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George Jones - Bony maronie lyrics

Spoken) Thank you very much We've got a request for a ... t usually do rock and roll numbers But I don't know but ... (Sang) Well, I got a gal named bony moronie Well, she's

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Bony moronie lyrics

Oh I got a girl named Bony Moronie She's as skinny as a ... stick of macaroni Got to see her rock ... now I love her and she loves me Oh, how happy now we're

Showaddywaddy - Bony moronie lyrics

got a girl named Bony Moronie, She's as skinny as a ... stick of macaroni, Ought to see her ... But I love her, she loves me, All are happy now we can ... be, Making love underneath the

Oscar And The Wolf - Bony weather lyrics

back The silent rack The moon is growing I'm calling ... for the pain My shoes & your shoes & our ... Your bones have been missing mine It won't be the same

Lordi - The riff lyrics

met Mr. Death this morning He offered me a ride ... I said I think I´m not quite ready yet To ... quot; He grinned and grabbed my hand I sat in the leather

Real Friends - Lost boy lyrics

your feet will never be where my eyes fall again Moving on ... is something I've always had trouble ... a backyard I would bury all my memories of you in it ... I had and ripped it out of me You used to make me feel

Blowsight - Wake up dead lyrics

not take turns? It's something messy something good ... Something never understood before ... you belong I killed the sperm But in the end I know the ... down) Oh- If I never ever met you in person, and the web

Real Friends - Dead lyrics

in my face, tell me I didn't mean what I said I'll take ... those words with me when I'm dead Open your mouth and ... everything you said last summer I don't even know you anymore, anymore You really

Real Friends - Floorboards lyrics

clouds for nothing You told me everything eventually works ... That's what I'll keep telling myself I don't wanna be ... jealous of the trees next to my neighbor's garage anymore I

Laura Branigan - Name game lyrics

I say now lets now play a game I bet you I can make a rhyme, out of anybody's name ... the first letter of the name I treat it like it wasn't ... but a 'B' or an 'F' or an 'M' will appear then I say

Gto's - The eureka springs garbage lady lyrics

the lane As sane as you make her Rake held proudly in ... the rubbish So high and mighty on her throne Her bony ... Gone with the rush of time The Eureka Springs Garbage

Sodom - In war and peaces lyrics

of sanity A domination of the beast The end ... of you and me Cruel die the least Dark ... why we are here One man's meat is another man's poison ... Dark alleys of the death seamed with corpses Gore rotten

Acid Drinkers - Acidofilia lyrics

shots Take a time to get cured But time doesn ... t really matter Trying to make your soul be pure Time ... doesn't really matter I need to get myself ... free It's not important how it happens As

Angelspit - Jugular lyrics

very mutha f***ing angry over and ... and over and over again same set list same beat same tempo same 1980s compilation ... lift up your bony little fists on high!

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - Hippie jam song lyrics

feel the heat of the summertime I'm gonna find me a summer ... To feel the heat of the summertime I gotta find me a summer job I'm in good hands, ... won't you change my bag I need some help, won't

Maccabees - Young lions lyrics

in the car, roses in the car Bony saddle, bony street, ... and blood is blood, so I am told Your carbon makes a ... star, your carbon makes a star And after all

Roy Orbison - Land of a thousand dances lyrics

three Do you know how to bony Like bony maronie Can ... you mash potatoe And do the ... And do the watusi Like my little Lucy Hey-Hey

Shaggy - Ah e aoh lyrics

E-A-OH It's like that to the maximum Shaggy (Ha) Sylva (Ha ... Rub-a-dub injection for them She say AH-E-A-OH AH-E-A ... AH-E-A-OH If only you know me Woman you're looking lonely

Jacek Kaczmarski - Stańczyk lyrics

bal na zamku królowej Bony Wytruto myszy zwieszono lampiony I opłacono śpiewaków ... Czuję jak blednie moja twarz błazeńska Właśniem ... przeczytał o stracie Smoleńska Ale gdzie Smoleńsk

The Agonist - Birds elope with the sun lyrics

crystalline opal years. Welcome webs of gasping despair. ... textures the air. Anamnesis waltzes through... The ... and the fires are fueled... Reminding naivete of its magnitude's inferiority.

Audrey Horne - Cards with the devil lyrics

they reanimate The living dead knock on my door The flames of hell eat ... alive And the reaper's coming back once more But all in ... all it aint so bad I'm still one of a kind And I

Bathory - Pestilence lyrics

walked this relic land He came while all would sleep ... Death held up his bony hand And with it death did ... did take The lives of all man woman child And deafening

The Boomtown Rats - House on fire lyrics

Blues I know 'cos I saw him shimmer in a Kenyan pool Coming on in the vines with his ... leopard-skin lioncloth cool Bony Watusi fingers Beating on ... of a tree Now Tarzan and me, well, obviously we're like

Canned Heat - Marie laveau lyrics

Marie Laveau (1974) The most famous of the voodoo ... queens that ever existed Is Marie Laveau, down in Louisiana ... of weird ungodly tales about Marie, She's supposed to have

Cannibal Accident - Toilet it be (eat less) lyrics

am a disgusting piece of lard I ... hate myself and I want to die ... is so f***ing hard I force myself to devour that pie ... Puke'em all! Hey hey hey, puke'em

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Hollowed bodies lyrics

mess lays in the woods removed of organs and meat 13 mounds of bony flesh hollowed ... out expect for maggots that dwell deep ... inside the skulls of victims that they cleaned how did

Current 93 - All the stars are dead now lyrics

smoke Foggy smoke Beginnings and endings... ... of the world In the bowed bony Burren There's a trip-hole ... the crack of the world The moist ruddy lips of her Thee

Deluxe - Pony lyrics

a pony whenever we can money this is like a p**** ... we guess baby cripin' a bony whenever we guess party this ... pitchan agonesgun surf in me please surf in me tik

Demolition Hammer - Neanderthal lyrics

Barreled chest and heavy limbed Bony ridge atop his skull ... Beetled brow, immensely strong Bi-pedal locomotion Ape man, short ... statured Slouching dim wit brute Homo erectus Modern sub-species Packing

Giles Corey - No one is ever going to want me lyrics

m armed to the teeth Like a ... f***ing animal Like a f***ing animal I ... ruin everything I get my bony hands on And here we go, ... at anything New England is mine, and It owes me a living

Grave Digger - Black death lyrics

through the land Victims drop like flies, there seems ... towns awaiting what will come People froze with fear, ... run laughing, Crying Tumbling, Dying Fighting,

Horrible Histories - Pachacuti lyrics

lord All other tribes dreaded My name means 'he who shakes ... the earth' Not that I'm big-headed When it comes to ... claiming nearby lands I was the ... But it's how I treat dead enemies That really took the

Jessica Lange - The name game lyrics

name game! Judy! Judy, Judy bo Budy ... Banana fanna fo Fudy Fee fy mo Mudy, Judy! Lana! Lana, ... Banana fanna fo Fana Fee fy mo Mana, Lana! Come on

Jethro Tull - A passion play (part 1) lyrics

quot;Do you still see me even here?" (The ... the ground.) "And so I'm dead", the young man ... the hill (not a wish away). My friends (as one) all stand

Jethro Tull - Critique oblique lyrics

Spoils your insight. Tell me how the baby's made, How ... a bloody footprint on the memory of last summer's trip to ... Did you buy a passport from the queen? And your little

Judicator - Autophagia lyrics

I hurt you Cast aside your mother and left you Understand ... the pain that scarred my mind and twisted my heart ... Please forgive my actions Please allow me to

Kill Hannah - Vultures (be there for me) lyrics

They're always breathing down my bony neck Just shut your ... eyes and pray that God makes them leave A fear washes ... over me and I need to know Will ... you be there for me when I fall to pieces Will

Christopher Lee - I, don quixote (extended version) lyrics

I set the stage? I shall impersonate a man Come, enter ... into my imagination and see him! His name, Alonso Quijana, a ... squire No longer young... bony, hollow-faced... eyes That

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Go dj lyrics

boy, ya heard, back again DJ Mannie Fre Fresh Err Fresh ... Err Fresh Go DJ, that's my DJ Go DJ, that's my DJ Go ... DJ, that's my DJ Go DJ, yea Wit Weezy We

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Fo sheezy lyrics

whoa I ain't rapping no more I'm good with a pina, daq ... s why I keep the federals scheming That's why I keep the ... platinum blinging Every diamond's like a nice size I help

Midnight Idöls - Necropolis (city of the dead) lyrics

Raping all the nuns And smoking angel dust The flames ... take me higher Through the astral ... planes So call on your messiah Then scream my f***ing ... name This is my life Kill again Death will

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Smoke and mirrors lyrics

met you we made a pact Broke promises ... the system snaps All your lights and ... are old Dicta-coated miracles and then one day the ... curtain called Behind your smile you're bony and a fake

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Smoke and mirrors booby and windower remix lyrics

met you we made a pact Broke promises the ... system snaps All your lights and ... are old Dicta-coated miracles and then one day the ... curtain called Behind your smile you're bony and a fake

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Smoke and mirrors (wight festival 2010) lyrics

met you we made a pact Broke promises the ... system snaps All your lights and ... are old Dicta-coated miracles and then one day the ... curtain called Behind your smile you're bony and a fake

Peja - Taka dolina lyrics

Frajerów pierdolę jak monitoring na stadionach Więc ... uwaga na łobuza - łobuz może nabić guza Sam problemów ... nie szukam lecz zbastować trudna sztuka

Rage - Innocent lyrics

up, all in sweat and screaming She saw her fate when ... she was dreaming Why? Such a young girl ... did no crime And then his bony hand came reaching &amp

3rd Bass - Green eggs and swine lyrics

do not dig them, so you say TRY THEM! TRY THEM and you may Try them and you may, I say.. [Pete Nice] Slave ... never beat one-two one-two semblence Since I ain't supposed,

Renato Zero - Land of 1 000 dances lyrics

boys and girls, Welcome to the Piper Club! Welcome ... re gonna have a party... Come to dance everybody... Na ... na na na na na na na... Come on... Let's do it! Na na

Sacred Oath - The ferryman's lair lyrics

his need for security Many men before in their foolish ... youth have tried to mislead the Ferryman To pass ... uncouth,they tried to play him a merryman From a

Shriekback - Voiled karletus lyrics

brigade Were the vandals from the scandal in the motorcade ... the ones that strayed All made a beeline for the felines ... in the company I got Voiled Karletus!

Acid Drinkers - Boneless lyrics

spine is home... My spine is home Down in the ... basement I don't need it here I ... feel uncomfortably When I overdress I ... feel mentall mess!!! My spine is home, in the basement I don't need it here, I

Adrian Belew - The rail song! lyrics

was no better thrill for my anxious heart Than a long ... I knew even then she was in my blood Like the time when I ... first hired on And the fireman laughed at my bony nose

Amorphis - Majestic beast lyrics

the bowels of rocky mountain A fiery bird I forged ... Forged from iron, from molten steel A flaming eagle majestic beast On the wings ... of my eagle To black river I flew

Beck - Magic stationwagon lyrics

my bony fingers on my sliding coffin Drag upon ... s a thing we gotta do Kill my inspiration Drowning in ... leg on the cracker And the magic chicken

Behemoth - Hell dwells in ice lyrics

and winds All the blasphemy from the four sides of the ... Caught the throat with the bony hand And the wolf howled ... gloomy song of cold, frost and ... Life has affected a new form here Through the icy

Behemoth - The entrance to the spheres of mars lyrics

set and the dusk Fell on my life Transformations and metamorphoses It was what I ... heaven I was striking with my fists at the heavens ... neck Although his visage seemed so close With bony

Behemoth - The entrance to the spheres of mars [bonus tr.. lyrics

sun set and the dusk Fell on my life Transformations and metamorphoses It was what I ... heaven I was striking with my fists at the heavens ... neck Although his visage seemed so close With bony fingers

Brand Nubian - All for one lyrics

a beat and swing a note as if my name was David Ruffin Quick ... to toast an MC just like an English muffin ... bluffin' I gets headaches from the wack so then I take a

Crash Test Dummies - The ghosts that haunt me lyrics

I can think of one or two in my own room But I would like ... to introduce them both to you You'd shake ... their bony hands and so dispell the gloom 'Cause you're so kind I

Crazy Town - Think fast lyrics

You see the writing on my dick You know that trick, ... Tracy yeah, she's making me sick living that life we ... used to do the same shit shit gets drastic some kids need help some need

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