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Lisa Mitchell - Coin laundry lyrics

I was sitting on the top of the world In a coin laundry Well I could have been royalty Sitting in the palace like a queen Do you have a dollar? Do you have a dollar for me? Have you got a house on a hill And a bed for three? Do you have a story Do you have a story for me?

The Dresden Dolls - Coin- operated boy lyrics

operated boy Sitting on the shelf he is just a toy But i turn him on and he comes to life Automatic joy That is why I want a coin operated boy Made of plastic and elastic He is rugged and long-lasting Who could ever ever ask for more Love without complications galor

2pac lyrics2pac - Toss it up lyrics

Tupac] The money behind the dreams My right hand, my other Capo in this big motherf***in war we got My other Capo in this big ass, conglomerate called Death Row Snoop motherf***in Dogg, Tha Doggfather And who he comin through right now, Makaveli the Don Feel this, Killumin

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Bouncing off the walls lyrics

dream - hey I'm gonna make a scene: radio Caught burning gasoline, sleeping in reverse And everybody's bouncing off the walls Bombs away - hey It's just another day Of idle threat The secret of the day I wouldn't sweat it And everybody's bouncing off the walls Im bouncin

Mydy Rabycad - Bouncing swing lyrics

it more and swing it better Sing the swing all together Dance the swing, swing this thing Sing with us our bouncing swing Swing is swag and swing is style If you like it, stay for a while Listen, learn it, start to sing This is our bouncing swing Swing it more and swing it bett

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Coin for the ferryman lyrics

down the highway like a bat out of hell My buddy Bradley's in the middle Darcy's lookin' out the window We just got high and hopin' no one can tell But with the icky and the sticky It don't matter where the wind blows Lighter in my hand and I got nothing to burn Except a l

Honeyhoney - Bouncing ball lyrics

streets were all empty Like a bad Western movie And we're stuck calling it home. Drinkin' to blackout Days pass and fade out Here's how you know you should go So me, I'm leavin' And for no reason He told me, "Let's paint this town red

Confederate Railroad - Toss a little bone lyrics

a little bone to the working man Dear uncle sam you got a lot to do But I just want to have a little talk with you You probably don't remember even who I am But I build your cars and I till your land While you're busy giving out all that cash While

Beck - Girl lyrics

saw her, yea I saw her With her black tongue tied round the roses A fist pounding on a vending machine Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger With a noose she can hang from the sun And put it out with her dark sunglasses Walking crooked down the beach She spits on the sand Where

Abney Park - Souls from lullabys lyrics

an old toy shop in London Small girl met a bear, And she knew that it would break her heart, To leave him lying there. And though she barely spoke just yet, She asked her mom and dad, With silent look she said he’d be, The best friend she ever had.

Afi - Coin return lyrics

have slipped and I have fallen, so far down I can't get out. Overwhelmed by my doubt. Things I said i'd never do i've done. Those I said i'd never be i've become. I have broken - i'm still breaking - cracked and wrecked, beyond repair. I can see that no one cares. F

Aspirin Rose - Coin flip lyrics

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Oi Polloi - Coin-chaorach is madaidhean-allaidh lyrics

dùthaich ann uair mar Nirribhidh Beanntan 's coilltean 's madaidhean-allaidh Ach thuit iad fo smachd nan coigreach 'S thàinig na caoraich 's obair nan con-chaorach Rinneadh sgrios air feadh na dùthcha Gheàrr iad na craobhan 's bha truilleadh anns an uisge Aite-cluich do d

Miyavi - Coin lockers baby lyrics

yo, mama Fukanzen naru hora, hidoi aza darake, godai ha fuman Temonakereba ashi mo nae Ima mo mukashi mo nita keshiki Dosu kuroi heya Kibou no ki no jisae doko ni mo ariyashi nae Kuroi, cry, kuroi, cry So, yatto tsukanda nanairo no father, moushiw

Avett Brothers - Souls like the wheels lyrics

like the wheels Turning, taking us with wind at our heels Burning, making us decide on what we're giving Change this way of living One little song Give me strength to the leave the sad and the wrong Bury safely in the past where I've been living Alive but unfor

Hippo Campus - Souls lyrics

to the streets where the kids are new love was around the corner from you you played it well, like an old-time jive girl, i swear, i´ve never seen you look so alive back the train up o the path rolling off the tracks, no you´ll never see

Beseech - Souls highway lyrics

almost there but slided back Tried to ho further but was out of fuel Wanted to be with light and see All the beauty that was there for me But had to pull over Souls highway, Souls highway tonight My chance to reach the skies Souls highway, Souls hig

John Dowland - Toss not my soul lyrics

not my soule, O love twixt hope and feare, Shew mee some ground where I may firmely stand or surely fall, I care not which apeare, So one will close me in a certaine band. When once of ill the uttermost is knowen, The strength of sorrow quite is over th

The Dubliners - Toss the feathers/maid behind the bar lyrics

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Satan's Host - Souls in exile lyrics

1st verse] As we walked into the cemetery you would not believe what we saw All the souls - They were gathered around there : My magick circle and me And they took their sacred cross they had among them and proceded to give it unto me Now it's said &

S. J. Tucker - Girl into devil (i belong to me) lyrics

quot;Who do you belong to, little girl? Why do you wander in the deep, dark wood?" It's not an easy answer, I'm afraid. She fits your little story, but she's up to no good. Growing up means growing into war, waiting to be broken just to understand, going where you'v

Bleach Rock Musical - Souls shout lyrics

yuku, takanare yo tamashii Ore no subete wo kakete BLEACH SOULS SHOUT Haruka na omoi wo tsurete Yami ga unari wo agete iru Omae no mune mo no mannaka Kioku no kane wo kakinarase Unmei wo kaketa tatakai ga Ima me no mae de hajimaru Temaneki no wana, aojiroi hitomi

Darkseed - Souls unite lyrics

re waiting for the gates To be raised When you walk through Your life will change Time after evil Hour after fear It's the moment in life When souls unite ... souls will unite When you close your eyes Souls will unite Then the sun will rise Summer's

Ektomorf - Souls of fire lyrics

are the voice of the voiceless The fire of your soul We burn in hell and in heaven But we won't take anymore It's burning It's glowing Souls of fire Souls of fire This is the way that we live The way that we fight forever We have faith and strength And they cant

Morgoth - Souls on a pleasure trip lyrics

new world keeps turning, our essence is getting bigger Each day a new chance to make the real things better Within the days our wealth grows, our journey becomes alive Celebrate the huge style, still reach out for more delight Just forget - tomorrow Hey, just forget - tomorr

Cage - Souls and flesh lyrics

me to the garden Follow me and change your life If you've cold and lonely lives that drag along All the faces that you've known and the places that you've gone in this world there is only one to who you belong Don't ever let Love pass you by let them know Do your f

Chastain - Souls the sun lyrics

knew a man who was a visionary man I'd say A true philosopher who lived his life a different way Ha asked me if I understood what makes everyone of us alive And if I ever thought about what happens after life In pieces everything returns, and lives a

Pyramaze - Souls in pain lyrics

so it begins, I''ll search for my way do not say goodbye, I will return someday I leave for my future covered by dim light all that I bring are the words in my mind I travel through valleys and over mountains fearing what lurks in the dark and all that I see is sorrow and pain and

Neurosis - Souls at zero lyrics

seed will grow of this barren earth. Our hope unborn has died. I've slept in the dirt under the light of the moon and I know our souls have perished. Calling to those that would hear but I am deaf. Clawing at those that would feel but I am dead

The Almost - Souls on ten lyrics

down, our moods on ten We're here with our wondering Is this all perfect for real? Is perfection the way that we feel? Postcards from the dollar bin We're waiting for our luck to spin I will change my mind I won't let us lose You and me With the windows down You a

Helstar - Souls cry lyrics

was a nightmare unreal, but I started to feel, could it be be paradise Into the tunnel of light, dissipating the fright suddenly paralyzed And the sky opened wide and no vision of hell But my soul felt so lost when the heavens were crossed in twilight I dwelled Th

Ivanhoe - Souls of fire lyrics

is falling They reach for my soul I can't see a hole in my brain Since my self-destruct you know Oh I can't believe they wanted you Now I live like a shadow Can't handle the truth No fear no eyes no tears! Dance with myself Far away from the shadows Realiz

Lana Lane - Souls of the mermaids lyrics

smile at the sunset Sitting on the ocean Like a queen on a blue velvet throne I long for a vision Of white coral castles With ruby stairs guiding me home Deep inside of the blue Lies a city true Shining bright as a crystal tower Waves of diamonds and

Marduk - Souls for belial lyrics

torrents of Death Oh engulfing ruin Every fall is a soul ...for Belial In sinless guilt rushing Blasts of yokeless glory To and fro - Red ascension Collecting souls ...for Belial ...for Belial And as our voice uncovers Another soul to the st

Mercury Tide - Souls of the ocean lyrics

close my eyes I feel my life is over Candlelight surrounds me An appearance leads me into the light The light of nowhere I am ready for this way... I'll go I stand here in the circle of the sunrise I hear the voices freeing An appearance leads

Project Pitchfork - Souls in ice lyrics

are thinking, turn around, you are feeling, turn around And you are here, aren? t you? You hear me, don? t flee You feel yourself, you ask yourself, what is this? Hold this thought, don? t flee Close your eyes Where is your center? Where is my voice Does

Jedi Mind Tricks - Souls from the streets (1994) lyrics

Verse 1] My mathematical powers devour cowards as I spra words Like acid rain showers, nations, you can't face them Erase them or I praise them, as my mind excites the wind Like spirits of ill concensions, time will clash On ya cipher, lyric concealed b

Blood Red Throne - Souls of damnation lyrics

life, life is lost words of wisdom, lead us not Of Darkness we are, from nothingness we became Strangle the flame of light, suffocation of Life Watch us how we fade We wander alone, from here to oblivion Embraced by shadows, lead by the enchanter Enter our tomb to be, why wasnt w

Bloody Hammers - Souls on fire lyrics

believe my aura is dimming out a little each time And my head is taken over by its now common decline A steady breakdown with total destruction ahead I can't absorb anything constructive you've said It's easy for the world to leave you behind When you walk the

Elixir - Souls with no glory lyrics

the night is falling And the shadows are stalking I can hear the screaming of the souls with no glory Damned to hide into the darkness living in sorrow Can’t feel their heartbeats but they’ll still live tomorrow When wind becomes a whisper I can hear

Flowing Tears - Souls of the neon reign lyrics

my friend, you're in the eye of the storm Pray for the world descends and the serpents are born And we thought Jesus felt regret Break down my friend, awake when Morpheus calls In trance we await the end of fear the white off the walls Now let's pretend the world is dead And Ju

Heaven´s Guardian - Souls of the gates lyrics

a simple journey Inside yourself and you will find The secrets of the other side Where you can´t be blind... the flames of desire will show your world without wealth It´s time to pay, ´cause you´ll die, Just see the great gun sight! Bridge: Hear the call of the Doo

Chantal Kreviazuk - Souls lyrics

from where I used to grow Twenty thousand frames of mind This is my soul Relentless where I'm most alone Twenty thousand faceless names This is your show And, oh, I feel I am a wandering A fleeting transient Soul All I feel is I am hol

Project Pitchfork - Souls lyrics

sun rises every morning But why are we so sure I'm looking out of the window Empires arise and fall (Empires arise and fall) We've been so long together Forgotten hopes and pleasure But when the time is right We'll open our hearts And disclose the treasure S

Sarea - Souls on departure lyrics

goes deep inside your mind It wants you to commit Strange feeling haunts my sleep Following me into daylight It won't let me be alone I feel the agony pierce right through me In the end there will be no great reward So don't try to justify your beliefs anymore Sou

Matt Corby - Souls a'fire lyrics

Oh he got poison in his lungs And it will become undone Some sort of freak that feels no pain Walk through fire like it feels like rain So come on and hold on t...

Dream On Dreamer - Souls on fire lyrics

is not the answer We're in this together It's dragging us down It's pulling us apart Don't be scared to set your soul on fire If we fall we'll rise We'll rise again And if we fall we will rise again I think I'm slipping, I tried this so carefully but I alway

Eternal Legacy - Souls of prey lyrics

for a fight a day so young and cold Nothing left on our minds but we must not feel The pain and sorrow The air we breathe in this life that we need Seems to be so that and old Can this be a sign of the days to come Or are we living in our very ow

Etherwood - Souls apart lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Goo Goo Dolls - Souls in the machine lyrics

this time I was losing control Chasing a life that would steal my soul Too many faces, Too many lies Too many hands trying to steal this prize We all got demons, we all get scared On our knees hoping someone cares And all we need is a little honesty Right now We're st

Poison - Souls on fire lyrics

takes two to tango In the heat of the night You're gonna give it in No matter how you fight Hot nights, pretty women and a bottle of gin Fine floozy sitting pretty in the city of sin I'm knocking on your back door baby let me in I'll take you down light your fuse bab

Phil Collins - Girl lyrics

love you, girl, with all my heart and soul I can't understand why you treat me cold Your every wish, girl, is my command And that's why I can't seem to understand why Girl, girl, girl, why you wanna make me blue? I'm askin' you girl, girl, girl, why you wanna make me

O-town - Girl lyrics

s a special girl With her own money, job, and credit cards A sexy girl You better be careful or she'll pull your card In this world You wont find any like her standing around And I want a girl like her And I need a girl like her Girl A pretty girl A lovely girl

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Girl got a gun lyrics

that we have to talk Are we on? Are we off? On the phone reality Every word is killin' me You dirty bitch, beautiful Treat me like animal You changing rooms, I never knew Let me get over you Girl got a gun, girl got a gun, gun, gun Girl got a gun, girl go

Anna Margaret - Girl thing lyrics

s a girl thing A g-g-girl thing (Yea) It's a girl thing a girl thing a girl thing. If your talkin trash about me, better watch what you say I'll take you down. If your treading on my turf then your stepping on my game I'll take you down. 'Cause I'm on my feet and you know that

April Wine - Girl in my dreams lyrics

been cheatin', and I don't know why You've been runnin' with another guy You drive me crazy, babe I don't know Oh tell me girl, or just let go You better watch what you say, and watch what you do Cause if you're wastin' my time, I found someone new

The Ark - Girl you re gonna get em lyrics

you’ve heard about things and you’ve heard about fangs And you’ve heard about song and you’ve heard about dance And you’ve heard them all say you don’t stand a chance but: Girl you’re gonna get ’em, real soon Girl you’re gonna get ’em, real soon People

Bananarama - Girl about town lyrics

do no rest To join the best With your smart tall good looks You spread your wings In deeper things Your better than it looks Good times from the clothes you took Far from the bottle Your friends all share your hollow looks Girl about town, girl about to

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