neoreul manhi talma neoege ganeun gireun kkotgiri doego bo

Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Someday soon lyrics

soon You're gonna catch that dream you've been chasing, yeah Someday soon They're gonna write your name in the sky Someday Soon Someday Soon Someday Soon Someday Soon Out there in the air tonight It's electric, it's alive Suddenly you can see right before your eyes A thousan

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