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Body Like A Crack Hoe Hillbilly Jay Parody lyrics

Browse for Body Like A Crack Hoe Hillbilly Jay Parody song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Body Like A Crack Hoe Hillbilly Jay Parody lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Body Like A Crack Hoe Hillbilly Jay Parody.

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Matty B Raps - "like a g6" - far east movement parody lyrics

Year Old Raps "Like A G6" - Far East Movement Parody by MattyBRaps 7 Year Old Raps ... "Like A G6" - Far East Movement Parody by

Sam Hunt lyricsSam Hunt - Body like a back road lyrics

from the south side, got braids in her hair First time I ... seen her walk by, man I 'bout fell off my chair Had to get her number, it took ... me like six weeks Now me and her go way back like Cadillac seats Body like a back road, drivin' with my eyes closed

2 Chainz - Crack lyrics

Intro:] Aye Jack, start that beat from the ti'nop Yeah, ... Based on a T.R.U. Story, uh [Hook] ... Started from the trap now I rap No matter where I'm at I

Ja Rule - Body lyrics

Oh Here We Go Now Shake Your Body Like A Tambourine ... It To Me Now You Know Shake Your Body Like A Tambourine ... [Hook:] Baby It's Your Body Your Body Your Body Can't

Kreayshawn - Like it or love it lyrics

strawberry letter 27 I got gold bananas engraved With my grandmothers title signature What you got? I got me a bunch ... of haters, Got me a bunch of faders Be like sayonara see ya laterrr Jordans

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - Crack hitler lyrics

the eight ball Buy the lady a drink And nobody knows my name Bodies float up From ... the bottom of the river Like bubbles in fine champagne ... He's the one, no doubt Walking on the tight rope He's

Massari - Body body lyrics

that body body [x3] She movin' that body And when she workin' that body body You gotta pause They know ... never could touch her She's as hot as the sun They can go

Kevin Mccall - Body instrument lyrics

Davis... [Verse 1:] Whoooh, ... Just like a guitar, you can play my body, before the ... stromming starts, whisper to me softly boy ... .. Tell me it’s all right ohh, it’s time to

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Like i do lyrics

shawty, can't nobody rock your body like... like ... Oh, oh oh, oh oh [x2] I ain't a doctor Can't save a ... life To say I could, I'd be outta my ... mind I ain't no pro athlete, can't run for miles

Confederate Railroad - She treats her body like a temple lyrics

takes spinning class, she cooks low fat Always ... passes on the butter pats She's regimented resolute ... Looks dang good in her birthday suit She wishes I would walk the line But most the time

Mann - Body push ft. audio push lyrics

West Mann Audio Push Now baby hop up ... in your way Push that automatic stop car park When you ... get that tell the DJ turn this up ... Now go and let it bang See this for my ladies

Jamie O´neal - Like a woman lyrics

I think about the way it was, When we fell in love. ... were different then Innocent and wide open, Free and beautiful I want to feel like that again But somewhere along

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Jay z ft justin timberlake holy grail lyrics

Verse 1: Justin Timberlake] You take the clothes off ... my back And I'd let you You'd steal ... the food right out my mouth And I'd watch you eat it I ... so much Oh, You curse my name In spite to put me to shame Air all my laundry in the

Carson Lueders - Jay z "holy grail" featuring justin timberlak.. lyrics

take the clothes off my back And I’d let you You’d steal ... the food right out my mouth And I’d watch you eat it I ... so much, oh You curse my name, in spite to put me to shame Have my laundry in the

Brooks And Dunn - Hillbilly deluxe lyrics

up in the backwoods, down in the holler, ... Ol' boys feelin' like a dog on a collar. Keepin' that chain pulled tight. Waitin ... on saturday night. Put on the smell

Kid Rock - Hillbilly stomp lyrics

m drunk again Excuse the hiccup The ... redneck originator Rollin in my pick up ... Truck jacked up with the 4 gold shocks ... And where I come from Mud flaps come in stock People kid

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Hillbilly bone lyrics

I got a friend in New York City He's ... never heard of Conway Twitty Don't know nothin' ... 'bout grits and greens Never been south of ... But he flew down here on a business trip I took him

Digital Underground - Do ya like it dirty lyrics

you're into S & M, baby, you can hurt me If you like going down, do me like a ... Slurpee Do you like it dirty? Baby, come and ... serve me [Shock-G] Do you like it dirty?! Some like it dirty

Gorillaz lyricsGorillaz - Hillbilly man lyrics

away, As in lonesome south Like a real straight-shooter ... Three lanes full Drive away, As in lonesome south Like ... a real straight-shooter Three lanes full

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Hillbilly willy lyrics

Little Will was from the hills way back in ... the sticks He got his reputation from turning on them ... country chicks He drove a souped up hot rod car buddy

Gorillaz lyricsGorillaz - Hillbilly man (feat. mick jones) lyrics

away, As in lonesome south Like a real straight-shooter ... Three lanes full Drive away, As in lonesome south Like ... a real straight-shooter Three lanes full

Alabama - Hillbilly wins the lotto money lyrics

look at old billy bob Done won the ... lottery A makin his own branch on the family tree Got a ... big old house And bought a big old jet Got a couple of ... ex wives and he ain't mad yet People act funny when

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Hillbilly hollywood lyrics

can still remember my first guitar Bright and shiny like a brand new car Even took it with ... me when I went to school And I practiced every day till ... I got real good I learned every lick on the radio

Billy Ray Cyrus - Hillbilly heart lyrics

down in the hollow, Down among the hill, Never had a ... lot of luck, Lord I had some thrills, Keepin' it ... country, Keepin it country all the time, Country is as

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Like i done it before ft. ohb lyrics

Money Yeah Yeah Yeah... Like I done it before F*** on that bitch like I done it before ... F*** that lil bitch, you can have that lil hoe I pop a Xan with some Dussé and coke Like I done it before, she can’t talk cause this dick in her throat I’mma pour me four in

Headhunter - Crack brained lyrics

are the faithful In a world of fantasy It's ... decensy and charity Against this cruel reality You ... shall not kill You shall not hate Principles of...

Neve Campbell - Hillbilly highway lyrics

grandaddy was a miner, but he finally saw the ... light He didn't have much, just a beat-up truck and a dream about a better life ... Grandmama cried when she waved goodbye, never heard such a lonesome sound Pretty soon

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Hillbilly blues lyrics

work ain't easy in the hills of Tennessee ... But things are bad all over my friends keep ... Even though I grew up there and never thought I'd leave Had too many bills to pay, seven

Call Me No One - Hillbilly lyrics

Damn if i cant do it with my eyes close Damn if i don't steal the game ... My mouth spits out a real disaster Theres no luck now ... gonna save you from my hand tonight No way No Hillbilly Hillbilly I got one

Montgomery Gentry - Hillbilly shoes lyrics

was there when the men came, and told us all the news Father ... them for they know not what they do Till they walk a ... while, a country mile In my hillbilly shoes You want to judge me

Lil' Flip - Like a pimp g mix lyrics

G's, bitch nigga We make them girls get down on the ... floor We make them girls get down on the ... floor Like a pimp, yeh, yeh [Lil' Flip] As I walk in the do' I'm watchin' hoes on the flo' Niggaz

Marshall Tucker Band - Hillbilly band lyrics

before the sun goes down Gatta go listen to my favorite ... sound It's a hillbilly fiddle and an ol' guitar Cousin stanely on a corn liquor jar ... Sometimes I stay up late at night A little moonshine

Eminem lyricsEminem - Crack a bottle lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen The moment you ... ve all been waiting for .. In this corner: ... weighing 175 pounds, with a record of 17 rapes, 400 assaults, and 4 murders, the

Usher lyricsUsher - Hot tottie (feat. jay-z) lyrics

call me King Hov, copy? They call me King Hov, copy? They call me King Hov, copy? They call me King Hov, copy? Yeah, ... man I’m like oh Kimosabe Your body is my hobby

Eminem lyricsEminem - Crack a bottle feat. 50 cent & dr. dre lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen The moment you ... ve all been waiting for .. In this corner: ... weighing 175 pounds, with a record of 17 rapes, 400 assaults, and 4 murders, the

Creation's Tears - Parody paradigm lyrics

or predetermined fate? Travesty or parody gone stale? Parody paradigm, parody paradigm ... I watch with sadness, as I see you crawl Back to ... those who never even f***ing cared You’re on your hands and

Tracy Lawrence - Hillbilly with a heartache lyrics

he's a hard workin' easy goin' country boy he wouldn ... t harm a fly Nadine down at the hair salon promised she ... be his bride He took it hard when she ran off with the

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Stuntin like my daddy lyrics

bridge:] Vrooom On A Yamaha Chromed Out 11 Hundred What ... I'm Doing, Getting Money, What We Doing, Getting Money What They Doing, hating on us, ... But They Neva Cross Cash Money still a company, And

Headhunter - Parody of life lyrics

re trivial and narrow Deep inside their minds ... Their vanity Seems to make then blind Those others, ... people Base their life on rules ... Hypocrites Just a hast of fools They think they

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Can't knock the hustle lyrics

m makin sure it turns gold, when ... the weather folds, just put away the leathers and put ice ... gold, chilly with enough bail money to free a big willy, ... hi-stakes, I got more at stake than philly, shopping

Juicy J - Like a pimp lyrics

Juicy J] Now I ain't the one with the magic wa ... wa wand but I can break a bitch for the cheese and ... funds I don't have to use a gun or even make the hoe cum

Ayo Jay - Your number lyrics

I get your number girl Can I get your number girl Can ... your number girl Oh its Jay Baba And Melvitto on the ... beat Wanna tell you a story about this girl wey I just meet

Snow Patrol - Crack the shutters lyrics

cool your bedwarm hands down On the broken radiator When you lay them ... freezing on me I mumble can you wake me later But I ... don't really want you to stop And you know - Green light (feat. jay park) (english ver.) lyrics

G.NA] Here’s another one (one, one) [JAY] ... Get ready, yeah, Miss G.NA [G.NA] Jay Park [JAY] ... The dream collaboration [G.NA] Awesome, right?

Jay Sean - Like this like that feat birdman lyrics

I've been looking for you all this time You're so ... designed Like me girl you're just my type ... club don't close Tell me baby where you think we're gonna

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Jay-z ft. beyocé bonnie & clyde lyrics

uhh uhh. You ready B? Let’s go get ’em.. (Jay-Z) Look for me! Young, B! ... down the westside - high, way Doing what we like to do - ... our, way Eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason all of my dates been blind dates But today, I got my

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Crack city lyrics

come all you children Don't grab that scabby hand It belongs to ... Mr. Sniff and Tell It belongs to the candyman Don't whore your ... little bodies The worms of paradise Like Everest it's fatal Its peaks are cold as ice

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Shining (feat. beyoncé and jay-z) lyrics

is (Yeah) Is, isn't Is, isn't good, ... is (Yeah) Is, is We The Best Music! ... one Isn't good enough (Yeah) Another one Isn't good ... enough (Yeah) Isn't good enough DJ Khaled! Shinin', shinin',

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Jay-z - people talking lyrics

Sample] [Its like finding feathers on a housecat] (Jay-Z ... Lemme take yall somewhere else right now ... [Its like searching for a needle in a haystack]

Nielson - Hoe (feat. miss montreal) lyrics

ineens zag ik je lopen. En ik dacht: ... oeh, oeh. Ik was meteen ondersteboven. En ... jij om de hoe-oek. En we liepen samen ... verder. En ik dacht: hoe, hoe, Passen wij ineens zo goe

Messy Marv - Hoe's ain't shit lyrics

Messy Marv] Yeah bitch, this aint only business bitch, this ... is all the way personal. Ya understand that? Ugh Ugh... ... my thug niggas sing! [Chorus] [x2]

Barely Political - Parody: tik tok - kesha (glitter puke) lyrics

the morning looking greener than Shrek (Where's that donkey? ... ) Sleeping in the tub can really mess up your neck Before ... I leave I stop and vomit up tequilla and

Lil Boosie - Like a bird lyrics

We dropped again on you bitch ass, niggaz! ... Every album like a bird! If you buy Trill ... shit Then you buy that real shit! And the D.A. and the ... don't free Pimp C, bitch! And when I drop shit, it's hot

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Crack baby lyrics

Chorus] Are you a grown crack baby born in the '80s? Are you a grown crack baby born ... in the '80s? Are you a grown crack baby born in the ... '80s? Are you the motherf***er that

Jadakiss - Jay jerkin skit lyrics

jadakiss:] yo its jay-da-kisssssssssssss an another ... jus' bring it to em' eh yo what up ma? [latin woman:] aya poppy, give it to me baby ... [jerking noises] [jay:] ]ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh!

Amanda Perez - Hoe lyrics

s friday night we was good from head to toe, we was lookin' so tight. The ... moment I leave your side she tries to ... my own eyes. Why you tryna lie? Theres plenty of other

Alain Clark - Hoe zeg ik jou lyrics

zeg ik jou iets wat nou juist te vaak word ... gezegd zonder gevoel hoe zeg ik jou op mijn manier, ... uit de grond van mijn hart ik hou van jou vaak en

Sza lyricsSza - Crack dreams lyrics

are the shit I'd rather die than, be your slave ... Slit my wrist wide and take this stage Wipe blood out ... my eyes and You jus' lay, there You think I'm crazy,

A.r. Kane - Crack up lyrics

things all over, things start up again gotta have a (?) ... mmm, gotta get flexible sometimes you ... got to change else you're gonna crack ... up again crack up crack up crack up crack up again when dealing with a crackdown the healing doesn't matter you kinda

Jay Diesel - Jay diesel - je to jen tvuj boj (prod. by dj .. lyrics

to muj boj tak jako je tvuj boj,je to tvuj ... muj ring bejby boy,brecis jako zenska,nemas co si zanonis ... zebras,vojebavas,ses cista spina smrdis,na dno si ... lehnout nejde se zvednout,mam to tito dni je to jen francovka a iron,rodina rozjebana

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