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Bounty Exb lyrics

Browse for Bounty Exb song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Bounty Exb lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Bounty Exb.

Related artists: Bounty killer

Alexandra Burke - Bounty hunter lyrics

candlelight as you shut the blinds and I know I'm under your control I feel like I trusted someone so cold The ropes are tight, I shut my eyes and I hope You find it in your soul, you have to let me go But the price upon my head is worth more It's a feeling th

Molly Hatchet - Bounty hunter lyrics

horse is kicking dust up off the trail, I'm just getting back from a trip to HELL. My six gun she's stapped by my side, Thunder is the horse that I ride. And it seems to me this is one hell of a way, For a man like me to earn that pay. Chorus: Out

Kerion - Bounty hunter lyrics

m not of any country or any banner I don't belong to any master I don't care about rules and power I don't fight for any cause I have no road, no purpose Forgive me, I'm not what you suppose Every day passing I take another way All I do moves my soul away Time will come when I'll

Omen - Bounty hunter lyrics

am the bastard Fallen from grace I am the nightmare Your gonna me face to face I am the bunter Killing is my game When you least expect me I might set you aflame I am the hunter If you meet my price I will do the dirty deed On a human sacrifice All these yea

Royksopp - Bounty hunters lyrics

Instrumental] (Greedo:) Oonta goota, Solo? Jabba wanin cheeco-wa rush anye katanye wanaruska Enjaya kul a intekun kuthuow Cheskopokuta klees ka tlanko ... ya oska (Han Solo:) Yes, I'll bet you have (C-3PO:) R2, wait! Oh dear... R2! R2, i rea

Shaggy - Bedroom bounty hunter lyrics

- Bedroom Bounty Hunter lyrics There is a bounty Come to terrorize your county Doberman, dogamuffin, ragamuffin, loving, watch this rude bwoy The Bedroom Bounty Hunter watch the gal a bed (All how you do is just buck on the bed) The Bedroom Bounty Hunte

Busy Signal - Do the maths feat bounty killer lyrics

Intro: Bounty Killer & Busy Signal] Chea! Nah No Mercy! I just gotta say! We run these blocks! With Maks and techs and glocks! Check yuh facts! Busy in da fast lane! Bullet! Bullet! It's Bounty Killa and Busy Signal in da fast game bullet bullet bullet gas spray huh! Mo

Bounty Killer - Eyez a bleed ft. masta killa (rza remix) lyrics

Intro: Bounty Killer] Yeah! Yeah! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Lord have mercy, when we love herbalistic, ah This ones very enthusiastic because the world say dem want it, ices and freezes them plant it and them chant it Well.. [Chorus: Bounty Killer] Smell the

Bounty Killer - Hip hopera lyrics

Jackson brought you Thriller It made all the gun man holler Mack 11 guard your gorilla Why you gwan, watch out for Babylon MC's babble on and on I phenom Bomb like Ethiopians, not Italians Queen Asheba, balance like a Libra Rain like meteor storms That change forms lik

Busy Signal - Summn' a guh gwaan ft. bounty killer lyrics

na guh pretty because the big guy na give a youth a helping under it na guh pretty.General. It na guh pretty. WELL Ok when man hungry ah di worst time can't find no food bust his ass to till the bwoy lend some and tommorow bwoy gone. Well if m

Konshens - The realest remix feat bounty killer lyrics

Intro:] A di realest song Dis is a prayer to the father Guide my steps as yuh sit on your throne Show mi di way fi get mi food an mi water And do nuh mek mi grudge nobody fi dem own Whole heap a people mek badmind tek dem ova Cah dem a try fi face it all alon

Aqua - Lollipop lyrics

am the Candyman - Coming from Bounty land. I am the Candyman - Coming from Bounty land. I wish that you were my Lollipop. Sweet things, I will never get enough. If you show me to the sugar tree, Will you give me a soda pop for free? Come with me Honey, I'm your

Vybz Kartel - High altitude lyrics

Intro: Bounty Killer & (Vybz Kartel)] High altitude, smokin proud, sittin on a cloud (Corleone, Baby G an Kartel, higher dan before) (Knock knock knockin on heaven's door) Thats right, Babylon nah nuh coke out if dem get one a this (Hey, mi nuh know bout yuh)

Dapp Theory - Trickle down lyrics

on magazine boardroom pop star Pinstripe prophet of peckerhead greed You say 'Trust me with the money -- the keys to the universe' Trickle down will give us everything we need Brand new century private penitentiary bank vault utopia padded for the few And it

Vybz Kartel - Don't run (last man standing) lyrics

Intro:] NOT NICE, Di boy run like a wounded dawg Bruk usain record, Don't run, Barber boy don't run Di boy dress up like police, And a run like thief Don't run, Barber boy don't run Big yard [Chorus:] We a di last man standin, Rifle shot move the gully bank in Gwan a yuh ba

Vybz Kartel - Higher altitude lyrics

Intro: Bounty Killer (Vybz Kartel)] High altitude, smokin proud, sittin on a cloud (Corleone, Baby G an Kartel, higher dan before) (Knock knock knockin on heavens door) That's right, Babylon nah nuh coke out if dem get one a this (Hey, mi nuh know bout yuh) Lawd a mercy (But m

Vybz Kartel - Last man standing lyrics

Nice Di bwoy run like a wounded dog Bruk Usain record Don't run barber bwoy don't run Di bwoy dress up like police And a run like thief Don't run barber bwoy don't run Big yard We a di last man standing Rifle shot move di gully banking Gwaan a yuh bar

Accept lyricsAccept - Land of the free lyrics

are the days... The days and the times taken for granted So many faces but still we're alone Living the life, so many souls can only dream of Here we are well, but still we want more The spin of the wheel The luck of the draw The bounty we hold in

Dan Fogelberg - At christmas time lyrics

Christmas time We raise our hearts and celebrate the solstice At Christmas time We raise our hearts and celebrate the solstice At Christmas time We welcome friends and give good cheer of the season At Christmas time We welcome friends and give good cheer of the season

Kottonmouth Kings - Spies lyrics

and tired, the way they walk Sick and tired, the way they talk Sick and tired, the things they say Sick and tired, where's my J? Sick and tired, same old song Sick and tired, where's my bong? Sick and tired, anarchy! Spies are all around me,

Gogol Bordello - Supertheory of supereverything lyrics

time I had read the bible It had stroke me as unwitty I think it may started rumor That the lord ain't got no humour. Put me, inside SSC Let's test superstring theory. Ojojojoj, accelerate the protons. Stir it twice and than just add me, cause! I don't read the bible

The Misfits - Sleepwalkin lyrics

think I hear the Lord a callin’ For the bounty on my head I think I hear that whistle blowin’ From the train wreck life I led I know there’s disaster From the nightmare in my bed Damn it, Lord don’t you know? I’m just sleepwalkin’ again Wak

Anthony B - Too hype lyrics

di network Nuh badda mash it up Nuh badda mash it up Nuh badda mash it up Nuh badda mash it up We need one love inna the music fi eternity Collettive security for surety yo Nuh badda mash it up Nuh badda mash it up Nuh badda mash it up Nuh badda mash it up Yuh now s

Ice-t - Gotta lotta love lyrics

VERSE 1 ] Woke up the other mornin, I heard a rumor They said the gang wars was over I told em they was bullshittin, they said it's real as hell Can't explain the way I felt Too many years I seen my brothers die And I can't say that shit was really that fly But I us

Anaal Nathrakh - The joystream lyrics

does your bounty taste? Dining on carrion, What have we done? Nothing, nothing, nothing! Bathe - in the joystream, Twenty-nine thousand children to tame, Tomorrow... the whole world! ... How does your carrion taste? Are you not filled with pride?

Arkan - Native order lyrics

means of nourishment We had depleted the storehouse Enlil decrees infertility Wombs are too tight They reached the gate of warriors dwelling A rabble is running around the door Do you fear your own sons? Every single one of us declared war Emba

Avantasia - Forever is a long time lyrics

yeah Young is the day Still it's the same The same old tomorrow Colors too bright So dream in black and white If you wanna rise from the hollow The future in sight The past in your head Nightmare or treason The father above you as you Walk through the a

Chalice (australia) - Portrait lyrics

I only have conviction When my opinion lives in isolation? Is this portion of reality A frail and tangential foundation? Who mapped the course To this quizzical, grotesque junction? I can't romanticise these demons anymore I can't serenade another empty balcony I can't endu

Crystal Castles - Fainting spells lyrics

I'll make you forget With the taste of lambskin The bounty is yours It tastes like medicine We evaporate Without condensation But heaven is still ...

Trick Daddy - Where you from lyrics

Trick Daddy] Ta, told ya I was gone do it for ya nigga Take off Y'all know what time it is Liberty City nigga, 6-1, Pokabean, Carol City niggas Seminole niggas, Bal Harbour, Hialeah niggas, Matchbox Wynnwood niggas, Richmond Heights, Homestead niggas,

Dethklok - Bloodrocuted lyrics

been targeted in the night by violent mercenaries. your identity´s been confused with one that looks like you, you´re simple man living live. You are an electrician. But there´s a bounty on your head. A bilion umarked travelers checks. RUN! Find your way deep into the woods.

Elephant Man - Replacement killer lyrics

Intro:] My style is hot, my style is hot, hot hot. [Verse 1:] Badder thant he replacement killer, Who dat mi hear live inna mi shadow, Bounty Killer seh mi done, Bounty Filler, And Tiger seh mi fi beat red stripe offa Zebra, Badda dan di replacement killer, Thump d

3 Inches Of Blood - Swordmaster lyrics

with shining steel in hand, fighting's all you know Mastering the blade, to kill those who betray With skill and deadly grave, severed heads erase A wrong that has been done, only death can overcome Master of the blade, wielder of the steel With iron fury

Jag Panzer - Feast or famine lyrics

the seas rise and skies fall Marsh lands turn to dust and blow away When the air is parched, every breath poison Eternal darkness covers all below We thirst for days gone past We hunger for life We crave Cover me with this earth We can be one again Cover me, let me rest

Vybz Kartel - Toilet paper bownty lyrics

Di p**** do three song But we a kill it with one Come and mek up thing pan tacks But me a talk facts Yuh seh me chat shit But yuh nyam shit from county to county Dats why di toilet paper name Bounty Kick me kick down Ninja Man But yuh run weh Lenardo

Madchild lyricsMadchild - Devils and angels lyrics

broke my piggy bank and haven't put it back together Back in heaven blastin' rounds like I'm a MAC-11 Livin' in my rainy city it was all wrong Used to be the big fish in a small pond Now I'm swimming with the sharks but I'm a down piranha Plus I'm moving Fast & Furi

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Hey baby lyrics

Baby, Hey Baby, Hey Girls Say, Girls Say, Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey Hey Baby Baby I'm the kinda girl that hangs with the guys Like a fly on the wall with my secret eyes Takin it in, try to be feminine With my makeup bag watchin all the sin Misfit,

Skindred - The original vampire killa lyrics

we come to do it We've come to kill the whole of them We come to slay the whole of them And put them back inah dem grave What we come to do it We've come to kill the whole of them We come to slay the whole of them And wawawa what're ti ah killa

Aesop Rock - Zodiaccupuncture lyrics

The more the merrier Get a couple or more to carry you to the burial F-R-E-S-H Fresh to death and keep it def to the left Well it was Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius (Check!), Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius (Check!), Pisces, Libra, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini

Aesop Rock - Merit lyrics

I can hear the ocean in a shell But for the life of me I've never heard your surges more than raindrops in a well Paladin tribe Break beat elitists Element five Fully sold on operation, jeopardize of my survival I will survive when sprayed by heavens liquid ammunition I'll survi

Akon - Once in a while lyrics

can see it It's funny man Cause it's like it's not going nowhere And you gon' see it wherever there's struggle I see my pain in your eyes man So I know you're feelin' me It's that twinkle man That sign of struggle I've seen it In me Cause everyday I ca

Alestorm - Of treasure lyrics

dreaded curse - Is spoken of By all men of the sea - An ancient tale Of pirate's woe - And sailor's tragedy A map was drawn - By grizzled men Forgotten years ago - A chest of glory And mortal sin - The none should ever know And they searched and they searc

Alestorm - Pirate song lyrics

you see me now a mere ghost of a man I once had the heart of a lion Commanded my ship between many a shore The ol' Jolly Roger a-flyin Mine was a name that struck fear into men And regret into plenty of lasses Oh, how I wish I could take back those days As I s

Animal Collective - Essplode lyrics

in the morning And wondered often Will the lights come and brighten my day She decided to stay Those eyes flickered gently Week wandered often Just standing by the parade And you'll end at the train (Listen baby) Come on baby Open the blinds You gotta go past the window A

Annihilator - The fun palace lyrics

"Carrying on Annihilator's fine Tradition of covering weird, psychological illnesses 'Palace' is narrated by the emotion of guilt. It details the psychic voyage taken by one Who has committed a heinous crime And gotten away with it. Many years later the nightma

Aqua - Halloween lyrics

- Remember me? - Who's there? - I got your number! oh no no! - I'm back to haunt you! - No stay away! It's Friday night so creepy outside It's thundering and lightning there's nobody home cuz I'm all alone it's scary and it's frightening The sound of shoes

Beastie Boys lyricsBeastie Boys - Rhymin' & stealin' lyrics

mutiny on the bounty's what we're all about I'm gonna board your ship and turn it on out No soft sucker with a parrot on his shoulder 'Cause I'm bad gettin' bolder - cold getting colder Terrorizing suckers on the seven seas And if you've got beef - you'll get capped in the k

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Kyoto now! lyrics

s a matter of prescience No, not the science fiction kind It's all about ignorance, and greed, and miracles for the blind the media parading, disjointed politics founded on petrochemical plunder and we're its hostages If you stand to reason you'r

Besatt - The devils baptism lyrics

from the dusk, demon from the darkness My spirit is connected by The fire pact I feel an evil, I feel power of hell My body is torn Between worlds Where death hushs bells of life It sounds sings SATAN!! I can see the light, I can see an im My spiri is crossing the

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Loving the alien lyrics

them come and go The Templars and the Saracens They're travelling the holy land Opening telegrams Torture comes and torture goes Knights who'd give you anything They bear the cross of Coeur de Leon Salvation for the mirror blind But if you pray all you

Bt The Roots - Dont see us lyrics

what what, yo yo P-5-D uncut Check it out, yo yo, S-P uncut Yo yo, what P-5-D uncut, yeah yeah it's that Philly shit Yo yo, check it out, yo yo Chorus 2x Chorus [Malik B] You Don't See Us, but we see you You stuck on sleep, get on your P's an

Bt The Roots - Double trouble lyrics

go wow, ba-da-da-dow-da-dah-ow Either stand tall, just sit the f*** down All the way from the 2-1-5th to Bucktown Brace yourself, it's about to go down [Mos Def] Runnin one on one and only hip-hop bound Yo Tariq (whassup) how your micraphone sound (It so

Bt The Roots - Web lyrics

Black Thought] Uh huh uh And it weights a ton 'riq geez motherf***ers I'm a son of a gun Black master of any trade under the sun Talk sharp like a razor blade under the tongue clear my path and come get your captain hung Trying to breath like black'll colla

Busy Signal - Step out lyrics

Basically I'm saying (weh yah seh) Your lyrically inclined to busy signal Hey (hey) hey (hey) Testing 1, 3, mi nah test 2 Wat about you Testing (testing) testing (testing) test.. It's going [Verse 1:] Afta mi step out, inna mi black Have glock, unda mi throwback Shot hol

Vanessa Carlton - Willows lyrics

a love Go build a cabin Find land and a tree Carve in a wish On your knees, planting seeds The dirt, makin rows, where the devil don’t see My love, I agree, so lucky to find ya But memories, they don’t stay behind us Our minds are strong, could it be enough To bring strength to

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Don't push me (feat. lloyd banks, eminem) lyrics

need you to pray for me and I need you to care for me and I need you to want me to win I need to know where I'm heading,'cause I know where I've been Flows, bones, crushing it's nothing I come up with something Come through your strip, fronting, stunting It's something you

Charlotte Church - A bit of earth lyrics

wants a little bit of earth She'll plant some seeds The seeds will grow The flowers bloom But is their bounty What she needs How can she chance To love a little bit of earth Does she not know The earth is old And doesn't care if One small girl wants things to grow She

Cloudscape - Dawn of fury lyrics

night was facing dawn, Fireflies seized the air. A man was heading out For new adventures as a knight. A guardian angel Lead him to his goals. He was raised to settle scores, Show his clan his pride. Mysteries are lurking in the shadows, The trees ar

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Light another lyrics

B-Real] Yo light one, ignite one, draw me like the buddha You say I'm the joint, but you can call me hooda Computer, wizard, the butcher of scissors Cut me up and spark and roll me up, like a blizzard Dwellin your cells up, lungs start to swell up Your pipe's gettin cro

D.r.i. - Kill the words lyrics

the author of the best seller place a bounty upon his head kill the writer of opposition tell the hit squad I want that man dead I want him dead I want him dead kill free speech as an example hang the corpse for all to see kill all hope of re

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