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Frozen Dawn - Through the gates of hate lyrics

and evil anger Surrounding the deep of an abyssal void ... ending pain Creeping death Through the gates of hate Cold ... laments Funeral chants Through the gates of hate Lament

Dark Moor - Through the gates of the silver key lyrics

[Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Ins...

Artas - Through dark gates lyrics

pain Lessons I’ll learn them well Lessons I’ll wipe away ... the tears Lessons I’ll learn them well Lessons I walk through ... Send my soul on a journey Through dark gates of sweet

Ancient Ceremony - Journey through the gates lyrics

rise my Spirit to reach for the Stars get my Soul freed through Ancient Spells Journey through the Gates Stalking here on ... Mountain to get one with the Gods Seven Gods of Stars

Abigor - Reborn through the gates of three moons lyrics

enter the gates Into the realm where nothing dies But ... visions past and gone Till the end of time I will eternally ... Seele ins unbekannte Land In the darkest of storms May

Bethel Music Kids - Breaking through lyrics

is like a sunrise Shattering the dark of night Your presence ... hearts You’re filling all the world with light You’re ... thing right You’re waking up the dead to life, in Your love

Rabia Sorda - Breaking through lyrics

way too loud, breakdown Fall through, falling to the ground, ... Breakdown Waiting for the moment to break Waiting for the moment to break Waiting for the moment - to break through

Absurd - The gates of heaven lyrics

was a night - the only night that was real ... Felt like i'm the chosen one But there was no ... thunder, there was no lightning So I ... dreaming on Straight on through the gates of heaven Evil

Bethel Music - Breaking through lyrics

is like a sunrise Shattering the dark of night Your presence ... hearts You’re filling all the world with light You’re ... thing right You’re waking up the dead to life, in Your love

Cauldron - Breaking through lyrics

through the dead of night There's a place, we've got to ... your back at every moment They will take you down and ... control Lurking through the fog to find a way Descend

Cryptic Wintermoon - The abyssal spectre lyrics

magic seal is broken To the gates of darkness With a mighty ... burst they open A way down to the ... blazing eyes Waiting for the time to die Bound by ... Segmentising bodies Cutting through your flesh Ripping out your

Love & The Outcome - Gates (feat. francesca battistelli) lyrics

knees Waiting here, to break through [Pre-Chorus] I'm pressing ... won [Chorus] I will run through the gates With thanksgiving ... and praise Into the place where freedom's found

Pendulum - The other side lyrics

on down to the other side, Come with us through the gates of hell, Where we´ll ... belong. Come on down to the other side, Come with us through the gates of hell, Where

Nightfear - Gates of fire lyrics

fear Wolves are lurking in the fog See the light Through ... the gates, another live Leave the faith in the ... burns struggling to survive The lie you see inside In your

Repugnant - Gates of hell lyrics

on high Who are you to rule the sky? From the sky the old ... one fell Into the burming pits of hell Lurking ... into heavens thorns Worship the one with the horns Bow

Sigh - The seven gates of hell lyrics

When love gives way to hate The quest begins For the keys to ... the seven gates Ride the wings of a locust See the ... cast his spell Search for the keys to The seven gates of

Black Lab - Gates of the country lyrics

back in New York, the thirty first floor It seems ... every thing's changed The kitchen too small, plates on the wall The sound of machinery ... used to call home? Where is the ring? Where is the boy who

Aeternom - Gates of doom lyrics

a velvet cloak the darkness falls I can hear the angels crying bitter tears ... and majesty, I can see it in their eyes Armoured with pride, ... protected by their bravery Stepping through the gates of doom Stepping through the gates of

Ram ( Swe ) - Breaking through lyrics

not bend, determinated till the very end. A silent scream ... towards your goal. Can see the odds, can't give a damn, only ... till this war is won. They see the power in your gaze,

Ex Deo - Storm the gates of alesia lyrics the gods have spoken they whisper guidance the poison bleeds...bleeds, the ... father horizon her enemy ... lurks the snake slithers the eagle shines

Lemuria - The end of a reign lyrics

in silence Morning is breaking Before the rooster crows ... in South of Toulouse On the plains of Muret Under an ... have fled in dismay Afar the riders appear Raising clouds

Absurd - Gates of heaven lyrics

was a night - the only night that was real I ... felt like the chosen one But there was no thunder, there was ... on Chorus: Straight on through the gates of heaven Evil

Outblast - The gates are open lyrics

Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are ... Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are

Dark Moor - The silver key lyrics

This song is based on the Dreamlands of H. P. Lovecraft ... When I was a child wandered Through meadows, my time squandered, ... Lost in the sweet nostalgia, Was looking

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The gates of the seven seals lyrics

there in the distance, the lightning strikes the Earth ... Full moon is rising, the thunder hits the world We're ... so close to the edge of our life Running

Catamenia - Gates of anubis lyrics

life and take it away I`m the one who crush and create I ... was there, watching when you born ... out, throwed in that`s the way and that`s how it should ... be all the saints, all the sins truth is here and here

Dark Funeral - The arrival of satan's empire lyrics

are smeared in blood. Feathers fall from angel wings, from ... the sky. Father Satan gather your legions, it is time to ... claim your throne. The arrival of your dominion, so

Innerwish - Gates of fire lyrics

are crossing the heartland Deep inside in the ... and a brave warrior king They fought for the future of the ... land and with pride they served a higher cause In a

Iron Fire - The gates of cybertron (bonus track) lyrics

thousand men will fall by the throneright The ancient tree ... will make new the soil Step aside with my ... and what was our enemies The return of king has brought us

Have Mercy - The gates lyrics

"If you don't have the time then leave I've been ... A pair I wish could've seen The times you were the best you ... I called you now would you be there to answer me? Cause I don

Kemilon - The gates of heavy metal lyrics

came from far beyond the gates of heavy metal Riding through hell’s road. Tires burning ... out The smell of gasoline as the ... Let’s speed! Moving with the forces of evil We have the

Matthew Perryman Jones - Breaking out the windows lyrics

Something sinister that runs through your veins Can you feel it ... burning out the seams And has innocence ... I look like a saint? Until the curtain rolls, Talking stops

Miracle Of Sound - Breaking down the borders (borderlands 2) lyrics

join the party in the dust and the sand Chip on ... Head full of numbers see the colours collide Such ... safest Sanctuary Droppin' them dollars on you thank you

Dreamtale - The shore lyrics

I walked from my house All the way up to the hills With a ... standing so still Down the road through the gates There ... my father was off to the shore As he did every day

Manticora - The black circus lyrics

England 31/7 – 1896 I saw the fluttering worn-out black ... flags in the wind, torn by weather and time, belonging to the ... that is situated on a hill on the countryside. It is calling to

Welshly Arms lyricsWelshly Arms - The only lyrics

oh oh oh Oh oh, oh oh oh There's something that you need ... I ain't ever done Till I'm the one (Oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh ... oh oh oh) I'm about to be the only (oh oh) Everybody gonna

Bad Lizard - Breaking through lyrics

like slaves just to get off the ground, trying to get ... worries and fear we went through tormented our brain, the ... fools, time will make them choke from jelousy till they

Dark Moor - The gates of oblivion lyrics

[Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental]...

Fallen Angels - The gates of irony lyrics

loom our impending doom The Hippocratic oath of man ... Blood flows free, the religious in our hands To ... pray is the way or else die today The ... stones that they cast Backed by fools,

Girlschool - Breaking all the rules lyrics

all the rules Breaking all the rules Breaking all the rules ... 'em on, kiss 'em good-bye Breaking all the rules Breaking all the rules Breaking all the rules

Nargaroth - The gates of eternity (moonblood cover) lyrics

of Eternity are open And they'll be eternity Try to run ... without fear of the gate Death awaits you Try ... to run to the woods, from the gates of eternity Their life will

At The Gates - Through the red lyrics

t cleanse my soul Racing through me, burning me Unpure I'll ... in my veins so tired Through the red With fires of dawn ... burning in my eyes Through the red Burning me All

Cirith Gorgor - The gates of hell lyrics

of the past fade before my eyes, There are evil voices in the air, ... I sense a presence in the darkness around, Pervading ... sound and every shadow, The moon is full; the horned

David Byrne - The gates of paradise lyrics

mom You can't see me in my father Wonder where did I come ... from And the laws of men are not the laws ... And angel's breath is like the desert wind And terrorists

Anathema - (breaking over the) barriers lyrics

tried To find a way back to the outside It stops me from ... breathing Kills all the dreaming Talking to you ... from the other side of a wall in my mind

Garbage - Breaking up the girl lyrics

Breaking Up the Girl lyrics In a modern ... friend you must be careful They've a million ways to kill ... you In this dangerous world There's an art to growing old

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Breaking news the remix lyrics

Jackson. Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson. ... he comes to give it again.” They can put it around the world ... I would fall in love Who is the boogey man you thinking of

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Breaking all the rules lyrics

I know I could be just another stranger But to you I guess ... I'm just another fool And you swear you like ... to live your life in danger Then you hide behind a wall of

Saviour Machine - The gates lyrics

Na tuto piesen od skupiny Saviour Machine nie je ziaden text... je to cisto instrumentalny song......

Eclipse Prophecy - Through the storm lyrics

to open your eyes The fear is drawing near The ... ready to strike our land The rain begins to fall The sea ... is splitting wide The protector is coming home

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - The question lyrics

wide Looking to find, A way through the day The life of the ... t taken my life Like what the hell am I doing right? ... [Verse 1 (The Game)] Take me away from the

Delight - The gates of the green lyrics

my mind's eyes I see the path To the gates of child's ... my feet My hair talking with the wind Drops of rain which ... have just fallen down Like the pearls on conweb's cover I

Inquisition - Through the infinite sphere our majesty shall.. lyrics

Universe without an end opens gates that lead beyond Oh! death ... as time when beginning was the end... Master of the ... ancient war where the angels fall below Darkness

Coheed And Cambria - The willing well ii: from fear through the ey.. lyrics

what is this that I fear? In these arms that whored out ... amongst the worms That mate in these ... pain I wish to stay awake In the measure I test with your love

Dark Funeral - The black winged horde lyrics

lord oh, great opener of the way come forth, hear my ... calls blast ye forth through the gates unholy master, ... spread your wings fly then high, into the blood red

Legend Maker - Through the mirror lyrics

exists a land Beyond the gates of the rising star Where ... dreams are the reflections of what will be ... Our journey through this space and time Minds

Siebenbürgen - The soulless lyrics

all ending war Beneath the fires of the ancient one ... Beneath the flames of the silver sun Damnation through ... the everfall From the heavens, great demons seen

Chaostar - The soul of the dephts lyrics

by ancient bonds In the deepest howling night I have ... crossed thousand years (the) Lust for power Is a deep ... desire So deep as the darkest sin Which fuels my

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