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Body Like Superhero lyrics

Browse for Body Like Superhero song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Body Like Superhero lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Body Like Superhero.

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Sam Hunt lyricsSam Hunt - Body like a back road lyrics

a girl from the south side, got braids in her hair First time I seen her walk by, man I 'bout fell off my chair Had to get her number, it took me like six weeks Now me and her go way back like Cadillac seats Body like a back road, drivin' with my eyes c

Massari - Body body lyrics

that body body [x3] She movin' that body And when she workin' that body body You gotta pause They know they never could touch her She's as hot as the sun They can go on and try The way she moves like a fast car Got you turning your head Wanna get in an

Ja Rule - Body lyrics

Oh Here We Go Now Shake Your Body Like A Tambourine Give It To Me Now You Know Shake Your Body Like A Tambourine [Hook:] Baby It's Your Body Your Body Your Body Can't Complain It's The Thing That Make Me Say Yeah Yeah Yeahhh Baby It's Your Body Your Body (M

Kevin Mccall - Body instrument lyrics

Davis... [Verse 1:] Whoooh, Just like a guitar, you can play my body, before the stromming starts, whisper to me softly boy... Tell me it’s all right ohh, it’s time to speed up, It'll turn the heat up, we ain't gotta rush nothing, start it off sl

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Like i do lyrics

shawty, can't nobody rock your body like... like the R. [x2] Oh, oh oh, oh oh [x2] I ain't a doctor Can't save a life To say I could, I'd be outta my mind I ain't no pro athlete, can't run for miles That's another thing I won't even try

Mann - Body push ft. audio push lyrics

West Mann Audio Push Now baby hop up in your way Push that automatic stop car park When you get that tell the DJ turn this up Now go and let it bang See this for my ladies where they ladies If you're riding now your hitting to the club I’m so into h

Confederate Railroad - She treats her body like a temple lyrics

takes spinning class, she cooks low fat Always passes on the butter pats She's regimented resolute Looks dang good in her birthday suit She wishes I would walk the line But most the time I don't She treats her body like a temple And I treat mine like

Jamie O´neal - Like a woman lyrics

I think about the way it was, When we fell in love. Things were different then Innocent and wide open, Free and beautiful I want to feel like that again But somewhere along the journey I lost a part of me And I know you can help me get it back Yeah

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - Superhero lyrics

Go Go Go… Superhero I'm tugging on your cape Tell me will your sons Know their father one day Leader of men Leader of men Get back in your cage Will you be one of them? Like an American drug Makes a mean cock grow ...kill a priest Makes a superman o

Ross Lynch - Superhero lyrics

love’s a scary place It’s like standing in the dark Flying through the universe Trying to fix your broken heart It’s okay to let it go You don’t have to be so brave Take a chance if someone else Is gonna sweep in and save the day You don’t have to face your fears

Reef - Superhero lyrics

I think you've met your maker Play another let me be the one You were only looking for a failure Now your evil plan has come undone Superhero I'm dancing and I feel like you Superhero I'm dancing and I feel like you I am surging jumping on the dancefloor

Cher Lloyd - Superhero lyrics

ooh Ooh ooh ooh I loved you, I loved you With all that’s in my power I was used and abused Til I was sweet and sour I kissed you and I kissed you And gave you all my sugar You knew that I’d be useless If I let you know what you were to me

The Flobots - Superhero lyrics

believed in love when love wasn't an option She wanted to give birth, I wanted adoption After days and days of conversation We decided to go with fertilization Then came baby showers and Lamaze classes 2 a.m. phone calls, 1 minute contractions But then they whisked me away

Stephen Lynch - Superhero lyrics

I could be a superhero I would be awesome man I’d fly around the world fighting crime According to my awesome plan And if I saw criminals trying to lie Hurting other people and making them cry I’d haul them off to jail in my awesome van ‘Cause I would be awes

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - Superhero lyrics

up, everybody look alive, Say c'mon, c'mon, c'mon we're gonna get it now Hands up if you're ready for a fight, say C'mon, c'mon, c'mon we're gonna win it now I don't need you to believe in me I know how to change my destiny Sit down, bout to rewrite our history Rewrite our history,

Johnny Hollow - Superhero lyrics

you want to save your soul? Take back all the things that they stole? We won’t resurrect the crusade now ‘Cause it looks like we’ve been betrayed Will someone come, save us from this storyline of mass destruction Will they stay when they see what we

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - Superhero lyrics

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Eddie Never went nowhere He stayed at home and play his

Jls - Superhero lyrics

Can you feel my x-ray As I scan you down Can you feel the tremble As I shake the ground Gonna make the whole world Revolve around you now Feel the power run through me That's what you do to me If you wanna fly Put your drink down hold me tight I'll take you round

Luke Conard - Superhero ft. landon austin lyrics

will save you everytime you need a rescue When there's no stars at night I'll stay until the sun shines Well, you want something that I will never be So, i just need you to know May not be able to fly but i'll take you on adventures May not move at the speed of light but

Chipz - Superhero lyrics

up a rocket in the air (oh yeah, look at all the superpower) Look fast 'cause now it's over there (so fast, it's a man with superpower) He is always faster than the speed of light And no matter who the bad guy is He will win the fight Woho wohowohowoho He's a

Groenland - Superhero lyrics

to surround myself with Beautiful things in the hope they help I turn my good side to the sun Its healing vibes, they burn inside out I’m not quite ready yet since I remember and still forget One year of slightly losing track I wasted much I cannot get back As fra

Eve 6 - Superhero girl lyrics

here is me on tragedy I always want what's out of reach She pulls dyed black hair back and sighs F*** that night out with the guys I never get a word in with them anyway The telephone doesn't scare me anymore You're home and I am here alone my dea

International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Superhero sellouts lyrics

songs about all the sellouts out there! All the sellout Superheroes that don't even save the world anymore! They only care about making money in Hollywood! Captain Straight Edge will never sellout to Hollywood! NEITHER WILL THE ISHC! KICK IT! Superman made a movi

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Superhero lyrics

to get loose, two for the honey Three with the boobs, four cause it money How many shots does it take to start the game I can tell by your drink (drink) You had a long day (day) Let me break the ice girl what’s your name And can I take all your worried stress away (ooh, ooh)

Hanna Pakarinen - Superhero lyrics

miss the girl I used to be So full of life and so carefree Untouchable, complete control She had it all She wrapped her heart in armour No one could touch or harm her She liked the thrill without the fear of getting hurt No it’s just no fun No it’s just no fun I use

Anthrax - Superhero lyrics

you praise my name i'll fulfill your expectation Looking for an answer that'll dignify your prayers What remains when your savior becomes human? You feel the legend something sacred You cant understand Becomes bigger than the man. [chorus] Pray for help cry out scr

Miguel - Superhero lyrics

if I was a superhero, Even if I had super strength, You still make me weak with just one word, One touch, just one look at your face, Even if I was superhuman, Even if I could fly across the sky, Even if I had the power to turn night into day, Make mountains from san

Barbie - Superhero beat lyrics

don't fail me now I need to save the day I might step on your cape If you don't get out of my way I got it, don't worry So you can just step aside Try and keep up if You really wanna hitch a ride Hey n-now, superhero beat Everybody here is cheering, cheering for me My turn,

Brian Mcknight - Superhero lyrics

look in your eye Though I'm stronger than a locomotive I can't tell a lie Now that you've became my very life Enough is enough No more disguise I'm yours Baby you're mine I'm your superhero for you I will fight I'll Save your life I'm your superhero

Banaroo - Superhero lyrics

be your superhero Ill will never let u down I ll be there when u need me call me I ll always be around Verse one beneath my wings rest your head I will cover you If your lost and alone I will rescue you With your faith and your trust We re

Kmfdm - Superhero lyrics

re so wonderful Apple of everyone's eye You're so clever Multimillion-dollar smile The world is your oyster and pearls are fun Share them with everyone that you love And you love everyone always all of the time Missing link you eat your own dear Bird of prey you can't

In Flames - Superhero of the computer rage lyrics

am the past and future I've been chosen You think it's over But I'm ready to go I am what you fear I have been chosen The world as you know it just died It's the end of all time I am a surprise Even to myself I'm a genious Superhero of the computer

Daze - Superhero lyrics

pa yeh yeah a mmmbop pa yoh Mmmbop pa yeh yeah a mmmbop pa yoh Mmmbop pa yeh yeah a mmmbop pa yoh Mmmbop pa yeh yeah a mmmbop pa yoh I need a super hero lover (Super lover, super lover) I need a super hero lover (I e yeah e oh) I need a super hero lover (

Blacktop Manhattan - Superhero lyrics

doctor said my mind may be sick again and the soundtrack of my life seems to be repeated All the space Mondays and space invaders even passed out on the floor the days of feeling are finally over now I can be numb just like before So let me close

Lower Than Atlantis - Superhero lyrics

is like a fight Between good and evil Darkness against light Will I choose a side? Seems to be TV Makes things look black and white On coloured screens But they look grey to me Wish I was a super hero I would save the world I would be the good guy Kill

Donots - Superhero lyrics

between the cheapest thrills tonight Hello, what's up, good-bye Everyone's cool but nothing feels allright Until I finally get you on the phone To tell you that I'm feeling down "chorus": My Hero, won't you come and save my day? My Hero, let'

Approaching Nirvana - Superhero lyrics

Cinematic Soundscapes Vol. 1. You can buy the album at the links below. iTunes: Amazon: © 2009 Approaching

John Wolfhooker - Superhero anthem lyrics

re all in this together All partners in crime We're gonna fight together Till we lose our time The good guys or the bad guys Both fighting for grace One thing's for sure You’re never gonna see my face Every time we hit the streets I feel sudden rush of blood Me &

Tim Mcmorris - Superhero lyrics

want to leap over buildings Want to fly over the shores Save the people from the villians Catch the crooks who, rob the stores Write my name upon the sky When you call me I'll be there Faster then a lightning flash Rushing through the, cool night air Ohh, woah,

Jeremih - I like lyrics

Jeremih] Yeah, [Chorus:] I'd like to take the time to love your body Rub your body, kiss, and hug your body Girl say ooh ooh I Like, ooh ooh I Like So I'm gonna take the time to love your body Rub your body, kiss, and hug your body Girl say oo

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Body language lyrics

that body's like music to my ear Ooo, that body's like music to my ear Ooo, that body's like music to my ear 'Cause what you want is right here Oh she, oh she so international The way, the way she get it on the floor I'm tryin', I'm tryin' to holler at y

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Body language (ft. t-pain) lyrics

that body's like music to my ear Ooo, that body's like music to my ear Ooo, that body's like music to my ear 'Cause what you want is right here Oh she, oh she so international The way, the way she get it on the floor I'm tryin', I'm tryin' to holler at you I want to get to know

Nelly lyricsNelly - Move that body feat. t-pain & akon lyrics

Pain: Move, that body Work, that body girl Twist, that body Shake, it shawty Move, that body (like) Work, that body girl (like) Twist, that body (like) Shake, it shawty Nelly: All my bad bitches stand up See you by the bar, gon' put your han

Redfoo - I'll award you with my body lyrics

it out! Redfoo! I'll award you with my... Yeah, uh! La Freak! [Hook] Ah! If you do that girl! Do it! If you do that girl! Ah! If you do that girl! Do it! If you that girl like! Ah! If you do that girl like! Yeah! If you do that girl like! A

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Body heat lyrics

m going in, I'm ready to surrender Like a diamond, I need a little pressure So press me down till I scream If you're the flame, I'm kerosene I'm burning up, baby All I need, all I need is your body heat Right next to me All I need, all I need is your body

Leighton Meester - Body control lyrics

Ooh Oh-Ooh Oh-Ooh Oh-Ooh Gimme music, now I need it Gotta lose it, wanna move it Faster, louder Keep it going all night I can take it to the limit Move it, how I like Bodies popping Never stopping Feeling free like I'm alive

Montell Jordan - Body ah! (featuring lil' bo peep) lyrics

1] Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Ooh, there's something sexy About the way that dress is wearing you tonight You've got my attention, girl, I'm hard

Nayer - Body talk lyrics

to my body talk Listen to my body talk Singing na, na, na, na Baby Listen to my body talk Listen to my body talk Singing na, na, na, na Turn me on and push all my buttons Try my cake, it's straight from the oven High tonight I'm your soldier, know that I

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Body count lyrics

Timbo It's what we do You know I've been waiting but Hey girl, I bet you eyes talking right out out yeah yeah I bet your eyes talking right out out I bet your eyes save you right out you you go Hey JT, say that shit, as I cut the poe. I w

Beastie Boys lyricsBeastie Boys - Body movin lyrics

one. You will do this four times with the left Four with the right Then eight times with both Then repeat. Body movin, body movin A-1 sound, sound so soothing Body movin, body movin We be getting down and you know we´re crush groovin. Now Let m

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Body electric lyrics

is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother, Jesus is my bestest friend. We don’t need nobody 'cause we got each other, Or at least I pretend. We get down every Friday night, Dancin’ and grindin’ in the pale moonlight. Grand Ole Opry, we're feelin’ alright, Mary

Leslie Hall - Body roll lyrics

was walking through the forest of Moccasin breath When I saw a troll boy wearing tight pants I want to own them But can you even dance in those pants? "Watch me, woman!" They made him move like a vessel of shimmy All sweet and tender like a tiny baby ki

Heidi Montag - Body language lyrics

language Oh yeah (yeah, yeah) Oh yeah (yeah, yeah) I see what I need to do Yeah (yeah, yeah) Oh yeah (yeah, yeah) I see you watching Tell me is Something you like, like 'Cause I feel you eyes As they undress me No, don't you stop it Love it with ya bad at

B.a.p. - Body lotion (sleepy ft. yong guk) (body lotio.. lyrics

yunanhi ne soneul japgo issgo sipeo seuchineun barame uyeonhi daheun ni meorisgyeol neoui naemsaee chwihae jeongsini mongronghaejine memareun ni pibue badirosyeoni doego sipne geudae moseubeun borasbicccheoreom salmyeosi dagawassji geu yeppeun du nuni pingkeusaegeuro muldeul tta

B.a.p. - Body lotion (sleepy ft. yong guk) (insidecore.. lyrics

Just like your body lotion Alright Just like your body lotion Just like your body lotion Alright Just like your body lotion I Wanna be just like your body lotion Alright Just like your body lotion Alright Alright Alright Alright Just like your body

Kix - Body talk lyrics

know what you mean When you look like that I read you like a book When you look like that She don't like to hide Any feelings deep inside And that's, that's just what I need Something just like you to read Anyway I can see there isn't any mystery You don't ha

Parade - Like you lyrics

ALL] Ooh getcha body, body Come getcha body, body (Repeat x 2) Verse 1 [SIAN] You wanted to get out, so you got out I wanted to talk, so you ran out Come chasing after me with a box of chocolates Stop playing my heart with all your politics (x 2) Now... [E

Ratt - Body talk lyrics

t like feelin' Mixed up in the city Showdown Slow down You're not foolin' me You live your life, I'll live mine Underground Body talk I see your body talk You make my body talk When you're next to me Body talk I know your body

Shaggy - Body a shake lyrics

a, body a shake an' a, yea Body a, body a shake an' a, yea Body a, body a shake an' a, yea Body a, body a shake an' a, yea Gyal from you a know, say you a posses di whine Mek you fling it up, give me no brother, waste no time A di wickedest ting when

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