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Dj Starscream - Blue felix feat. sid wilson - middle finger u.. lyrics


Snak The Ripper - The mirror lyrics

Verse 1] Yo what the f*** is wrong with you, you ... move out But here you are in the dark all alone ciggy sparked ... Blinds closed trying to kill the pain that’s in your heart

Dream Evil - The mirror lyrics

mirror on the wall I'm on my way to loose ... blind me with your beauty The reflections makes me high ... for ever die If i break the reflected eye This magic

Inmoria - The mirror lyrics

A fading light Somewhere in the shadows I am a living lie ... in a circle of sadness With the mirror as my only friend ... closer can’t you feel me The mirror never lies I've got

Rage - The mirror in your eyes lyrics

cried But you never know the day when things will change ... it felt so very strange The mirror in your eyes (the mirror in your eyes) Is telling me

Ayreon - The mirror maze lyrics

quot;. Nowhere to hide when the walls echo the you that we ... all see. Ah, the smiles dissolve! The pulse ... begins to race; the face a flush of fear so ... plainly painted. The Mirror World - the Mirror Maze:

Morgana Lefay - The mirror lyrics

s beyond the chamber mirror The evening coloured secret ... window Is there just an inverted picture of ... Horrified my senses fading The mirror stares into my soul

Sanctuary - The mirror black lyrics

why are you afraid? Why is the truth so hard to attain? I ... you your fears, just look in the mirror You can conquer your ... darkened visions Incline the reason, philosophy cannot soothe your soul But in the mirror the truth will be known I will

Embersland - The mirror of your soul lyrics


Essence Of Sorrow - The mirror lyrics

inside the shadow, erase the sins I've made Have I lost the sense of time and reality? I ... ve felt the hands of darkness Touch my ... excuses, no more lies Unlock the doors help me find a way out

Adagio - The mirror stage lyrics

front of me Spying through the looking glass ? This figure ... Stealing my soul, my self, The presence of menace is lurking ... Behind the translucent surface

Bush lyricsBush - The mirror of the signs lyrics

along see yourself through the mirror of the signs it’s ... before your eyes and all the lives you leave behind you ... i felt my rage but i found the strength to be me, yeah

John Frusciante - The mirror lyrics

in the face when you open a door ... what you do when you die The face in the mirror is not me ... many times have you been to the back No one to see and ... show No one means me when they say people don’t grow The

Nautiluz - The mirror lyrics

behind the claws of hate There's an agonizing mind looking ... for revenge Pulling the carriage of his regrets ... to his eyes An imaginary mirror showed his other side The

Lunar Path - The one behind the mirror lyrics

hands will tell the truth your silver tongue left ... out. You should know that there's no reason for this. Now, ... more. Hiding behind your mirror. Hold on, why are you

Anorak - The mirror building lyrics

block of flats is the mirror of our society jack's guided ... by the bald girl forced to visit a ... huge building pulled up by the hair forced to watch what is

Lost In Despair - The mirror lyrics

day you take a look in the mirror Tell me what do you see? ... will never be me No matter the price, no matter the outcome ... we will never agree in what the importance of following your

Artas - The grin behind the mirror lyrics

Prologue] I am watching the scene My blood starts to ... by light With every step the darkness rising Relaiming ... licking flames Give birth to their lives The path of hope

Butcher Babies - The mirror never lies lyrics

a long ride home Forgetting the promise you made F*** the ... a look What do you see This mirror lies It's killing me Filled ... laughs at me And all the things I thought we'd be

Deine Lakaien - The mirror men lyrics

he turns out the light looks into a mirror ... "Show me the world! Show me the world! ... and murder... Here comes the dawn for the gods Here comes

Enigma - The screen behind the mirror lyrics

s the mirror Behind there is a screen Turn around ... On both ways you can get in The experience of survival Look ... just people, can you hear their voice Find the one who'll

Lords Of Acid - The mirror lyrics

look in the mirror and what do I see A perfect ... blocking my eyes but i feel these vibrations and it's feeling ... so nice The warmth of his body, the heat

Hoobastank - The mirror lyrics

To make me feel so strong to the other ones Is it real? Is ... it true? All the trouble I go through Is it ... nothing) That I don't have the strength to show But the mirror will always know I've got

Dream Theater - The mirror lyrics

on me now When I need you the most Constant pressure ... as it seems When you close the door I spent so long ... you made your amends Look in the mirror my friend &quot

Elderoth - The mirror of my silence lyrics

on my ambitions The mirror, of the deepest visions. ... becomes my nightmare. and then I'll know what pain truly is ... (Chorus) The innocence was taken away from

Harem Scarem - The mirror lyrics

besieged Has fallen on the day Now God and me Have ... come to pave the way to hell I'm not in the mirror Just a crack pipe and ... in Nevada" And how the fault lines don't shatter

The Moody Blues - Blue world lyrics

of me Paid my dues, spread the news Hands across the sea ... open doors Someone found the key And it's only what you ... sound Human symphony Heard the voice, had no choice Needed

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Blue in the face lyrics

yourself sick till you're blue in the face Relax and sleep, ... yourself sick till you're blue in the face But you'll ... up a chair Take your time the world's not going anywhere

Bokka - The mirror lyrics

a room it was dark But then the light came I lost my ... And I can feel it again The taste is still sour I try to ... forget it all But the sounds Just keep coming

Kid Rock - The mirror lyrics

been known to fight the good fight I been known to ... walk alone I was born into the good life I have owned a ... soul I was thrown into the dark night Where I roamed

Root - The mirror of soul lyrics

do not swallow! That's what the law of the descendants of ... My Hatred is unlimited Like the infinite Universe. My ... miss only one thing To reach the absolute pleasure. How

Dead Sara - Blue was the beautiful you lyrics

yourself There's hope for God There's ... hope for all sinners There's hope for man There's ... ve been a good love, singing the way, the way You plead,

Runblebee - Blue on the run lyrics

storm Running on Blue storm Running on Blue ... (Yeah!) Where has the sea gone For all they

The Gathering - The mirror waters lyrics

.. Flying silent Touching the wind as it sadly sings... for ... me. Aging on the outside With my youth in my ... myself, tears were falling The seas of her eyes reflected my

Magnum - The blue and the grey lyrics

the wind calls Over the fields Of the blue and the ... grey And slowly the night falls It hides and ... conceals Oh, the blue and the grey Your thoughts of

Harem Scarem - The mirror (b-side single) lyrics

involuntary martyr Caged by the conscience and the throne ... But be careful what you breathe Staged by the puppets and the trolls Fame for the power ... hungry mongers Enslaved by the towers made of stone Will the Virgin Mary grieve For the

The Hollies - Blue in the morning lyrics

Chorus] I'm gonna be blue in the morning I'm gonna be blue in ... the morning Soon as I saw the look in her eyes Should ... was over over I'm gonna be blue in the morning 'Cause I can

K-os - The mirror[hidden track] lyrics

ve done that already...but, the fact is, we are not using our ... minds the way we should be. [Sigh].. ... Now, k-os, or Kevin is in the back there, his ego is

Alkaline Trio - Blue in the face lyrics

and over again 'Till I'm blue in the face with a choking ... Somehow we lost our heads for the last time And all that ... Somehow we lost our heads for the last time And I don't

Parkway Drive - Blue and the grey lyrics

sky don't cry for me, Be the hope I could never reach ... carry me home I stood at the shore and spoke to the ocean ... I stood in the water and let my guts spill

Aesop Rock - Blue in the face lyrics

developments Today summon the rug rat oblivious to what's ... siphon imperfection out the fetus prior to selling it There is a brain in the thicket ... tap circle Cupping the port to accord it Teeter

Blue Felix - In the mirror lyrics

Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue Felix ... In The Mirror- First Ave Blue Felix- In The Mirror- First ... Ave Blue Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue Felix

First Aid Kit - Blue lyrics

the morning on the train You sit and stare out ... at the rain Or bury yourself in ... no strangers No, don't give them any looks Why you ask ... when someone asks your name They'll come too close if you

Alice Cooper - See me in the mirror lyrics

COOPER See me in the mirror if you want to See me in the mirror if you really want to ... Maybe not too clear, but the face you'll see is mine Do

C.n. Blue - Man in front of the mirror lyrics

day, he looked in the mirror He was stewed up with ... One night, He looked at the city in the dead of the ... morning, Every night, “keep the calm” At some time We

Manga Anders - See me in the mirror lyrics

me in the mirror if you want to See me in the mirror if you really want to ... Maybe not too clear, but the face you'll see is mine Do ... through you Do you feel the burn when my eyes see through

Pink Cream 69 - Face in the mirror lyrics

sees her face in the mirror eyes surrounded in black ... see the girl but don't fear her she ... high attack and her eyes are blue they fill up with sorrow

Black Stone Cherry - Staring at the mirror (bonus track) lyrics

smile trying hard to hide the pain I would have loved to ... waking hour Now through the good times and bad All I'm ... ever gonna have are these beautiful flowers.

Minus The Bear - Into the mirror lyrics

got a mirror full of caine in the bathroom Cause nobody here ... we're just making out with the door unlocked Back in the ... atrium the music's slowing down The

Loreena Mckennitt - The lady of shalott lyrics

either side of the river lie Long fields of ... barley and of rye, That clothe the world and meet the sky; ... And thro' the field the road run by To many-towered

Sea Wolf - Blue stockings lyrics

the window up The one besides the armoire I ... on your stockings Cause on the rocker by the mirror &quot ... say We're both relieved at the idea We're both relieved at the idea It crackles like a

Mcfly - The ballad of paul k lyrics

s finding grey hairs left in the shower Tattoos fade by the ... hour and he can't understand these feelings Why life is ... re losing your mind Look in the mirror Afraid of what you

Neurotech - Blue screen planet - part i - axiom lyrics

are on the same side Yet torn apart A ... memory Of life without these scars Are you always ... Wanted to know I feel the world took Part of my mind ... it is too late to turn back the time ‘Cause in the mirror I

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - Piggy in the mirror lyrics

in the drink like christ Cracks in the pale blue wall I'm walking ... away Twisting twisting to the floor Flowers in your ... mouth and the same dry Song the routine from laughter land

Rage - Mirror lyrics

at me now Have you ever seen the face of death Have you ... rotton flesh and bones But there's more than molecules That ... you different from a stone Mirror, mirror, mirror Friendly

Blue Öyster Cult - The marshall plan lyrics

a dark horse town, in the middle of the west Where ... up dreaming and turns on the radio The he jumps up ... playin' his guitar in the mirror Starts his day with a rock

Cheryl Cole - Girl in the mirror lyrics

t seem to sit still tight There's many things that run And ... s hard to show when you're The only one with your eyes ... picking little fights With the girl in the mirror With the

Imperia - Mirror lyrics

mirror, where is the beauty in the world? Mirror, ... mirror, do I see me or just a shade? ... Mirror, mirror, will you please answer me? Mirror, mirror, where is the beauty

Norther - Mirror of madness lyrics

caught by the Mirror, it´s like a Nightmare, I ... not real to me this is the way it has to be This mirror ... and so are you Hey you, in the mirror stop twisting my weak

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