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Blues Brothers 2000 - Blues brothers - old landmark lyrics

us all (all go back) to the old (old landmark) Let us all (all go back) to the old (old landmark) Let us all (all go back) to the old (old landmark) And well stay in the service of the Lord Let us kneel (kneel and pray) in the old (old time way) L

Blues Brothers 2000 - Born in chicago lyrics

was born in chicago in 1941 I was born in chicago in 1941 Well My father told me Son you had better get a gun Well my first friend went down when I was 17 years old Well my first friend went down when I was 17 years old Well there's one thing I can say 'bout that boy

Blues Brothers 2000 - The blues don't bother me lyrics

you're wonderin' What's all the noise I'm in the backroom With the girls and boys Were' discussing the blues And they don't seem to see The blues is all I play The blues don't bother me When I was a little boy Sittin' on my papa's knee I coulden't a been no older than two o

Blues Brothers 2000 - Ghost riders in the sky lyrics

old cow polk went ridin' one dark and windy day Upon a ranch he rested as he went along his way When all at once a mighty herd of red eyed cows he saw A plowin' through the ragged sky and up the cloudy draw Yippee-I-Yay Yippee-I-Yo Ghost Riders in the Sky Th

Blues Brothers 2000 - How blue can you get lyrics

downhearted baby ever since the day we met I've been downhearted baby ever since the day we met Our love is nothin' but the blues Baby how blue can you get My love is like a fire Your love is like a cigaret My love is like a fire But baby yours i

Blues Brothers 2000 - 634-5789 lyrics

you need a little lovin' call on me, o yeah If you want some kissin' call me baby, all you gotta do O I'll be right here at home All you gotta do is pick up your telephone and dial now 634-5789 That's my number 634-5789 And if you need a little huggin' call on me, lord h

Blues Brothers 2000 - Cheaper to keep her lyrics

Lonnie, Junior, the band, the girls and I, we're gonna do a song for you now, a little Mac Rise number. Hey, all you married men, if you're tied up, you better stay tied up. Because it's cheaper to keep her. It's cheaper to keep her It is cheaper to keep her

Blues Brothers 2000 - Everybody needs some body to love lyrics

re so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight, And we would especially like to welcome All the representatives of Illinois' Law Enforcement Community Who have chosen to join us here in the Palace Hotel Ballroom at this time. We do sincerely hope you'll all enjoy

Blues Brothers 2000 - Funky nassau lyrics

s gone funky Nassau's gone soul We've got a dog on beat now We gonna call our very own Nassau rock and Nassau roll Nassau's got a whole lotta soul Huh Feel alright Mini skirt Maxi skirts And afro-headed dudes People doin' their own thing They

Blues Brothers 2000 - Gimme some lavin lyrics

Well my temperature's rising and my feet on the floor Crazy people rockin' and there wanna go more Let me in baby, I don't know what you've got But you'd better take it easy, cause this place is hot So glad we made it {x4} You gotta Gimme some lovin' Gimme gimme some lov

Blues Brothers 2000 - John the revelator lyrics

me who's that writin', John the Revelator Tell me who's that writin', John the Revelator Tell me who's that writin', John the Revelator wrote the book of the seven seals Who's that writin' (John the Revelator) Who's that writin' (John the Revelator) Who's that writin' (John the Re

Blues Brothers 2000 - Looking for fox lyrics

m all alone and fancy free But that ain't the way I wanna be Now girls get your game up tight We're gonna have a wing, ding doodle tonight But right now I'm looking for a fox I'm looking for a fox I'm looking for a fox (howl) Tonight the s

Blues Brothers 2000 - Maybe i'm wrong lyrics

wanna show you that anything is possible I wanna show you that your wildest dreams can come true And I swear some day I'm gonna figure out how to just that But until then, I guess trying is all I can do Maybe I'm wrong thinking you want something better Maybe I'm wr

Blues Brothers 2000 - New orleans lyrics

said a hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah (I said a hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah) I said a hey, a hey, hey, yeah (I said a hey, a hey, hey, yeah) A come on everybody take a trip with me Down the Mississippi down to New Orleans They got a honeysuckel growing on a honeysuckel vine An

Blues Brothers 2000 - Respect lyrics

you want (hooo) baby I got it What you need (hooo) you know I got it (Hooo) all I'm asking (hooo) is for a little respect (Just a little bit) when you come home (Just a little bit) hey baby (Just little bit) When you come home (Just a Little Bit) Mist

Blues Brothers 2000 - Season of the witch lyrics

I look out my window Many sites to see When I look in my window So many different people to be It's strange So very strange You got to pick up every stitch You got to pick up every stitch Must be the season The season of the witch Must be the season of t

Blues Brothers 2000 - Turn on your lovelight lyrics

a warning you broke my heart You took it darling and you tore it apart You left me sitting in the dark crying You said your love light for me was dying I'm begging you baby Baby please I'm begging you baby Baby please Turn on the light Let it shine on me Turn on your

Lynyrd Skynyrd - I got the same old blues lyrics

you heard that rumor that's goin' around My baby's got a man, lord way across town Its the same old story Tell me where will it end Yes I heard the news it's the same old blues again Well I wrote you a letter, must have read it wrong Stood at the doorway and baby you was gone Took

Catatonia - Blues song lyrics

do think that you could be Anything that you want to e It's easy, easy when you say that time will tell It don't mean the last orders bell is ringing, ringing And there's always plenty more G&T in the sea You keep playing the same tired old blues s

John Michael Montgomery - Brothers 'til the end lyrics

was the drummer in the band But those sticks would turn to switches if you made her mad Daddy's amplifier doubled as his chair They handed down the genes we were born to wear That's how me and brother Edrow learned to sing We caught that fever to go off and

Cowboy Junkies - Brothers under the bridge lyrics

it was all gone The same coke machines as the streets i grew on Down a mesquite canyon we come walking along the ridge Me and the brothers under the bridge Campsite's an hour's walk from the nearest road to town Up here there's too much brush and

Roger Daltrey - Blues man's road lyrics

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah The old boys drinkin' Telling the stories 'Bout the way it used to be A steel string box Was every blues man's woman Everybody knew Lucille From the Delta to the chain gang I was born to the rhythm Raised on volume Wired to a different sound

Rawhead Rexx - Brothers in arms lyrics

Turkish army’s on the march against The Crusaders on retreat The canon roars and the city falls to the enemy Thousands were sacrificed, driven away at night Lost their goods Enslaving the young, killing the old That’s how the story’s told The Christian knights, Dracu

America - Old man took lyrics

the last time I watched Old Man Took bait his hook And then throw his line Pick up his wine He's a friend of mine Known him all my life and his wife 'Neath the swayin' pine And the clingin' vine Just before he left He said now young man Take good care don't let th

Buddy Guy - Blues don't care feat. gary clark, jr. lyrics

don't care if you're young or old, A real big deal or some poor soul. Makes no different if you're wrong or right, Blues will track you down, it's gonna pick a fight. Blues don't care, blues don't care. I know, 'cause I've had my share. It'll cr

John Hiatt - Old days lyrics

was sittin' in the dressing room with Brownie Mcgee He was drinkin' that milk with that Dewar's Whiskey Said John, there's nothin' written anywhere Suggests the blues will set you free Old days are comin' back to me I was ridin' in the back seat, with Sonny Terry

Ministry Of Magic - Old enough to die lyrics

tonight we’ve got to get this right. Don’t break formation as we’re flying through the night. Tonight, tonight we make the final flight. Cold wind surrounds us as we fly into the night. Flying through, flying through the night. UAHH OH, OOOH OH HOH Heroes

My Morning Jacket - Old sept. blues lyrics

alone at the end of the day, really tired it's time to hit the hay. It was always good to hear you say: "You never were a drawback, you always were an asset, you never were a drawback, no you weren't." Put away your corset, put away your shoe, put away the old september

B. J. Thomas - Blues river lyrics

out of town gawker In the lobby Of the old Peabody Hotel By the wishing well I threw in my quarter Watched it shining in the water And wished for a southern belle It must have hypnotized me 'Cuz suddenly beside me True as life Just real as he

John Hiatt - Blues can't even find me lyrics

is closin' in on me Don't know what to do Can't see the big picture anymore If there's even one to view Wife keeps pushin' buttons Spend all day starin' at a little screen I'm feelin' invisible The blues can't even find me Wish I had a name for feeli

Brooks Elkie - Blues for mama lyrics

Lordy mama I heard you wasn't feeling' good They're spreadin' dirty rumors All around the neighborhood They say you're mean and evil And don't know what to do That's the reason that he's gone And left you black and blue Hey yeah Tell me what you gonna do now They say he's le

Lovin´ Spoonful - Blues in the bottle lyrics

in the bottle, blues in the bottle Trouble in my hands, pretty mama Blues in the bottle, trouble in my hands I'm goin' back to Fort Worth Find me another man Dig your taters, o dig your taters It's tater diggin' time, pretty mama O dig your taters, it's t

Elton John lyricsElton John - Blues for baby and me lyrics

old man got mad when I told him we were leaving He cursed and he raged and he swore at the ceiling He called you his child, said honey get wise to his game He'll get you in trouble I know it, those bums are all the same There's a greyhound outside in the lane

Brother Ali - Brothers and sisters lyrics

and sisters The world we share is filled with such despair And such pain We're a people at odds with our very own selves The rich neglect the poor The young resent the old We're divided by race, divided by religion Our politicians rob us and our leaders fail us

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Old time rock and roll lyrics

take those old records off the shelf I'll sit and listen to 'em by myself Today's music ain't got the same soul I like that old time rock 'n' roll Don't try to take me to a disco You'll never even get me out on the floor In ten minutes I'll be late fo

John Cougar Mellencamp - Blues from the front porch lyrics

it's another hot day In Lima, Mississippi. Evan played the harmonica, And the old group sang. Some are laughin', some are crying' Most are still relyin' on the old (damn tar). Yeah in Shannon County, No one's overworked today. There ain't no use to, So they took our di

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - Old blues song (guillotine) lyrics

made love to my enemy, won battle by defeat, Oh lord no There's no place i'd rather be I will admit I'm guilty as they want me to be Oh lord, you say you're coming Oh lord, is this the truth ? Oh lord, you say you're coming Oh lord, is this the truth ? Yeeaaah

The Bellamy Brothers - Old hippie lyrics

turned 35 last Sunday In his hair he found some gray But he still ain't changed his lifestyle He likes it better the old way. So he grows a little garden In the backyard by the fence He's consuming what he's growing Nowadays in self defense He

Brad Paisley - Old alabama lyrics

rather wear a pair of cut-off jeans than a fancy evening dress, And with her windows rolled down and her hair all blown around, she’s a hot southern mess... She’ll take a beer over white wine and a campfire over candle light, And when it comes to love

Cronos - Old enough to bleed lyrics

comes a time with every girl, to face the punctual blues Mother tells her all about, those bloody curses rules Moving into womanhood, she starts her secret hunt Gotta find herself a mate, satisfy her aching **** Old enough to bleed, you’re old enough to butcher Old e

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Old time rock and roll lyrics

take those old records off the shelf I'll sit and listen to 'em by m'self Today's music ain't got the same soul I like that old time rock and roll Don't try to take me to a Disco You'll never even get me out on the floor In 10 minutes I'll be late for

The Cramps - Blues blues blues lyrics

blues baby, blues I'm in the mood for the blues coming in the... I get the mood for the blues cause my good guy let me down Oh blues, blues, oh blues, oh blues Ah baby I feel the blues when my good guy lets me down I get the blues in the morning, the blues at night I get the

The Dead Brothers - Old pine box lyrics

don't want you coming around to see me Go back into town, I want to think I don't want to talk about tomorrow I'm tired of your god-fearing sink Rain is always leaking through the windows No one's always knocking on the door Never had a name, they called me &quo

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Old upright piano lyrics

as long as I remember, when friday night came round The family would gather out at grandpa's house. With supper over and the dishes done It was then the best time came At an old upright piano that only grandma played. She played beautiful dreamer, my wild iris

Hedley - Old school lyrics

t believe everything happiness says Nothing feels better than hiding these days We bury our fears in the drinks, in these tears For the days we believed we could fly Call up your brothers and sisters and friends We'll go back to the place where the night never ends

Snowy White - Blues on me lyrics

don't believe in heaven,I don't believe in hell I don't ask out for mercy, ain't got nothing to tell 'Cause I have got no secrets, I've got no needs But What I've got inside me, seems like trouble indeed I have got the Blues on my shoulder I have got

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Old black kettle lyrics

I remember when I was just little Mama used to cook on an old black kettle On an old wood stove she'd had since she was wed Well the oven door was sprung a little bit So we propped it up with a forked stick But that didn't matter cause Mama kept us fed My mama and dad

The Byrds - Old john robertson lyrics

John Robertson he wore a Stetson hat People everywhere would laugh behind his back No one cared to take any time to find out What he was all about, fear kept them out Children laughed and played and didn?t know his name They could tell when he was coming just the same Walking sl

Charlie Daniels - Old rock 'n' roller lyrics

s just an old rock 'n' roller playing music in a backstreet bar. He sings a little flat and he never learned to play the guitar. But he keeps on belting out them rhythm and blues, "Long Tall Sally" and "Blue Suede Shoes". He never faced the fact that he

Peter, Paul And Mary - Old coat lyrics

off your old coat and roll up your sleeves, Life is a hard road to travel, I believe. I look to the east, I look to the west, A youth asking fate to be rewardin'. But fortune is a blind god, flying through the clouds, and forgettin' me on this side of Jordan. T

Public Enemy - Brothers gonna work it out lyrics

your bad self Help me break this down from off the shelf Here's a music servin' you so use it Papa's got a brand new funk Get down (party for your right) Huh, let's get it on Like we said before They say the brothers causin' trouble Hate to bust their bubble

Doobie Brothers - Old juarez lyrics

there's a new gunslinger in Juarez town Fallen for a raven haired girl he found The heat is strong but she wears a ring That kind of love is a killing thing Oh, oh, their eyes are shining bright Oh, oh, dancing in the moonlight Oh, oh, they ain't living

Hot Chip - Brothers lyrics

I can take it if I know I'll see my brother And just step back when I'm dancing with my brother is dancing with me Brothers, I would give my life for my brothers When we're driving and it's late with my brother sat next to me It's a wild love I have It's a wild love that

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Brothers lyrics

This isn't just about friendship This is family right here And that's a bond that can't be broken You know what I'm saying How do I feel about my band of brothers Friends for life we understand each other May be the best thing that happened to me Swo

Dr. Dog - Old news lyrics

ve got old news Wrapped up in old blues We can't afford to call No we don't know where we are Come on, we're dead on our feet but we're walking Well let me hear you now We've been stripped down Hog-tied and found out And thrown into the quiet Like sticks into a fire

King Leoric - Brothers lyrics

amp;M:Wunder Still I have visions and fear of the wise His prophecy still in my head When shadows of pain in his crystal ball rised a funeral for us he said Dont fear the past, brother, dont fear the last day of this war tomorrow well win I am with you and

Manowar - Brothers of metal lyrics

While The Iron Is Hot Steel Is Strongest So Say We All And If We All Were Not Brothers Of Metal Would We Fall? - NO - They Tried To Test Our Spirit They Tasted Steel Before We Were Done Grinding Their Bones Into The Dust Of The Past All Blown Away

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Blues and rhythm lyrics

saw this picture in a magazine with it's gold plated grovers such a clean machine so i, i did my home work and i worked like hell as the brown eyed handsome man said you never can tell i got that blues and rhythm good enough to eat sound and vision hit m

Olympic - Blues suede shoes lyrics

it's one for the money Two for the show Three to get ready Now go, cat, go But don't you step on my blue suede shoes You can do anything but lay off of my Blue suede shoes Well, you can knock me down Step in my face Slander my name All over the place Do anything tha

Ryszard Rynkowski - Blues dla tych, co nie tracą ducha lyrics

zdrajca sen zamyka Ci oko, A przed Tobą drogi szmat, Wtedy wciśnij gaz i powiedz: Spoko! No bo kto da radę jak nie ja? Kiedy rzuci Cię robota złota, A szef powie Ci: Good Bye! Choćbyś nie miał nic, to pomyśl: Spoko! No bo kto da radę jak nie ja? To jest blues,

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